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Dog days at the Pacific Mist Inn…

If you’re happy and you know it wag your tail, well, cici is extremely happy and wagging her tail, she loves being back at the Pacific Mist Inn and so do I.. the friendly, warm, happy greetings, with chocolates for me and treats for her, plus the peaceful, serene environment… it’s just beautiful here…

and this time we are taking advantage of the kitchen !  am cooking eggs for breakfast, egg omelette with cheese and avocado…. and for dinner we will have turkey burgers and pasta, yum !  cici is now waiting to go running on the beach … and we have a few errands and work to do….

but you’ve simply gotta visit the Pacific Mist Inn this weekend or in June for the Dog Days !

Below is the info… register today and tell them I sent you !

May 30 through June 1, 2008 and

June 13-15, 2008

If you want to:

learn to communicator more efficiently with your dog

get away to the beautiful, dog friendly Mendocino

capture a beautiful memory of you and your dog through a photograph

Come, visit the Pacific Mist Inn for two nights lodging (up to two adults and one dog)…

and you will receive FOUR Professionally Guided Owner/Dog sessions

In order to attend the dog must be spayed or neutered, non-aggressive towards other dogs, people, food, toys and leash and current on all shots…

Please indicate what breed(s) best guess, your dog is, sex, and weight and any specific concerns and issues you may have with your dog…

Please bring with you training tools: collar, 3-5 inch retractable leash, toys, and training treats…

Plus, laughter and questions !!!

Katie Mize is a professional dog trainer, certified under Assistance Dog International.  She has been training assistance dogs for more than 12 years.  She has worked with Guide Dogs for the Blind and Canine Companions for Independence and traveled extensively across the usA and Canada, providing training support for hundreds of clients and their dogs.  She has been in the animal field for 16 years and exposed to a wide variety of training styles and techniques.

“I don’t believe there is only one way to train and one tool to do it with. Every dog is unique and has different abilities, challenges, and learning capacities. It’s important to have an understanding of your dog and its needs, as well as your own, when developing a training program,” she says.

Come join the fun at Pacific Mist Inn, dog days… your dog will woof woof woof ….

To register, call 800-955-MIST (6478)..

Visit our website at:

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why do you love your dog?

yes, she’s got another new beau…  kinda like a boy crazy teenage girl… we revisited the McDog park in Fort Bragg twice this week. Monday was wonderful, without incident. She played with her old pal Gracie from the Atrium B&B and about 6-7 other dogs. Gracie’s like a Benjie dog, big furry, adorable, sweet,  she guards her toys to make sure no one else can get them away from her… she is one big ball of fluffy love…

Today, cici met Hank, Chaka, Zipper, I know i am forgetting a few dogs and she also played with Roxie… Hank and Cici had a grand old time and Zipper kept Cici running and chasing…  she really needed the exercise both Monday and today, Saturday.

We also went to the Pacific Mist Inn afterwards and she licked poor Tasha upside the face and there was a little tiny Lassie look alike that we kept away from since she seemed overwhelmed by Tasha… Tasha is THE most mellow K9 ever, a grand ol lady, we figured that the poor dog was not ready tor Cici’s exuberant tail wagging and kisses.

I think dog parks are wonderful for the dogs and owners. The K9’s need a safe place to run, play and socialize with others of their species.  Which reminds me that there was another dog that Cici was not allowed near, a really tiny Chihauuau mix, who kept sniffing around her and a cat who has smartly evaded Cici’s awareness.  This morning it was close, the cat came out and Cici was walking but the frisky feline fled the scene before Cici was the wiser. There have been a few birds that have also kept their distance and a rabbit and a deer on the road that she did not notice.

Fun things to do in Fort Bragg with your dog

Botanical gardens

Cowlick’s ice cream

Glass beach and other beaches

McDog park

Stay at a pet friendly inn

Eat at a pet friendly restaurant

All in all, I figure that Cici has played with at least 130 dogs, the four dogs last year at Kings Canyon, at least 24 dogs at the McDog park in Fort Bragg this week, the four dogs recently in Mariposa near Yosemite, the dog in the undisclosed location, Frankie in Genoa, Karma, Jake and a whole bunch of dogs in Carson City, plus the dogs in Fresno at the dog park there, the dogs at the beaches in Carmel and Monterey, the K9’s she met in Pacific Grove on the hiking trails, the golden retrievers and other dogs she met over Christmas and New Years in the Marina, not to mention all her buddies at the vet hospital that she would have loved to have played with but was unable to do so because of the injury to her leg.

