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Hollywood western, calling all dogs…

stayed at the blackberry inn, near raven lane, off highway one, on the way to the town of mendocino, the whole inn looks like a Hollywood western movie set, with a Land office, General Store, Saloon, Bank, Sheriff, Blacksmith and Milliner store, really quaint and adorable, not at all like a motel… much more like a b and b, very peaceful and quiet, with a landscape filled with flowers and grassy areas large enough for Cici to play on.

Our room was the General Store with a fireplace, ocean view, color tv, fridge, microwave, king sized bed, two nice chairs, a writing desk, basket filled with fresh fruit (apple, banana, orange, and kiwi), a cookie (delish), popcorn and two muffins, plus two chocolate kisses and a big dog treat. there are two pet rooms, the other one has two queen beds, and there is $10 pet fee.

the town of mendo seems to have new stores, we found a bookstore with a few dogs inside, cici got attacked by a little dog and showed off her belly, did her floor show several times, got a biscuit for her efforts, and we had a lovely day just checking out the stores.


Photo 552

Photo 553

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take your dog to work day tomorrow, june 26

According to Cesar Millan, the Dog whisperer:

I love the idea of dog-friendly workplaces and thrilled that some companies are beginning to experiment with it. According to Pet Sitters of America, creators and sponsors of National Take Your Dog to Work Day, studies show that pet-friendly workplaces boost employee morale, raise productivity, and even keep employees from rushing home from work to take care of their pets. Here are my thoughts about making a happy workplace for both you – and your dog – to enjoy.

First, dogs that are brought to the office should have a vigorous morning walk. I recommend at least 30-45 minutes. This way the dogs will be at a lower-energy or resting mode.

Second, everybody has to agree to a pack leader environment, so the dogs see the workplace is controlled by humans. For example, if a dog misbehaves and the owner isn’t there to discipline him, another employee should step in and remind the dog of the rules, boundaries, and limitations.

Third, set the rules for when co-workers want to approach the dogs. They should not touch, talk, or make eye contact until the dogs are in a calm-submissive state.

Fourth, owners should be in control of the dog at all times.

During breaks, try to walk the dogs as a pack. It doesn’t have to be a long walk, but instead of using the time to simply let the dogs smell all the new things around them, you should walk in a migrating mode, bonding as a pack.

Here’s what Bamboo Pet Products and I say:

1. Bring doggie snacks and food for breaks (lunch) and bowls, toys, and other items for your pooch …. such as a bed or blanket for them to be on…

Pets need basic items such blankets, beds and bowls for traveling. Innovative travel products such as Bamboo Pet Product’s Silicone Travel Bowls fold up to be easily carried in your car or back pocket.

2. Stay hydrated: Dogs often get anxious when traveling to unknown places. Be sure to keep your pet refreshed by keeping a full bowl of fresh water set up in your office.

3. Take frequent bathroom breaks: This will help to ensure your pet has no accidents in the work place. However, be prepared if one should happen. Carry Disposable Waste Bags to pick up any mess and eliminate odors. You should also carry anti-bacterial wipes to cleanse any accidents areas.

4. Keep treats on your desk: This allows you to reward your dog for good behavior, while also allowing your co-workers to offer a treat upon meeting your pet. One that will generate chuckles – DogToids™ – a flavorful breath mint for your dog that comes in a stylish tin.

5. Assign projects for your pet: Interactive toys and hiding treats around your office will help stimulate your pet’s mind, thus keeping them occupied and allowing you to complete your daily work assignments. Toys that house treats, such as Kong, offer hours of entertainment for your pets.

cici hard at work:

Photo 558

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dog manners… does your dog leave chewing gum on the bedpost overnight?

do dogs have manners or strange manners? us humans have different manners…

for instance, recently cici insisted that I walk her far from our campsite so that she could fart 3-4 times one evening when it was pitch black outside, (appreciated that in a way) yet she enjoys sleeping with her face in my face, breathing on me and does not mind licking my face directly after licking her tush… and then there are the polka dot kisses in my soup… lick lick… ugh, don’t lick my food, dog, and yes, that is cici doing licky by’s, she loves to lick people and strangers feet… do I really want my girl to lick people’s feet? most people don’t mind… but I do…

isn’t it enough that they sniff one another’s butts why must they chew on each other’s paws while playing?

does your dog have weird manners? best and worst manners wins…

better yet, do you have a photo of your dog’s manners?

and since we’re talking silly dog manners, thanks to Joan Stewart Publicity Hound for this joke…

If a fire hydrant has H2O inside, what does it have outside?
Answer: K9P

and what is your favorite excuse for your dog’s manners (or lack thereof)?


