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happy halloweenie…

think it’s appropriate for halloween, a holiday where scary things go boo in the night, and some people are still afraid of pitties to share the links below plus our day at the mall.

today at the mall, cici got a lot of positive attention, as she usually does. she ignored five dogs, a really cute poodle, a huge dog of unknown breed, one poodle mix dog dressed up with antlers, they sniffed each other, and then there were two chi’s that were very loud and  cici barked back… guess who people looked scared of, uh huh, but the scariest boo moment was when this dyed pink poodle passed her by, cici’s tail went between her legs, she was seriously scared, don’t blame her…

it was also funny, people were standing in line wanting to pet her… typical comments: “she is adorable. is her name spot? she looks like the Lil Rascals dog, she is so sweet, calm. What a great dog. Love the spot on her head.”

tomorrow they will have a doggie dress up day, and we will NOT be there… I don’t dress cici up, she is a dog after all…

and if you still think pitties are scary, check out the links below:

which is the most vicious dog breed? dobie, pit bull, rottie, shepherd?

american pit bull terriers and staffies temperament tested nicer than beagles, toto, (cairn terrier), & lassie, (collie),

play the find the pit game,

What’s Up With That: Breed Specific Legislation

if you believe the headlines that pit bulls chew on children, infants, babies, then, you just don’t know the truth… pit bulls were bred as nanny dogs, to love children, to take care of and protect children…

cici loves babies, newborns, 3 months old, kids of all ages, she loves children…

ANY dog should be supervised, just like kids… and ANY DOG BREED can become unsafe if not socialized, if tied up 24/7 on a chain, brutalized and traumatized repeatedly. Animals, like humans, have feelings and will protect themselves from constant attack, eventually. Although, cici has been attacked by other dogs at least 5 times  and the worst she ever did was bark, growl, and hold a dog’s ear in her mouth (when three dogs were surrounding her barking, growling, snapping at her)…

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pet peeves contest

what are your pet peeves about your pet?  what are your pet’s pet peeves about you, life in general ?

for instance, cici has cat issues, skateboards, shopping carts with kid’s cars and rain are not her favorite things.   raindrops are falling on my head…

send photos, if you can, otherwise, words will do.




winner will receive a FREE copy of an ebook, 50+ ways to get cold hard cash in your wallet…


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Biking With Your Dog

well, if you have arthritis in your knees, like I do, this is not gonna happen… but for those of you who are more able-bodied, enjoy !

I could see myself years ago, before the arthritis ice skating with cici… cici on ice… ice capades… slip slide… or how about skiing with your snow hound?  frankly, people who are so gym/exercise crazed/friendly that they would think of these activities are annoying…

stay home and snuggle with your dog on the couch, in front of a nice fireplace, that is what winter is for. fall, too… year round sport. no equipment required.

but I do have to admit that cici gets rather bored and yesterday she was a pest, she was playing tag with people as they walked by at the mall.  she got some attention and even played a bit with a tiny adorable puppy, chi-terrier mix… so to keep the dogs out of trouble does mean you have to tire them out. and the only way to tire them out is to exercise them. how about a stationary bike, cici would fall off for sure and I cannot imagine that she would know how to peddle. shucks.

or you could teach your dog how to ride a motorcycle, sheesh…

below is info from trips with pets…

When you think about the activities that you can do with your dog, your list might look like this: walk, run, play fetch.  With such a short list, you probably cycle through these pretty quickly.  Why not shake things up a bit and introduce your dog to something new?  Fall is a wonderful time to ride your bike and the best part is that your dog can come with you.  It’s the perfect way to bond and reconnect with your pooch and enjoy that crisp air together.

Can Any Dog Bike?

It makes sense that a healthy dog that’s used to walking, running, or hiking is a great candidate for a bike mate.  But what if your dog is small and doesn’t need much exercise?  Don’t worry!  There are a few different ways that will allow your dog to join you so you don’t have to leave that wagging tail and adorable little face behind.

  • Bike Leash – For an active, healthy dog, a bike leash is your answer.  Bike leashes hook on the side of a bike and attach to your dog’s collar so he’s running right alongside of you.  It’s designed to control your dog in case he pulls in a different direction and ensures the safety of both dog and rider.  NEVER bring your dog on a regular leash that will leave you with just one hand on the handle bars and the other holding your dog’s leash.  This can be extremely dangerous.  Bike leashes were designed to free your hands so you can drive the bike properly.
  • Riders & Baskets – For your small dog that doesn’t really need much exercise, you can still bond with them on a bicycling trip by using a pet rider or a basket.  Baskets attached to the front handle bars and have a harness or strap that keeps your furry passenger hooked safely secured.  Riders also work the same way, although these can be attached to the front or back of a bike and also include a safety harness.

