occupy the bed, school and mall

cici was very vigorously licking herself while occupying the bed …

and then fell asleep growling and woofing and making all sorts of weird noises… one of these days I will figure out how to use the webcam and video and get it online… so you can view and hear the action…

suffice it to say my polka dot princess is hilarious…

she gets 99% of the bed, I get 1%…

she eats 99% of the food in the fridge, I get 1%…

oh well…

we’d love a costume and gig like Lulu’s… pit bulls should occupy schools, libraries, shopping malls and public places everywhere… pit bulls already occupy too many shelters…perhaps if pit bulls were more visible then people would stop banning them when they see firsthand how silly, goofy and sweet they are… oh well, a girl can dream, can’t she?


and don’t forget when you go shopping for holiday gifts, you can support your local shelter/pit bull rescue at Adoptashelter.com, here’s how:

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