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5 tips on helping a dog heal …

there are so very many good things to say about the Stanford Inn… the pet friendly zen-like inn, the superb vegan cuisine, and organic gardens show a rare commitment to sustainability, healing and animals…   Jeff and Joan Stanford have created an authentic healing haven retreat where stress and hectic lives are quickly left behind.

each room has a fireplace, phone, internet access, complimentary breakfast and afternoon tea with goodies in the lobby, this is the pet friendliest inn with llamas, cats, dogs, raccoons, ducks and other animals… and the wonderful conducive to healing environment, includes a sauna and pool with 24 hour access… ahhhh…

when you check in with dogs, you are given pet bowls, sweet potato treats, and pet sheets…

to make the treats: they slice jumbo sweet potatoes, cook them briefly to soften, then dehydrate them for 16-22 hours… the benefits of sweet potatoes , Okinawans who have the world’s highest proportion of people over 100 consume a diet very high in sweet potatoes…

there is a Stanford cookbook available in the gift shop for purchase with enticing and delectable vegan recipes.

The food is incredible.  Finally, had a huckleberry muffin… the eggs are organic, everything is fresh, I don’t even like veggies that much, but the food is soooo very tasty… the Raven’s Florentine with poached eggs and hollandaise sauce was amazing.  I don’t even like hashed brown potatoes or scones, but they have the BEST scones on the planet, plus the hash browns are not greasy and they are also made with sweet potatoes and regular potatoes. Plus,  at 4 pm, there was a knock at the door, and I was given two warm fresh from the oven chocolate cookies, with another dog treat and a handwritten note from Joan and Jeff… now, that is class and superb customer service !

cici enjoyed meeting other dogs, cats and other animals… and it was really easy to walk her around the property and fun to meet so many other dog friendly visitors such as the family with two rescued greyhound dogs and these two furry black and white terriers named Willie and Ziggy (zig zag)….

our room was in the Forest area not far from the duck pond and lobby.

the very real and moving tale about Jeff Stanford’s 12 year old dog named Gypsy also speaks volumes to the Stanford’s commitment to their animals… recently, Gypsy was diagnosed with cancer and is now recovering … much of the ordeal and recovery is outlined at Jeff’s blog… basically, Gypsy was given a very bad prognosis two months ago from the doctors. He is now doing well on a vegan diet with supplements, nori rolls and lots of tlc.  Jeff also had a ‘miracle’ horse who was diagnosed with cancer in 1988 and lived until 2004 because of a leg injury.  His dogs Murphy (black lab shown above) and Gypsy have been on a vegan diet for four years now.

Jeff gave me some tips for other pet owners facing a grim prognosis for their dogs.  He says:

1. do what the doctors tell you to do

2. Find a trusted healer, holistic vet and create a healing environment; be calm and present with the dog

3. put the dog on a whole foods diet. (Jeff feeds his dogs Dick Van Patten’s Natural Balance veg. food)  Dogs are omnivores, read the China Study by Colin Campbell

4. get rid of the toxins

Nori contains porphyran which has been shown to cause the death of cancer cells. (Nori is a red seaweed. Red seaweeds are the source of carrageenen and agar agar.) Algae are also an important emergency food. Spirulina contains compounds which help the body extract toxins (similar to brown seaweed) and in a variety of ways assists in killing cancer cells.

5. supplement the diet

BioPreparation for pets from Optimum Choices, check our their web site at BioPreparation_for_animals The founder of the company believes that the anti-cancer properties are due to realignment and re-balancing of the body through the metabolism of the algae.

Jeff is feeding Gypsy Nori rolls with BioPreparation supplements

Nori rolls recipe:



almond butter



Jeff also suggests that the grain quinoa is good for dogs… boil for 15 minutes, cool and feed with veggies.

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my amazing dancing dog…

and you too can create your own dancing dog movie… see the link below…

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tips for innkeepers

here are a few tips that I have compiled from inns that are doing well even in this economy and those that are not…


* provide dog treats, dog bowls, dog beds and other doggie amenities, it is very much appreciated

* if you want pet owners to clean up dog waste, please provide plastic biodegradable bags as well as nearby waste containers…

* please provide a safe, easy access, clearly marked grassy area, fenced, if possible, where dog owners can take their dogs

* keep guests coming back by making your guests feel special with little extras, gifts and goodies for pets and pet owners

* make our stay memorable, for instance, the MacCallum House breakfast was divine and so was the unique hot tub in the private yard not to mention the private limo to the wine country that allows dogs

Sally’s breakfast at Howard Creek Ranch inn is also memorable because it is hearty, no skimpy or stingy portions, guests can eat as much as they want and the food is fresh and down home delicious

Best memorable views is a three way tie between Agate Cove Inn, Little River Inn and Greenwood Pier in Elk…

