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coffee, coffee, coffee

Is anyone in charge here??? Hopefully, the group below is taking charge. Ok, FINALLY, there is someone stepping up to the plate, will have more about this later.

As I watched the two videos below, I was reminded of being in India. On the trains and streets you hear the street vendors yelling “Cawfee, cawfee, cawfee, chai chai chai” selling tea and coffee. In this case, the abuser of the dog Coffee is selling photos of his dog outside Mets Citifield stadium.  As written before, she has no water for six or seven hours at a time, cannot pant/breathe due to a pipe stuck in her mouth and fake nose on her nose, wears clothing, is not allowed to move nor relieve herself for six or seven hours, either. This is animal cruelty. Plus the abuser  has no vendor’s license. None of that seems to matter to the ASPCA, police nor other authorities.

Kay Riviello, one of the New York Animal Rights Alliance America group’s founders has been involved with animal rights and rescuing dogs for 20 years. She went to the game on Friday, May 27, 2011 and two videos were recorded (see below). This documents the above stated abuse/cruelty. In the videos, she also lists numerous violations that the abuser should be charged with by the USDA and other entities. None of the authorities, although the dog is being kept without water, without shelter, without being able to move for 6-7 hours at a time, and the abuser has no license, none of the authorities are doing their jobs and none are enforcing laws already on the books.

This is the NYARAA’s statement:

New York Animal Rights Alliance America went to Citifield, Mets, Flushing, NY, stadium to investigate, research and eyewitness the abuse of Coffee Dog. Indeed it was much much worse than we had even thought. The heat index, the restrictive garments, the prop in the dog’s mouth restricting ability to pant, the inability of the dog to walk around, inability of the dog to relieve herself, the decibel level of the crowd was “overloading and overdriving” in “inclement weather” in violation of NY State Animal Cruelty Laws. In addition, he is a vendor, not a panhandler, as he is soliciting monies from people in exchange for a pic with the dog AND handing out his business card for “dog training.” As if that is not enough, the USDA regulates all “working” and entertainment” animals and of course there is no such oversight here whatsoever. The New York Animal Rights Alliance America will bring pressure to bear on these agencies to end the abuse of Coffee Dog in this dangerous precedent spectacle at Citifield and apparently at Yankees stadium as well.

They have a Facebook page, could not find a website. You can join the group at:


I was disappointed, to say the least, that Jason Long, who brought this matter to everyone’s attention did NOT go to Citifield and did NOT even know what was happening.  This ongoing abuse/cruelty investigation clearly needs LEADERSHIP. It is imperative for the sake of the dog.  Without PROACTIVE Leadership, Jason’s media circus has made a spectacle, fiasco and has IMPEDED Coffee from getting the help she badly needs. Coffee needs SOMEONE to have her back.

I am now convinced that Jason Long is not that person. He has lost ALL credibility with me.  Refused to answer numerous private messages and did not even go to the game on Friday.  What is his REAL agenda here?  Murky.  Do not appreciate people who SAY and don’t DO what is best for the furry ones who desperately need our help. And am angry that they try to GET IN THE WAY of people who ACTUALLY DO THE DOWN AND DIRTY ACTUAL WORK.  This seems to be an endemic debacle within some of the animal communities. These people, in my humble opinion, are WORSE than the abusers. Their egos and agendas trump helping animals.   They know that the animal is being abused and prolong the agony. BEYOND NOT COOL. And these trolls will NOT BE tolerated.

The alliance hopefully will follow through for Coffee’s sake. Cici hopes they will get Coffee away from the abuser as soon as possible and into a NEW home where she can run and play and BE A DOG and not have to work for the abuser and his family.

An animal communicator from Beyond Barking also spoke with Coffee and this is what was said… this says it was a followup chat but cannot find another one if there was a previous communication.

One comment:

Coffee is in so much pain, why can’t her owner see that… what’s the big deal in letting her lie down under a tree or a shaded area IF she absolutely MUST do her job… put a bowl of water out for her… and let her greet people, NOT have a pipe in her mouth so she’s ALLOWED to pant…


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connecting the dots: animal abuse, child abuse

Remembering all of the animals who have or are suffering and died because of humanity’s unawareness of who they are ♥ ♥ ♥ #Memorial Day and because of humanity’s inhumanity #Flower and other abused dogs, #thelittlereddog (and the other dogs murdered by Michael Vick and friends… the dogs stories are told in The Lost Dogs book by Jim Gorant) abusers  are the real animals and so are kill shelters, puppy mill breeders, dog fighters and anyone who neglects, abandons, or treats an animal cruelly…

First, the story below is bringing lots of discussion. And I found out about another crackpot pit bull theory due to that. How can otherwise intelligent people believe such nonsense?  If I were to listen to them, I’d live in fear knowing that at any minute my dog’s head is going to explode and turn her into a monster (bone growth in the brain insane theory of the day), that she has a locking jaw and she is going  to attack me in my sleep one of these nights… Yes, blame the dog, it is much easier. Blame the breed.  Blame the “dangerous dogs.”  People cannot possibly be responsible in any situation, of course not.  I hate to be the one to burst your Denial Bubble BUT PEOPLE ARE RESPONSIBLE AND NEED TO BE HELD ACCOUNTABLE.

