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happy 5 years old

wow, time flies when you rescue a puppy and write about her… my baby is all grown up now !

Happy Birthday to my dear sweet polka dot princess Cici !

August 1 is my cici’s fifth birthday… and there are a few items she really wants… a new collar, leash, bed, if you would like to give her a gift, here’s our wish list,​s/ciciwriter/ thanks !!!

Dear Cici,

Woof woof!

We want to wish you a very Happy Birthday full of love and joy and tail wagging. We are thrilled to be able to celebrate it with you!

Cici will be profiled today with other birthday doggies on Dogster’s special Birthday Stroll.

Since it’s your birthday we want to give you something special, so we have given you 25 Dogster bones and one vote of 5 Paws! Dogster loves you!

Your Friends at Dogster


from Fetch Dog:


While you weren't looking we ruffed our this birthday Wish List Cici


We are invited to a local seafood restaurant at Fisherman’s Wharf with a pet friendly patio so am thinking I shall bring the polka dot princess there for lunch. She has her own menu, choice of burger or chicken patty served on a frisbee, woof !  Will tell you MORE about it after we go… it’s on Fisherman’s Wharf and a local favorite called Abalonetti’s. Lots of calamari, fish and chips, pasta, abalone, clam chowder and other freshly caught seafood. Yum.

Would like to go on a whale watching tour, but not with Cici. She’d be licking everyone on the boat and if she could, she would probably kiss the whales and dolphins, too 🙂

The Gilroy Garlic Festival is going on this weekend, was hoping to go but looks like it’s not going to happen.

if I were going to have a barkday party for Cici, first I’d invite all of her furry friends, including all of YOU…and your puppies…

We’d have pizza full of ham, sausage, bacon and liver… doggie meat lovers pie !

a peanut butter and cheese cake

treat and toy gift bags

Bowser Beer


play Smash the M. Vick Pinada

Chew the Tail off the M. Vick doll

Chase, wrestle, roll over and run on the grass


Dog Singer/Piano Player

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wild about cici

I get emails from folks wanting me to hawk their products all the time, from dog food to books that have nothing to do with dogs to all sorts of weird and sundry items. A few months ago, someone said they would send me a gift t-shirt but they did not have my size in any of the t-shirts I picked out. Never heard from them again.

So then I get an email from Deborah from Three Dogz products. And I was cranky as usual. But she persevered kindly and invited me to go to her website and pick out a t-shirt that she would send to me as a sample. After going back and forth via email with questions, I finally picked out a color and a saying I liked. She said that she would send along a little something extra, too.

Imagine my surprise then when I received a package that was like dog mom xmas in july… not only did she send me one t-shirt, not two, not three, but FOUR t-shirts, two organic ones, with various sayings, one polka dotty one with Wild About Cici on it, customized, in other words, plus a mouse pad and a matching coffee/tea coaster (smaller one). Plus there was “Just Enough” Paw Print Tissue for gift bags as well as the “Ribbon by the Yard”. “The Wild About Cici” shirt (which comes with a matching doggie shirt) was sent with a matching window decal and a couple of bandanas for Cici so we could match!  Talk about going the extra mile.  Four paws up !

I love her website, too. It is very user friendly and has lots of options to choose from, with a bunch of different colors to sizes to sayings. And all sorts of items. There are even breed specific love t-shirts and products. And t-shirts for doggie dads, too.

And the shirts are nice quality and fit.  Look at this one…

What are you waiting for? Check it out.  And tell Deborah that Cici and I sent you.

I’m just wild about Cici, she’s not being so wild about me, but that’s another story… if/when some time today I can get the most awesome polka dot princess in the universe to wear her bandana and pose for a photo, I will post it right here so that I can utilize the photo for tonight’s Saturday Blog Hop … or not, we shall see… she has not been very cooperative this week…ok here is the bug, best I could do,


anyway, did you hear about the coyote who went into the Quizno’s store in Orange county (near LA)? On the news last night… must have been a boycotting Subway coyote, k9 solidarity !!!

well, Cici, August 1 is her birthday and she will be FIVE YEARS OLD already… created a wish list at Giving Paw if anyone wants to give her a gift, she would love a new collar, leash, bed and so on… thanks !

Now it is time for the Saturday Blog Hop, so here we go, hopping thanks to Life with Dogs, Two Little Cavaliers, and Confessions from the Plume and catch the code here


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fleas and allergies and bites on dogs, oh my

Cici is still itchy and scratching herself, but after discussing the situation with Dr. Harvey’s office and Dr. Richmond’s office, I’ve been putting coconut oil on her skin and she is loving the taste of it too. I LOVE essential oils but Cici has had strong reactions to them sensitive girl that she is. Coconut oil is supposed to help with itchies and a lot of other situations. Am going to start taking it myself as well. We also got some spirulina. (Read about the health benefits at Dr. Mercola’s website).   I love Dr. Harvey’s herbal protection shampoo, smells yummy and has all good organic ingredients. Cici survived her bath. And she is eating Dr. Harvey’s Canine Health.  Only thing is that yesterday something bit her. And I got bit, too. Do not know what the bites are from. Ugh.

Once she got the hang of it, she LOVED having her belly and chest rubbed with the coconut oil (raw unrefined) and licked it off my fingers, too.  I think we have a winner.

