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Foods that are Toxic for Dogs… from my vet…

I found this article helpful so I thought I’d share it with you…




Many pet owners are not aware of some foods that can cause serious illness in our pets.



Chocolate can be deadly to our pets due to theobromine, a cardiac stimulant and diuretic in chocolate. The highest concentration of theobromine is found in baking chocolate. A 20-pound dog will be seriously affected if it consumes just one quarter of a 10-ounce packet of cocoa powder or one half of a block of cooking chocolate. Semi-sweet and dark chocolate contain less, but more than is found in milk chocolate. A dog would have to consume relatively large quantities of dark and milk chocolate to experience toxicity. The size of the pet greatly impacts the severity of the impact. One candy bar eaten by a 100-pound Rottweiler may not cause any signs of illness while the same consumed by a  4-pound Yorkshire terrier could potentially cause death.


Symptoms of chocolate toxicity include staggering, labored breathing, vomiting, diarrhea, abdominal pain, tremors, fever, increased heart rate, seizures, and coma. Contact your veterinarian immediately. If the chocolate was eaten within three hours, it may be possible to induce the pet to vomit, to decrease toxicity.



Onion poisoning can occur after a single ingestion of a large quantity of onions (ie, 20 to 25 ounces of onion consumed by a 20-pound dog), or after repeated meals each containing small amounts of onion (5 ounces of onion fed to a 20-pound dog several days in a row). Garlic can also cause toxicity in pets, but must be consumed in very large quantities.


Pets affected by onion poisoning will develop hemolytic anemia. Symptoms include lethargy, labored breathing, vomiting, diarrhea, and discolored urine. A visit to the veterinarian is warranted. 



Grapes and raisins have been shown to cause acute kidney failure in pets. The exact dose of this food necessary to cause illness is unknown, though a small handful of grapes may be enough to cause toxicity in a 20-pound dog. Pets made ill by grape or raisin consumption are likely to begin vomiting, and you may notice grape skins in the material they bring up initially.


If you know your dog has consumed grapes, contact your veterinarian. Aggressive intravenous therapy may need to be initiated as soon as possible and continued for at least 72 hours. If the quantity consumed is large enough, and damage to the kidney is severe enough, even aggressive therapy may not save the pet.



Many types of nuts can be dangerous when consumed by pets. Even a small amount (one macadamia nut per pound of dog) can cause grave illness. Signs of this poisoning include fever, muscle tremors, weakness, and paralysis of the hind limbs. Some dogs may be unable to rise. Their limbs may be swollen and painful when manipulated. If treatment is sought quickly, your veterinarian may be able to induce vomiting before the nuts are absorbed.


Raw Eggs

Raw eggs contain an enzyme called avidin, which decreases the absorption of biotin (a B vitamin). A biotin deficiency can cause skin and hair coat problems. Raw eggs may also contain salmonella, which can cause illness in pets.  If you feel you must supplement your dog”s diet with eggs, cook the eggs before serving. 


Raw Fish

Feeding raw fish can lead to a deficiency of another B vitamin, thiamine. This can manifest as pain along the spine that seems to radiate out from the muscles. Regularly feeding raw fish treats can lead to loss of appetite, seizure, and in severe cases, death.


Poultry Bones

Feeding pets chicken bones can lead to severe gastrointestinal damage. When cooked, the hollow poultry bones splinter into sharp shards as a pet chews them. When swallowed, these shards can lacerate and even penetrate the gastrointestinal tract. Surgery is often required and is invasive, costly and avoidable.


It is important for pet owners to monitor the foods their pets are consuming. During the holiday season, it is important that everyone be informed about the dangers these festive foods may pose to our pets. Ideally, pets’ meals should be restricted to a complete, balanced, high quality, species-specific diet for a long, healthy life.



From an article by Gary L. Ailes, DVM, titled “Dietary Dangers for Our Pets,” VRP Newsletter, Oct. 2007



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puppy’s gotta swim…

seems like this took me all day to set up paypal… oh well, am no technowizard…now if I could only figure out how to put buttons on my website…

Found a pool for puppy to go swimming, it will cost about $800… for ten sessions… she really needs to do this. It has been a month since her final surgery and she really needs physical therapy asap.

If you would like to contribute to my dog’s foot rehab and/or would like to partake of my writing, editing and/or publicity services, please let me know, thanks !


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dog meets sheep, a goat, a cat, llamas, some cows, a skunk and chickens…

This summer, we were living on a farm in Genoa, Nevada. It’s a very small town and affluent. Very peaceful and quiet.  Part of the living arrangements, was to feed the animals on the weekends or whenever the owners went away. It was fun for me to lift that bale of hay and for my dog, she was often frustrated because I didn’t let her run about and play with the other animals. I did let her sniff the horse’s hooves as well as let her near the fence to commune with the cows and sheep. The horse looked like big whup, he liked the apples I gave him so he put up with the sniffing dog. 

One time, I came outside the pool house and lo and behold, the horse was outside the fence. He saw me and ran back inside immediately. Funny horse. But he knew he was not supposed to be there. The sheep were not that aware of the rules. Or the sheep are not too bright. They decided to wander all around the property at a ieisurely pace. At one point, my dog and the sheep met up close and personal. She was thrilled. They seemed unaffected. The llamas almost bashed / kicked her head in. The chickens ran inside the hen house, and the skunk ducked under the house. The cows couldn’t have cared less, all they wanted was their hay, moooooooo.