* the Stanford Inn was the first in the area to offer pet friendly lodging before it was popular and their zenlike property is memorable, as is their pet friendly dining with superb award-winning vegan cuisine

* offer amenities such as WIFI and phone so that guests who want to stay connected can and those that don’t do not have to take advantage of the service

* offer complimentary breakfast and afternoon tea and cookie…  the Sea Foam Lodge delivers piping hot muffins to each guest’s door, a breakfast to remember…  the Doubletree Hotel in Rohnert Park and other locations that provides guests with fresh hot baked cookies daily and complimentary wine and cheese in the afternoon

* have pet friendly and knowledgable staff available (concierge, front desk) to answer questions, arrange tours and make suggestions

* stand out, be distinct, give us something to write home and tell our friends and associates about


* please don’t discriminate against certain breeds and sizes of dogs

* why nickel and dime visitors to death with extra charges for phone calls, tempting treats and foods in the fridge, and charges for other amenities, if you charge $200+ a night?

* make us wait forever to get into the room and rush us out of the room in the morning

* housekeeping is important and necessary and so is landscaping but please have staff be as quiet and unobtrusive as possible, no one wants to listen to lawnmowers all afternoon. you want us to enjoy our stay, right?

* please don’t use chemicals, green, enviro safety is in, please use safe nontoxic odorless products to clean the room

Remember, if your guests have a choice between staying at a clean fresh modern motel with internet access in the room, free phone calls that serves breakfast with lots of options (eggs, cereal, muffins, bagels, english muffins, and toast)  for $50 a night or paying $100-250+ a night at your inn with no internet access, no phone and no breakfast, why do you think they would choose your inn even if they can afford to do so just because your inn is located in a popular destination, was successful in the past, is historic or?

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wine tours and whine dogs…

speaking of wine tours, if you are in the mood for a splurge, the Maccallum House Inn in Mendocino offers wine tours, chauffeured limos and dogs are allowed in the limo, if you book as a private party…  if you do book a tour, be sure to ask for Jim Davis and tell him that you found out about the tour from CeliaSue and Cici.  We met Jim at Navarro, the pet friendliest winery in Anderson Valley.

California Wine tasting tours
Stay two or three nights in any room at MacCallum House Inn and spend one of your days on a luxury wine tour of Anderson Valley in our stretch limousine or Lincoln Town Car. Sip complimentary sparkling wine as you visit the wineries.

we stayed in the abbey blair cottage… with queen bed, garden view, with its own cute little back yard and hot tub, and the front door opens at top and bottom…hardwood floors, coffeemaker, fridge, tv/dvd/cd and cable, phone. real wood stove, pet bed and bowls and treats… and some wonderful food and drink amenities in the fridge and on a tray…  the hot tub was a delightful way to relax, soak and very private…

dogs are welcome … The little back yard was wonderful for me and cici wanted to walk around town and meet other dogs.

pets can dine or have breakfast on the front porch with their human companions

guests receive $7 credit per guest for dinner and complementary breakfast.

breakfast :

started with licorice peppermint tea, delish!   In talking with the hostess, I recalled going into the city years ago (NYC aka Manhattan) to the Lower East Side and getting shoe leather (apricot pressed onto sheets), licorice shoelaces (strings of licorice, red, black and other flavors), and buttons, as well as charlotte rousses, whipped cream with cake, like strawberry shortcake sans the strawberries…

had cranberry juice and delicious crab cakes with poached eggs and hollandaise sauce, was going to get the Mac Eggs Benedict or the omelette, tough choice, they all sounded great, but the crab cakes won. Comes with red griddled potatoes and a few slices of fruit. The blend of the delicate flavors was heaven and memorable (can’t stop thinking about the blend of the eggs, crab cakes and hollandaise sauce) and the restaurant ambiance was nice.  Had a choice of dining inside or outside with the dog, but it was too chilly so I ate by the fireplace.  there was a view of the lawn and the barn suites across the way.

This inn has numerous kinds of accommodations from the garden suites, cottages, barn suites and the original historic house.

Pride of  Pets Fun Dog Show
In honor of all the pets that have stayed over the years, MacCallum
House teams up with the Mendocino Humane Society to host an event every June
with fun categories like Look-A-Like, Best Tail Wagger, Most Mysterious
Heritage and Personality & Poise.
Christmas and New Year’s Eve
Every year the beautiful eaves of the Victorian,
its walkways and gardens are strung with lights.

A Giving Tree is put up for the
area’s disadvantaged children and people.