Coconut oil has strong antibacterial, antiviral, and antifungal functions. Coconut oil alleviatesskin allergy symptoms (e.g. itching, dry skin and hair coat) and protects the skin against cancerous growths. When used topically, coconut oil can:

  • Disinfect cuts and promote wound healing.
  • Improve dogs’ skin and hair condition, making the hair coat smooth and shiny. It can also eliminate the dog’s body odor.
  • Clear up numerous skin problems, such as warts, eczema, dandruff, precancerous lesions, ringworm, bites and stings.

an interview with Dr. Annette Richmond, holistic vet in Pacific Grove, California

do you have general suggestions for dogs who are itchy?  what do you look for and/or what should pet owners consider if their dog is constantly itchy, scratching and licking their paws?

Of course check for basic things like fleas first. If none, then I am thinking a food or environmental allergy. So then I always start with looking at the diet. A diet that is NO grain, high quality and easily digestible proteins, preferably organic is what I recommend.

Raw food is the best. Home cooking is terrific too. But if those options don’t appeal to the owner, then the brands I recommend include; Taste of the Wild, Orijen, Wellness, just to name a few.

Eliminating any treats that don’t fall in that category too. Supplementing with fish oils is therapeutic for itchy skin as it is a natural anti-inflammatory.

Use shampoo that contains therapeutic quality lavender oil and chamomile on a weekly basis, a high quality shampoo with oil will not dry out the skin. There are a few homeopathic anti-itch remedies as well.

Environmental allergies are tricky to diagnose, but all the above will help with that too. A blood test is easily performed to check for either food or environmental allergies.

are certain breeds more susceptible to fleas or allergies?

Yes, there are certain breeds affected by skin problems. All the breeds with extra skin folds: English bulldogs, Shar-peis, Mastiffs, and Pugs. Other breeds include: Golden Retrievers, Labrador Retrievers, Boxers, and West Highland Terriers.

are allergies seasonal or get worse during hay fever time? do dogs get hay fever? are there plants/grasses that make dogs sneeze and itch?

Some allergies are definitely seasonal for pets, as there are many environmental grasses and trees that make dogs itchy. So if these are in bloom, or growing well, dogs can be adversely affected by them. Dogs usually don’t sneeze like people, but may have inflamed eyes and discharge from the eyes.

how can pet owners prevent or treat fleas and allergies naturally?

Essential oils are a wonderful flea and tick repellent for dogs. Cats are too sensitive to the oils and I don’t recommend them for cats. One product line I carry is Only Natural Pet, they have an oil that is put along the back of the dog once weekly and also a spray to put on anytime the dog is going out. This product line also carries a flea powder that is made of diatomaceous earth which dries up the flea eggs and larva, and also contains essential oils as a repellent (this powder is safe for cats). These types of essential oils are used by humans for the same effect.

best diet/foods for dogs with allergies, sensitivities, digestive issues?

Organic, no grain, high quality protein. I recommend raw food whenever possible. There are many raw food brands. Starting the dog off slowly with just little bits to get them used to it, and supplementing their diet until they eat only raw food is the purest diet that their digestive tract is designed to handle. Raw meats can also be cooked if owners prefer. I also recommend probiotics and digestive enzymes along with the meat.

what do you think about comfortis and over the counter flea treatments? drugs for allergies (steroids)?

I don’t like to use any of the strong flea medications, they do build up in the environment and because there aren’t any long term studies on these products, I don’t feel comfortable recommending them for ongoing treatment. However, if an owner is dealing with a severe infestation, doing one dose after a good bath may be required once in a while. Many general practitioners will give steroids without trying some of these other treatments first. Only in very severe cases is a steroid warranted.

any other thoughts about itchy dogs esp. during summer?

Baths are wonderful with the right type of shampoo that puts good quality oils back onto the skin and all the other things I mentioned above.

About Dr. Richmond

Dr. Annette Richmond graduated from UC Davis School of Veterinary Medicine in 1997. She became a certified veterinary acupuncturist through the International Veterinary Acupuncture Society which is a world recognized certification program. Dr. Richmond has been integrating acupuncture in to her practice since 1999, and has continued the study of natural medicine, Eastern and Western herbology, homeopathy, flower essences, healthful diets, and nutraceutical support. She incorporates all of these into her natural medicine clinic to treat most common ailments. The clinic also includes a canine and feline physical rehabilitation component helping pets before and after orthopedic and neurologic surgery, pets that suffer from arthritis, hip dysplasia and much more.

some relevant articles written by Dr. Richmond for Canine Coastal Magazine


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memory lane

Completely off topic… but had to do something fun and light and I was reading other people’s recollections of growing up in the 50 and 60’s…because have been trying to remember this game we played with bottle caps, or maybe it wasn’t a game, but it was something with bottle caps from soda…

so here is what I recall from growing up in Bayside, Queens, NYC  we lived near Bell Boulevard and Union Turnpike and Springfield Boulevard in the Windsor Oaks apartments near to the Windsor Park apartments

local places: Pee Pond (Alley Pond Park), Kiddy City, Ice Skating at Roosevelt Field, Bowling Alley, Fresh Meadows, World’s Fairgrounds, Creedmoor (State mental hospital), Mays in Glen Oaks and Lake Success (Longyland) plus the pizza place, delis, candy stores, luncheonette, diners, five and dime (Woolworth’s) and the hamburger joint near Mays which brought food on Lionel trains

we not only had an assortment of ice cream trucks that came around from Good Humor to Mr Softie all with different sounds, but we also had Chow Chow Cup (Chinese food that came in an edible bowl. The bowl was made of a fried eggroll wrapper), Pizza, Knish Knosh and other foods

we had milk delivered to our apartment, it came in bottles
we also had donuts and cake delivered
we got our ice cream from cows from a farm my dad passed by called Gouz (rhymes with cows)


candy cigarettes
little bottles with sugar water colored
ootton candy
toasted marshmallows
rawhide (apricot) and licorice ropes
filled jelly candies from lower east side nyc