Now to the connection between child and animal abuse…!/notes/pajama-scarfs/connection-between-animal-abuse-and-child-abuse-may-2011/118510801567898

I am researching this information to show a correlation between animal abuse and child abuse and the abusers. On a personal note, I am an MSW and have worked in the field of social work for twenty years and specifically in the field of child abuse for the past eleven years. In my professional setting, I have found that there are correlations between the two abuses and it is my hope that if more research can be done, these abuses can work together as future indicators…

Cruelty Connections (2011) reported that a study completed in 1997 by Massachusetts Society for the Prevention of Cruelty to Animals (SPCA) and Northeastern University, animals abusers are five times more likely to commit violent crimes against people and four times more likely to commit property crimes than people without animal abuse histories. In addition, this report stated that studies over the past 25 years in psychology, sociology and criminology demonstrate that violent offenders frequently have childhood and adolescent histories of serious and repeated animal cruelty.

The FBI has recognized the connection since the 1970s when its analysis of the lives of serial killers suggested that most reported killing and/or torturing animals during their childhood. Other studies have found consistent patterns of animal cruelty among perpetrators of violence including child abuse, spouse abuse and elder abuse…

As quoted by Cruelty Connections, “Abusing an animal is a way for a human to find power/joy/fulfillment through the torture of a victim they know cannot defend itself.” They went further and compared this to the definition of rape. “Rape is a way for a human to find power/joy/fulfillment through the torture of a victim they know cannot defend themselves.” And again with domestic abuse including child abuse and spouse abuse, “Child abuse is a way for a human to find power/joy/fulfillment through the torture of a victim they know cannot defend themselves.” Their point is that by substituting a few pronouns, you have the SAME THING and to show A PATTERN. The line separating an animal abuser and an abuser of a person or child is much thinner than people want to believe…

…Cruelty Connections quoted FBI supervisory Special Agent Allen Brantly as saying “Animal cruelty…is not a harmless venting of emotions in a healthy individual; this is a warning sign….” Law makers and society as a whole should view it as exactly that, A WARNING SIGN, a clear indicator of psychological issues that can and often do lead to violent crimes….

…about one-third of children that are exposed to family violence will act out this violence most often against their own pets. That’s huge, one in three children in abusive households. Other abusers use family pets as a form of control over the family by either threatening or following through with the violence against the family pets….

…In fact, most animal abusers often feel powerless and have a warped sense of self and find their power in dominating another person or animal. These abusers pick defenseless and voiceless victims, children and animals…

(It) is imperative for law enforcement and law makers to understand the importance of recognizing animal abuse as a true felony crime punishable by real prison sentences. It also shows the importance of having an animal abuse registry nationwide which would alert not only shelters and rescues and save countless animals from future harm and/or death, it would also save human suffering as well. Animal abuse is, by and large a potential future indicator of domestic violence and criminal behaviors.

Now this weekend was a horrendous incident in NYC, what is going on in NYC lately??? anyway, a brainless woman left her YOUNG KIDS alone with three dogs locked in cages supposedly, but her boyfriend had trained the dog to be A KILLER…  well, I think I will just go out now and leave my kids alone with a trained killer… She should go to jail because she left her children IN HARM’s WAY… one of her children was killed and so starts the drumbeat of the media, if you call the New York Daily News media… should pit bulls be banned… and should ALL dangerous dogs be banned…

the paper could not decide whether the dog was a mastiff, pit bull or Cane Corso, but should pit bulls be banned, and the dog who killed the kid was wait for it…


it was a Cane Corso, an Italian bred dog trained to KILL by the mothers boyfriend…

this about sums it up, what someone wrote as a comment on a post,

first off – it was a cane corso mix, not a pit. secondly, the mother’s boyfriend taught it to attack and bite! he would wear a bite suit and encourage the dog to bite! so why are people blaming the breed?! the guy trained his dog to do this and then the stupid people left a trained aggressive dog alone with their child! idiots!”

NY Daily News has two polls on website called “Deadly Dog: Are pit bulls unsafe animals to have in apartments?” 62% have voted “No, they are wonderful dogs, it’s the people who abuse them that make them violent.”

