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Pacific Grove: hiking with your dog

Cici has a new doggie friend, a Jack Russell named ANGEL. they played fetch at the park. Mostly, Cici tried to take Angel’s ball away from her and chewed on and hid the ball… but it was great for her to PLAY and BE A DOG…

and it was fabulous to see the new photos of Patrick just being a dog,

Below, is an article I wrote for Coastal Canine Magazine. Good for me to just be a writer… no drama.

Asilomar Coastal Trail
by CeliaSue Hecht

Nothing beats walking your dog along the Asilomar Coastal Trail along Sunset Drive in Pacific Grove. “Asilomar” is Spanish for “a refuge by the sea.” Once you have walked this coastal trail, you will know how fitting the name is.

Breathe in the fresh ocean breezes, enjoy the sight of the waves lapping the craggy rocks, and hear the pounding surf, while your dog walks alongside the narrow trail beside you. This hike is easily accessible from Pacific Grove. There is a bright yellow “Asilomar State Park” sign at the trailhead. The trail is a mile long and ends at Asilomar State Beach.

To the right, the trail turns into a wooden boardwalk with a bridge that takes you to a rustic wooden gazebo and overlook. To the left is a decomposed granite trail that follows the rocky coastline taking you past tidepools, sandy dunes, native plants, small coves, and several small beaches that are especially nice during low tide.

Dogs are to be on leash but will enjoy exploring every inch of the trail with their noses. They love smelling the fragrant beach sagewort and other native beach plants.

Depending upon the time of day, you may see a lot of people or only a few. You can take your time and enjoy a casual stroll or pick up the pace for a fast, vigorous hike. On one visit, we contemplated the roaring waves leaping and crashing over rocks, and saw seagulls, pelicans and other seabirds. If you are lucky, you may also spot deer grazing along the trail or sea otters foraging along the coast.

We made our way towards the end of Asilomar Beach, where we watched surfers riding the waves. Here, the vast expanse of wet sand truly beckons dogs. Dogs must be leashed while on the state beach, but just beyond the border, about 100 yards from the road, is the start of Spanish Bay Beach where dogs can romp off leash, play fetch the frisbee or ball, swim in the shallow surf, or dig in the sand. Canine heaven.

This is a fairly moderate, flat hike. At times, the trail ascends up and curves around. There are no restrooms or water available, so be prepared. There is a dispenser of ‘Mutt Mitts’ for your convenience. If you plan to visit in the afternoon or early evening as the weather cools off, you might want to bring a sweater.

Getting there: Take Del Monte Avenue from Monterey through the tunnel into Pacific Grove. Now you are on Lighthouse Avenue. Continue on Lighthouse, past the Shell Gas Station until the street dead-ends at the Point Pinos Lighthouse and the golf course. Here, you might see deer chomping on the grass. Take a left onto Asilomar Avenue and the second right onto Jewell Avenue. Jewell Avenue takes you to Sunset Drive, which goes along the ocean. Take a left onto Sunset. About 50 feet down is where the coastal hiking trail begins. You can park anywhere along Sunset Drive. There is no parking here from midnight to 5 a.m.

CeliaSue Hecht is a published freelance writer. Her work has been featured in more than 40 publications. She has a dog travel blog called Have Dog Blog Will Travel and assists business owners in getting published.

Saturday Blog Hopping time with Life with Dogs and here is the Blogging Hopping Code …


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will the real cyberbully stalking PM’s on Facebook please stand up

Attention: ONLY Official and Ultimutt National Movement Followers May Enter and Read My Blog. NO Spies Allowed.

We know you snuck in somehow. Shoo shoo shoo shoo flies. If you do not stand straight curtsy, know the secret paw shake and forget to kiss the Queen’s paw ring, OUT I say OUT ! (Only kidding on this blog, we do not discriminate, ban, delete or make you feel bad and call you names nor harass nor stalk you based on how you breathe, talk or if the Queen is having a bad hair day…

If you MUST visit the Queen, QUICK HOP ON A PLANE and GO TO ENGLAND.  Hurry Hurry the Royals are having a BIG To Do Soon and You Must Learn the Proper Petiquette and Protocols.

