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Pet Food Bank USA 4 Patrick

In honor of Patrick, I am going to start a local Pet Food Bank right here in Seaside, CA. We have an SPCA that helps folks but for people in my neighborhood who are struggling financially it’s too far if they don’t have transportation, too expensive for gas, and if they are ill. So the pets end up at the SPCA or Animal Control and you know what happens. Am sure this is happening elsewhere. In honor of Patrick, we should vow no more starving pets!

It is a good time to Step Up and Start of Donate to a Pet Food Bank in your community. If you need assistance in starting one let me know.

Also, if you are a dog food company, where are you ?  WE NEED YOUR GENEROUS DONATIONS. This is an amazing media/publicity opportunity for you and ,more importantly, how about doing good for all the dogs like Patrick and cats in your community, too.  Rachael Ray Nutrish, Ellen DeGeneres Halo, Hellooooo..

Healthy food companies please be generous and let me know what you are donating.

This blog is honored to be linked to by Peggy Frezon’s  uplifting Patrick post.,

and Lisa Spector, Through a Dog’s Ear,

So far, Clear Conscience Pet has stepped up and is donating healthy dog treats … Cici’s favorite treats… Bison Liver Bark and Beef Bark, yum !

Like them on Facebook…

Thank you.  And Patrick and his Pals thank you, too.

for the latest about the Patrick movement, go here:

Another Saturday Blog Hop thanks to Life with Dogs, catch the code


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Patrick’s Law movement

building momentum…and then went bust…??? people don’t let ego and control get in the way, please…

please see my new post about Patricks law/movement split…

and the info about serial cyberbullies…

beautiful Progress Report on Patrick on Life with Dogs and there is a must watch video.

ok, am confused, this from the Patrick’s Law facebook page…people are/were excited and want to do something, chomping at the bit and she put them all out to dry??? why???

Patrick’s Law

I have removed and banned the Patricks Law Movement pages. If anyone posts a link to them, they will similarly be deleted and banned. I have no time for nonsense. Anyone whose efforts are counter-productive, ego-based and selfish, and NOT focused on the big picture, are not welcome here.

Latest news:

clearly tying a dog up for a week or more hoping someone will come along and take care of it is a pathetic excuse. Patrick was clearly starved for more than a week, too.

Write letters to the media, to our legislators, make phone calls.  Phone calls made to the NJ Prosecutor and Mayor of Newark Cory Booker (go like his facebook page and speak up) resulted in upping Kisha Curtis’ charges from disorderly to torture and torment doubling her possible sentencing… not enough but she’s still in jail on another warrant from doing some other criminal act.

Do it for Patrick to honor Patrick to honor all the other dogs who have been and are being abused. Do it for your children because you want them to live in a place that punishes criminals like Curtis. Do it for yourself and your world. Because you want to live in a world where animals and people and this planet are no longer treated like garbage !!!

Here’s a sample letter:  (I edited it a bit)…

Have you heard about Patrick? My guess is probably not.Patrick was starved, for who knows how long. News reports have said that Patrick was left for an entire week, unattended, with nothing to eat. Patrick had been stepped over, and stepped around on a staircase in an apartment while those around him ate. Patrick suffered and is still suffering. He became a skeleton of a dog. His bones began to protrude, his ribcage completely visible. Now resembling a corpse, he was placed in a trash bag, and thrown down a garbage chute, nearly 22 stories.But this was not the end for Patrick. On March 16, 2011 as luck would have it, with his last bit of strength, he rustled that garbage bag and a maintenance man who was picking up the trash heard the bag move. Patrick was alive, barely, but he was alive; still clinging onto the hope that someone would feed him, love him, hold him.Patrick wasn’t expected to live through the night. Miraculously, he did. Miraculously, he is still here, getting better, gaining weight. That, in itself, is a miracle.

This is when Patrick’s life, my life, and the lives of 50,000+ people worldwide changed.

Now you would think, Patrick’s abuser would receive severe jail-time for the malicious neglect that Patrick received that almost ended his life. Patrick’s abuser faces a MAXIMUM of 18 months in prison and a fine of $3,000.00. While this offense happened in New Jersey, Pennsylvania offers even less time and fines for those who abuse and neglect.