desserts/ice cream stores:
Dunkin Donuts
Jahn’s ice cream parlor, free ice cream sundae on your birthday
charlotte russes (sponge cake topped with whipped cream)

we lived in what we called a court (yard) of garden apartments. we had lots of trees  and grass behind the apartments and played a lot of different street games… including:

stoop ball
something with bottle caps
table hockey
monkey in the middle
jump rope
card games like War, Spades,  Hearts, Casino, 21, Poker, and Rummy
cowboys and indians
king of the mountain/jungle
ball games such as A my name is Alice and I come from Alabama and I make apples (with your spaldeen you bounce the ball and raise your leg over the ball every time the A (or B C D etc) is said, A Alice Alabama Apples
arm wrestling
sledding in winter

we used a hose to cool off…or went to Jones Beach or Far Rockaway

caught caterpillars and fire flies in jars
did not step on sidewalk cracks (it would break your mother’s back)

get dressed up for Halloween
mean boys (usually, sometimes girls) would put huge chunks of hard chalk inside socks and hit you with it

when we were bored inside on snow days :

we’d make phoney phone calls, call people we did not know up and ask if their refrigerator was running and hang up
listen to the radio and make dedications, ask for a particular song to be played for a particular person and hear our names on the radio

came home from school to watch and dance to:

American Bandstand
Soul Train (later)

we played in the playgrounds:
in the sandboxes
on the monkeybars
see-saw or teeter/totter

sang songs and made up songs:
Susie and Johnny sitting in a tree K I S S I N G
First Came Love Then Came Marriage
Then Came Susie with a Baby Carriage

we put on shows, circuses, sometimes to raise money
adults had BBQ’s and Mock Marriages where people would pretend to marry other people’s husbands/wives after they got tipsy drunk
the housewives were Yenta Center (where all the women would sit outside and gossip about everyone in the neighborhood)

played mah jongg

board games like Monolpoly, Chinese checkers

played with

hula hoops
pogo sticks

collected and traded:

baseball cards

we were crafty:

made laniards
pot holders
crocheted baby items
braided chewing gum wrappers into necklaces
pop-it beads
cut out paper dolls
sea shells

imaginary games:

write down how we’d spend a million dollars when the Millionaire John Beresford Tipton came to our house

tea parties

watched TV shows:

Howdy Doody
Little Rascals
Bowery Boys
Lone Ranger
Sky King
Wagon Train
I Love Lucy
Milton Berle
Ed Sullivan
Mickey Mouse Club
Capt. Kangaroo
cartoons (Rocky and Bullwinkle; The Jetsons)
Twilight Zone
Loretta Young
Merv Griffin
Roy Rogers
Donna Reed
George Burns and Gracie Allen
Beat the Clock
Hopalong Cassidy
Jack Benny
Truth or Consequences
You Bet Your Life (Groucho Marx)
Kukla, Fran and Ollie
The Red Skelton Show
My Little Margie
Make Room for Daddy
Life of Riley
Ozzie and Harriet
Father Knows Best
Leave It to Beaver
The Real McCoys
Dobie Gillis
Adventures of Rin Tin Tin
Soupy Sales
I’ve Got a Secret
Dr Kildare
Ben Casey
Abbott and Costello
77 Sunset Strip
Three Stooges


Old Shirley Temple movies

West Side Story

Annette Funicello and Frankie Avalon beach movies

Elvis movies

Musicals: King and I, Sound of Music, Oklahoma

Ben Hur


The Time Machine


Purple People Eater

Lion Sleeps Tonight

Louis, Louis

Duke of Earl

In the Still of the Night

Itsy Bitsy Yellow Polka Dot Bikini

You Don’t Own Me

Que Sera Sera whatever will be will be

Tears on My Pillow

A Teenager in Love

Hey Paula

Book of Love

Who Put the Bop in the Bop de Bop Rama Lama Ding Dong

Tell Laura I Love Her

You Belong To Me


Peppermint Twist

Songs by: Lesley Gore, Dion and the Belmonts, Frankie and the 4 Seasons, Beatles, Supremes, Monkees, Dave Clark 5, Rascals, Bob Dylan, Joan Baez, Judy Collins, Melanie, Roy Orbison, Johnny Mathis, Peter, Paul and Mary, 5th Dimension, Mamas and Papas, Herman’s Hermits, Paul Anka, and others



Cha Cha


Mashed Potatoes

Read comics:

Nancy Drew

we had:

rank out sessions (traded insults) your mother wears army boots;
gave people knucks (hit knuckles hard with baseball cards)

slam books (wrote who was most popular, best dresser, smartest person, etc in class)

cats (alley) who we named and took care of although we were not allowed to have pets in the garden apartments… my cat’s name was Ginger


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Hey Michael Vick

Hey Michael Vick,

you want forgiveness and redemption from us, from me, ok here it is HOW you can EARN it.

My terms.

A 5 step plan.  All steps MUST BE TAKEN. This will require real courage and bravery. Not going to be easy like you are used to having it be in life. No faking it. No excuses. No, my background made me do it. No, when I was 8 years old I followed these bad guys and they desensitized me to violence. No, the spectators made me do it, my friends, my culture, my ignorance, my race made me do it. Cut the crap. No pretending you’ve changed so you can make money. No lies. No dog and pony show for attention. No bravado. No fake tears. No b.s.