Ok, now that that bit of nonsense is out of the way… I am here to say this, as my Official Statement, as it were since I stand accused, so here I must confess my Deep Dark Secret… ta da… are you ready?

I have NO IDEA how to stalk anyone’s Private Messages on Facebook… sorry, if you want me to skulk around and stalk you, I don’t have a clue HOW to do it.  I have no aliases, no admins, and no time for all this BS… Cici and I are recovering from our recent ORDEAL and having a Sleep A Thon, 12 hours a day and night ZZZZZZZZ…

But, I find it morally repugnant to VIOLATE other people’s private conversations so alas I must speak UP.

The accuser who points at me shows us that she is the one doing the stalking of me and others with her proof against me. And if she adds/shows more of the conversation below, that would only be further proof of her stalking us. A criminal offense which WILL BE PROSECUTED TO THE FULLEST EXTENT OF THE LAW.

there is NO proof of my stalking anyone, because I’ve been busy planning a rally, creating a pet food bank and taking care of my puppy with nine lives. Also, making some wonderful new friends. The someone who accused me DOES stalk people online. And is very busy accusing and pointing fingers all the while skulking around and stalking others at all hours of the day and night… in between harassing and bashing people who two weeks ago were her friends. In two more weeks, those she claims to be her good buddies today will no doubt be banned, deleted and banished too.

I have been told that she complained via two blog posts to her 21 followers on blogger and told approx. 900 followers on twitter to get facebook pages shut down… and claims that without her there would be no Patricks Movement… in a sense that is true, everyone saw the abuse taking place on her page that has finally been shut down, thank you to all who got that job done, and ran over to the Patrick Miracle page which brought Patrick to our attention originally and then created a National Movement TO GET THE ANIMALS MUCH NEEDED ASSISTANCE… because it was obvious that NOTHING but name calling, banning and deleting and issuing proclamations (like that one in the Harry Potter movie, Dolores somebody who tortured Harry) was going on over there at her page, and began creating 100+ Facebook pages with people working together in each state and across state lines, creating rallies, posting updates, doing petitions, writing to the Prosecutors, doing a Give a Gift From Patrick weekend and helping other Patricks… ie, people have been carrying on JUST FINE without her and CREATING RESULTS, NOT spending all of their time, skulking, stalking, harassing and HURLING ACCUSATIONS AT EVERYONE ad nauseum ad infinitum… ho hum, same old, lame old.

below is a PRIVATE message between myself and Adria Castro, at 3 a.m. one morning, we were discussing the LA rally on May 6 and other info… It was a PRIVATE conversation…at 3 a.m. in the morning…

would you have a clue how to barge into someone else’s PRIVATE conversation on Facebook?  would you have the audacity to be poking around loitering and listening in on others PRIVATE conversations?

what was she doing stalking us at 3 a.m. in the morning????   totally creeped us both out and WILL NOT BE TOLERATED.

here is the proof of her stalking me and Adria at

  • Adria Castro
    • They don’t accept emails 😦:( I think
  • Adria Castro

    April 15

    Adria Castro

    • she is psycho
      • Rachel Wolf

        April 15
        Rachel Wolf
        • 🙂 Hi
      • Adria Castro

        April 15

        Adria Castro

        • Good then you you know that your welcomed at our rally 🙂:)

(I did not even know what a PM was until someone told me it was a Private Message).  screen shots, are those like jello shots???

WHO skulks around stalking people and interrupting their PRIVATE conversations at 3 am or any time????

Who has the time, audacity and motivation to poke around, barge into and VIOLATE people’s PRIVATE messages?

You know who I am talking about and you know her page that was just shut down.  I quote the very well said video, soon she will get mad at Patrick the dog too. Crossing the LINE.

Who has the time and energy it takes to find out all of her aliases, admins, and spies to block them all to Kingdom come.???  After the stalking incident, I did learn how to block those I found out about but who can keep up with all of that surreptitious activity????