“Cruelty to animals is defined as: “wantonly or cruelly illtreats, overloads, beats, otherwise abuses any animal, or neglects any animal as to which he has a duty of care, whether belonging to himself or otherwise, or abandons any animal, or deprives any animal of necessary sustenance, drink, shelter or veterinary care, or access to clean and sanitary shelter which will protect the animal against inclement weather and preserve the animal’s body heat and keep it dry.” This is a summary offense with a fine of $50-750 and/or imprisonment up to 90 days. “

Oh, didn’t I tell you? Patrick is a dog. A pitbull who is around one year of age, a puppy, a baby.

There is a movement happening across the United States. We NEED to change these laws. Over 50,000 people have banned together in Patrick’s name and vowed to change animal cruelty laws. If someone can starve a puppy and throw him down a trash chute, what will they do with their children? Law enforcement and ASPA has well documented that people that abuse animals often abuse people, too.

Sadly, Patrick is not the only one. There are animals being abused in every corner of the world, and this continues to happen because there is no real punishment for the abusers. Pearson, Hope, Lancelot, and Sprout are other dogs who have been severely abused by ways of neglect and physical abuse. Help our voices be heard.

Thank you,

Go team Patrick !!!


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dogs talking

Are you talking to me?  Are you talking to me, Cici?

does your dog talk to you?  are you listening to what they are saying?

I know that dogs don’t talk in words, despite all those funny videos… but they do talk in actions and barks, wag tails, body language, whines, moans, growls, and woofs.

for instance, whenever I put Cici in the back yard and she is ready to come back in, she barks to let me know she wants to come back in the house. Or she barks at times to demand cookies and treats. she also has this funny growl to let me know that she wants to go outside. And she will also go sit by the door or lick my face.

you don’t have to be an animal communicator, pet detective or vet to know what your pet is saying to you. All you have to do is know and love your pet and listen to what they are telling you.

My cat Abundance was communicating to me all the time. And I was learning how to talk to him through visualizing pictures in my mind. And it was working amazingly well. One morning he was annoying me (my human perspective) while I was trying to write on my computer. He used to fall asleep on the printer while I wrote and worked. This one morning though he was meowing and trying to get my attention, and would not quit. Finally, I got the message. He was trying to tell me something. When I tuned into what it could be I realized he was telling me that I had accidently locked his brother Precious into another room with no food, water or cat box that morning. And Precious was still in there. Lo and behold I rescued Precious thanks to Abundance’s insistence that I pay attention !

A few weeks ago, Cici and I did a radio talk show interview with animal communicator Tim Link at his Animal Writes Pet Life radio show online.

You can listen to us gab at :

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Patrick, the beloved dog

Note:  Patrick has gained five pounds, yay…. and giving the staff kisses…he is also receiving healing energy treatments.

Curtis pleaded not guilty but said she left Patrick tied up outside her apt for more than a week while she went out of town and hoped someone would come along and take care of him, what a pathetic excuse

please write, call the media, prosecutors, sign the petition, speak up, change the laws, go to the Patrick movement pages…

sign the petition

Charges Against Curtis, Upgraded to Torture and Torment

from the New Jersey SPCA

from Col. Frank Rizzo of the NJ SPCA: “Please let this serve as an update on the Patrick the Pitbull case against Kisha Curtis. After careful consideration, we have decided to upgrade the charges against Ms. Curtis from disorderly persons offenses to indictable offense 4:22-17 (b)1 – torment & torture. The public must know that we will not tolerate this kind of behavior against animals in New Jersey.”

Just called the Newark NJ prosecutors office & told them I’d like Kishia Curtis charged with a felony. She’s being held in jail on an unrelated warrant. Talked to a woman who was very nice. So if you write please be kind/polite.

Now unless you have been asleep underneath a rock the last few days, you have probably heard about Patrick, the dog who was starved to skeleton bone thin and thrown down a garbage chute in a plastic bag, left to die by his owner Keshia Curtis in New Jersey. He had been living tied up to the staircase in an apartment complex for months. Apparently, NO ONE not one neighbor cared about Patrick enough to do anything for God only knows how long.