There are two polls, one on the front page listed above…

and this one which last time I looked was in favor of banning dangerous dogs in the US by 50 something %… yes, blame the dogs… this is crazy

Poll Results

Should the U.S. ban certain types of deadly dogs?
Yes, some dogs are bred to be killers, they should be outlawed. 59%
No, a dog is not a weapon, it’s a pet, we don’t need more laws. 37%
I don’t know. 4%

They want to ban ALL DOGS in the US deemed dangerous… that means YOUR DOG.

and write to them.  Tell them what you think… and

yeah, it was the dog’s fault NOT, what part of JONES TRAINED THE DOGS TO KILL do people NOT get???  Jones and the mother SHOULD BE CHARGED WITH MURDER


and meanwhile in Monterey County, a known child abuser/molester of 50 KIDS is NOT IN JAIL…


this week he said sex was consensual



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itchy dogs don’t have fleas

Apparently it is very common for dogs to have/develop the itchies. Fleas were ruled out by the vet. So I have been doing research about what to do about my itchy dog. Cici suddenly appears to have allergies and has become itchier than normal, chewing and licking on her paws.  Of course, nothing stops her from rolling around in the grass, eating grass.


Here’s a photo don’t know if you can see the discoloration on her paw but this is NOT normal for her.  She was sleepy and not being very cooperative about taking the photo so may have to take another one later.

She was eating raw food patties and Paul Newman’s kibble. And we ran out and I got Dogswell kibble. Could that be the culprit?

We are experimenting with her food including giving her Mulligan Stew, canned turkey and chicken. She LOVES the food and so far, she is still itchy, it is only a couple of days on this food though.

A friend recommended Ziwi Peak, which looks great, is from New Zealand and is rather costly.

Am also thinking of going back to feeding her a partly raw diet, with patties from Stella and Chewy’s.

She LOVES Dr. Harvey’s and Honest Kitchen, also pricey.  We have tried Thrive, YUM, and not tried the Keen Thrive is grain free, Keen is low gluten.

Have fed her chicken that I make for myself as well as turkey.  No grains work best for her.

And I even started giving her some Bach Flowers Rescue Remedy drops as well as Raw Apple Cider Vinegar mixed with water and Lavendar Essential Oil.

Could be overkill. Am not up for having her do steroids or take an allergy test so that is what we’re doing.

Here’s some articles I found helpful, too.


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Pet Food Revolution

love Jamie Oliver and his Food Revolution, saw an episode last night where he dressed up as a tomato and other outrageous stuff in Los Angeles. The LAUSD blocked him from going into any of the schools / kitchens, what are they hiding? UGH…

He did a demo with a cow showing people what the disgusting pink slime crap is that is fed to kids… leftover scraps from cow meat goes into a bucket, ammonia is poured over it and then it is minced or something and that is what is fed to kids, mystery slime…

and he made a comment that made me ANGRY. He said people can feed that garbage to dogs because they can eat it. NO WAY.  I wrote to him and told him there is NOT a chance I would feed that to my fur baby… She deserves better, too.

In fact, I find that attitude reprehensible. People have an idea that dogs and cats, hey they’re just a dog or just a cat, NO RESPECT, Jamie Oliver, for the animals. Our pets are four legged friends who deserve kindness, too. And better diets than the crap given to them from the grocery stores/pet stores.

In the 90’s I did some research about cat food since my cats kept throwing up. I almost threw up when I found out what was in most commercial cat food.

Ok this is graphic and disgusting so if you do not have the stomach, see ya later.

what do you think that they do with the millions of dead dog and cat carcasses from shelters across the country. Yes, indeed they send them to rendering plants. And the rendering plants turn DEAD DOGS AND CATS into dog and cat food. I kid you NOT.

Not to mention all of the other shit like feces, pus, hairs, and stuff, yummy.  From that moment on, I stopped buying commercial cat food and started feeding my cats Flint River Ranch. My knowledge and research has evolved since then to feeding Cici grain-free foods and organic foods, meat from free range cows, not factory farmed cooped up and bred to die animals who are full of antibiotics, hormones, fear and terror and sickness.

Research done on rendering plants that sell meat to pet food companies found that the rendering plants accept everything from road kill, dead zoo animals and euthanized pets from both shelters and veterinary clinics. One such plant was found to have rendered 11 tons of dogs and cats in one week! Another plant in California reported processing an average of 200 ton of dogs and cats per month.

Foods your dog should not eat

Our animals deserve SO MUCH BETTER than to eat dead dogs and cats.


Here is a list of companies and the pet foods they manufacture. Huge food manufacturers use pet food companies as a cheap and profitable way of disposing of the waste from their human food manufacturing plants.