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dog a little deeper…

I was going to write dig a little deeper but hey the computer made it funnier… i was also going to say high hoe high hoe for this post…

anyway, cici woke me up this morning by chasing a cat up a tree, she was 1/4 of the way up the tree but the kitty was way up there, yay, kitty, boo cici… at least I caught her in the act this time, and was able to reprimand her, any thoughts on how to socialize her with cats?

but onto the main topic of this blog post, through a series of happenstances and coincidences, I dug deeper into this community and found some hidden treasures…

first, I saw Alice Waters on TV, she is a great chef and cookbook author and she is helping schools create edible schoolyards to help kids learn about where food comes from and do hands on digging and harvesting food…

and then I found the Bountful Gardens seed company where cici got to play with a dog, and went to Dirt Cheap and another nursery, and found out about the Noyo Food Forest, a project at the Fort Bragg high school… There are also several community gardens and farmers markets (3:30 on Thursday in Fort Bragg and 12 noon to 2 pm in Mendo on Fridays).

The Noyo Food Forest has been operating for three summers now and grows food for the school cafeteria. It all started with a grassy field and through grants and fundraising and the determined efforts of Sakina Bush, the Garden Manager, who was a hobby gardener and high school teacher for 20 years, inspired by Bioneers, with the help of many volunteers (kids and adults) generally 6-8 people volunteer and there are six summer interns every Friday from 1-5 pm… last year they harvested 1,800 pounds of food.

and the Gardens Projects provides the real dirt a number of organizations in the Mendocino county area who host community gardens and garden projects… they even list grants that are available for kids and schools to create gardens…

Got Kids and wanna do a fun school garden project? Get a Grant ! If you need a professional writer (who has written grants for nonprofits and wrote Head Start Region IX’s newsletters for four years) to help you write grants for your edible school gardens, give me a jingle jangle tweet, email or phone call…

Moving down the road a wee bit, we visited Lavendar Day at the Botanical Gardens, a fundraising effort put on by the Friends of the Garden (FOG)… 47 acres to the Sea… and lavendar wands, potpourri, lavender bouquets, sachets, and lavendar galore…

this dog is not cici but sure does look like her, FYI, dogs are allowed at the Botanical gardens and LOVE all of the interesting smells and sniffs and plants to explore…


Backyard Habitats and Edible Gardens Galore…

love that lavendar smell… and want to grow your OWN edible garden? Am putting together starter kits (10 fruit trees, 20 veggie, flower and herb seeds, soil and 100 hours of labor and voila, cici and I will dig in the dirt for you !!! 🙂

Check out:,

feed the hungry children, tell congress and start a school, home and community garden

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California inns wanted for girlfriend getaways…

Girlfriends just want to spa, shop, kick back and relax, swim, and catch up with one another.

Do you have an inn/resort/ranch in northern California I can visit and write about? (and bring my dog)…

do you also have a tree house, yurt, boat house or other unusual inn?

please let me know asap… thanks !


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a boathouse built for two…

howard creek ranch’s pet friendliest room is a romantic boat house for two plus canine… It is small and cosy with a full bed, fireplace, coffeemaker, microwave, couch, and table with lamps… the bathroom is up a couple of steps, with a water closet like they have in europe/england, and a shower a few steps away… there is a door outside and a creek with lots of privacy and serenity, and green leaves from the trees and birds singing… perfect for a romantic getaway …

a few steps away is the barn with several rooms including the solar room and the captain’s view, nice and spacious, some views of the ocean and meadow, in between is the parlor area where you can play chess, get on the internet, and / or enjoy card games. there is also the willow room which is currently being renovated and the walden room and the cozy blue balcony room with a sunroof.

