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da beach da beach… we are in doggie heaven…

ahhhh…. lots of room to roam and trees and bushes to sniff… this must be dog heaven !

if you are looking for a dog friendly inn for some peace and quiet and relaxation, run do not walk to the Pacific Mist Inn in Little River, California along Highway One (20 minutes from Fort Bragg)… I can feel the stress melting away.  We conked out, slept really well in our cabin. Doesn’t look like much as you drive up, rustic ambiance nothing fancy but boy there is a whole lotta Silence. Peace. Quiet. There are nicely spaced apart for privacy individual bungalow cabins,  with do it yourself barbecues, kitchens, a hot tub in the woods (how romantic)… speaking of romance, if I were getting married, this would be a fabulous place to tie the knot and invite your wedding party to stay…

it is five minutes to restaurants, the innkeepers here have thought of everything… just love the personal touches, from a book that tells you all of the local info from beaches to restaurants to art galleries… to the little notes and tips (28 thing to do on a rainy day) with instructions, they make you feel very welcome and at home here…

and if you are thinking about having a girlfriend’s getaway, the cabins are perfect because you can each have your own room and share one cabin. It is a hop, skip and a jump to the beach. Close the doors in between the rooms for privacy, open them for late night snacks, movie watching and girl talk…

cici and i stayed in the zen cabin at the Pacific Mist Inn with our very own zen water fountain tinkling outside, i kid you not… we had two rooms, an entire cabin, with two beds, one for me, and one for her… 🙂  a fireplace with wood to cozy up, two bathrooms, two televisions, two phones, a kitchen, and a deck to sit outside… cici is happy and at home, only restriction was for her to have fun and eat her doggie biscuits that they left for us with a sweet note… and two chocolates for me (i did not share them with her)… 

there is a whale and dolphin room, ocean mist room and more…

If and when you bring your dogs, you can have a fabulous breakfast, lunch or dinner with your pooches at the nearby Stanford Inn. We ate breakfast there. The scones are to live for and the food is divinely scrumptious. Cici got overexcited and had to go back in the car, there were so many people and dogs and smells and she was just a little too happy. And one dog arrived and for some reason, she just went berserk. The only time I have ever seen her act like that was when she saw a cat. Bark bark bark. Poor baby. She just loves it here.


The inn is a whole dog universe unto itself… everything is organic, vegan and makes Carmel almost look small and quaint by comparison. This place is huge, has greenhouses, organic gardens, pools and it is so very majestic looking and zen at the same time. How do they do that? 


the trip from santa rosa was a little twisty and windy on highway 128 from cloverdale (101 north), but only in a few places… and you are rewarded with driving through a redwood forest and alongside the beach… spectacular.


the weather is moderate all year round cool in the summer, about 75-80 degrees and colder in the winter.


the Pacific Mist Inn even has zap (electric) cars you can drive/rent in the area… and don’t forget the hot tub in the woods… ummmmmm… get in the zone…


i noticed along the way that scharffenberger has a tasting room, does that mean a wine and/or chocolate tasting room?  oh well, found out that it’s not chocolate, oh well,  mmmmm help me, I’m melting… mmm  mmm good…





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russian river has gone to the dawgs…and chickens…

Cici and I left Nevada late, about 10 a.m. and drove via 88 down to Jackson… unlike in January, when we encountered lots of weather, snow, in other words, the morning’s drive was a breeze… we stopped off at the Sequoia drive-in before Jackson for a turkey burger, they have the best… Cici licked feet of all who would let her and got some treats… 

We drove on the 12 which turned out to be the long way, got lost, and then got back on track on the 80 to the 37 and exited in Petaluma, a shortcut… then we got lost again trying to find out way onto River Road in Guerneville, our final destination. 