Start Small

Once you’ve determined the best way to bring your dog along, it’s time to get her acclimated to being with the bike.  Show her how you are attaching the leash to your bicycle or set her in the rider to get her used to it. For the initial few outings, just walk your bike.  When she starts to become comfortable, hop on the bike and go slowly at first. Plan on just going around the block the first time, followed by one or two more blocks as she adjusts to this new activity.  This is also a good time to make sure that your dog is properly secured to the bike so there aren’t any mishaps.

If the biking is going well and she’s not afraid or stressed out, you can then begin lengthening your bike trips and moving along at a more appropriate pace.

Safety First

There are some things to keep in mind when you have your dog with you on the bike so that you both have a safe and enjoyable experience.

1.  Whenever possible, use bike trails or roads that are less busy.  If this isn’t a nearby option, use a bike rack and drive the two of you to a nearby park or trail.

2.  Avoid extraordinary heat.  In the warm summer months, reserve biking outings for early mornings or early evenings before it is getting dark.

3.  Bring a small pack of necessary items, including water, treats, a cell phone, and your vet’s number just in case of an emergency.  Make sure that your dog has all of his tags and other identification.

Just you and your dog on the open road with the wind at your backs and the sunshine on your faces is a healthy and fun way to bond with your dog.  Dogs are always overjoyed to be going anywhere with their humans, so finding new ways to spend time together (like biking) is bound to bring the two of you even closer together.  Show your best friend just how much you love her and hop on that bike!


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treats not tricks, keep dogs safe for halloween

Treats NOT Tricks – Pet Safety on Halloween

For many of us, Halloween can be a ghostly good time. Candy, costumes and frights in the night can be a lot of fun. Unfortunately, our pets don’t necessarily agree. For them it can be a stressful night that causes anxiety. 

North Shore Animal League America would like to offer some tips and advice for treats NOT tricks on Halloween. Keeping your pets safe and secure will ensure that they don’t need to go running to their mummies.

  • Make sure your pets have on identification at all times. With that front door continuously opening and closing for trick-or-treaters, there is a chance they could run out – especially if they’re spooked.
  • Give your pets a quiet, safe place on Halloween. Scary parties, constant doorbell ringing or too many strangers in your home can be stressful to your four-legged friends and even make them physically ill.
  • Halloween candy, wrappers and decorations should be kept out of your pets’ reach. Chocolate can be toxic to animals, and many sugar-free candy, gum and baked products today contain xylitol, a sweetener that is toxic to dogs. Tinfoil, cellophane, plastic candy wrappers and party supplies can be hazardous if swallowed.*If you suspect that your pet has ingested any amount of xylitol, call your veterinarian immediately.
  • Keep lighted pumpkins out of your pet’s reach. Pets can knock them over, and curious kittens especially run the risk of being burned.
  • Keep all electrical chords and wires out of your pet’s reach. Halloween decorations are a great way to celebrate the holiday but can be harmful and even deadly to your pets should they chew on or ingest them.
  • Unfortunately, there can be tricks in addition to treats on Halloween. Keep your pets inside so that they will not be the target of pranksters who might tease, injure, steal and even seriously harm pets on this night.
  • Costumes are fun for people, but not necessarily for your pets. Don’t dress up your pet unless you know they enjoy it. Make sure the costume isn’t annoying or unsafe, and doesn’t restrict movement, vision, hearing or ability to breathe or bark. Avoid costumes with small or dangling accessories that the pet could chew off and possibly choke on. Make sure that costumed pets are supervised at all times.
  • It’s never a good idea to take your pet trick-or-treating. Dogs may become excited and uncontrollable, and if frightened may bite. For their protection, cats should be kept indoors at all times.

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pumpkin carvers, win a free stay in carmel

Pumpkin Carve Your Way to a Free 2 Night Stay
4th & Dolores | Carmel, CA 93921
ph (800) 262-1262
local (831) 624-7738
Call to make a reservation.
1. Stay with VAGABOND INN for two nights or more in October 2010.
2. Enter the contest by creating an artistic pumpkin entry.  Basic materials (pumpkins and carving tools) are provided by Vagabond’s House.  Carvings can include any additional materials provided by carver but must be appropriate for display at street level.
3. Pumpkin will be displayed at and become property of Vagabond’s House.
4. October’s featured artists of The Vagabond’s House will judge carvings.
5. Winner to be announced Halloween Day—In a spooky way!

Restrictions do apply. Call (800) 262-1262 for details.

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Start a Foot Licking Spa Salon for Fun & Profit

Start Your Own Foot Licking Spa Salon (Shoe Cleaning and Tail Lashing Extra) a Lucrative Home Business …

You can make a big pile of cash at home with a FOOT LICKING, (SHOE CLEANING and TAIL LASHING ) spa salon business!  This is perfect for multi-tasking dogs everywhere, honest.  Utilize shelter dogs, for a bonus and/or give a small % to animal rescue groups and you will have a faithful following. HIRE HOMELESS MUTTS !!! You will get TONS OF PRESS. You will never have to be concerned about cash flow again !