By a miracle, a maintenance worker found Patrick (named for St Patty’s day) still barely alive and moving one day before St. Patrick’s Day. The emaciated red pit bull mix weighed about 20 pounds instead of 50. He was discovered in a trash bag at the bottom of a Newark apartment building garbage chute.  Patrick was brought to the New Jersey Society for the Prevention of Cruelty to Animals and American Humane Society brought him to Garden State Veterinary Specialists where he is currently in the ICU given 24/7 care.

Patrick has an obstruction in his belly but is eating, given fluids and is thriving in their loving care. He even is beginning to wag his tail.

Updates about Patrick are posted here:

Foreign Body/Ultrasound Results
We do not know what the shadow in his stomach really is at this time. A repeat ultrasound yesterday did not show a significant change. This is both good news and bad news. The good news is that he continues to thrive so it is not bothering him. The bad news is that if it does not resolve itself or pass, it will eventually have to come out. We cannot say when, he is still not strong enough for anesthesia. The next step would be to use an endoscope to determine the nature of the foreign body. Only after this procedure could it be decided if surgery were necessary.

Every step he takes toward recovery is being watched by thousands of people. Feeding, playing with his many gifts of toys, wearing a cone to stop from scratching his healing sores, wagging his tail and more are being monitored at the Patrick Miracle Facebook page.

Supposedly, the hooker/porn star Curtis could not afford to feed Patrick but could afford to buy herself make-up and jewelry and clothing.

Outraged, 100,000+ people have voiced their concerns for Patrick and 100 facebook pages were created to rally together for Patrick and to speak out and ask for harsher sentencing in animal abuse cases like Patrick’s. A movement toward stronger animal abuse legislation nationwide is brewing.

A California woman has launched a website called  Please read our update about this,

This story has touched millions of people around the world, even an Iraqi solder who has written letters.

Another group has committed to getting Patrick more media coverage, an event, asking for people to email CNN.

There even is a Patrick badge for your Facebook page,

For everyone who wants to adopt Patrick – go to your local animal shelter and check out all the dogs there. So many pit bulls are euthanized every day, every week, every month, healthy sweet goofy dogs that need love and care.

Pitbulls are being saved “in Patricks honor” and being called patrickbulls… and someone also created a Patricks Pals page for people to advocate for and help other animals like Patrick…

Please pray for Patrick’s full and speedy recovery… and fax or snail mail the NJ Prosecutor’s office, send fax, 1-973-242-4901, To: Carolyn Murray, mention that you would like the the strictest sentencing that the law allows against Kisha Curtis for abandoning and starving Patrick. You can send a fax via email from and other sites.


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the white coats are coming, the white coats are coming

Rainy dogs and Mondays, it is Monday but it finally stopped raining, yay !!!  Gimme a head with hair, long beautiful hair, gleaming, shining, flaxing, waxing, gimme down to here, hair, shoulder length or longer, hair baby there baby, Hair… grow it, show it, long as I can something my hair…

my diva dog Cici was stinky and itchy so I decided to give her a bath, a shower really, with a hose in the back yard. She does not like getting washed so I have to sneak up on her which is not easy to do.

Wanted to try this great new shampoo sent to us by Viva La Spa, called White Coat. It is supposed to whiten, brighten and soften. The color was blue and it has cucumber melon scent fragrance/aromatherapy, coconut, Birch extract. It also has some mystery ingredients. Will let you know what I find out soon.

The bottle is recycled and the shampoo is made in a solar powered building.

Use For: Dingy whites, yellowing coats, faded color coats.

Benefits: White, white coats, bright color coats, soft, shiny fur and long lasting scent.

For more info go to:

Anyway, it lathered up great and her coat is soft and nice and shiny. Not stinky anymore either.  I was hoping for something to soothe the itchies but we shall see. She has been biting her poor pink belly making it redder and redder. Put a tee shirt on her, also some lavendar oil and tell her to stop and leave it. This works but want to try some oatmeal shampoo to calm the itchies, too. I worry about her belly.

The best thing about it is the package it came in with a few other products that Cici does not need (we gave to our neighbor, Pablo has long tangled fur).  It was very girly, with hot pink bows and curly thingies. Very nice package.


Am happy to report that I spoke to Pablo’s mom and they just happened to give Pablo a wash today too and they loved the de-tangling product. And Pablo does not mind smelling girly one bit. He is so cool.