1.  Go check yourself into some intensive therapy/counseling for 5-10 years (however long it takes) and discover the truth, own the truth, take real responsibility for what you did to those dogs… find the Hitler within, as Mother Theresa said, and then you will be able to go out and do good. Not pretend to do so. When you can discover the evil within, own it by LOOKING AT IT, SEEING IT, FEEL THE PAIN YOU CAUSED, FEEL THE PAIN OF THE DOGS YOU KILLED, FEEL THE TERROR YOU CAUSED. FEEL THE TRAUMA YOU CAUSED. Imagine being so shut down in body and mind that YOU FREEZE, pancake, become immobile, cannot move, cannot eat, cannot function, cannot speak. Imagine being so terrorized by predators that you want to die. Imagine being tortured. Imagine being waterboarded. Imagine being electrocuted. Imagine being ripped apart and torn to shreds.

ANSWER THESE QUESTIONS: WHY do you hate weakness, innocence so much that you have to kill it? Why do you hate dogs? Why do you HATE God’s creatures?  Why did you follow those guys when you were 8? Why are you so out of touch with your own humanity?  The WHOLE BRUTALLY HONEST TRUTH and NOTHING BUT THE TRUTH…

Watch films of dog fighting until you get how EVIL it is, OWN how sick and twisted, disconnected, NUMB, OUT OF TOUCH WITH YOUR OWN HUMANITY, THAT YOU ARE INSIDE that you enjoyed this and laughed at the HURT/PAIN/TERROR/TRAUMA YOU CAUSED. Discover and Own your inhumanity and cruelty, your brutality, your blood thirst.

And when you cannot stand it anymore, keep on until it makes YOU ILL, until it GETS YOU SICK to YOUR STOMACH and MAKES YOU WANT TO BARF/PUKE.

Then when you actually FEEL it, ask for help from God to Heal your shame. Heal the roots of your abuse. Heal the pain and terror and bully inside you. Heal the abuse. ONLY then can you develop a conscience and real remorse, then you can discover redemption/forgiveness.  No easy shortcuts. No blaming anyone else. No whining. No cop outs. No lies. No excuses. This will require real courage and bravery. No self pity (self medication) allowed. No numbing or zoning out. No drugs.

2. Name names, give up the top dog fighters, their contact info, to the police and STOP dog fighting period end of story. This will require real courage and bravery.

3. Use all of that money you are getting from endorsement deals and give most of it away to pit bull rescues and no kill shelters, including the one being built in Newark, New Jersey in honor of Patrick, a starved pit bull that was thrown in the trash.  If you can, due to the terms of your agreement, give money to Badrap and Best Friends, who cleaned up YOUR mess.

4. DO NOT EVER get another pet dog, NEVER EVER.  You lost your right to do so FOREVER.

5. BE an example. Actions speak louder than words. Especially to kids.  Meet with Badrap and Best Friends. Look those people in the EYES, look those dogs in the EYES (photos of the dogs), and THANK THEM for taking care of the dogs that you terrorized. Thank them for their dedication and the HOURS SPENT training, loving, caring for those dogs in all the ways that YOU  DID NOT. Then get down on your hands and knees and APOLOGIZE and BEG FOR FORGIVENESS.  This will take REAL COURAGE.

Become a real man.

When/if you do ALL OF THIS you will have earned our forgiveness.  Until then cut the crap.

For this baby.

Please “Dog God” stop these humans from fighting us. I have lost my mother, father and two brothers to this blood sport. Please save all of the other dogs from these evil people. And one more thing…Dog spelled backwards is God! Amen


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one big happy dog and phoney show

You know I’d be tickled pink, thrilled and jumping for JOY happy if it were actually true, that Vick had changed, learned the errors of his ways and was truly remorseful and wanted to help kids and dogs, no one would be happier than me. Do you honestly think I enjoy droning on and on and on going on ad nauseum about his crimes until I am SICK to my stomach?  NO, I do not !

We certainly would have a great proponent IF the whole story were true. No one can speak better than someone who has been there and done that. But the problem is that I’ve NOT seen one iota of authenticity, sincerity or truth come out of the mouth of the most notorious animal abuser of all time. The doggie serial killer has yet to CONFESS his sins before the world, most people do not know what he did, they think he “just” financed some dog fights and got caught and went to jail for dog fighting. These are BIG LIES. He did NOT ONLY finance dog fights but he killed dogs with his own hands and in horrific ways (read the court documents and/or The Lost Dogs book by senior editor of Sports Illustrated Jim Gorant) and he ENJOYED IT.  Killing dogs in nauseating ways was FUN for him.

And he spent NOT one minute in jail for animal cruelty nor dog fighting but he got a plea deal and was charged with gambling. Similar to Casey Anthony being in jail for lying when most people believe she killed her daughter.   So for him to run around publicly proclaiming that he’s changed and reformed while continuing these LIES of omission is symptomatic of his sociocpathy. He confesses to lying in the past while continuing to lie in the present.

He has no remorse, seemingly no conscience, and the only thing he would change in his past is he wishes that he did not get caught and/or that his sentence had been shorter. He has said this publicly. So the crux of the problem for humane people with hearts, eyes, brains and ears who love animals is he has NOT stopped lying and through his actions (which speak louder than words) we do NOT see him doing anything but pretending to be good not actually DOING GOOD.

Ok, it is nice for him to be on board this bill to penalize spectators  at animal fights but it’s a whole lotta too little too late. How about outting the real criminals, the dog fighters he knows. I recommended a five step plan (below) for him to follow that would convince even the most skeptical among us that he truly had changed. C’est la vie.

Note: With all of the polls and articles to comment on about Vick yesterday, and we DID turn the polls around, thankfully, I started feeling sick. Having to write sickening details about what Vick did to people who do not want to know gets to me, especially when it’s an onslaught as it has been. Please know your limits. And I also have a suggestion. Besides taking frequent time outs, get away from the computer, walk your dog, hug your fur kids, etc. there is a technique to release your anger/outrage that who knows can even have beneficial results on the person targeted… I’ve used this with my ex-hubby and it works beautifully.