* Nestle: Alpo, Fancy Feast, Friskies, Mighty Dog, Purina

* Heinz: 9 lives, Amore, Gravy Train, Kibbles-n-Bits, Nature’s Recipe

* Colgate-Palmolive: Hill’s Science Diet

* Proctor & Gamble: Iams, Eukanuba

* Mars: Kal Kan, Mealtime, Sheba, Waltman’s



and Jamie Oliver deserves a swift slap upside the head for saying that dogs can eat pink slime.

Thank you.

This video is not about pet food but it is important to learn this info about Aspartame, Chicken McNuggets, GE/GMO Frankenfood (corn, cottonseed, soy) and other so-called food stuff that is ILLEGAL in other countries around the world.

If the video makes you mad/ill, then STOP BUYING FAST FOOD, COMMERCIAL BRANDS AT GROCERY STORE CHAINS, TAKE YOUR POWER BACK and join the COFFEE PARTY MOVEMENT… Just found out about this on Facebook.

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Patrick’s custody at stake

If you are obsessed, you have already seen the latest updates from NJ SPCA, the Captain…

Patrick’s custody hearing is on June 2. Not sure when Kisha Curtis goes to trial before the Grand Jury.

Here are the updates including a photo… what a gorgeous guy, huh… what a difference two months of tender loving care has made thanks to GSVS Hospital doctors and staff !!!

NJ SPCA To All: Have to share one great thing about Patrick with you. To Patrick every morning is a new adventure and Patrick could actually care less if it is hot or cold, sunny or raining, calm or windy….Patrick bursts outside and loves whatever the day brings, I love that about him…. Capt

The Patrick Miracle
in case you missed this: NJSPCA knew that seeking and supporting a Court Order to keep Patrick at GSVS could possibly restrict regular updates. It was a risk worth taking to make sure that Patrick remained at GSVS and continued his recovery. Tough not to be able to update regularily but am sure the end result will prove that it was a risk that paid off for Patrick. Capt. Yocum

This is a good recount of past events/issues regarding Patrick…including his back story and the reason for the custody battle… Basically, many allege that it is AHS greed. AHS does not have a very good reputation, it is a high kill place. Been some terrible incidents of fraud and adopting out an aggressive dog that was supposed to be euthanized to an elderly woman who was mauled by the dog.

Many of Patrick’s fans want Patrick to be adopted by the GSVS staff member who he has bonded with and who loves him.

Is it Saturday Blog Hopping time already? Time goes fast when you have a dog blog… Happy Memorial weekend, be safe. And don’t forget to check out Life with Dogs and Two Little Cavaliers and catch the code right here…


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ban media who support animal abusers

NBC interviewed Coffee’s abuser owner’s daughter… hmmmmm and the “interviewer” went straight to the guy’s house… such a credible witness, the guy’s DAUGHTER…  you would think that it was Mr. Rogers checking out the neighborhood on NBC.   Here boys and girls, now we come to the poor victim of Coffee, her abuser owner who makes money off of her misery. Now this poor guy is being harassed by crazy animal nuts who think that dogs should not have to earn money to feed their loser owner. After all the guy is a dog trainer (can you imagine Cesar Milan dressing up his dog and panhandling for hours?) and he is just trying to feed his family with the measly $75-400 a day his dog makes. Pish tosh. Nothing to worry about here, folks.  Seriously????


Like the “reporter” Facebook page and let him know what you think of his “investigation.”

the poor abuser only has SIX dogs to abuse. Suddenly Coffee has teeth when in the other photos she did not have teeth, oh she must have been wearing doggie dentures for her close-up on NBC and acted all like a puppy when in other videos she looked TERRIFIED plus she has been BRED to have how many babies… gee… and of course the dog was not wearing the shock collar when the NBC crew, CBS and ASPCA came by. not rocket science, folks.

After all, we all know that an abuser would not dare try to fool anyone… HAH !!!

and of course a daughter would NEVER lie for her father…

the apple does not fall far from the tree

like father like son

like mother like daughter

We can no longer afford to condone the breeding and in-breeding of animal abusers.  For the safety of our children, our community, our nation…



What happens when abusers monster babies have babies? Babies of monsters BECOME BIGGER monsters and these BIGGER monsters become FRANKEN MONSTERS !!!

Killing innocents with their Bare Hands

Committing heinous Crimes Against Humanity

Their Looks Can Kill… Their Hands are Weapons

it is well documented that animal abusers become human abusers. all known serial killers began abusing animals and moved on to killing people. Therefore it is important to END the cycle by banning animal abusers from having children. This way their sordid, despicable and inhuman behavior will not be passed on to children for generations.

In other words, it should be illegal for animal abusers to procreate.

Consider that if an animal abuser abandons, neglects, tortures, maims, harms, and/or kills an animal, what they will do to their children.  In order to STOP the abuse, STOP the reproductive cycle in its tracks.

Save the taxpayers money.