Later, we were in Susanville, CA for a couple of days around the 4th of July. One morning, we went out for a walk and coming back, my dog spotted a goat. She decided to go play. I did not let her get near to the goat. The goat was tied up and looked like it could eat her for breakfast without a blink. She was very disappointed but survived the incident without a scar. Unlike the dog in the video below… it’s in German, but you get the drift…Moral of the story is some animals do not cohabitat well together.

Oh yes, I was hoping that I could get her a cat for a playmate. But when she found a stray cat hidden beneath the shelves at PetSmart, and she totally freaked out, that hope died and I fell on the floor, literally, holding onto my dog for dear life. The cat escaped and we lived to tell the tale.  Wonder what would happen if she met a bunny rabbit?  Oh that’s right, she did just the other day and she wanted to chase it. She loves to chase birds. Where we are living now, there are HUGE rabbits and quail…  When we go outside, I hold on tight for dear life. Tchuus or however you spell it… ok, the German video did not embed, so here’s a link to saving farm animals, some organizations are adopting farm animals, good and worthy cause and it’s in English…

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It’s all in the k-9 handbook…

it’s all in the K9 Handbook…  cagey canines are taught some nifty tricks… including: 


look innocent until proven guilty, then bow your head, lick hands, feet, face (in that order) of your human and beg for mercy (and treats)…


Vacationing With Your Pet

Pets Are Traveling Too!

As pets are becoming more integrated into our families, pet owners are looking for vacation options that include their pets! A recent study by the Travel Industry Association indicated that in the last three years 29.1 million people (about 14% of the U.S. adult population) have traveled with a pet. The most popular pet travel companion is a dog.



dog park etiquette, dog sports and crate training info…

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awwww… blog about traveling with dogs… & the real scoop on living with canines…  

this was what my blog was supposed to be like, sort of… oh well…  

ok, had to add this about dogs, depression, those studies that tell us how much dogs do for us, good for our blood pressure and all that rot… this lady tells the real deal… what living with dogs can do… it’s a wash, she says…

yes, dogs are wonderful, sweet, adorable and make good companions. And what about when they stick their head under the bed and growl, are not happy outside or inside, get bored and get into the trash, do not respond to your commands or go running in the opposite direction, dig holes in the yard, track mud, bark at their own reflection and eat feces?  (this is all in just a few hours, mind you)… nor does anyone discuss why dogs drink out of the toilet, roll in stinky, smelly messes, and chew up your underwear… 

well, this guy does:  

it’s like with babies, everyone raves on and on about the wonders of motherhood, and they go on and on about the wonders of dog ownership and no one spills the real deal about canines… maybe it’s a canine conspiracy… to get us to rescue them from shelters under false pretenses…  then once they’ve got us bonded to them, it’s all doggie doo all the time, nonstop doggie doo, my little poop factory is asleep right now… but just you wait, when she wakes up, she will be all cute and cuddly and wag her tail and then it’s watch out world, crazy canine coming through…

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you are always on my mind, Willie Nelson / Malibu…

Best Friends Animal Society and Willie Nelson have teamed up to fight dogfighting in Georgia… making it illegal and giving the law oomph…. yay…



and while I am not on the subject, was doing a search for a Chocolate Van to drive me and the pup around and came up with a new chocolate factory in the Bay area and

Chocolate Television… an indie station devoted to chocolate… imagine the possibilities…  but really, who wants to watch others eat and enjoy, you have to watch and indulge in chocolate samples yourself…




The latest word on the new Malibu fires…  my friend is supposed to be In Las Vegas… have not heard a word… prayers for residents of Malibu …  sheesh, what a year this has been, fires, floods, earthquakes, oil spill, fires, cyclone in Bangladesh, weather and elements and people are churning… loss of homes, sadness, and hopefully, all will be well in time…



MALIBU, Calif. – A fast-moving wildfire pushed by Santa Ana winds raced through the canyons and over the mountains of this wealthy enclave for the second time in little more than a month Saturday, destroying dozens of homes and forcing as many as 14,000 residents to flee.



The fire erupted in the wee hours after the long-predicted Santa Anas finally returned, and it quickly grew before the winds died down. Forty-nine homes were destroyed and another 27 damaged, said Los Angeles County Fire Chief P. Michael Freeman.


By midafternoon the fire was estimated at 4,500 acres, or about 7 square miles, with 25 percent containment….


Some evacuees were treated to moments of joy and relief.


Geraldine Gilliland, 56, shrieked with happiness as an animal control officer reunited her with her six dogs and 21-year-old cat, left in her house when the fire drove workers at the property down the canyon.

“Oh my God. They got them, they got them, they got them!” she said, kneeling to embrace her pets.

“You can’t put a price on human life or canine life; these are my babies.”

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Dog speak around the world… Do you speak dog? woof, woof, bark, bark, ruff, ruff, Miss growlybears has spoken…  why does my dog stick her head under the bed and growl??? sometimes she does that, other times she barks at me…  silly puppy…  it seems like she is mad at me when she does that… is trying to say something and thinks that I am not listening to her… 


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