pumpkins and costumes and desserts, oh my

who else but Rachael Ray would have a pumpkin carved with her dog’s face on it???

some people are saying that wearing an Occupy Wall Street related costumes are THE cool costumes this Halloween…  people could dress up as a mean cop, banker, a corporation, a 1% greedy pig, clueless GOP politician, a cash cow and/or a protester…


Cici wanted me to let you know about the messages that she is considering to have on her signs for her costume:

I am the 1% of pit bulls that has a good home

walk a few miles in my paws…

humans judge me by my looks

sub-humans abandon, abuse, fight, and neglect me

sub-humans kill me

humans hate me because I’m adorable

humans say mean things about me

humans lie about me

sub-humans use me to pretend they are tough

pit bulls for peace

pit bulls against  fat cats

cici speaks: occupy the bed, gets better food than my mama, occupy the chair, occupy the fridge, hah !


please do not dress your dogs up like these people did on Wendy Williams show


Beware of these dogs, trick or treat…

a fun treat for any doggie snack time are these meaty cupcakes… for Halloween and other fall/autumn holidays, you could substitute sweet potatoes for the regular taters…


you can also make some Halloween dog cookies with pumpkin and peanut butter… you can substitute rice or other flour if you do not want whole wheat…


PLUS, you can make pumpkin chocolate recipes for snacks (for humans/kids)…YUM-O…


It is now time for the Pet Blog Hop thanks to Life with Dogs, Two Little Cavaliers, and Confessions of the Plume… this week fleeeeeew by quickly…  grab the code here


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10 responses to “pumpkins and costumes and desserts, oh my

  1. Oh Dog! I think I’ll dress June Buggie up as a Fat Cat and I’ll eat cookies!

  2. I’ve had a skunk costume for Charity for a few years but we’re not glitterati enough to be invited to the events where she could wear it. This year, Mr. Peabody is wearing a Halloween bandana, and Rocky will too, but that’s as “mean” as I could be. (Mr. Peabody always wears a bandana, which he seems to like, because there’s another dog in our neighborhood who looks just like him.

  3. Going to my daughter’s Animal Lover’s Club’s Dog Halloween Costume contest in the morning. Should be interesting to see how some of the dogs dress up (ours would never wear costumes – they would be ripped to shreds within minutes)

  4. Honey watched Splash’s Revenge over my shoulder. Now I’m really scared.

  5. Loved it! I’m going to have to make those meaty cupcakes for Sage’s up-coming birthday.

  6. That video ROCKS! I LOVE it!

  7. Pawsome sign considerations, Cici – we love them all!! (Thanks for the recipes, too!)

  8. Love your blog templete… I so found you on the Pet Blog Hop – hope you hope on back!! Happy Holloween – it’s going to be a quiet one for all of us…

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