By the way, in case anyone else wants TO BE DONE and block her, I’ve been told that Kevin King is another one of her fake profiles…She set it up so that it can’t be reported… I saw that there were a bunch of them, God Save Me from the Queen. A little bit of Cici’s DIVINE CANINE PROTECTION please.

I liked the Facebook Glitches page, did not know what it was, then suggested that they  block her and then I unliked that page, too.

Creepier than creepy.

What a waste of time taking energy and focus away from the animals who are abused and need our help.

A big useless distraction and energy drain… As Obama just said in regard to the birthers, we DO NOT have time for this.

If she were not so mean, it would be sad. really really sad. To be made fun of and have made enemies out of people who could have been friends and allies. To not be able to distinguish the difference.


Go look at her blog…I will NOT post a link here and

if you enjoy being bullied and harrassed and told what to do, stay there and worship the Queen

or go to the Patricks Movement blog (link below)

observe the Obvious Difference…

whining, accusing, blaming and bragging with NOTHING to show for it


teamwork, getting things DONE for the animals and Creating Results… and JOIN US !


Write and Petition your legislators non-stop the Week of May 2, 2011. The beginning of Be Kind to Animals Week and leading up to the trial May 6, 2011.  Each state design a petition or letter addressed to that state’s legislators citing that state’s specific issues of animal advocacy.

and Roxanne or someone, please get cici and me to the nearest halfway house for dog mamas and their puppies. Thanks.


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lost pet, sequeal to sequel

Gee, duh wonder why I would write about this topic, huh…

but first a short rant and sequeal to the sequel…

found out that the roommate deliberately misled us to go in the WRONG direction to look for cici so that we would NOT find Cici, growl… and the SPCA charged me $103 to get Cici back, for what? not feeding her, not taking care of the few scratches she had on her body and above her eye and not taking her out to go potty. Nice job. Not.

Other roommate and I are considering getting our own place and moving outta here asap. Last night the loser acted like everything was all rosey, cannot have your cake and eat it, too… Cannot harm me and my dog and then expect me to let you pet her and play with her again. No can do. Crossed a BIG line.

Cici and I went shopping yesterday together. Took her because I could not leave her alone in house with loser. It worked out great actually. She licked everyone in the store, and got exercise. Imagine, me driving one of those carts (because I cannot walk much due to pain in legs, arthritis), and am like a bumper car driver, poor cici got really good at getting out of my way, turning with me when least expected, squeeeeal… oh no !

ok, now, sleeping with my bed hog the last two nights and this morning never felt so great. Again, thank you all for your prayers and support.

In a few ways, the horror of the last few days has been a blessing in disguise. Cici is now licensed, got her rabies shot, and I also found out about her microchip this morning. Yes, she has a microchip. But the previous owner who had put her in a horrific situation had it inserted. And I worried about her info being incorrect and how would I update it. A few years ago when Cici had been run over and had three surgeries I had asked the vet who did the surgeries about the chip, but there was so much going on, plus $3,500 to pay, that I never did anything about the chip.

Pet insurance will be covered in another blog post. Best Friends sent out an insurance bulletin. An insurance company they will benefit from if / when we sign up for it.

Have also heard mixed info about microchipping in general. Some say that the microchips cause cancer.

pros and cons

And others insist that the chip is completely safe.  Happy for your feedback.  Does your pet have a microchip? Do you know with what company and how they operate, what services they provide?

Well, guess what, I have the microchip number now, the phone number of the company and the company name so I called them. And found out that her microchip was never registered with the company. Yet she has a microchip number?  All I have to do the agent said is register her online with the correct/my current info for $16.99. That is the fee for life. And the first year you get amazing benefits…If I had the service, it would have saved me A TON of grief.

Hindsight is 20/20, you know.

Ok, so the company is called Home . If her chip had been registered, all I would have needed to do was call them and transfer the ownership and update the info, for free, no matter how long ago the chip had been installed.  Here is their spiel.

They say that their microchip is the only one that does not migrate around the pet’s body.

These services are included free with the cost of registering the microchip the first year. The $16.99 a year fee after the first year covers these services:

Rapid Lost Pet Alerts

When your pet goes missing, the HomeAgain lost pet network is on the lookout for your missing family member. We send out rapid Lost Pet Alerts to members of our Pet Recovery Network within a 25-mile radius from where your pet went missing.