In your prayer/meditation place, bring in your guides, ask your God/Higher Power /Angels/Higher Self, whatever/whoever you believe in to be there and help you. When you are surrounded by love, white light, good vibes, whatever, imagine/picture/visualize the person you are angry at… And then imagine yelling at the person, hitting them, beating them up however you wish to do so, this is your fantasy. You can pretend to wipe that smirk off his face, kick him in the groin area, tear up his contracts, imagine sponsors fleeing and him being in jail, shunned from society, do whatever you want to do, say anything you want to say and imagine whatever you want, just keep on until you are done, complete, finished and your anger is released and they are who cares. You can do this with a group of people, and you can do this whenever you need/wish to do so. The point is that you release your rage in a nonviolent fashion. And get that energy OUT of YOU. You can also tear into magazines. Tear them up. Whatever works for you, but I enjoy beating the crap out of those who need getting the crap beat out of them, works for me. And that is all that matters. Better than taking out your rage on those you love.  Try it and see if it works for you.

Now with all of these goings on in the media and in Congress, there is a big dog and phoney show (an elaborately staged performance, presentation, or event designed to sway or convince people. It is often used in reference to a series of informational events put on by a company or group or a derisive term for a small circus) aka

Pretending to be something you’re not or doing something that you want people to think is important when it really isn’t.

A dog and pony show is meant not to actually DO anything meaningful but to pretend something is being done which is the whole point of Vick’s PR Image Rehab Express. Is it no wonder then that he and Pacelle spoke yesterday to Congress… people can pat themselves on the back and say good job… Vick’s image brigade can go on reforming his IMAGE while his person remains as tarnished as ever.  And Congress can pretend that they are doing something against dog-fighting.  And Pacelle can pretend he cares about animals…Win win win.

Here is my problem with the legislation and the antique Vick road show…

Did they have the RESCUERS, ADOPTERS and people who take care of hurt, maimed, abused dogs or animals speak to Congress??? NO… people on the ground, in the field, who give their lives every day taking care of the animals hurt by dog fighting are the ones who are the REAL spokespeople… People from BadRap, Best Friends, Our Pack, and others, Knock Out Dog Fighting, folks who are SINCERELY making a difference…

OF COURSE NOT, duh, and children should NOT NOT NOT EVER be brought to barbaric animal fights. People that bring their children to dog fights should definitely be penalized and in my humble opinion sterilized. Have their kids taken away. But none of that is going to happen.

Kids learn by example. And if their parents engage in violence, then the kids learn by their parents actions not words. Even if their parents receive a fine, or go to jail, ok. But Vick’s words are still bogus. Dog fighting is on the rise because they think Vick is cool and want to be like him. Do they listen to his insincere words? NO !  they listen his actions… arrogance, hey, I got away with murder and am making millions and all I have to do is give a few lame speeches and pretend that I am sorry and you can, too… just don’t get caught…

this bill penalizes people who watch the fights instead of the top dogs, the dog fighters at the top, people like Vick with the real $$$ who put the dog fights on to begin with… it’s like putting addicts in jail instead of going after the drug cartel, the drug dealers, the real criminals. Or let’s penalize gamblers not casinos. What’s wrong with that picture?  Millionaires protect other millionaires. They think we’re suckers. Of course, Vick is on board with THAT… then the people that he associated with (who we all know were responsible for killing dogs not him, never him, although HE was the one who killed dogs with his bare hands and did horrific things to the dogs, it was his background, culture he grew up in and his friends who were really to blame for what HE HIMSELF did) so then his friends would have been fined and gone to jail not him… hey, that sounds pretty nifty, a good deal, a sweet deal for him, duh… plus he gets to look like he’s actually doing something for animals and those who want to believe this kool aid do and the PR folk are happy and the NFL is happy and the REAL moneymakers are happy…

and so what if a few parents, kids and dogs get hurt in the process…   Vick tried, hah. Vick likes the idea of a few spectators getting penalized so does Nike, the NFL, Subway and so on down the line…  hold the wrong people accountable and the real criminals get off scot free, hey, who cares about a few parents, kids and dogs when you can make boatloads of money pretending you care about something you don’t give a shit about???

Please vote on whether you think Vick is a good anti dog fighting spokesperson​chael-vick-asks-congress-to-cr​ackdown-on-spectators-at-anima​l-fights.html

and someone start a petition going after the REAL dog fighters at the TOP and have Vick NAME NAMES… now THAT would be DOING SOMETHING TRULY BENEFICIAL… and have Vick and Pacelle bring that to law enforcement and Congress… HAH !!!

Now, we do have a real redemption plan for Vick to follow, check it out :

Warning: below interview is enough to make one barf,

Nathan Winograd

Ryan Clinton, No Kill Advocate sent me this link and it really is beyond the pale. He couldn’t get through it. I couldn’t get through it.While Wayne Pacelle, the CEO of HSUS, and his spokesman Michael Vick, the most notorious dog abuser of our generation, claim they are pushing a bill to crack down on those who finance dog fights, the statements each makes reveal who and what they really are:  Monster Vicks says his is “a different kind of loving dogs.”

(Note: if hate is love and love is sick twisted abuse)

And rather than condemn Vick for it, Pacelle says “obviously people who are involved in dog-fighting, cockfighting, they really do value the animals in certain ways.” And then he goes on to suggest that we are all “sinners.”

