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Rover Reporter in Scottsdale

Here is Arbor’s latest video.   Arbor is our Rover Reporter from Las Vegas. She just got back from Scottsdale, AZ and had a grrrreat time.  
“The FireSky Resort was wonderful!  They are truly pet friendly, they do not impose any weight, size or breed restrictions.  There are no pet fees and no deposit which is especially nice when traveling with more than one dog.”  (seems like they’ve got lots of dogitude)… 

Complimentary goldfish upon request…


Bosco, Director of Pet Relations, is a 7 year old Cocker Spaniel. He went home for Christmas so Arbor did not get to meet him. Some of his duties include Hosting Doggie Happy Hour and Dirty Dog Wash, or just hanging out at wine hour.



Bosco describes the best thing about greeting pet guests and their human companions:


“We have a lobby chalkboard that resembles me.  When guests see it, they often look at me, do a double take and say, ‘Hey, that’s the dog on the board!’   I always get a kick out of that.   I also love all the attention that guests lavish on me.  My trick?  I stretch my paws in front of me, kick my back legs out like a frog, wiggle my nubby tail, perk the ears up, and woof, just like that, folks are petting me.  On a good day, I can even manage a few belly rubs!”


Bosco says, “In Scottsdale, I like to hang out at Salty Senorita—a fun Old Town restaurant and cantina—Classy Jazzy dog clothing shop, or Chaparral Dog Park—an off-leash paradise with three acres of grass. I also like it here at the FireSky, where I get people to pet me. The best thing in town, though, has got to be the “Dog Beer” we offer. It’s got my face on it, tastes great, and is especially refreshing after a long day of chewing on one’s paw.”


You can send Bosco a message via email…




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Pet Parents’ New Year’s Resolutions

While many humans are busy making New Year’s resolutions for themselves, more than 1,000 pet parents recently shared the things they plan to do to keep their pets happier and healthier in 2012.

Halo, Purely for Pets conducted the Pet Parents’ New Year’s Resolution Survey during December 21-23, 2011.  Of the 1,045 pet parents who participated in the survey, 26.1 percent have only cats in their household and 38.4 percent have only dogs. The remaining respondents, 35.5 percent, have both dogs and cats living with them.

According to survey results, a large number of pet parents feel they could do a better job grooming their pets, with 68.1 percent resolving to trim their pets’ nails more often, 52.6 percent planning to give their dogs and cats more baths, and more than 80 percent committing to more frequent brushings.  A little more than 35 percent plan to give their pets supplements to help their coat and skin. Finally, the pets may not like this, but a full 50 percent of pet owners plan to brush their pet’s teeth more often.

Interestingly, nearly 46 percent of respondents plan to help their pets lose weight. Considering recent studies show that more than 50 percent of dogs and cats are overweight, this awareness and recognition among pet owners is encouraging in the battle against pet obesity.

The majority (68.7 percent) of respondents with overweight pets plan to help their pets drop pounds by increasing exercise and 44 percent are going to feed their pets better quality food. A little more than 35 percent are going to reduce the amount of food their pets eat.

Even those whose pets don’t need to lose weight recognize the benefits of exercise for dogs and cats. Nearly 89 percent of those surveyed want to help their pets get more exercise this year, with the majority (62.4 percent) planning more walks and 68.3 percent committing to play with their pets more often.

An overwhelming number (94.1 percent) of those surveyed plan to help pets in need this year, with nearly 70 percent saying they will donate to a rescue or shelter. Other ways respondents say they’ll help pets in need include fostering (11.9 percent), adopting another pet (11.5 percent), playing or to earn Halo Spot’s Stew donations for shelters (45.5 percent) and 65.6 percent plan to continue what they’ve already been doing to help pets.  Quite a few respondents will help feed and care for feral cats in their neighborhood and others say they plan to volunteer their time at a local shelter or rescue.

Survey respondents were invited to share additional resolutions not included in the survey and the responses were unique, fun and heartwarming! Some examples of our favorites:

“Get an RV so we don’t have to leave them for vacation.”

“Train my cat to be a therapy animal.”

“More car and wagon rides.”

“To keep his wellness vet visits.”

“Attempt to walk my cats using a harness.”

“Not to shoo my cats away when I’m watching Ellen.”