24/7 Emergency Medical Hotline

HomeAgain is committed to protecting your pet with 24 hour pet emergency services. Call our ASPCA veterinarian-staffed pet emergency hotline for help anytime a medical emergency strikes!

Travel Assistance For Found Pets

HomeAgain knows just how far lost pets can travel. Our pet transport services will cover up to $500 to fly your found dog or cat home when he’s discovered over 500 miles away from home.

Good deal?

another company

how to find a lost dog

looks like a cool kids book, Jack Russell detective taking a bite and sniff outta crime

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cici home soon aka where do good dogs go, the sequel

Update: Cici IS AT THE SPCA, Thank you all for your prayers and kindness. she is fine and be home around 4 pm today.

cici just got home, only a tiny scratch above her eye, she is a miracle baby, i swear she has 9 lives, starving, peeing like a bandit, fed her like a pig, hot dogs, kibble, treats, gonna go cuddle with her. thx

This was NOT Cici just running away.  She was run over by an SUV and was spooked and scared out of her mind. Happened because of owner of this house is cruel and inhuman, let her go out in the street and was laughing about her getting hurt… PS: Cici and I need a NEW PLACE TO LIVE ASAP. More on that Later.

Many many people to thank who kept me halfway sane:

Kelly at Animal Control in Seaside, THE BEST

Megan at the Monterey County SPCA, WONDERFUL

Carie Broecker of Aloha Pet Sitting, Peace of Mind Dog Rescue, Editor of Canine Coastal Magazine and dog mom/lover in Pacific Grove, YOU ROCK and kept me together this morning when I was falling apart

Jim Fink, who has a HEART OF GOLD in the right place, who walked with me around the neighborhood at midnight and made phone calls this morning, always trying to do HIS BEST and powerful PRAYERS

Lisa Spector’s Calm Canine Music for helping me halfway stay sane, if not for music, cannot even think what

Anna Bougas, Nikhi C my Canadian friend, Catherine Howe Bryant, Taylor and Mark, Lisa Cliffe, Adria Castro and The rest of the gang at The Patricks Miracle and Movement, Amy Brigham, Barbara Bruce, Edie Jarolim of Will My Dog Hate Me, Nanners Mom, Mary Alice of Dog Jaunt, Lori Manning, Tim Link, Kim Garrison, Marie or Nancy DiSimone, you guys are THE BEST PEOPLE ON THE PLANET, sorry, hope I did not leave anyone out, forgive me…

and BLESS YOU kind hearted folks who found my fur baby last night and brought her to the SPCA !!!


PS: Been trying to rest/take a nap, but am way too tired… it occurrs to me that my sweet dog is really a cat with nine lives. She got me to rescue her when she was just six months, from a bad situation, when I did not even want a dog. Then she got hit by a van in Carson City and survived, albeit three surgeries on her leg. And now this Easter miracle… imagine how many dogs get RUN OVER by an SUV and SURVIVE, never mind survive UNSCATHED… and then SURVIVE the wild streets of Seaside.  Trust me, my fur baby is truly BLESSED and surrounded by divine canine protection.


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URGENT: my cici is missing

Update: Cici IS AT THE SPCA, Thank you all for your prayers and kindness. she is fine and be home around 4 pm today.

it is 7 am, she is still missing… not at emergency vet clinic, and police do not have her either, animal control opens at 8 am, spca at 9 am…

here is her post on craigslist…

please pray for my Cici, she is missing, scared, possibly hurt, it is easter sunday around 11 pm, it is dark, cold, she has been gone since about 4-5 pm, pls pray, thanks. we are in seaside, california … near to Monterey, pls thank u. if anyone is in this area and has seen her, please call me at 702-225-8206.  i called the police and posted elsewhere online, facebook, twitter, etc.