They are meant for each other: The two-faced charlatan who has enriched himself while he betrays the animals, time and time again, calling for their killing, fighting efforts to reform abusive pounds, defending the right of pounds to gas animals to death, and defending animal killers while turning his back on the animals those killers have abused; and the dog abuser who continues to avoid any responsibility by claiming shooting dogs, drowning dogs, hanging dogs alive, electrocuting dogs, beating dogs to death and watching them tear each other to shreds is his way of expressing a “different kind” of love.

Here’s the link if you can stomach it:

his greed pays priceless dividends, what happens when you lie all the time: (remember he failed his polygraph)

Michael Vick May Have Screwed Himself With His New Endorsement Deals

It is that Blog Hop time again… thanks to Life with Dogs, Two Little Cavaliers and Confessions of the Plume and grab the code here…

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Vick to Congress: I must speak out on the evils of getting caught

Two exemplary speakers are going before Congress today to speak about the evils of dog fighting to help get a bill against animal fighting passed.  No, not someone from BadRap, who regularly rescues dogs who have been involved in fight busts like 11 of the former M. Vick dogs. No, not someone from Best Friends who also sees the effects regularly with dogs taken from fight busts and who took in and cared for 22 of the former M. Vick dogs. No, not someone from the ASPCA or Our Pack or SPCA who also know firsthand the evils of dog fighting as evidenced by the dogs.

No, instead the speakers are… wait for it:

M. Vick, dog killer and dog fighter for six years aka the most notorioous animal abuser of all time who never got charged with animal cruelty but instead got a plea deal and Wayne Pacelle of HSUS who thinks Vick will make a good pet parent.


Vick will speak on the evils of getting caught. Dog fighting is wrong (but I loved it and would still be doing it if I had not been caught) if only you could expunge my record if I pretend I am sorry, although I am not one bit except for having gotten caught and my plea deal should have allowed me to get out of jail earlier. Can you please erase everything so that I can continue to make millions and pretend I am not the sociopath I am ?  And oh yeah, and can you arrange for me to get another dog to have fun with, I mean, as a pet for my kids. I’ve got a pool all set up out back for my enjoyment.

Wayne Pacelle:  what a guy who else but Vick (a serial killer in the making with a long history, six years of  enjoying committing animal abuse)  could I bring with me so that I can make money and pretend everything is honky dory?

Politics does indeed make strange dogfellows … Highlights of his Sociopath in the House meeting other Sociopaths Speaking Tour: Vick will meet Bachmann, Palin and others.  Bachmann was overheard to say Let Us Pray for Gay Dogs while Palin was letting Todd and the kids eat freshly killed Moose. Now Vick and Pacelle can cross off one more whistle stop on the Vick PR Rehab Express… aka Vick is really human tour aka Second Chances for dog killers who play football Tour. suckers all aboard… choo choo choo… That is if Vick actually shows up (he’s been known to chicken out, cancel last minute speaking arrangements due to foot in mouth aka I cannot help spouting off how I am, an irredeemable and unrepentant dog killer no matter how much money they are paying me to say otherwise, disease)…

Afterwards, Vick and Pacelle will be having lunch with Obama and talking over old times, like when Obama congratulated Vick’s manager on his second chance a few months ago. Rumor has it that the lunch will be freshly catered by Subway and feature Green Ham and Baloney sub sandwiches.  For dessert, a lovely four tier dog cake will be served in Vick’s honor. Said dog cake will be dunked into small tubs of champagne in honor of Vick’s former pet dog Champagne who Vick threw into the ring and laughed at while his dog got brutally hurt.  The dog cake dunking will begin a cool new tradition at the White House and give a whole new meaning to the saying Let Them Eat Cake. Subway’s new motto: Let Them Eat Baloney.

A couple of surprise guests, will include Oprah Winfrey, who will be on hand to give Vick, Obama and Pacelle a trip to dog fighting country where they will meet up with old and new friends and continue the celebration. And reps from Nike will be giving out $200 shoes to throw at children.   Nike’s new motto: Let Them Eat Shoes.

Not to be outdone, in the West Wing, apparently Obama will be showing off the puppy Second Chance that his staff is grooming and training. Obama will be giving the poor dog to Vick as soon as Vick’s ban is up in 2012.  Some say the pup is a consolation prize but no worries there are more than 4 million shelter trash dogs to choose from. First dog Bo will be at doggie daycare for the occasion. Just in case. Obama would not want to have to explain to his children what happened to Bo.

Also on the agenda for Congress this week:

Tomorrow, Casey Anthony is going to be speaking to Congress about the evils of motherhood… oh correction evils of killing your child and getting a book deal… correction… evils of abusing your child and getting a movie deal… evils of getting caught lying and going to jail.

The day after that, Rupert Murdoch is going to be speaking to Congress about the evils of getting caught listening into people’s private phone conversations and deleting their messages and then discuss ways AT&T and other phone companies should make it easier for phone hackers aka Fox News reporters to do their job.

By the end of the week Congress and the President are going to be having a party on the taxpayers without the taxes that they’ve NOT gotten from the big corporations nor the elite 1% millionaire/billionaires… and pretend our economy is not in the toilet for the poor and the middle class and the job creators with job creation disorder (who sent our jobs oversea) will give themselves a new raise/bonus.

from the Green Dogs Baloney and Ham Gazette Special Edition aka Cici and me


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cool tips for keeping your dog cool

Welcome guest blogger Matt Beswick all the way from the UK…

As we are approaching the dog days of summer, a reminder about keeping pets cool is fan-tastic… pun intended.

Summer (hopefully) means blue skies, sand and surf, and time spent enjoying an outdoor lifestyle. Our dogs love to share in our warm weather activities, but it’s important that we keep them safe as the temperature rises.