Funny, I just realized that I cannot think of any dogs that she played with in Oregon except one dog at the beach in Brookings up there last summer, none in Ashland or Medford, none in Mt. Shasta nor Susanville.  She did not play with any dogs in Bridgeport, Jackson, Arnold, Markleeville, Marysville, Virginia City, or Dayton either.

At David Walley’s Hot Springs resort in Genoa, someone told me about pit bulls being called nanny dogs… she said that cici looked like a nanny dog.  most everyone tells me how cute, beautiful and delicious she is and I have to agree… when she’s being good and listening… my dog trainer, car rental friend Deb said she will help me teach the gurl a thing or two…

why do we love dogs so much?  is it because they always have a kiss or two or three or four, a wagging tail, a funny happy doggy smile, a cuddly warm belly to rub, four paws up, or what?  why do you love your dog? perhaps we should have a writing contest…  tell me please in less than 100 words, why do you love your dog?  could be a poem, essay, letter, whatever… even a photo or two or three…  win the free giveaway, ok, it’s sunday, not monday, but hey it’s a holiday weekend…

ok, for starters, why I love cici is she is always sweet, she makes me laugh a lot, she is so funny, she has this way of making me feel better and inspires me to be a better person, she is cuddly and does quirky things like putting her head on my shoulder while I’m driving or sticking her head under the bed and growling when she is mad at me or wants to do something am not letting her do, she is a wonderful companion and a silly bug stalker… she’s my bug… my silly dilly bug… and she’s smart, too… she also really goes for what she wants, is determined to get what she wants no matter what obstacle be in her way… she is a cuddly bug… the polka dot swirl of a pearl of a gurl of my heart… awwwwwww…  ok, get the idea… now how about you?

How do I love thee? Let me count the ways…”
by Elizabeth Barrett Browning (1806-1861)
How do I love thee? Let me count the ways.
I love thee to the depth and breadth and height
My soul can reach, when feeling out of sight
For the ends of Being and ideal Grace.
I love thee to the level of everyday’s
Most quiet need, by sun and candle-light.
I love thee freely, as men strive for Right;
I love thee purely, as they turn from Praise.
I love thee with a passion put to use
In my old griefs, and with my childhood’s faith.
I love thee with a love I seemed to lose
With my lost saints, — I love thee with the breath,
Smiles, tears, of all my life! — and, if God choose,
I shall but love thee better after death.

can you love your dog too much?


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Idyllwild revisited… pet friendly lodges…

thanks to Rodney at Strawberry Creek Inn for assisting me with putting together this list of pet friendly lodging in Idyllwild, CA…

I have stayed at all of these inns and will write about them soon…   it’s cool this time of year when it’s hot hot hot everywhere else especially in the surrounding areas, Palm Springs, Palm Desert, Desert Hot Springs, LaQuinta, Indio, 29 Palms, etc. so it’s a good time to visit… no snow.. no heat.. just fun with your pooch in a pet friendly place, that is quiet, peaceful and has great art galleries.

Rodney and Ian from the Strawberry Creek Inn have another inn, a pet friendly one called the Bunkhouse !

Bluebird Cottage Inn

100+ fun things to do in idyllwild including

Watch your dog have some fun at the Idyllwild Dog Park

Idyllwild Nature Center
25225 Hwy 243,  Idyllwild, CA 92549
951 659-3850

Idyllwild Park
54000 Riverside County Playground Rd,  Idyllwild, CA 92549
951 659-2656


Mount San Jacinto State Park
25905 Highway 243,  Idyllwild, CA 92549
951 659-2607

there is no real doggie daycare in Idyllwild and the area is ripe for doggie daycare/camp…

I have a wonderful affordable idea for a doggie day/night camp and Idyllwild could be a great place … if there is anyone out there who would consider donating land and/or assisting with this dream for doggies, please let me know…  will be posting a contest soon to get this rolling and woofing and four paws up… cici loves the idea of having a place for her pals to romp and run…