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Let my Patrick Go (Home)

Ok, Cici says, Silly Humans, What are you all fighting about now… ALL dogs deserve to be loved, pampered polka dot princesses/princes. And especially if they’ve been mistreated, abused, starved, neglected, and/or abandoned, they should get extra special treats and fun in their lives. And if you are a pit bull, you’re more than likely been given a bad rap and been treated badly. So, you need a real, true, loyal companion for life. A nice home. A bunch of bones. And some lizards to stalk, squirrels to chase, and grass to roll around in. Simple. Basic dog 101 stuff.

Why cannot humans behave and STOP fighting over Patrick, she asks me as only a canine can do.

Good question.

I am disgusted and dishartened by the comments made about Associated Humane Popcorn Park Shelter and everyones claim to know “whats best for Patrick” you all need to step back and look at yourselves and what your saying … BASHING the very people who saved him…. SHAME ON YOU! You all make your own judgements as to why they are doing what they are with NO basis….

Now, let’s have a POP quiz about Patrick to see if you truly are a Patrick fan.

who is Patrick?

How did he get named Patrick?

What is the name of his owner?

Where is he now?

How much does he weigh?

When will he have surgery and why?

When will his owner go to trial and where?

Is there a law named after Patrick?

Who is AHS and GSVS?

Where is Patrick’s furrever home?

Good questions, and the last one is the Question of the Day. If you are a faithful and loyal member of the Patrick’s Movement, or an obsessed Patrick fan, follower, pal or miracle watcher, then you know all of the answers to the above. If not, you can catch up here below.

Ok so back to Why are people fighting over Patrick today?

clarifying this situation. It had seemed to me oh no, not another drama about Patrick. Another day, another people drama about Patrick. Now I understand why people are upset. Also, because of a twitter conversation with the Patrick Movement-Maryland, sorry I don’t know your name. I also think Best Friends and BadRap should weigh in on this since they took in many of the Vicktory dogs and had a gag order to deal with for a long time, too where they were not able to talk about the dogs. I used to work at Best Friends and also think that if Patrick cannot be adopted (REALLY HOPE HE CAN BE by the GSVS staff member who has stepped forward), then Best Friends would be a good place for him. Still, it is not a home, I pray Patrick has THE BEST POSSIBLE FURREVER HOME. He certainly deserves all the love, care and training and fun a loving family will give him.

Moving on to our rally on May 6.  Animal Friends Pet Rescue and Patricks Pet Food Bank in Seaside/Pets of the Homeless are hosting a rally and adoption event on May 6, 2011 at noon in the Crossroads Shopping Center, on Rio Road in front of the Pet Food Express. May 6 is the date Patrick’s owner Kisha Curtis is going on trial for abandoning, starving, neglecting and abusing him ( throwing him down a garbage chute in New Jersey on St. Patrick’s Day (hence his name).  He was found by two maintenance workers, brought to AHS, barely alive, a skeleton weighing 20 pounds. He now weighs 36 pounds and just had surgery this week. He was neutered, had his teeth cleaned and also had a hair mass removed from his tummy, that had been lodged in his intestine. He has been lovingly cared for by the good folks at GSVS Hospital.

We are holding this event in solidarity with all of the Patrick Movement rallies across the nation and virtually online on that date.

Pet lovers and the public are welcome to attend. The doggies will be sporting green bandanas in Patrick’s honor. Please wear green, too. We will be providing doggies for adoption, music for dogs, a raffle, information about adoption and abused animals, as well as goodies (baked goods).

If you’d like to donate pet food to Patrick’s pet food bank, adopt a pet, or  to help us at the rally, please give me a call or email me. Thanks for your generous support.  Below is our flyer.

flyer for rally


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green pet first aid kit

Happy Earth Dog Day… there is another controversy brewing about Patrick… oh geez. Apparently, AHS wants to take Patrick away from GSVS and get him into a foster home to be socialized and trained. But people are concerned that he is loved by and wanted to be adopted by a GSVS staffer who knows him. It seems like another day, another drama. Why ?  Poor Patrick. Just let him be, adopted and be loved by the GSVS staffer and trained and socialized by a behavioral specialist or trainer. Sheesh… First he was unwanted and thrown away. Now he is wanted by everyone and not always for the right reasons. Stop Fighting Over Him.