Many pet parents say their top resolution this year is to love their dogs and cats even more than they did last year (is that even possible?), spend more time with them and increase the amount of snuggles, hugs and kisses.  It sounds like it’s going to be a great year for everyone!


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Bacon and Eggnog and Feathers, oh my

Some essential items for your pooch for New Year’s Eve…

Cici’s funny feathers

Feather Extensions are the HOTTEST trend around! Now your furry friend can join the trend!

Pet Plumes come with five feathers, ranging from 2 – 5 inches, and are bonded at the tip. Pet plumes are sold individually and are intended for animals.

You can try to tickle your dog’s funny bones… Cici was NOT amused.   Or you could add feathers and bling to your dog’s collar…

Or make your dog a New Year’s hat…and add the feathers to the hat…

Amazon offers Dom Perignon Champagne dog toys…

doggie treats and biscuits

Bacon wrapped chicken

2 Chicken breasts, cut in half
4 slices Bacon
4 ounces (8 tablespoons) Cream Cheese
4 tablespoons Butter

1. Preheat oven to 325 degrees fahrenheit.
2. Pound chicken breasts until they are approximity 1/2 inches thick.
3. Spread 2 tablespoons of cream cheese on each chicken breasts and tops with 1 tablespoon of butter.
4. Wrap in a slice of bacon and secure with a toothpick.
5. Bake uncovered for 40 to 45 minutes,  juices run clear when chicken is pierced.
6. Remove toothpicks and slice to serve.

You could probably substitute turkey or chicken franks for the chicken…

Peanut Butter and Cheese Dog Treats

1 cup flour
½ cup milk
2 Tbs peanut butter
2 Tbs grated parmesan cheese
1 tsp baking powder
1 egg white
1 Tbs chicken broth


Preheat oven to 350° F (180° C).

Mix flour and milk until lumpy. Add Peanut butter and chicken broth. Mix parmesan cheese with first four ingredients. Add egg white. Mix well or until it has the consistency of pancake batter. Add baking powder. Pour onto cookie sheet sprayed with nonstick spray, in 3-inch diameter blobs. Cook until golden brown.

Serve cool.

Gingerbread Biscotti

2 cups Whole Wheat Flour
1/2 teaspoon Baking Powder
1 teaspoon Ginger
1/2 teaspoon Nutmeg
1/2 tablespoon Cinnamon
1/2 cup Molasses
3/4 Cup Milk
1 cup Yogurt Chips or/and Carob Chips

1. Preheat oven to 400 degrees Fahrenheit and line a baking sheet with parchment paper or a silicone baking mat.
2. Combine dry ingredients and stir until well mixed. Add molasses and milk to dry mix and knead until all ingredients are well mixed.
3. Form dough into flat logs about 6 inches wide and 1 inch high. Bake on prepared baking sheet for 15 to 20 minutes. Remove from oven and allow to cool for 10 minutes then cut logs into 1 inch slices.
4. Place slices on greased cookie sheet and bake for 15 to 20 minutes until the slices are as dry and crunchy. Allow to cool.
5. Once cooled melt yogurt chips and dip biscotti until end is coated. Allow to harden and refrigerate.
Makes 1 to 2 dozen biscotti.

Apple Cider Bones

1/3 cup Apple Sauce
1/2 teaspoon Cinnamon
1 Orange, juiced
1/4 teaspoon Nutmeg
4 tablespoons Butter
1 1/2 cup Whole Wheat Flour

1. Preheat oven to 350 degrees Fahrenheit and line a baking sheet with parchment paper or a silicone baking mat.
2. In a large bowl mix all ingredients stirring well.
3. Knead dough into ball and roll onto a floured surface 1/4 inch thick. Cut with the cookie cutter of your choice.
4. Use a fork to poke holes in the top of the biscuits.
5. Place on your prepared cookie sheet and bake for 10 to 15 minutes. Cool and refrigerate.
Makes 3 dozen Bones.

Doggie Egg Nog!

1 container plain low fat, organic yogurt
1 jar of organic baby food (seasonal veggies and meat is our favorite), or you can make your own by adding some boiled unseasoned chicken, carrots, green beans, a little yam or plain pumpkin to your food processor and blend smooth).
1 free range egg
1 1/2 cups filtered water

Blend all ingredients and serve in stainless steel bowls with a sprinkling of ground flax seed, and top with a nice banana slice. Be sure and refrigerate unused portions.