Finally, after three people directed us to go in the wrong direction, we made it here to the Sonoma Orchid Inn… we could have opted to go the way I know to go, through Bodega Bay, but my neck and back hurt from all of the heavy lifting and packing the car, and I thought it would be quicker to go the way I didn’t know… duh… we will leave here and go to Bodega, visit Sebastopol, and get snacks at Trader Joe’s in Santa Rosa. We will then take the 101 north to the 128 up to Mendocino and Little River, CA this afternoon… 

The Sonoma Orchid Inn is a sweet place. It used to be called the Ridenhour Inn… I love the new name. Owners and innkeepers of the inn for two years, Dana and Brian, instantly came out to greet us with their two dogs Saffy (Saffron) and Cori (Coriander), the spice dogs… Saffy offered Cici her own very special hoof chew which Cici confiscated immediately. I made her give it back and Saffy once again gave it up to her guest. What a generous little host. She’s really cute, too…



While we chatted and got the lay of the land, Cici decided to scope out and sniff the new digs. Ignoring Saffy almost completely, except to growl at the girl for having the audacity of taking her hoof chew back, at which point I took the chew away from her and gave it to Saffy’s owner. Cici is still wondering what happened to that yummy chew.

The inn has ten rooms, most of them pet friendly. We are staying in the Madrone room, nice and big, with a back glass door, a fireplace (the weather is too warm, shucks), a fan, very nicely furnished, a large bed, king or queen, a TV, no phone, wireless Internet…




We’ve heard rumors about two hens/chickens who will be out to greet us soon… and at 9 a.m., we will have breakfast made from the fresh eggs and organic produce grown here… There are always fresh cookies and coffee out in the main room where the office is.  All in all, it is peaceful and quiet and set off the road a tiny bit into the woods. 

Nearby is the fabulous Armstrong Woods, about 5-10 minutes from here, rumors of a great Thai restaurant, which I would have tried but was too tired to move last night, and it’s about 20 minutes to Bodega Bay. There are wonderful wineries, and Healdsburg, Sebastopol, Santa Rosa and Windsor have some delicious chocolate yummies… we may check out later on our way out…


106 Matheson Street – Healdsburg, CA 95448



Sweet Memory Chocolates

305 Center St

Healdsburg, CA 95448

(707) 433-5351


Powells Sweet Shoppe Healdsburg 

322 Center St

Healdsburg, CA 95448 


Tel. +1 707.431.2784




Every week the inn celebrates chocolate with Chocolate Covered Wednesdays. Guests enjoy chocolate food, chocolate port, chocolate soap, chocolate candles, and chocolate body paint.


Don’t you just love the idea of Chocolate Covered Wednesdays… 



Peter Rabbit’s Chocolate Factory

(707) 575-7110 

2489 Guerneville Rd, Santa Rosa, CA 95403


Heart’s Desire Chocolate    
(707) 528-9061     
4th St, Santa Rosa, CA 95401 



La Dolce V Fine Chocolates

(707) 829-2178 

2661 Gravenstein Hwy S, Sebastopol, CA 95472


Gandolf’s Fine Chocolate    
(707) 887-2950     
Forestville, CA 95436 


Wine Country Chocolate & Truffles

(707) 996-1010 

PO Box 297, Sonoma, CA 95476


The Chocolate Cow

(707) 935-3564 

452 1st St E Suite F, Sonoma, CA 95476


Ecotech Systems

(707) 996-1010 

416 Claudia Dr, Sonoma, CA 95476


De Bas Chocolates

(415) 479-5896 

23 Pimentel Ct Suite A, Novato, CA 94949

Le Belge Chocolatier    
(415) 883-6781     
37 Commercial Blvd Suite 108, Novato, CA 94949


Cici sleeps while I write, all is well with the world.

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dogs need braces?

ok, vets have to be credited with creative ways to sell services that increase their income… much like the government… now it’s with doggie braces… for dogs who chew too much… sounds like a best-selling book to me, dogs who chew too much, it’s a syndrome, it’s a horrendous condition affecting millions of dogs, it’s cure?  doggie braces… who knew… takes the bite out of your dog…

Dog Need Braces?

(KDKA) Americans spend between $800 and $1,500 dollars a year on their dogs.


Now there’s something new that could end up taking an even bigger bite out of a dog owner’s wallet dog orthodontics!


Is this something your dog needs?


“Why would we put braces on a dog? Not to make the dog feel better, but to solve problems that would be otherwise traumatic for the dog,” said Veterinary Dentist Dr. Daniel T. Carmichael. 