End the abuse of the innocents

Make them pay for their deeds

Sterilize Animal Abusers for Life


The ASPCA is like Social Services. They find NO ABUSE, and then shake their head when a couple of months later the person is dead.

Adding insult to INJURY, NBC, CBS and the ASPCA condone animal abusers and tell the world that it was all just a big misunderstanding… people, you did not see what you saw, you did not hear what you heard, move on… The media and ASPCA should be charged for obstructing JUSTICE and considered animal abusers best friends, all part of the problem in Gotham City… Corruption in NYC, News NOT at 11 p.m.

NBC DID NOT AIR their interview with Jason Long, the ACCUSER of the ABUSER due to “technical difficulties.”  Yeah, sure right and if you believe that, I will sell you a bridge in NYC…

Here is Jason Long’s interview that DID NOT air…

And isn’t it interesting that suddenly videos of the abuser abusing Coffee have disappeared off of Youtube. Just a coincidence no doubt. And what other observers of the abuse must also be crazy animal nuts, too huh…

Something VERY disturbing and FISHY is going on here…

Anyone with EYES can see and here are some EYEWITNESS ACCOUNTS of Coffee’s Abuse:

We train service dogs and DO NOT ever use e-collars. From what I am reading in the media it appears Coffee is being abused. He is being forced to remain in an unshaded area on a hot surface unable to pant, his nasal passages covered, forced to remain in a seated position, not able to lay down or to urinate if needed. I do question the remote device…This is all cruel.

I saw her after a game last year. It was crazy hot and humid and she was wearing clothes and was standing like a statue with that pipe in her mouth. My friends and I felt really bad for her and we thought she must be overheated and uncomfortable. We did not see any water for her.

Saw her one time she was forced to wear child’s underwear, it was about 90 out and she had about 3 scarfs and all that gear PLUS underwear. no water…

Call / email or twitter Sarah Lee on 92.3 and thank her for suggesting that people donate DOG TREATS instead of money and for believing that Coffee is being abused. And ask her to help RESCUE Coffee and the other dogs.!/SarahLeeGETIT

Contact Cesar Millan, Rachael Ray, SAVE COFFEE NOW TODAY !!!



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dogs deserve so much better

Update: Sad news… not only has there been a lawsuit with allegations of a stolen dog, but now the organization’s leader, Tamira Thayne, is being accused of misappropriation of funds and other illegal actions. She has been living on the property. There were 150 rescue reps around the country, now there are 25. Shannon Allen, the national rescue coordinator just quit.  And now it seems that the Good Newz Rehab Center is a bust, going belly up.,0,2898847.story


Tamira from Dogs Deserve Better has rescued about 150 dogs off of chains…  Cici cannot imagine why humans would have dogs at all if they just put them outside on chains and never cuddle with them, play, and enjoy one another.

a happy tail from the road…

Skipper, formerly named “Spike” has been fostered at my house for over a year. Skipper was found on an outer road chained to a tree with another dog “Walker”. Skipper was very skiddish when he came off the chain, very jumpy, he did not like to be pet or have any affection, but in a year’s time he has come a long way and now loves to… snuggle!  Now the dog has been adopted by a grad college student, very responsible, named Hanna.  Congratulations !!!

The nonprofit organization has a network of people around the country who rescue dogs off of chains and dogs who are penned up.

Changing laws

Heather Carpenter, an Orlando Florida Dogs Deserve Better rep, has compiled a basic ‘to-do’ list for changing laws… check it out… there are letters and step by step instructions.

The good news is there are communities across the United States that DO have laws regarding chaining. Dogs Deserve Better favorites are Maumelle, Arkansas; Okaloosa, Florida; New Hanover, North Carolina; Lawton, Oklahoma; and Electra, Texas. where dogs are not allowed to be chained outside AT ALL! Other communities have laws which permit chaining, but only for a limited time.

Dogs Deserve Better is turning Bad Newz Kennels into GOOD NEWS.  On July 15 the property will be open for visitors, the public is welcome. DDB  needs A LOT of volunteers to get fencing up and a lot of work to be done in preparation and they need donations to make this all happen for the dogs…

In California, there are laws that a dog cannot be on a chain for longer than three hours.  This was news to me since my neighbors had their dog Lola on a chain 24/7… have not heard Lola in awhile and am wondering what happened to her. I hope that the people gave her away to someone who is giving her a good loving home.

Tamira suggests if you see a dog being abused or on a chain, to take photos and videos for evidence as many as you can.  Then contact Animal Control (local), SPCA, the police, the proper authorities. including rescue groups in your area. If they take care of the problem, great. If not, make a big fuss. Be vocal and visible. Start a Facebook page. Contact the media. Get a group together yourself. Be a Light. Be a Presence. Make phone calls, write letters, start petitions. Do all that you need to do to Get the Dog to Safety, a new Loving Forever Home, if necessary.