Cheryl has a new chi puppy named yoda, six months old now sometimes on property, what a cutie… gave cici a run for her money…


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pet friendliest motel in fort bragg

cici played with a little mini schnauzer in the fun pet run behind the surf motel and gardens… the area is entirely fenced and there are dog waste bags and a trash can outside. the two year old mini had not played with other dogs before and was not sure what to expect, cici showed off her belly and ran away to show she was not a threat and the little mini yapped a bit… and ran over and sniffed her butt and they were cool, new pals…

the surf motel and gardens has 54 rooms and 17 are pet friendly, some smoking and some non-smoking rooms in the mix… Pet Fee (per night, per pet): $10-$15.

cici and i agree this is the #1 pet friendliest motel in fort bragg… with the dog run in the back and lots of grassy area to sniff and explore…

the motel is owned by a couple from Fiji, with a 6 year old boy… they were going to Monterey Bay Aquarium to celebrate his birthday…

there is also a fish cleaning area for fishermen and a BBQ area to grill hot dogs and hamburgers… and tables to eat and picnic plus there are beautiful flower gardens all around the property.

breakfast was danish, several kinds of fresh fruit (bananas, apples, nectarines) and hot water, coffee, and teas

#155, the room we stayed at was a king, with microwave, coffeemaker, fridge, free wireless internet, tv and a table …



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cleone gardens inn

a very convenient option when you want to stay in a dog friendly place, just two miles north of Fort Bragg is the Cleone Gardens Inn…in Greek, Cleone means gracious and beautiful. this homey place has ten suites, all pet friendly, a nice grassy pet meadow, and it is a family owned and run business. Please call ahead of time to make reservations. We stayed in the Meadow View Suite, with a queen bed, futon, tv, internet access (wireless), small refrigerator, microwave, radio, alarm, coffee maker, hair dryer, large private gated deck with garden, meadow and forest views.and lovely view of the pet meadow. Very affordable and great location, peaceful and quiet.

$25.00 for the first pet, and $6.00 for each additional pet. Pet Fees are per stay, not per night. A portion of the pet fee will be donated to one of the local shelters. Pet blanket, bed, bowl, towels, and pet sheet available upon request.

MacKerricher State Park, Lake Cleone, Inglenook Fen-Ten Mile Dune Preserve, country market, restaurants, campgrounds, and riding stable; are all within an easy walk.

Dog Friendly Beaches On the Mendocino Coast

* MacKerricher State Park
Located three miles north of Fort Bragg, and behind our Inn, in the community of Cleone. Dogs on leashes (no longer than 6 feet), are allowed on the beach but are not permitted on park trails.
* Mendocino Coast Botanical Gardens
Located on the south end of Fort Bragg just off of Highway One. Well-mannered dogs on leashes are always welcome and enjoy free admission. Relish the day in the gardens and walking the spectacular ocean bluffs with your pet.
* Noyo Beach
The beach is a dog friendly off-leash play area for year round use. It is located in Fort Bragg at the Noyo River harbor. On the north end of the Noyo bridge, take North Harbor Drive left and follow the road and signs to the jetty.
* Union Landing State Beach
Located 15 miles north of Fort Bragg on Highway One, and 2 miles north of Westport. Dogs on a leashes (no longer than 6 feet), are allowed on the beach.
* Mendocino Headlands State Park
Big River Beach is on the south side of Mendocino. It is accessible by vehicle from the east side of Highway One. Dogs on leashes are allowed on the beach.
* Van Damme State Park
Located three miles south of Mendocino on Highway One. Dogs on leashes (no longer than 6 feet), are allowed on beach.

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dogs vs cats…

lucy splaining to do article gave me an idea to write this…

12 differences between dogs and cats as a pet

which do you prefer?

l. Who says you can’t teach cats new tricks? can a cat be taught to use the toilet … Rebecca Rescate taught her kitty and has a video at… If cats can be taught to use the toilet, then dogs can be taught, too… only thing is that more than likely a canine would do her business and afterwards drink out of the bowl — eeeuuu…

2. my two cats would sleep next to me, one at my head, the other at my feet and in the morning, they would lick with their razor sharp tongues and/or scratch my toes to wake me up. My dog licks my face, slobber slobber. would you rather be awakened by kisses or have your toes attacked?