NOTE: You may like a dash of Nutmeg atop your egg nog, but it should never be given to your dog. High levels of nutmeg can be quite dangerous for dogs. Symptoms of ingestion include seizures, tremors, central nervous system problems, and possible death.

Time for our weekly Pet Blog Hop thanks to Life with Dogs,Two Little Cavaliers and Confessions of the Plume…  Grab the code and hop away


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Party animals play it safe for New Year’s Eve

New Year’s Eve is almost here. No matter what your plans are, have you made plans for or with your pets/dogs? Cici and I will spend New Year’s Eve inside. And many people opt to stay home and have a party with a few friends. If you go out or stay inside, here are a few tips to keep the furry ones safe.

1. If you are going out for the evening, make sure that your pets are safe and secure inside the house. Perhaps hiring a pet sitter or boarding your pet is a good option, to keep your pets safe.  There may be fireworks and loud noises that will frighten your dog. The last thing you want is for your dog to run away.

2. Be sure your dog has her collar and current tags on with all of your pertinent info, phone numbers, etc. Even if your dog is microchipped, having this info on the tag/collar will help if someone finds your dog away from home.

3. Have a few pictures of each of your pets in different poses and settings to ensure that you’ll be reunited with a lost pet. You probably have a lot of photos of your pets either around your home or floating around in your digital camera.

4. Don’t drink and drive and do not give your pets any booze. Alcohol can be toxic to dogs.  Party snacks like chocolates, raisins, grapes, and more should stay out of reach, too. If you have guests over for the evening, keep your dog safely away from unsupervised drinks and snacks.

Help your human guests stay safe by following these tips:

Ensure that all guests have a ride to and from their destination in a car driven by a non-drinking designated driver

Plan activities that take the focus away from drinking, and make non-alcoholic beverages including water readily available

Serve high-protein snacks to slow down alcohol absorption

Stop serving alcohol at least 90 minutes before a party ends, and serve guests coffee or dessert

Take car keys from intoxicated guests who plan to drive home.

Be prepared to let your guests stay the night as an alternative to them driving home after drinking.

AAA offers free rides for the intoxicated.  Tipsy Tow service provides a complimentary ride and vehicle tow up to three miles from the point of pickup to drivers who have consumed alcohol on New Year’s Eve. Tipsy Tow service is available to members and non-members. Ask for a Tipsy Tow by calling 1-800-AAA-HELP (222-4357)

5.  Keep your pet in a separate room during the evening. Provide water, toys, a comfortable bed and litter for cats. Leave a television, soothing music or radio on to block out frightening noises. Not only will this keep your pet safely in the house, but will also help reduce his or her stress throughout the evening.

6.  Do you know how your pets respond to loud noises? Noisemakers, champagne corks and more can be dangerous for children and pets, especially if they shoot across the room or break into pieces. Keep children and pets away from these and also from fireworks.

7.  Party decorations such as balloons, streamers, party hats or confetti are not good for your dog’s digestive system. Keep pets in a separate room so they do not have access to the decorations. If they do swallow something, consult a veterinarian immediately.

8. Might be a good idea to tucker your dog out with a long walk or exercise session before the partying begins.

9. If your dog is invited to a dog party or event for New Year’s, or you decide to invite a few doggie pals over to your house, make sure that  all of the dogs are safe by providing healthy dog treats, lots of water, toys and games for them to play. Keep it short and fun and end it way before midnight.

Help your pet ring in the New Year with you by ensuring that he or she has a comfortable and safe evening.

Tomorrow we will highlight a few doggie items for bringing in the New Year with style. Stay tuned.


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fun trips for you and the pooch for the New Year

Looking for fun and adventure with your pooch for the New Year?  Here are a few ideas.

The public is invited to bring their real Christmas trees to Perfect Christmas Tree Farm on January 7th, 2012. Regardless of where the tree was purchased, farmer John Curtis calls on everyone to recycle their  real Christmas trees at Perfect Christmas Tree Farm. He chips real  trees, no matter what size and makes mulch for the new growing season.

Activities begin at 9:00 AM and go until 3:00 PM on Saturday, January 
7, 2012, only. This is a ONE DAY event.

Even if you cannot make it to this event in New Jersey, perhaps there is a LOCAL event like this in your area. Google, call your local tree farms, media, and find out if you can bring your pooch.