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here a yak, there a yak, everywhere a yak yak

it’s a yak world at Shambhala Ranch… 

below is the one week old yak with its mother… 


this yak came up close and personal for a photo op… say cheese…



a yak yak here and a yak yak there….



and this is what Cici thinks about the yaks…


woof woof here and a woof woof there, here a woof, there a woof, everywhere a woof woof… 

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wild turkeys, Himalayan yaks and deer, oh my…

did you ever see a baby Himalyan yak stand up for the first time and walk, well, i almost did…

woke up this morning to the sound of wild turkeys gobbling… then around 4 pm, another baby yak was born; one was born about a week ago… and this new one was very weak, people and yaks were hovering, taking photos, and one big yak seemed to take a liking to me, avoided his horns… getting pushed down into a pit did not appeal at all…

the baby was born in the hot sun and was moved to the shade, given water, and now, about 6 pm, the owners came and think that the baby may not make it… apparently, they are supposed to walk upright within half an hour of being born… the other baby is huge already… they were getting milk from the mama to give to the baby who still had not stood upright.

Shambhala Ranch truly is an incredible property on 140 acres and a welcome change from Ukiah and Santa Rosa, lots of greenery and beautiful views… the best way to get here, in my humble opinion, is to go to the coast and then take the road just north of Little River, which is Orr springs Road, it is nicer and less twisty and windy than the same road from Ukiah…  although the road from Ukiah is supposed to be shorter, that was not my experience. 

The cabin we are in is small, there is no a/c, nor mosquito netting or screen door, there is a fan that cools the air off, phone, TV and other modern amenities are in the main house… am able to get on the internet, this is a place for a relaxing getaway… 

The ranch is gated and fenced so cici can go off leash as long as she does not disturb the other animals… in that way, it is the dog friendliness place we have stayed at…  there are two pet friendly rooms, some people leave their pets while they go about their activities and the staff takes care of them… with treats, food and toys….

Personal touches that i love… the little handwritten signs everywhere that say glad you are here… thank you for being here… the essential oil soap in the bathroom… love the cool shower curtain and rug… looking out at the Tibetan yak pasture with lovely purple bluebell flowers… and green trees…


the funny thing is that it turns out that owner Stuart Marcus and I both went to the same high school, a year apart, Martin Van Buren in NYC. 

It is soooooooo peaceful and sooooooo hot, a record breaking 100+, time for a jump in the pond that you can swim in, there is also a hot tub to relax in. It’s quite a meditative environment, who could ask for anything more? 

well, cooler weather and a less twisty windy road to get in and out… 

Montgomery Woods State Park nearby is home to the tallest tree in the world. Also in close vicinity are hiking trails, lush gardens, and a  fruit tree orchard.  There are also multi-media rooms perfect for yoga and dance groups), if you are seeking a peaceful eco-friendly place to hold a retreat, wedding, seminar, workshop, party, reunion, girlfriend getaway or a romantic getaway, Shambhala Ranch just may be the venue for you.



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loved world… love the dog you’re with…

just goes to show what giving dogs in shelters some training can do… make them adoptable… and giving prisoners another chance at life…  imagine having a child when you are 13 years old and still a child yourself…

Tamar Geller: The way wolves interact with each other—the way wolves train each other—is extremely different than the way people train dogs. Dogs have a wolf side, they also have a toddler part. You give two kids the same toy, and one of them is taking the toy away and body blocking the other. You see two dogs play, it’s the same thing. Dogs have to assess the pecking order without actually fighting. They need each one in the pack to help in the hunt, so if they hurt each other physically, it’s going to hurt themselves. The one with the control of the resources is the one in charge. I go to homes where people have behavioral problems with dogs, I see toys all over the floor—a free for all. What it means to the dog is that the owner loves them, but he’s not the leader.

You do not want to deal with aggression with force. Challenge [your dog] the way a wolf would, which is playing tug of war. This is the last sequence of the hunt, where they wrestle the animal down on the ground. The one who ends up with the food is the leader of the pack. It’s a game that looks very vicious—but it’s not because it’s got a lot of boundaries. So tug of war, when you follow the rules, can establish that you are the leader of the pack.