Serious dental problems are leading more pet owners to consider braces but they can add up to serious bucks costing up to $2,000…

“Of the 160 breeds of dogs that the AKC recognizes, about half of those dogs normally have something that we would call a malocclusion or not a perfect bite,” said Dr. Carmichael.

Of course, not all of those imperfections require dental work.

Dr. Carmichael says some bite problems can be corrected by having the dog chew regularly on a rubber ball — at a cost of just $5…



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on the road again with dog…

well, my friends, Cici and I are off to our latest adventure… here’s our travel itinerary…

Today, Guerneville in Sonoma County 

Tomorrow, Little River, California 

Wed. Fort Bragg, California 

Thursday, Redwood City, CA

Friday-Monday, Fort Bragg, CA

Tuesday, Westport, CA


Some of the pet friendly inns where we will stay: 

Sonoma Orchid Inn

Pacific Mist Inn

Surf Motel and Gardens

Atrium B&B

Pine Beach Inn

Little River Inn

Howard Creek Ranch Inn


and from there, we may visit Lancaster, CA, 29 Palms,  Las Vegas and Kanab, Utah (Best Friends, here we come)…

we will be meeting some wonderful new friends, dogs, and beaches… not to mention all of the chocolate samples and dog friendly wineries, so stay tuned for our adventures as they happen…


meanwhile, back at the dog ranch… thought this was really cute and funny…


 [© New Yorker Magazine, March 1993]


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is your dog J-lo, Simon, or Angie? new dogster celeb dog quiz…


Wow, your dog is Angelina Jolie!


Angelina Jolie

Traditional Beauty

Just like with Hollywood superhero Angelina Jolie, they broke the mold after they created Cici !

Defying the conventional meaning of the word pawpular, Cicican’t scratch behind an ear without it being reported and talked about. Cici leaves pets of the opposite sex blubbering and babbling nonsensically after each encounter, their cuteness and charm receptors bubbling over with excitement. Always one to entice a broad audience, Cici not only loves to strut her stuff on the dogwalk, but digs every chance she gets to make a difference, adopt a pet in need or dish out for her favorite charity.




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tripe: it’s not just for cows anymore…

tripe, it’s what’s for dinner, not…


I had heard about Dr. Harvey’s dog food and we just received a few samples… Cici was very excited… and could not wait for me to rip the package open and give her a treat… although she already ate breakfast, a kangaroo treat in her kong, and a couple strips of turkey bacon… I deliberated and decided I would give her one little Power Pattie, which looked small and harmless… hah!  she has been barking at me ever since and whining to give her more more and more… I finally gave in and gave her another one… boy, did she gobble it up… (and she is usually not that into treats so much)… 


I had not read what tripe is, sounds kinda yucko to my human sensibilities, Beef tripe is usually made from only the first three of a cow‘s four stomach chambers, doesn’t that sound yummy, ugh, but I would say that the proof is in the woofs and tail wagging ! 


the warning is absolutely true… 

  • WARNING: Dogs and Cats love Power Patties so much that they are apt to steal the whole bag. Power Patties should be placed in a carefully chosen and concealed place. Dr. Harvey’s will not be responsible for stolen or captured Power Patties. Also, please be aware that giving Power Patties may result in overwhelming amounts of joy and kisses. Now you can’t say we didn’t warn you!

Cici also taste tested the Veg-to-bowl food.  You soup it up and add it to the regular dog food… she slurped it up along with her dry food… left some in the bowl and came back to it later… guess she was a little full from being a little piggy all day…   it is great to know that she is getting some veggies, because she doesn’t like to eat them raw or otherwise usually… 

Here are the ingredients: 

  Sweet Potatoes*, Carrots*, Diced Potatoes*, Zucchini*, Broccoli Florets*, Green Beans*, Peas**, Beets*, Parsley, Fennel Seed, Fenugreek Seed, Garlic, Ginger, Papaya Leaf and Peppermint Leaf 

* Dehydrated ** Freeze Dried

And there is a healing and first aid cream, to put on her skin, too… she sure needs that… 


would love to try the canine herbal tea and bee pollen and have a tea party with Cici and some doggie friends one of these days…


also have some parrot food and kitty cat treats… those will be given away to some lucky birds and cats… 

All in all, Cici and I give a tail wagging woof woof FOUR PAWS UP to Dr. Harvey’s, K9 approved dog food and treats… 




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hey yo, dog faces wanted… free dog food for a year !