More info/tips:

Happy Dog… may they ALL be…


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Media Circus Shows True Colors

Update:   I did finally hear from Jason several times. I think his heart is in the right place, especially after seeing the video from NBC that did not air. Either the abusers are paying people off or NYC is just plain corrupt. Corruption all over Gotham City, news NOT at 11 p.m.  Something is fishy in NYC. Apparently Coffee is still with her abusers/owners even though one of the co-founders of Best Friends told me that the ASPCA have the authority to go in and take the dog away. So that means that either the abuser is paying them off, they are NOT doing their job or ???? Jason thinks she is safe because he thinks that the owners won’t do anything to their meal ticket.  I hope they are right.  And I PRAY that Coffee is rescued soon and has a NEW HOME where she can get ALL OF THE LOVE  and CARE SHE DESERVES…

I still think that Coffee should have been rescued FIRST… and Jason means well but is naive and/or listening to the wrong people. Experts smexperts…

The NBC TV news segment that did air is ridiculous. They interviewed someone related to the abusers who kept evading and looking down PLUS SHE IS RELATED TO THEM. And that dog is NOT the same dog. They did not air the interview with Jason due to technical difficulties which is just B.S.  See for yourself, compare the video of the dog Coffee on the show on NBC and the dog shown on the show where they won $2000. NOT THE SAME DOG.

God please keep Coffee SAFE and ALIVE…

I don’t care if the whole world thinks that I am crazy or wrong or out of line or a B I T C H (as Tabatha Coffey said on The Talk (don’t remember her words, these are MINE)…






i spoke with someone recently who with the Courage of their Convictions, got arrested for helping to rescue a dog who was being abused… Wise or Foolish???  You decide… but I admire people who ACT on what they Believe, WALK THEIR TALK, they are RARE… most people like to run their mouths and when push comes to shove, show their lack of courage and conviction… long on Excuses why they can’t DO anything.

I’ll be the first one to be HAPPY and RELIEVED to know that I was wrong… but I do KNOW the POWER of the MEDIA and it seems that the GLARE of the SPOTLIGHT has DAZZZZZZLED some people’s Brains and FOOLED them into egotistical thinking instead of WHAT IS BEST FOR THE ANIMAL which SHOULD BE the FIRST NUMBER ONE Priority.

Why should these dogs Have to Pay ANYMORE for the Price of their Fame that they DID NOT ask for????

I am here to poke MY LIGHT into the deep dark crevices of People’s TRUE Heart’s Intentions (not what they say but what they DO)…It is amazing what self-proclaimed animal lovers DO when push comes to shove. Ugh.

First case in point, is about Patrick the Miracle Dog, who’s celebrity fame and status has put him in the midst of a custody battle… On June 2, a judge will decide his fate… and I for one am very concerned about the outcome. I know that other people are, too… But how many are questioning the role of the media and Facebook in this??? Well, that is what I am here to point out that perhaps if Patrick was not plastered all over Facebook and the media, his custody would not be an issue. I also know that Patrick’s story has woken up a lot of people around the world and spurred people on to do GOOD…

All I am suggesting is that Patrick’s Fame has been a double edged sword leading to trolls, scammers and other abusers of animals to crawl out of the woodwork clamoring for a piece of the Patrick fame pie as well as awakening GOOD people who have done amazing things like donating to their local shelters, getting animals adopted and working to change animal abuse awareness and laws.

Now the second case that had me sick and crying all night… Coffee… As I said, I do hope and pray that I am wrong about this, but I kept warning before the media circus erupted that Coffee, the Abused Dog at Met’s Games in NYC that Coffee should have been taken OUT OF HARM’S WAY first before any media spotlight was shone upon her abuse.  In my humble opinion.

Alas, I was NOT listened to and Coffee was NOT at the Yankees game on Sunday, according to the Wall Street Journal, so am worried about the story of her abuse plastered all over the Internet and Media that the low lives who have been abusing her, what will they do? how will they react? Is COFFEE IS NOW IN POTENTIALLY A MORE HARMFUL SITUATION THAN SHE HAS BEEN IN???  Or have the abusers just paid off the ASPCA and not worried about a thing. Business as usual.

Do we know what these low lives will do? Well, we have some clues… they have been willing to dress her up, put a shock collar on her, taken all of her teeth out of her mouth and made her sit in the hot sun, rain and all kinds of weather for HOURS a day WITHOUT food, water or being able to BREATHE OR MOVE for FOUR YEARS, making money off of their abuse of her… terrifying her… zapping her every time she dared to move…MAKING MONEY OFF OF HER…

what makes us think that once CAUGHT IN THE ACT IN PUBLIC that they are suddenly going to become paragons of decency and morality and DO WHAT IS RIGHT FOR THE DOG????