My [dog center] is phenomenal. It’s two stories, 6,000 square feet. We have the doggie lounge for the mellow dog upstairs. Downstairs we have the floors and the tunnels and the equipment. It’s so much freakin’ fun. We help a lot of dogs that have been abused by trainers, or not been socialized. They come here and they blossom. They start trusting people again, they start trusting dogs again.

I had to fight animal regulation. It cost me the price of a small house. [They] wanted me to divide dogs by size not by personality. I said, “So what? Because I’m five foot one, less than 100 pounds I’m not allowed to talk with people who are six foot seven?” I got an animal rights lawyer, and I got a political lawyer who helped me to work within the system. And you know what, of course I won.

I hate the word discipline and I hate the word obedience. I believe in manners. Who the heck am I to tell you how to raise your dog? I love dogs, but I tell you what—I love people. I say, “How can I make your relationship with your dog the best it could be? That’s my goal. Not to get your dog to fit into some kind of a box.

We all have the fairy tale. We think, My God! This will be the relationship that will fulfill me—whether it’s your Prince Charming, your brand new baby, or when you’re getting a puppy. When life gives challenges, most people would not give up on their children. Unfortunately a lot of people give up on their dog. I want people to have the reality check of, what does it mean to have any new relationship? You have the ideal, and then it’s going to be real life. You can be the best thing that could ever happen to your dog’s life. Like any relationship, it’s a give and take. We are so lucky that we have the love in us to give to dogs.

Everybody says, “Let’s whisper to our animals.” But what do they have to tell us? Let’s listen to what you, my precious dog, are trying to tell me—as opposed to me coming with blinders on, with agendas. Let’s try, all of us, to listen to our animals. That’s my privilege—the unbelievable privilege—of working with animals.

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when harry met cici…

Cici has a new beau… from our undisclosed location we drove near to yosemite, to a little town called mariposa to visit a gal named Melinda who is building a healing center… the road was VERY tricky and windy up to her place from the town but from 99 to the 41 in fresno to the 49 it was quite lovely… very refreshing and inspiring to see green trees again…


when we got here, we were greeted by the welcoming committee… first, star bear, a very large dog (part Malamute and border collie) put his paws on the car and peeked in to say hi… then irene the hound dog said hello… jenny rose the lab joined in and then we made our way out of the car and harry met cici,  it was puppy love at first butt sniffing…


Harry is a six month old Queensland Heeler…  and cici is still a young gurl, so they bonded instantly, jawing, wrestling, licking and rolling in the dirt and there is quite a lot of that here… cici’s new halter is quite dusty now… she immediately jumped into the filthy pool and swam in the water.  really warmed the cockles of my heart. and i was greeted to find out that we would have to leave early this morning… a fine welcome…  I came here to find out about becoming a caretaker, I think not…

still, there are two yurts going up, a fabulous view from this mountain, cool fresh air and we had turkey burgers for dinner, after dinner entertainment was provided by harry and cici… and soon star bear wanted to get in on the action… jenny rose was the only one who did not seem to appreciate the attention that cici garnered from the two males… irene was not all that thrilled, either. 

we visited the yurt after dinner and all was fine until two neighbors dogs came along and looked like they would attack cici, we hightailed it through the garden, as a precaution and made our escape back to our tiny cabin… it was off to bed at about 8 but of course we did not actually fall asleep until about 3 am, and we got up around 6… cici does not seem to do well sleeping when windows and doors are open and she can see wildlife… star bears came and sat on our porch to protect us and cici wanted to play with him… and she was restless… there were two tiny beds, one a couch, and i thought she would sleep on that and i on the bed… she ran around, trashing the blankets, trying to get settled to no avail… then she decided to come visit me in my narrow little bed, plop she goes… we have not slept together in a tiny single bed since last year, she cradled my legs… then she was off again to the couch… then back to me at some point, where she cuddled my head… and took over the bed… i went to the outhouse, actually it’s a small bathroom with a compost toilet, and came back and there was cici in her usual place in the middle of the bed… the bed is a little high off the ground and i did not want her to jump off of it, so i tried to move her, finally got her and me where i wanted, cuddled in my arms, she was shaking slightly, and we finally fell asleep…  had some weird dreams…