Is your dog the cutest dog EVER? 


Ever thought it might be fun to show the whole world how adorable your dog is?


Here’s your chance!


Welcome to The Honest Kitchen’s nationwide contest to find the perfect dog to appear on their new gourmet dog food packaging.


The winning dog will have his or her photograph transformed into a graphical silhouette by a professional graphic artist – and in addition to the kudos of being immortalized on thousands of boxes all across the land, the winner will also receive a year’s supply of free, healthy Honest Kitchen food.

Cici says Yum-O… Thrive, gimme Thrive… 


The new diet is scheduled for launch this summer. The recipe is being held as Top Secret at this time, but it’s being developed to meet the needs of health-conscious hounds on a budget.


Complete the entry form and tell them about yourself and your dog.


Submit your photo in jpeg format, 4” x 6”. The photo should be a side-profile of your dog, showing the full body. Your dog may be sitting, standing or in action!


The contest closes on April 30th 2008 and the winner will be announced on May 16th 2008.


Dogs of all ages, breeds (including undetermined breeds), backgrounds, sizes and characters are welcome to apply. 





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the day of the dog day…


this is the day of the dog… during the dog days of summer…



i was just thinking that since there is Earth day, shouldn’t there be a national dog day and yes indeed, there is… August 23 is dog day… right in the midst of the dog days of summer….


and the dog hero of the year they picked is a pit bull, yay…  the bull’s name is Maya and she helped save her owner from an assault…



another pit bull hero makes my day… 🙂


are these the cutest pit photos you have ever seen?  the white one looks a tiny bit like my girl cici… 





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happy tails and trails… and dog friendly wineries?

A great big right back at you thank you to Olga… check out her awesome photos of the goodie bag that she won last week for the Name the Traveling Dog Panties giveaway PLUS her fun dog playing with the DoggyTug video…

a new clue for those of you who want to enter this week’s giveaway and win… name my two cats who were brothers… and poetry is one word to search for, there are other forms, poetry is plural… the cats meow… 

Cici and I will be traveling soon… next week to Mendocino, California and then south… staying in dog friendly places…  if you know of fun places, please let us know… we are especially looking to stay in yurts, tree houses, tipis and weird, unique and unusual places that feature dark chocolate, too, and speaking of chocolate, we will be featuring some yummy chocolates again soon and if you are an innkeeper or chocolatier and want to be featured here and in other publications, please call or email me asap. 

if we get to southern Oregon any time soon, I found this… pet friendly b and b’s in southern oregon

and can you believe it, Napa/Sonoma wineries have gone to the dawgs… more on this soon… am doing research and we hope to check these out personally…

also, did you know that there are people making dog wine, dog chocolate and dog beer?  how dry I am… hiccup…  we are NOT NOT NOT recommending that anyone give regular people beer or wine to their dogs, please don’t… it’s not good for them…

and dog lovers wine clubs?

and wine dogs…


and dog wine labels?

Cici and I are looking forward to being on the road again… well, I am… not so sure about her… once we hit the beach though, she will be a very happy camper… 


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for all of your furshionistas… a new giveaway…


you remember our close friend, Dottie, the traveling bikini dog panties…


Dottie has been on the go and is in the know… she has gone underground and found the latest in doggie underwear,  black and white polka dot dog bra toy with a bright red bow for your K9 with matching red dog panties chew toy …





You have until Friday, April 25, 2008 to tell us the name of my two cats … hint, their names appear in an earlier post… and a poem was written for one of them.  I can’t tell you the name of the poem or I will give away the name of the post and that would just make it much much much too easy for you… our friends over at Doggytug

have a fabulous new goodie bag all for whoever wins the new contest… so enter before Friday… 



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