Here’s more clarification about this issue:

A quick Patrick update from GSVS Pet Hospital: Patrick is out of surgery, in recovery. The procedures went great! Dr. Jason Pintar removed a long flat hair mass from Patrick’s stomach using a video endoscopic procedure while Patrick was under anesthesia. He lassoed the object & extracted it out of Patrick’s mouth. After that, Dr. Michael Hoelzler performed Patrick’s neutering procedure which was accomplished without any problems.  My note: The object inside Patrick was a mass of hair, perhaps a hair weave.  Our boy now weighs 36 pounds and is recovering nicely.

Happy Earth Dog Day, what are You doing today for Your Earth dog???

Life can be unpredictable. Sometimes it’s in delightful ways… like finding $20 in your pocket or getting upgraded from coach to first class for a 9-hour transatlantic flight. But if your luck is more likely to elicit cries of “No, no, no, no, no!” rather than fist-pumps and high fives.

And you and your furry friend find yourself confronting one of life’s less joyous surprises, like an unexpected insect sting, tree splinter or animal bite, you can stick it to the fickle hand of fate with Pet Portables’ Pet First Aid Kit. The outside may be small, but like Mary Poppin’s purse it’s packed full of useful first aid items to prevent an otherwise easily treated injury from turning into a sirens blazing medical emergency. Containing everything from styptic powder to iodine wipes, soap towelettes to latex gloves, the Pet First Aid Kit is like a mini emergency vet’s office (lab coat sold separately), that will keep your pet happy and healthy until the scales tip towards a good surprise.

Who knows… maybe there’s a field full of mouth-watering rawhide chews just past that Guinness-World-Record setting tick hive. Improbable? Yes. Impossible? Well, we don’t want to crush Fido’s dreams, so let’s just say that with Pet Portables’ Pet First Aid Kit, you’ll be prepared.

Pet Portables’ Pet First Aid Kit contains:

  • 1 bottle styptic powder (toenail bleeding)
  • 1 pair latex gloves (personal protection)
  • 2 pvp Iodine wipes (sterilization)
  • 2 insect sting wipes (apply to bites/stings)
  • 2 2″x2″ gauze pads (apply to wounds)
  • 1 pair scissors (trim hair and cut bandage tape)
  • 2 antiseptic towelettes (clean wound/hands)
  • 3 cotton swabs (apply ointment/creams)
  • 2 green soap towelettes (clean wounds/hands)
  • 1 plastic tweezers (splinter/tick removal)
  • 1 1″ x 5yd. coflex (secure bandage)
  • 1 pet care card and CPR card
  • 1 pet kit case

This is a Barking Deal, but only less than a day left to grab it, $10 for the above kit.  FREE SHIPPING.

Now, I would be remiss if I did not mention that Cici and I have a more holistic approach to a Pet First Aid Kit.

First, Roxanne Hawn suggests how to prepare an emergency pet food supply

Here are other items you might find useful to keep on hand just in case.

Healing cream Dr. Harvey’s

Dr. Harvey’s Organic is a combination of healing herbs in a base of organic shea butter. This cream is used for minor skin irritations, hot spots, rashes, cuts, sunburn and itching. It is gentle and and completely non-toxic so that if an animal licks the cream it will not harm them.

Young Living Essential Oils Pet First Aid Kit
•    Thieves essential oil blend
•    Melrose essential oil blend
•    Di-Gize essential oil blend
•    Purification essential oil blend
•    Raven essential oil blend
•    M-Grain essential oil blend
•    R.C. essential oil blend
•    PanAway essential oil blend
•    Peace & Calming essential oil blend
•    Palo Santo essential oil blend
•    AnimalScents Shampoo
•    AnimalScents Pet Ointment

Insect Repellant Spray

Whether for dogs, cats or horses, YL oils can provide a natural insect repellant for both pets and owner’s. To make a spray you will need the following:

one 14 oz. spray bottle (a 4oz. size is nice for traveling and hikes)

15-20 drops of either Purification or Palo Santo (use 4-8 drops in a 4oz. bottle)(Palo Santo may be too strong smelling for cats)

Fill spray bottle 7/8 the way full with distilled water (tap or spring water is also fine). Add essential oils, shake and spray – put your hand over the eye area, you don’t want to get essential oils in the eyes! Tip: you will want to give your spray bottle a bit of a shake before using to disperse the essential oils in the water.