Dogs can’t keep themselves cool as effectively as we can. We produce sweat which evaporates, and this cools our body while dogs cool themselves by the evaporation of water from their mouth and tongue as they pant. Their tongue is a whole lot smaller than our body, so they are at greater risk of overheating.

Heat stroke can kill, so it’s important that we know how to prevent it. Don’t take your dog for a walk or a run in the warmest part of the day – do it early in the morning, or in the evening. Also, it goes without saying that you should never leave her in the car, even with the windows rolled down. The temperature inside the car rises rapidly, and she could die within minutes. Make sure she can get out of the sun, whether that be a shady tree, a cool kennel or easy access to the inside of your house.

There are things you can do to make the summer months more pleasant for your canine companion. She should be given fresh cool water to drink regularly. If she is a water lover, she will enjoy splashing in a toddler wading pool; just make sure you use a hard plastic one because her toenails may puncture an inflatable one. (Note: Hose your dog down in the back yard, or take your dog to the beach, lake, or river).

Cooling dog beds are available to lie on, and you can also purchase a cooling jacket or neck bandana. All these products contain a special gel material which expands when it is wet, and cools your dog down as the water evaporates.

When you are out walking, avoid hot surfaces like asphalt and sand because they may burn your dog’s paws. Touch the ground and if it’s too hot for your hand, it will be too hot for your dog. Either walk on the grass, or consider buying some protective booties for her to wear.

If your dog has a lot of white skin, she is at risk of sunburn and skin cancer. There are sunscreens available for dogs, but you mustn’t rely on them – it is far better to keep your dog in the shade while the sun is strongest. If you do want to use a sunscreen, only use a product that is registered for dogs. Dogs tend to lick at anything that is applied to their skin, and a sunscreen specifically made for dogs will take this into account and it will be safe if a little is swallowed.  (Note: Cici has white fur/pink skin and I do not use sunscreen but keep her out of the sun for too long… I think sun is good for us, people and pets, and a certain amount of sunshine is good. But when Cici starts getting too pink, I will make her get into the shade. She LOVES to sunbathe).

Note: Once in a blue moon, feed your dog pupsicles or vanilla ice cream, for a tasty snack. I also freeze Cici’s bones so she can chomp on them without splinter worries and because they are frozen, they also cool her off.

If you follow these guidelines, your dog will stay safe and comfortable during the hottest months of the year.


And if you see a dog in a hot car, call the police.


About the Author: Matt Beswick is a dog lover and self confessed internet addict. He runs Pet365,”UK  a Pet Supplies website and also blogs on his personal website

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just dogs, hah…

One time I was in traffic court waiting for the Judge. There was an mean grumpy older black woman sitting on the bench waiting with me. She had a boy perhaps five years old with her. This boy had a light, a radiance, a glow about him and the sweetest smile and personality. I just wanted to hug and kiss him he was so adorable. He could not sit still as children of that age who are normal cannot do. He was full of energy and entertaining and no one minded as he made everyone smile. Everyone but the grumpy grandmother or mother. She said something to him like If you don’t sit down and be quiet, I am going to get the police to lock you up and put you away.  It was a horrible thing to tell a young child and especially a boy who clearly wanted attention and had a loving heart. I told her to knock it off that it was an awful thing to tell a child and I told the boy, she is lying to you. The biotch got mad and humppphhhhed away, tried to threaten me first with a Mind Your Own Business before I tell the police about you.  I was NOT afraid of her idle threats but what about the boy who did not know any better??? What would he believe???   Would he live a life of fear ??? I prayed for that boy for a long time, that he find a better home filled with loving people who would give him the love and attention he needed.

Another time I was in a supermarket going through the aisles when I heard a baby cry. It was not just crying, it was screaming loud and hysterical. Could not stop crying. The father did not know what to do and was trying to shut the baby up in a very crude manner.  I could not walk by like everyone else. I prayed first for healing and angels around the baby and me. I approached gently and asked if I could pray with them.  Miraculously, he said yes. As I prayed, I could feel that the father and baby were calming down and by the end, the crying baby subsided.  I softly suggested to the father that in my experience when babies are upset, it is usually because the people around them, their caretakers are upset. And that if he could just relax himself, that would be help the baby, too. He was very thankful, relieved and happy.

It is the same with dogs as it is with children, pretty much. How adults treat dogs and children has impact, negative or positive.  I don’t know how anyone could say just dogs . Have you ever met a dog, had a dog, or know someone who loved a dog? Do you have a heart?  Eyes to see?

Any two bit bully can scare those weaker than them in size and muscle. But it takes a TRUE HERO to overcome their fears.

That’s one reason it really irks/irritates me when people say they’re just dogs. Twice yesterday, I had to tell people this saying M. Vick killed a few dogs is like saying Hitler killed a few Jews (actually besides the 8 million Jews he killed, there were 6 million Gypsies, disabled, Socialists and others Hitler had killed)… Most people do not know that.

Here are some of the Vicktory dogs. They are not “just dogs” …  They are HEROES in the truest meaning of the words. So when people say they are just dogs, show them these just dogs, proudly, seven of them are now therapy dogs… Pay tribute to these dogs.

Now look at these dogs and I double dog dare you to tell me these sweet innocent loving beings are just dogs. Anyone who says that is just plain ignorant … NO dog is just a dog. And these dogs are the BEST dogs on the planet.  Super dogs who have not only survived horrific abuse of the worst kind but most are thriving thanks to the loving care, patience, and TLC they received from loving people at Badrap, Best Friends, Monterey SPCA, Our Pack, and others and their adopters, foster parents, and other volunteers). These are heroes.