Wild exotic sounding spa treatments take place all over the world every day. Hot stones on backs. Mud spas. Seaweed, sea salt, herbal, even chocolate slatherings.

In Japan, tiny fish that nibble away all the dead skin on the feet, and in other areas of the body are all the rage at foot spa salons. The Japanese find this very relaxing and pools of foot nibbling fish are everywhere. Well, here in America, with our CAN DO spirit, we can make our Best Friends Foot Spas that offer FOOT LICKING a Huge Success!!

Here in California, folks are known for being the first in the country to do just about anything. We have raw sushi places on every block or mall, koi fish in our pools (similar to gold fish, only bigger and different colors) plus whales and dolphins in the ocean, some we swim with. None of these sea animals would work for a successful foot licking spa salon.

Have a menu of services and tell people what to expect. Give them what they pay for and more.

First, when people come inside your foot spa, if they have shoes on with laces, NO PROBLEM !  Your dog, if she is anything like mine, probably can untie the laces in a flash. Then s/he can help with taking the shoes off the feet, already beginning the spa treatment with some showing off.

Have a bowl of warm water ready for spa participants to put their feet into after your dog gets to cleaning the feet. Meanwhile, another dog can clean their shoes.

The dogs will take care of the shoes, put them in a special place. Then the customers feet are put in a pan of warm water. Very soothing. Feet are greased and wrapped as suggested below. After that, the foot licking treatment begins. Wonderful! The dogs are happy, the customers are, too.  And you are making loot, to boot, Heavenly!!

Felines welcome?

Some people may also like the feel of a different type of licking. One done by a very special tongue, a feline’s. Yes, you heard me right.  The sharp razorlike cat tongue treatment may precede the canine licking or happen afterward, whatever the customer wants !  Be sure to let them know that toe chewing or clawing is an extra benefit.

Similarly, tail lashing can happen at the beginning or the end of the process and may or may not be included in the spa treatment. No more than three dog tails are advised at any given time. And if you can train the dogs to wag in sync with one another, the better the effect.

A foot licking salon just might become your American dream. Your ship will have come in. All you need is a few enthusiastic dogs, a comfortable room with relaxing reclining chairs, some soothing music, incense, aromatherapy and/or a few scented candles to set the mood.

Put up a website, invite customers to your Open House and let them try their first treatment free or with a discount.

Your family pets can help earn their keep, utilizing their foot fetishes for good and help you make a small fortune in the foot licking business.

This could be a very lucrative full-time or part-time venture. Whatever floats your boat. And you can charge whatever the traffic will bear.

If you grease the feet with a thin layer of butter and then wrap them doggies (feet) in meat (hot dogs, turkey, sausage, bacon, chicken or deli meat, even spam will do),  the dogs will be motivated to lick longer. Foot licking can be a lot of work for a working hound. I can see the signs… Will work for hot dogs or Hot dogs lapping up the luxury. Creamy peanut butter is another possibility, depending upon the dog. Cheaper than meat, to cut your expenses when you are first starting out.


I would suggest that you call these spa treatments pet therapy for your clients. So they can tell all of their friends and brag about how special it is. Every American loves to prove their high class status and tell their friends and relatives about the new therapy treatment they’ve gotten and the more expensive, the better the therapy. And, soon you will even be writing off your vet bills, butcher and dog food as business expenses. Win win woof.


Your dogs will be pampered and revered. When you relocate to Bev Hills, and Paris Hilton, Doris Day, Betty White and other dog loving celebs jump on the foot licking bandwagon,  you will know that you have ARRIVED. You can also offer these foot licking services as part of a Doggie and Me package, part of your B&B. Also, when your dog has its own cell phone or beeper and Martha Stewart, Animal Planet and/or Oprah ask you to come on their show for a demonstration, your 15 minutes of fame will have begun.

Give the dogs whatever they want so they’ll treat the customers right !

Little yappy dogs may be too pampered and cause too many ego problems. Not showing up for work. Nipping at feet. Big, sloppy or medium dogs may be the best dogs. The kind of dogs that love to please and will lick feet all day long, every day if you let them. Doggie heaven and money too.


You can advertise that your spa is green and eco friendly, too… Dogs cleaning up the planet one foot at  time!


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get rid of bs now…

in honor of pit bull awareness day…

Pool Playing Pitbull

adopt Olive, a pit bull/dalmatian mix puppy in LA, she is in a shelter and has only 3 days !!!

Photos of former M. Vick dogs,


read about oogy, a heartwarming tail of a dog who would not fight and a family he adopted

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