Bach Flower’s Pet Rescue Remedy

Pets Have Emotions too.

Rescue® Remedy can be used for an immediate calming effect in any stressful situation, or when your pet needs help overcoming a variety of emotional or behavioral problems.

Rescue Remedy Pet can be used for an immediate calming effect in any stressful situation, or when your pet needs help overcoming a variety of emotional or behavioral problems. Appropriate usage times include:

• Visits to the vet
• Fear of loud noises (fireworks, thunderstorms, etc)
• Excessive barking or hissing
• Shock, trauma or mistreatment
• Adapting to loss of companion
• Separation anxiety
• Adapting to new surroundings (home, kennel, stable, etc.)
• Obsessive cleanliness
• Constant licking or nibbling of self
Pet Chart of other Bach Flower Essences, useful for various situations.

Cici and I find Bach Flowers a Life Saver… calms pets down asap (humans, too)…

Rescue Remedy Pet Dosage:
4 drops, given several times a day.

Music CD Calm Canine, Through a Dogs Ear

Earthbath Natural Grooming Wipes Hypo-Allergenic Wipes

also their waterless shampoo, for dogs that love to get stinky

and a list of other useful items:

  • Absorbent compresses/gauze sponges, assorted sizes
  • Adhesive tape, hypoallergenic
  • Clean cloths
  • Cold pack: to reduce swelling or pain
  • Contact information for your veterinarian
  • Contact information of the nearest emergency veterinary clinic
  • Contact information for the ASPCA Poison Control Center
  • Cotton swabs
  • Digital rectal thermometer (non-mercury/non-glass): to find out if your pet is running a fever
  • E-collar: available in a variety of sizes, this opaque or clear plastic, cone-shaped protector attaches to your pet’s collar and can be found at veterinary clinics and pet stores. Prevents your pet from accessing a wound or injury
  • Emergency blanket: to wrap around injured pet, carry an injured pet and provide warmth
  • Eyedropper: to dispense liquid medication or clean superficial wounds
  • Gauze pads, sterile: for cleaning wounds
  • Gloves (disposable, non-latex): to help protect you and keep the wound sanitary
  • Glucose paste or corn syrup (for diabetic dogs or dogs with low blood sugar)
  • Hand cleansing wipes
  • Hydrogen peroxide, 3 percent: to clean a wound
  • Isopropyl rubbing alcohol wipes: to sterilize items such as scissors or tweezers
  • Nail clippers (sized for your dog’s nails)
  • Oral syringe (baby dose size)
  • Rags or rubber tubing: to use as a tourniquet
  • Roll adhesive tape (hypoallergenic)
  • Roll cohesive bandage, 3 inch width (stretches and clings to itself)
  • Roll cotton gauze rolls, 2 inch width: to wrap around wounds
  • Scissors: for cutting hair and bandages (blunt end)
  • Soft muzzle: to prevent your pet from biting you or chewing on an injury while in pain
  • Slip-style leash
  • Special medications needed by your pet
  • Sterile eye lubricant
  • Sterile gauze pads (non-adherent, assorted sizes)
  • Sterile saline eye wash
  • Sterile, water-based lubricating jelly
  • Sting relief wipes
  • Styptic powder (to stop bleeding)
  • Towel
  • Triple antibiotic ointment
  • Tweezers: for removing objects such as splinters or ticks from skin or paws
  • Eyewash
    Eyebright Solution
    Hydrogen peroxide
    Rubbing Alcohol

Supplements, vitamins, and any medication, homeopathic remedies that you regularly use.

Last but not least, eco friendly pet waste bags. For Earth Day, for every day.

I vote for the plucky lil ducky over at Life with Dogs … no bunnies have to hop hop hop during this Blog Hop, catch the code…


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