3. my cats would play cat tag and chase one another around the house and if I got in their way, they would just climb over me (me = furniture)… my dog regularly trips me, chases other dogs and bumps into me, same difference

4. my dog hogs the bed and my cats were easy to move over (the cats weighed less combined than my dog weighs)…

5. cats purr in your ear or on your tummy while dogs woof in their sleep, kicking as they go

6. chow time: my dog will eat ANYTHING and EVERYTHING including poop, eyeglasses, cardboard, shoes, dog food and cookies, but not the healthy kind. You are lucky if you can get your cat to eat cat food or tuna although my cats enjoyed eating avocadoes, too…

7. Cats like to stalk mice and birds while dogs love to chase squirrels, bunny rabbits and uh cats

8. Dogs enjoy a good romp on the beach while cats enjoy staying home, snoozing and taking a sun bath

9. Cats hate to travel in the car while dogs love to stick their noses out the window and feel the wind on their fur

10. Dogs love to roll over in the grass while cats like to sleep in the grass

11. A cat would NEVER be caught dead wearing clothing while dogs let you put costumes, sweaters (for when it’s cold outside) and other silly dresses and clothing on them and even paint their toenails

12. Dogs love bones to chew on and dog biscuits while cats get tipsy on catnip

no cat would EVER be seen in public wearing a bikini (see number 11)

and did you know that Dalmatians are born all white and develop spots later?

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fort bragg dog friendly …

Glass Beach Inn

native Californians, Nancy and Richard, provide a sweet quaint B&B in a very convenient location in north Fort Bragg, in walking distance to Glass Beach and Denny’s (Elm Street) and Hwy 1. A delicious homemade and customized breakfast from 8-10 am is made straight from the kitchen, you can watch Richard cook from the cozy breakfast area. Options the morning we stayed were eggs, potatoes, sausage or bacon, juice, fruit and toast or pancakes (instead of eggs). we stayed in room #7, a cozy room with TV. A small garden surrounds the inn. There are 9-10 rooms and four are pet friendly. No pet fees and amenities. These are two of the nicest people in the innkeeping business… kudos to these very gracious hosts for making guests feel very welcome and pampered !

#7 is the Forget Me Not room… Blue and white wallpaper combined with antique furnishings and color-coordinated spread and accessories present a bright, cheerful and intimate room. (w/Television, Microwave & Refrigerator)…

The Glass Beach Inn is a great place for a getaway for a couple of best friends, you and your pooch…

A motel with miniature golf in Fort Bragg is the Emerald Dolphin Inn…

the emerald dolphin inn in ft bragg has 43 rooms, five are pet friendly… there is a $10 pet fee and you can also purchase a pet amenity package with toy, treats, bowl, and other items… there are also complimentary items available from the front desk if you forget such things as toothbrushes razors and other items. breakfast was orange juice, coffee, tea, oatmeal, cereals and pastries…


There is a huge field a hop, skip and jump across the street from the inn where you can walk your dog as well as a mini golf range to play miniature golf. plus pomo beach park is also a good place to walk dog…

cici enjoyed frolicking in the field, rolling in the grass and in the morning met a runaway doggie pal, unfixed puppy who ran towards her at lightning speed… would love to get cici a small not too furry doggie companion like that puppy… they’d have loads of fun together…

the inn is in walking distance to McDonald’s, the Harvest Market, and other local shopping and eateries.

Outdoor seating restaurants/dog friendly:

Piaci’s Pub & Pizza
Laurel Deli & Desserts
Homestyle Cafe
Cafe One
Jenny’s Giant Burgers

Pet supplies:

Paws on Main Street
Fort Bragg Feed & Pet
Highway 20 Feed
The Evergreen Barn (Mendocino)

Humane Society is off Hwy 20 going east towards Willits

MacKerricher State Park, stay on hwy l north of town about four miles. It’s just beyond the town of Cleone. Seaside beach is another couple of miles and is a wonderful beach for dogs to run free and swim in the ocean.

mcdog park

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