this morning, we arose at the crack of dawn, and I went outside to go up to the main house to go to the bathroom, and the dogs greeted us good morning… star bear first, of course. then we had a nice breakfast, cici and harry played and chased cats and we were ushered on our way… 

we were going to hang out in Mariposa but I was utterly unimpressed (been there before, too) and decided to take the 140 to merced which I thought was madera… we had stayed in a motel there last year. got to merced and realized I was in a different place and decided to head up the 99 a bit and we got off in Turlock, saw a sign for a motel and they take pets, and here we are… my back will mend, nice to stay in a non dusty queen bed, with wireless internet and all of the amenities of modern life, a  tv, phone, etc.

we may go back to the coast in the morning, we shall see… for now, we will rest… cici needs a bath and she met a new friend at the gas station, where they have a taqueria and pizza place.  the pizza guy took care of her while I ran in to get a burrito… very nice… 


don’t forget Gone with the Wind… who played Bonnie Blue?




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cici is a purl of a gurl…



she only wanted to go out and out and out and out… we went to a lake and she ran up to the top of some hills and wanted to jump off some rocks to visit a fisherman but I did not let her do that … duh…


and then we went to visit and she got to lick everybody and then we went out a few dozen more times…

she met a little girl named Sophie, a real cutey about 3 years old, dressed up like a princess, and Sophie giggled when cici licked her feet and face… 

I took her out before we went to sleep and she was too enthralled with bugs and lizards to do her business…

so why did it surprise me when she woke me up at 1 am and had to go out?

she let me know by sticking her head under the bed and moaning… 

so we went out at 1 am and she did her business and i could not fall back to sleep and stayed up until 3 am… 

the joys of being a dog parent… 

so here is a new photo of my cutey mccute that i took yesterday, she was actually getting into posing for me so there is hope yet that she will become a doggie model… and earn her keep around here…  what do you think?


don’t forget to answer the burning question so that you can win this week’s free giveaway….  who played Bonnie Blue Butler in the movie gone with the wind? 




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Getting inn touch with your inner K9 … innkeepers welcome




If you want to promote your pet friendly inn, let me know, perhaps I can help  you… win win win… for more info, visit this page… with helpful tips…


Here’s our new free giveaway contest for the week…sponsored by Doggytug…Kelly now has an instructional video on how to use the toys… on the product page, upper right hand, click on the photo…

Dottie the traveling bikini dog panties (you do remember Dottie) says: Answer this question and win… who played Bonnie Blue Butler in Gone with the Wind?  (hint: i recently had breakfast with her)… 





if no one gets the answer to that question, then the first person who names three of the nine inns I recently wrote about (in May 2008) will win the free weekly giveaway contest…  so you’ve got two shots at winning a great goodie bag filled with wonderful doggytug toys… send us your answer before Friday, May 16, 2008… 

Doggytug toys are the tug toys that dogs love to play tug of war with…  just ask Lainie… who is Lainie you ask, check her out playing with her tug toy… from her free giveaway package… she is playing with the floatie that is for swimming with, by the way…




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from cici to me on mom’s day…

Happy Mother’s day… 

did you know that originally Mother’s Day was a day set aside for women for peace?…/


from My Dog, the bug catcher and lizard stalker, everything sniffer, since I am her Mom… she thanks me because… 
1. Feeds me tripe, kangaroo and hot dog treats until I bark for more 

2. Snuggles and cuddles with me all night long and doesn’t mind when I push her off the bed, sit on her head or breathe into her face

3. Gives great chew toys and plays tug of war at the drop of a hat
4. Takes me on adventures to the beaches and dog parks
5. Puts me in the car (even when I don’t wanna get in) to stay in dog friendly inns and places where I can sniff grass, stalk bugs and eat in the same dining room as the humans
6. Sings silly songs to me like if you’re happy and you know it wag your tail
7. Doesn’t get too mad at me ever even when I slobber on her face, jump up on her friends and dirty the bed with sandy paws
8. Gives me lots and lots of kisses, belly rubs and massages
9. Makes a very convenient and comfy pillow
10. Loves me unconditionally



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