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agate cove inn is for rock hounds…

cici greeted nava who greeted her back with barks across the way… nava (means beautiful in Hebrew) is a border collie, puppy, very sweet and playful, black and white. she was chewing a shampoo bottle as i entered the main room.  After breakfast, cici and nava played together, chasing one another, wrestling, and doing what dogs do …

Owners Roger Martin and Laraine Galloway bought the inn three years ago… there are lovely cabins with their own balconies, two are pet friendly…

lovely ocean views via webcam on their website and beautiful gardens… across from agate beach… for rock hounds, you can go down to the beach and dig up some stones….each of the rooms is named after rocks, crystals and gemstones such as diamond, garnet, obsidian, amber, jasper, emerald… we stayed in the topaz room, and it just so happens that topaz is my birthstone.  gorgeous room with all the amenities,  including own porch and balcony,  no phone in the room but there is one in the coffee room along with hot chocolate, tea and coffee … this is open 24 hours a day and there are also books and DVD movies.

breakfast was french toast, fruit, and sausage with orange juice, coffee, tea, fresh hot coffee cake and a pear with yogurt.

Readers of this blog can receive a special discount, November 1 – May 31 Sunday through Thursday stay only (holidays excluded)… you will receive 20% off the regular rate.  No minimum stay required.  When you register, just mention “Celia Sue” for the special rate.

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polar bears and sled dogs play…

While Norbert Rosing was photographing polar bears in Manitoba near the Hudson Bay, a polar bear suddenly appeared.


He was sure he was going to see the end of his Husky sled dogs.
But the polar bear didn’t seem to be hungry.
just lonely…
And wanting a tummy rub. The polar bear returned every night to play with the dogs.

Polar bears and sled dogs make great play pals.
hmmm…  aren’t these great photos?


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cottages at little river cove…

When we drove onto the property last week, we saw a few deer and does and later, some wild turkeys behind the cottages frolicking in the forest there.  While there, Cici met a new Lab boyfriend named Cody.  She waited outside his cottage until he came out to play.  There were several other dogs there, two little dogs, and another larger dog. Cici was excited to meet all the other dogs and visitors.

The cottage we stayed at was like an upscale home with all of the modern amenities… It is both kid and pet friendly.

Six of the nine cottages are designated pet friendly (see below). Upon checking in, guests staying in one of these cottages receive a pet welcome kit that includes a pet towel, treats and hot pink waste bags. Each of the pet-friendly cottages comes with a pet bed and there is an outdoor pet shower to rinse away the sand from a day of play on the beach.

The nine cottages are all named for nearby towns, we were supposed to stay in Ignacio but instead are staying in Albion. There is Elk, Humboldt, Caspar, Dillon, Farllon, Jenner, and Gualala.  As we drove onto the 2 acre property, we saw a bunch of deer, including several does and wild turkeys.

The Albion cottage is very modern and features upscale amenities and conveniences, from the
comfortable, contemporary décor – including stainless steel appliances and
granite countertops in the kitchens – to plush robes and an optional
grocery service, where guests can have personally selected staples
waiting for them upon arrival. Amenities include 32-inch, flat panel
TVs and DVD players, along with free Wi-Fi.

Guests can enjoy additional comforts, including in-cottage massage and spa services as well as a concierge
service.The concierge service can help book a sea kayak tour, rides on the
Skunk Train, a fishing trip out of Noyo Harbor, horseback-riding
tours or set up a luxury wine tour to the nearby Anderson Valley.

The  smoke-free property is located at 7533 North Highway 1 in Little River, just two miles south of

Tony, the manager has a brindle dog named PJ and an orange and white dog named Oliver. Both are mixed mutt rescues.

Oliver was rescued from Placencia, Belize. He was a sweet, but beat up young dog who instantly began hanging out around Tony’s cabin. They loved his personality and began feeding him chicken and rice, eventually allowing him to sleep on the couch during the daily heavy monsoons while inquiring with the locals about his story.

A month later, after a complete check up and clean bill of health, he was shipped to San Francisco airport where he became part of Tony’s family. He and PJ got along quickly and aside from what appears to be his occasional longing for warmer weather, he seems to be quite happy and most certainly has a brighter future than if he stayed in Belize.

PJ was an East Palo Alto rescue, adopted 8 yrs ago as a puppy from the San Mateo County Peninsula Humane Society. She is a very close companion who has traveled all over the country and part of the world including NYC, Boston, Miami, Denver, Puerto Rico, US Virgin Islands. PJ has lived in some of the finer hotels in the world, and experienced a lifestyle that most dogs dream of (sailing, swimming in warm Caribbean waters, cross country travel, hurricane parties, room service, going along on the job, down comforter dog beds, visiting restaurants and bars, etc).

Both dogs are very well adapted to the hospitality industry lifestyle, and handle themselves very well on the property.

They are very excited to warmly greet guests that arrive.

There are tentative plans to build a dog run/park area on the property, but that has not been finalized. They want feedback from pet owners that have stayed at the cottages.  They also plan to upgrade some of the pet amenities offered in the units

Due to popular demand, they have recently increased the pet friendly units from three to six of the nine cottages on site.

They are as follows:

Albion, Caspar, Dillon, Elk, Gualala, Ignacio


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