Most of these dogs did not know how to be dogs. They were not socialized, had never been on a leash, never had toys to play with, did not sleep on a bed, were chained up 24/7, they never experienced any affection from humans or been in a car or groomed. They were often terrified of humans and pancaked (lay flat on the ground unmoving) a form of Post Traumatic Stress Disorder, exhibited a freeze response to life-threatening situations. In the wild, animals can make the choice of flight (flee) or fright but their body can make a third choice in extremely dangerous situations, and that is to freeze. Being immobile, they become almost invisible to predators. Not human predators, but other animals. Given that many of these dogs froze at the sight of the dangerous predator humans they knew, anyone with a heart cannot bear the idea of what they went through. The terror that they experienced. Makes me cry and sick to my stomach every time I think about it and I try not to think about it.

So for the record, these are NOT his dogs, he proved beyond a shadow of a doubt that he did not deserve them. They are MUCH TOO GOOD. And if anyone deserves AWARDS, it is the heroic Vicktory dogs. For their bravery, for overcoming all of the odds, for letting go of their fear/terrors, for learning how to be dogs, for leaping over their obstacles, and learning to love and forgive human beings. For their service to humanity. For all of the good that they’ve done and for all of the hope they bring to the world.

This book is their story… it is inspiring, hopeful and an amazing read… written like a mystery, I read it in two days, could not put it down.

This is Jonny Justice, a therapy dog, a reading with kids dog

this is Mel, Richard Hunter’s dog…

these are the three dogs that I met personally at the Monterey SPCA, Ginger, Stella and Red (now deceased from cancer).


Slide show: where the dogs were in 2010

Vicktory dogs 2011

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pit bulls rule the Internet

The good folks over at Mashable did a great blog post about 10 Animals With More Social Media Fans Than Major Media Outlets pages,​/animals-social-media/

All is good.

However, they left out all of the good pit bull pages with all of the many thousands if not millions of pit bull fans…

Today is one of four annual Blog the Change Days, where pet bloggers promote their favorite people, organizations, and events that improve the lives of animals in communities and all of the pit bull rescues and pages listed play their part… Send them some love, likes and licks !!! BOL…

This is a good subject for BLOG THE CHANGE… because pit bulls are too often Hairy Puppers who because of dog fighters and a bad reputation given to them by the lame stream media go through Deathly Harrowing experiences.

Of course, the cute and cuddly and funny animals were what they were talking about. And Patrick’s story started off kind of grim, being a Hairy Pupper. Although he is doing great now, about 48 pounds and a happy dog, he had been starved near death and thrown in the trash. Perhaps people who are fans of cute, cuddly and funny pets probably do not want to know about dogs like Patrick nor about pit bulls.

Still, Patrick has the MOST fans of all around the world, around the Internet. He has more Facebook pages and fans than many celebrities, not only more fans than the media pages. Patrick has 60-100 Fb pages … The Patrick Miracle page alone has about 110,000 fans.  How many celebrities have 60-100 facebook pages? And Patrick’s pages are all over the world from Canada, England, France, Germany, to Finland, Sweden, USA, many of the 50 states, and some of those have north and south or specific cities such as North and South Florida, North and South California, Philadelphia, and others.

The Vicktory dogs, former v-dogs, each have their own fb pages, Hector, Handsome Dan, Jhumpa, Cherry Garcia, Audie, and Vicktory 4 Cherry, and others with a few hundred to a few thousand fans each. And of course, we know the Bad Newz that they went through, and survived and are doing great. Seven are now therapy dogs. And many have earned their Canine Good Citizen certificates. They are adopted into loving homes, with kids, other dogs and cats and living a good news life now.

For a complete and updated status report on all of  the Victory Dogs:


There are also many individual pit bull pages including Tuna the Pit Bull and others.

tuna the pit bull

the pit bull princess

And there are folks devoted to changing the perception of pit bulls such as the Stubby Dog Project

The Pit Bull Propaganda Project

Beyond the Myth

Good Pit Bull stories

Love Like a Dog

My small contribution to this is:

America’s Nanny Dogs

And there are the pit bull rescue heroes such as:


Our Pack

Best Friends Animal Society

Jasmine’s House

and all the other pit bull rescues

the boycott sites are also filled with pit bull fans, including No Way Subway, which has 24,000 fans….

there are the stop and end bsl and bdl sites as well as other groups, adoption sites and shelters that do not have pit bull in their name…

There are many books about pit bulls on the Internet including The Lost Dogs book by Jim Gorant, The Pit Bull Placebo, and others.

pit bull groups and businesses…

there may be some overlap of fans on various pages… but I bet you cannot look through these pages and find stereotypical pit bulls and owners, can you?

the truth about pit bulls

a pit bull on my pillow

people for pit bulls

pit bulls — the other good dog

pit bull lovers gathering place

pit bulls for peace and love

two popular animal planet shows

Pit Bulls and Parolees, 145,000 fans

Pit Boss,  223,000 fans

ah, all of these positively pit bull pages, imagine !

and let’s not forget to count all of the twitterers, websites, and blogs about pit bulls…

such as @PitOwnr, @MentorPitBulls and many many others.

The Happy Pit Bull blog

The Real Pit Bull blog

Pit Bull Lovers Blog

Princess the Pit Bull

Of Pit Bulls and Patience

Cici says: Let’s face it. Pit bulls rule the Internet. People cannot get enough of our goofy, silly, sweet, loving, licky faces, quirky ways and waggy tails.

Woof !

petey the lil rascals, our gang mascot

It is now hop hop hop Saturday Blog Hop time, you know what to do, grab the code, thanks to Life with Dogs, Two Little Cavaliers and Confessions of the Plume


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