Bring Out the Diva in Your Dog!

Groomed Dog

9 Steps to Spa Grooming For Your Own Dog

  1. Pre-Bathing: Clean Ears (Cleaning, Plucking) and Eyes
  2. Pre-Bathing: Brush out Mats and Tangles – Special Treatment
  3. Bathing – Choose a Shampoo Suited to the Coat Type of Your Dog
  4. Massage Shampoo into the Coat for deep cleaning and stress relief
  5. Drying: Towel Dry by Hand or Use A Special Dog Approved Dryer
  6. Nails: Trim Toe Nails With Care or File with Emery Board, Polish
  7. Hair Clipping?? – Let’s leave hair cutting to the Professional Groomer
  8. Scented Grooming Sprays for Long Haired Dogs or Colognes for Short Coats
  9. Hair Bows for the Ladies or Bandanas for the Guys

Daily Treatments

Brushing, combing, talking, fussing (reposition bows, spritz of cologne) Eye wiping, potty routines,

yeah, right, this is never going to happen.

They also sent us something called Powder Puff Spritzing Spray and the Pink Potion, both of which went to Pablo. Hoo boy that guy is gonna smell like a girl … They are to de-tangle the fur basically.

Supposed to provide us with:

a World Class Spa experience offering a variety of dog spa services and products to keep your pet calm, distressed and looking mah-va-lous!

We were inspired by the great Dog Spas of New York in the ‘50s and ‘60’s, like Poodletown, where Princess Grace and Elizabeth Taylor (RIP) sent their dogs by chauffeur-driven limousines for a day of pampering.

Well, dahling, instead Cici ran off shivering and shaking and getting all in her path wet. And afterwards, went rolling in the grass to get the clean new smell off.

K9 movie star,

have a limo themed dog party,

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short and sweet

cute photos:

that’s all folks, it’s time for the Saturday Blog Hop, jump on board here…

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wanted: pit bull owners with children

we’re having the conversation again.  (and wordpress fiascos too)…

Gary Stein from the Sun Sentinel in southern Florida started it. I’ve written to him and apparently he believes the pit bull hype bull, probably has never met a pit bull, wouldn’t know one if the dog licked him, but he asks the readers if they should ban the breed.

I made some comments online, voted (it was 45% for not banning and 55% for banning pit bulls so they could use a lot of input from pit bull lovers/owners esp. in southern Florida) and also emailed him. I spent five long years in southern Florida, went to college there and I am a reporter/editor with a beautiful / adorable pit bull mix so thought I should chime in. You can, too.


During our discussion, it occurred to me that since dog fighting is a BILLION dollar a year business, that people who fight dogs have a financial incentive to keep up the BAD RAP about pit bulls, Good for Business.  We are dealing with GREED here, media that wants to sell newspapers and dog fighters that make money exploiting and abusing dogs/pit bulls.

Also, Mr. Stein thinks pit bulls are not safe to have around children… the way he put it was, if he had a kid he would not let them play in a house with pit bulls… now doesn’t that sound scary… a house with pit bulls, ooooooo…

and he also said: “I have a hard time believing that the only problem with pit bulls is bad owners.”

yes, because all people make good parents, and all people are good, right.


Seems like some people have all kinds of excuses for their fear of people and dogs. Fine, keep your fear. Just don’t spread it all over the place.


he also thought that I sent the video below of Leo, former Vick dog, now a therapy dog, because Leo is cuddly. Personally, I don’t think Leo is cuddly. I think he is REALLY REALLY good with people as pit bulls are.

I also sent him the difference between a resident dog and a family pet, below.



My Cici attacks my roommate every morning… with kisses and tail wags (my former landlord used to say that she breaks all tail wagging ordinances).

Cici is a real menace at the neighborhood park when she rolls over on the grass and shows off her pink belly, obscene, Keep your children away !

But Cici is really scary at the mall, or out in public, when she sidles up to people and opens up her mouth, uh oh, to lick their feet and show her belly. Man, what a vicious dog.

First they came for the Dobermans, then the German Shepherds, then the Rottweiler, now it is The Pit Bull, will they come for your dog next?


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