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the good, bad and ugly of pet friendly hotels

My dog Cici would not stay there… The Heritage Marina, located downtown San Frarncisco about a 15-minute walk from Fisherman’s Wharf named dirtiest hotel in US for 2010.

Rounding out TripAdvisor’s 10 dirtiest U.S. hotels are the Days Inn Eureka/Six Flags, Eureka, Mo.; Tropicana Resort Hotel and Super 8 Virginia Beach/At the Ocean, Virginia Beach; Quality Inn, Stroudsburg, Pa.; New York Inn, New York (down from No. 3 last year); Parisian Hotel & Suites, Miami Beach; Capistrano Seaside Inn, Capistrano Beach, Calif.; Desert Lodge, Palm Springs, Calif.; and Continental Oceanfront Hotel South Beach, Miami Beach.

My personal list of dirtiest pet friendly motels/hotels for $50-100 a night are:

Motel 6, 1934 Broadway, Eureka, CA 95501, Eureka

Holiday Inn on the Bay, San Diego

Red Roof Inn, Watsonville

Motel 6, Rohnert Park

Motel 6, Irvine (airport)

Red Roof Inn, Ontario

There are some clean, basic and decent Motel 6’s but I prefer Red Roof Inn, when they are decent such as Red Roof Inn, Rancho Cordova (Sacramento area). Also if you join the Red Roof Inn Redicard program, you can actually get complimentary stays for your dollars.

here’s a list of pet friendly chains (why Motel 6 is #1 is crazy, but I suppose it is just because they have the most locations (900)…

and for reviews and to make reservations at luxury pet friendly hotels, head over to Luxury Paw…


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bias and stereotyping at Target…

Update: Went shopping at Target and looked around the store. MOST of the women in the store shopping and employed there were PLUS size women like me. So why is Target discriminating against PLUS SIZE women? There were two little pitiful racks of clothes, that is the PLUS SIZE WOMEN’s Department???  Slim pickings. No, I do not usually shop for clothes there, but I know that Walmart has an actual Plus Size department with a decent amount of selections. I like to shop at Lane Bryant and other Plus Size Women’s shops. Pie in the Face to Target for their discrimination against REAL WOMEN and dogs.  Real women shop at Lane Bryant and Walmart, not Target.

interesting, cici and I have been going into Target for a few weeks now with no problems. The first time I took her inside, I wondered if they were going to kick us out, but nothing happened. In fact, everyone was friendly towards her. I even took her into the food/supermarket area with no problems. Then yesterday, there was a break in the rain storm and I decided to go to Target to get some food. What a difference !

The first thing I noticed was that there were security people in the store. And one of these was washing a cart. I needed a cart and made the ‘mistake’ of asking her for one, since she was sort of in the way of my getting a cart to begin with. This apparently was annoying to her since she was too ‘busy’ than dealing with customers. So, then she busts me on having Cici in the store. And I ignored her, so she brought out the manager of the store and others who came out and told me that I could not bring Cici into the store (I was already down the aisle towards the food). I told them all that I’d been in the store numerous times with no problems and that I was not going to walk all the way back to the door/outside and leave my dog there. And that she’s a service dog. Finally, this one woman agreed to watch cici while I shopped quickly. What was also interesting was the manager said that they are not allowed to have PIT BULLS in the store, that they could get fined. Not dogs, but PIT BULLS in a store that has a dog that looks like a Pit Bull in their ADS !

when I was finished shopping in a hurry, forgetting some items that I needed, I might add, and checked out, the woman who was holding onto cici told me that cici terrorized some children in the store. sheeesh… cici LOVES children and has NEVER hurt anyone…

cici played with this dog that usually is mean to other dogs the other day… the owner was surprised that her dog was playing with cici saying that her dog NEVER plays with strange dogs.

so now that the narrowminded people at Target have shown me their dark side, am I going shopping there ever again???? not sure. Will definitely complain to their corporate people and see what happens and let you know.

For a company that has a mascot dog in their ads that looks like an American staffie/pit bull, they should educate their employees about these dogs, don’t you think.

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adopting a pit bull… breeding dogs

There are between 4,000 and 6,000 animal shelters in the United States. The number of cats and dogs entering those shelters each year is roughly 6-8 million! However, only 30% of the dogs and 2%-5% of the cats are actually reclaimed by their owners. This means the total number of cats and dogs euthanized by shelters annually is 3-4 million! It is estimated that 1 million of those dogs are “Pit Bulls”.

Shelters in large cities across the U.S. typically find themselves with a “Pit Bull” population of anywhere from 40% to 60% of the total shelter population and a national average of 33%. Many shelters needing more space will opt to euthanize “Pit Bulls” before any other type of dog due to this overwhelming number.

Visit your local animal shelter to check it out… and then DO Something to educate, adopt, spay/neuter and help pit bulls…

one pit bull rescue in the high desert near LA that I hope to visit some time is VillaLobos, they have about 200 pit bulls who need adoption… and they also have a show pit bulls and parolees on animal planet…

Last night, I watched the new show Pit Boss on Animal Planet, quite interesting. Shorty, the owner of a pit bull rescue in LA, fosters pit bulls and is against breeding because of the above mentioned problems. He has several pit bulls and clearly loves the breed.

cute pit bulls…


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my dog is a pizza hog

hello all, am still experiencing lots of pain in my arms and legs…

cici is a pizza hog and is sniffing out pizza everywhere people throw it away, but the good news is that she also has been eating a lot healthier (as have I) these past few months… she has been even miraculously eating her veggies with turkey, chicken, hot dogs, cheese or eggs… go figure… never thought she would eat veggies but it started with my experimenting with Dr. Harvey’s K9 health food and Veggie Bowl and voila, she scarfed both all up with the meat…

pray for people in Haiti and don’t forget people in the USA who also need aid… include the pets/animals in your prayers, too…

been learning a lot about training dogs watching victoria stillwell on animal planet, also zak george… and what not to wear and tabitha… lots of makeover shows… and the cake boss and ace of cake, yum…

cheers !

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