Bring your dog on a leash to the Perfect Christmas Tree Farm, a dog friendly farm. There is a display setup to take pictures with your dog and other loved ones, for Valentines Day. Give the chickens some feed as you pass their coop. A hay wagon is going out for rides around the farm, weather permitting.

The tree chipper accepts any real Christmas tree, clean of metal, tinsel, plastic and ornaments, and turns it into useable garden mulch.

“Nothing is wasted in nature”, says farmer John Curtis. “People think we rent this chipper to collect the mulch. We encourage people to take the mulch. Put two inches around your trees, shrubs, herbs and vegetables, you have less weeding to do. Plants are preparing for
spring. So should we. Spring is here in less than three months.” He offers everyone to take as much mulch as is needed.

If you have a tree or not, no matter  where you purchased your tree, go to the Mulchfest to share a  winter’s day with neighbors, enjoy free refreshments in a warm historic setting, children’s entertainment and healthy outdoor fun, throughout the day.

Activities start 9 AM with a ceremony honoring the Earth. Christmas trees are then loaded into a chipper. Trees start their return to the earth as nourishing mulch and compost. Mulchfest honors Perfect Christmas Tree Farm’s commitment to local farming, historic
preservation and enriching the earth.

There is no charge for the Mulchfest and attendees are encouraged to take mulch back to their home, to nourish the Earth where they live. Bags are provided.

Now, for the more adventurous and fit among you, an interesting trip to teach your dog new tricks… dogsledding and skiing !!!

Muddy Paw Sled Dog Kennel is not your “typical” dogsled touring kennel. Rather, we are home to 130 rescue and second chance dogs andoffer dogsledding trips and pet dog/owner packages to support a non profit sled dog rescue, history and education center, giving second chance sled dogs a home and a job for life. The rescue is strictly no kill.

Pair an inn-stay at a local pet friendly lodging partner such as the Mahoosuc Inn in Milan, NH or the Applebrook Inn in Jefferson, NH with a ski-jor or dogsled clinic with your own pooch. All necessary gear is provided for the guests’ active pup to learn to be a sled dog.

“Over the years we noticed that people travelled to our region with their pet but then they got here and “Fido” had nothing to do. In an effort to solve that problem, these two packages were created:

Ski-Joring with one of our experienced dogs to teach our guests’ pups the ropes or running with a small team is all part of the vacation. Often guests start with Ski-joring on day one and move to the dogsledding clinic on day two during their stay in our area.

Many guests comment that they’ve always wanted to start their dogs in pulling activities and give them a job for physical and mental stimulation. They leave their vacation understanding the gear and training necessary. We are happy to provide email support as they try it on their on at home when they get back (for free of course).

The kennel offers these tours to support the rescue and second chance huskies that call Muddy Paw home. The profits from tours go to the new non profit sled dog rescue, history & education center and the guests appreciate helping a great cause while having the “experience of a lifetime” with their own pet and guides that love dogs just as much as they do!

Ski-Joring is when one or more dogs is attached to a person wearing supportive hip belt via bungee (to absorb shock), non-stretchy tug-lines and an x-back style harness). The person wears cross country skis and works in tandem with their dog to zip along on our groomed trails. Sometimes dog booties are utilized, depending on trail conditions. Moderate physical ability is required for this activity for both the dog and the participant … it is wonderful excercise for both!

Here is a link to the equipment we use: Previous experience cross country skiing is ideal, but certainly not a must, beginners are welcome, we love to teach them how to work with their dogs… we find owners of northern/active working breeds especially see problem behaviors disappear once their dogs are more active and thus physically and mentally stimulated.

For our less adventurous or less physically active guests, they can utilize the ski-jor equipment minus the skis and allow them to learn to work with their dog cani-cross style, which means “dog assisted” hiking or snowshoeing.

Here is a link to ski-joring info  :

If you personally have an active dog, any winter “joring” activity is sure to be a hit!    These activities are wonderful for many large, working type dogs such as Pointers, Hounds, Labs, Goldens, All Northern Breeds, Mixes, Cattle Dogs, etc.

Muddy Paw Sled Dog Kennel & Raft NH &

Now for those on the west coast…

You could snowshoe at Crater Lake National Park in Oregon, and Fido wants to go too.   At Lake of the Woods, there are plenty of trails and room for your dog to run.   Or travel up Hwy 140 to Crystalwood Lodge, where you can take a morning canoe ride on Upper Klamath Lake and before you leave the area, be sure and visit with Liz Parrish and her sled dog team.