That is the sickening Question…


I do NOT give a rat’s behind about doing things the RIGHT way (whatever that is), or about authorities or rescue groups. All I want to know and All I keep asking, IS Coffee Safe and OUT of Harm’s Way Now, Today???  Jason seems to think Yes.

Does the Cheese Stand ALONE, What do YOU Think????


my hope for Coffee:

Media Circus–122493589.html

people have told me to hope for the best… well, ok, but HOPE has to be based on something not just on THIN AIR… or because people do not want to think about it or question anything or are in DENIAL of the TRUTH…

Look at how many people walked by Patrick on that railing and DID NOT CARE ENOUGH TO DO ANYTHING and how many MILLIONS OF PEOPLE WALKED BY COFFEE FOR FOUR YEARS…

so am I now to HOPE that ANYBODY gave a hoot enough to rescue Coffee before the Media Blitz????

I am an optimistic realist not a PIE IN THE SKY believer … Can Fairy Tales Come True??? Absolutely… Do I believe in Miracles??? YES… AND I also know the dark side of human nature from Mother Theresa who said that She Saw the HITLER WITHIN herself and decided to then GO FORTH AND DO GOOD… (am paraphrasing)…

How MANY people do YOU know willing to SEE THE HITLER WITHIN THEMSELVES LIKE MOTHER THERESA????  Yeah, not too many…

Better to point the finger OUT THERE…

I am the first one willing to admit / confess that I DO NOT DO well with Uncertainty… and that yes, I DO MAKE MISTAKES… some horrendous ones… but if there is one thing I learned from my BIGGEST MISTAKE   (my marriage) is that HAVING YOUR HEAD UP YOUR A–HOLE MAY NOT BE THE BEST VIEW/PERSPECTIVE… I was in Fantasy, Delusion, Illusion and wishin/hopin and REFUSED to see what was right in front of my EYES… My friends told me but NOPE I wanted to Believe what I wanted to Believe and I WAS WRONG… DEAD WRONG… and I HAVE PAID AND PAID AND PAID AND PAID AND PAID the Price for being so naive and foolish and just plain stupid…

As I once said in a poem Marriage on the Rocks,

But soon I learned
you just can’t win
An argument
With a mountain.,,

I was trying to PREVENT A DISASTER with Coffee that I could see brewing… and I still HOPE that I am WRONG and that it is not a disaster AND the ONLY REAL HOPE I have is based upon My Belief in the Divine… who hopefully has ANGELS surrounding Coffee as I speak… protecting that poor abused fur baby…

or else there is a Higher Purpose/Good for this Disaster…

Jason, thank you for bringing this to light and again, I HOPE and PRAY you can get Coffee to safety.


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to rescue or not to rescue, that is the question

Rescuing Animals is not for Wussies Anymore

Maybe it never was.

And the right way to rescue an animal and what Not to do depends upon the situation… and people want easy answers that apply to EVERY situation.. but it just ain’t so.

sometimes getting media and contacting authorities works and sometimes being sneaky, smart and thinking outside the box works. and sometimes it is difficult to know the difference. there were some situations this week that broke my heart. One with a dog named Apollo who had an amazing video. He was in a shelter in South Los Angeles and was scheduled to be euthanized on Friday. I found out about him on wed or thursday. It was a crisis situation according to the postings on Facebook. Numerous people like myself were touched by the video and wanted to help. A group of us spent hours talking, posting, coordinating, and coming up with plans to pull Apollo from the shelter on Friday morning. In the end, what happened was all of our plans fell apart. The shelter gave Apollo to someone, we know not who, they did not screen the person and that was that. No further information.  I am left heartbroken, would like to hope for the best but who knows. Not knowing is HORRIBLE.

According to Donna Reynolds of BadRap, a long time pit bull rescuer and trainer and former V-dog rescuer…

To be perfectly honest, we HATE the crisis marketing that’s becoming so popular on facebook because it’s literally sending dogs to inappropriate homes (and in many cases, right back to die in different shelters) all over the country.

I’ve taken a few of these dogs away from overwhelmed do-gooders and I have to tellya, the dogs were NOT living a quality life despite having been “saved.” They’re being shuffled and re-homed again and again until they disappear off the face of the earth.

Best way to help the dogs is still the old fashioned way … Pull the dogs that don’t get adopted into a legitimate, educated rescue, suss out any behavior issues and match them to an appropriate home.  I don’t know any other way to do it.

And now there is another situation in NYC. Not with a dog in a shelter but a dog named Coffee who has been abused for years, made to sit still for 6-9 hOURS a day, no food, no water, pipe in its mouth, with a shock collar, at Mets and Yankee games to make money for its owner Charlie from Queens (if that is his real name, we found different names on various media articles), there is a father and son and another owner who switch off) who apparently makes more than $400 a day. ASPCA has been contacted, as has the Mets, the stadium and a petition and a Facebook page has been created.

