bias and stereotyping at Target…

Update: Went shopping at Target and looked around the store. MOST of the women in the store shopping and employed there were PLUS size women like me. So why is Target discriminating against PLUS SIZE women? There were two little pitiful racks of clothes, that is the PLUS SIZE WOMEN’s Department???  Slim pickings. No, I do not usually shop for clothes there, but I know that Walmart has an actual Plus Size department with a decent amount of selections. I like to shop at Lane Bryant and other Plus Size Women’s shops. Pie in the Face to Target for their discrimination against REAL WOMEN and dogs.  Real women shop at Lane Bryant and Walmart, not Target.

interesting, cici and I have been going into Target for a few weeks now with no problems. The first time I took her inside, I wondered if they were going to kick us out, but nothing happened. In fact, everyone was friendly towards her. I even took her into the food/supermarket area with no problems. Then yesterday, there was a break in the rain storm and I decided to go to Target to get some food. What a difference !

The first thing I noticed was that there were security people in the store. And one of these was washing a cart. I needed a cart and made the ‘mistake’ of asking her for one, since she was sort of in the way of my getting a cart to begin with. This apparently was annoying to her since she was too ‘busy’ than dealing with customers. So, then she busts me on having Cici in the store. And I ignored her, so she brought out the manager of the store and others who came out and told me that I could not bring Cici into the store (I was already down the aisle towards the food). I told them all that I’d been in the store numerous times with no problems and that I was not going to walk all the way back to the door/outside and leave my dog there. And that she’s a service dog. Finally, this one woman agreed to watch cici while I shopped quickly. What was also interesting was the manager said that they are not allowed to have PIT BULLS in the store, that they could get fined. Not dogs, but PIT BULLS in a store that has a dog that looks like a Pit Bull in their ADS !

when I was finished shopping in a hurry, forgetting some items that I needed, I might add, and checked out, the woman who was holding onto cici told me that cici terrorized some children in the store. sheeesh… cici LOVES children and has NEVER hurt anyone…

cici played with this dog that usually is mean to other dogs the other day… the owner was surprised that her dog was playing with cici saying that her dog NEVER plays with strange dogs.

so now that the narrowminded people at Target have shown me their dark side, am I going shopping there ever again???? not sure. Will definitely complain to their corporate people and see what happens and let you know.

For a company that has a mascot dog in their ads that looks like an American staffie/pit bull, they should educate their employees about these dogs, don’t you think.

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8 responses to “bias and stereotyping at Target…

  1. allie

    Just randomly came upon this blog, and thought your post about Target was pretty interesting. I’ll have to try that with my golden at our local Target.

    Fyi- The dog on the Target logo is a (Miniature?) Bull Terrier.

    • Leah

      Unless your GR is a service dog, why waste your time? I would think it would be worse than trying to shop with a toddler. If you must take your dog to a store, try PetsMart.

  2. El Abuelo

    Ignorance is blissed. Animal are not allowed in any department store., unless it is a service animal. Obviously Cici is not. You just said that because you got caught and wanted to continue in the store with Cici. Therefore unless the pooch is a service dog they should not be allowed in a store. Target will not denied access to a service animal and it will not ask for any validity to anyone saying that the animal is a service animal. This is because The federal American Disabilities Act (ADA) does not require mandatory or voluntary certification of service animals. You should visit this site.-
    I’m sorry for been long winded. If I was wrong for saying that Cici is not a service animal and you are disabled I apologized. I just do not like people, to wrongfully use this law to gain access to public places with their pets.
    An animal lover

    • Cici is training to be a service animal and is registered. Although the ADA does not require certification, people often do ask for proof. Especially because she is part pit bull I think.

  3. Leah

    If your dog is certified can you get her a vest (or something) that she can wear when you’re out in public and she is “working”? Something to signify that she is a service dog? It seems to me that this would be a lot less of a hassle than it is to get all worked up at Target because they won’t let you bring your dog inside.

    BTW, the Target mascot is a Bull Terrier………….totally different breed than the Pit Bull.

  4. Becky

    Hello. First off I have a blue nose pitbull who is the most friendly dog I have ever met. I have a 4 year old & they are best friends. My son does not want to leave him anywhere but only by his side.
    I hate when we go to a public place & someone always asks me if my dog is friendly!

    Secondly, I work @ a Target & when we approach someone with a dog we ask if it’s a service dog. If you say no we let you know that pets are not allowed in the store. If you say yes we say ok smile & let you be. We are not allowed to ask for any papers of any kind. You can sue Target if they do.

  5. So tell me how to sue Target because every time I go in there with my medical service dog , they kick me out. They still kick me out even after showing her medical ID Dog tag and my doctor’s letter stating because of my medical mental and physical condition that my dog must be with me at all times. So can someone tell me how to sue Target?

    I wan to sue them. This happens EVERY TIME I ENTER TARGET by my home. I am so fed up and sick of it.

    I called corporation and filed a complaint but all they can do is call the target branch store I went to and call a meeting and make sure they know the laws about service dogs. I know they will continue to harass me and kick me out in the future. So I need to sue them.

    So any advice would be great. Thank you.

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