I found out about this situation yesterday and it is making me ill. Apparently the group does not want to act irrationally (like distracting the owner and getting the dog away from him), but want to keep contacting authoriies who are NOT doing anything and contacting the media who are taking photos and also not doing anything. So let’s say that the media give this story LOTS OF attention and the owner gets spooked? His jig is up and what happens to the dog??????

what is going to happen to this dog????   is there a plan in place???  Please am NOT suggesting doing anything illegal, STUPID or RASH…

OK, apparently according to some sources there is a plan in place, I do NOT know what it is, nor do I need to know, just pray that it works and that the dog is safely gotten away from this abuser as soon as possible.

Look at the difference between the other dogs and Coffee and this says the son’s name is Norberto not Charles… they won $2000 on this show…

In the meanwhile, if you want to do something, call the ASPCA Humane Law Enforcement department at (212) 876-7700, ext. 4450. This five year old dog has NO TEETH and she’s being forced to sit there in terror of being electocuted if she so much as moves, the pipe is being taped to the inside of her mouth. This is cruelty and abuse. Flood the damn phone with calls.   ASPCA Humane Law Enforcement department at (212) 876-7700, ext. 4450. Call the Mayor of NYC.  Call the NY Times. Call Rachael Ray.  There is also a link on the NY Mets website where people can send feedback. You can access the link here.

And then there is another situation… a dog was rescued from a shelter and the person who is taking care of the dog has been harassed, slandered, libeled and lied about to the point where she had to file police reports and is suing people. The people trashed her facebook pages, contacted her friends, and questioned her every move. They were mean, cruel and indifferent to the plight of the dog.

What is going on in this world where animals are treated so badly IN PUBLIC and people in NYC walk on by and DO NOTHING, when people who DO GOOD get trashed in public, and animal shelters are so desperate to get animals adopted that they stoop to Crisis Marketing and adopt dogs out to people that they DO NOT EVEN BOTHER TO SCREEN????  Not to mention all of the crazy animal abusers who do horrific things to their animals.

And WHY does Facebook seem to DO NOTHING about all of the trashers, haters, trolls and bullies on Facebook who harass other people?

These are words of wisdom:

The Patrick Movement Tennessee
Reality is, we can not save all abused animals! Until the govt starts enforcing felony charges, we are basically chasing our tail. I think these sites would be more productive by focusing on your local homeless animals and rescue groups. Posting animals ready for adoption, adoption days for local rescue groups, rather than all of the horrible pictures of tortured and abused animals.

Oh yes, there is another situation… if someone has a dog fighting operation on Facebook, a page that promotes dog fighting and cruelty and violence, then people are encouraged to take screen shots, forget about reporting to Facebook, but to report to the police, FBI and Interpol…

Interpol official site – International Criminal Police Organization – ICPO

Contact Interpol

Interpol official site – International Criminal Police Organization – ICPO – Rapid access to official, controlled information.

And if there is a dog on chains, these are the folks to tell… they are also raising money (donations) to buy the old Bad Newz Kennels to turn it into a Good News rehab center for formerly chained dogs.

Dogs Deserve Better, Inc. PO Box 23, Tipton, PA 16684 Toll Free 1.877.636.1408 814.941.7447

Cici and I pray all are safe and smart and DOING GOOD… (not always the right way)…ok, Cici might not be with me if people who love animals followed ALL the rules … she probably would be dead or maimed for life… just saying…


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pets rapture madness

People are making Rapture jokes like there’s no tomorrow…

some of it is hilarious and funny

hilarious rapture day,

cat rapture

after rapture party on facebook

May 21, 2011 at 6 p.m.  is apparently when the rapture is going to occur. After all the Christian Extremists and likewise lunatics are gone, it will be time to PARTY! Who’s in?!

Note: Just like with other religions, not all Christians are extremists.

Random acts of Rapture

Saturday, May 21 · 6:00pm – 11:30pm


Created By

More Info
Everyone should set out a full outfit of clothing on park benches, at bus stops, in restaurants, on sidewalks, literally anywhere and pose them as if people were taken in the rapture. You can include dog leashes and collars, too. Post a picture of your Random Act of Rapture!

sing along with the rapture

pocketful of sunshine, take me awaaaaay, a secret place, a sweet escape…

and some not so funny…

are people going to use the rapture as another excuse to NOT be responsible for their pets????

Eternal Earthbound Pets will go by your home, pick up your dog or cat, and place it in the home of a pet-loving atheist who will take care of it for the remainder of its life, all for just $135.

this bothers me, and of course, look at the photo… what breed of dog …


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