Here are some places to consider to stay:

Best Western Klamath Inn,4061 South 6th Street, Klamath Falls, OR. 97603  Phone: 1.800.937.8376 or 1.541.882.1200. Website:  Pet fee: $10 per pet/night

Quality Inn, 100 Main Street, Klamath Falls, OR. 97601 Phone: 1.800.424.6423 or 541.882.4666 Website:  Pet fee: $10 per pet/night

Crystalwood Lodge, 38625 Westside Rd., Klamath Falls, OR. 97603 Phone: 541.381.2322 Website:  Well-behaved animals: Free

Econo Lodge, 75 Main St., Klamath Falls, OR. 97601 Phone: 541.884.7735 Website: Pet fee: $10 per pet/night

Shilo Inn Suites & Hotel, 2500 Almond St., Klamath Falls, OR. 97601 Phone: 541.885.7980 Website:  Pet fee: $25 per room, dogs only

Days Inn,3612 South 6th St., Klamath Falls, OR. 97603 Phone: 541.882.8864 Website:  Pet fee: Free

Cimmarron Inn, 3060 South 6th St., Klamath Falls, OR. 97603 Phone: 541.882.4601 Website:  Pet fee: $25 per dog, good for 1-7 day stay

Microtel Inn & Suite, 2716 Dakota Ct., Klamath Falls, OR. 97603 Phone: 541.273.0206 Website:  Pet fee: $35 non-refundable for length of stay

Oregon Motel 8 & RV Park, 5225 N. Hwy 97, Klamath Falls, OR. 97601 Phone : 541.883.3431 Website:  Pet fee: $10 per pet/night for motel and $2 pet pet/night RV park

Collier Memorial Park, 46000 Hwy. 97 N., Chiloquin, OR. 97624 Phone: 1.800.0551.6949 or 541.783.2471 Pet fee: Free. Must be kept on a leash no longer than 6 ft. long and cleaned up after.

And of course Fido will want a day at the spa before that long drive home.  Be sure to check out-Hot Paws Spa & Boutique, 1035 Main Street, Klamath Falls, OR. 97601 Phone 541.273.1883  More info at

For those who prefer sunshine and beaches…

Named one of the “#2 U.S. Destination for Holiday Lights” by Yahoo! Travel and USA Today in 2011, Newport Beach, California is a get-away to the stars and one of the world’s premier vacation destinations for people of all walks of life…and their pets.  With mild Mediterranean weather and sunshine, Newport Beach is Dog-Friendly. From large Huskies to tiny Chihuahuas, every dog imaginable is welcomed in what many describe as the Canine Coast.

With pet-friendly accommodations, stores, beaches and parks, Newport Beach is the ideal destination for a winter weekend getaway with your pet Fido, Fifi, Bolt or Lassie. Take your pooch surfing !

Located on Southern California’s Pacific coastline between Los Angeles and San Diego, Newport Beach offers pet-owners an array of impressive accommodation choices for the perfect overnight stay with their dog(s).

Our favorite is

The Island Hotel Newport Beach
Pets up to 45-50 pounds allowed (usually). Non-refundable deposit is $100.

690 Newport Center Drive, Newport Beach, CA 92660 (949) 759-0808.


Newport Beach famous for its ocean-view outdoor shopping prominades, and nothing is better than strolling around with your four-legged companion as humans are not the only ones who can fill shopping bags to their brims. In Newport Beach, there are stores that are “Dog Friendly” and then there are stores with Dogitude…

 Barney’s Barkery

322 Marine Avenue, Newport Beach, CA‎ – (949) 675-0364‎
Dedicated to pampering pets.

2113 Newport Coast Drive, Newport Beach, CA 92657 – Phone (949) 640-6072

Showcases dog and cat nutrition and specialty products.

Fashion Island   
401 Newport Center Drive
Newport Beach, CA 92660 – Phone (949) 721 – 2000

As Orange County’s premier open-air retail center, Fashion Island boasts nearly 200 specialty shops, world-class department stores and a vast array of restaurants and cafes, in a sophisticated yet relaxed dog-friendly atmosphere that is distinctively Southern California.

Three particularly dog-friendly restaurants include:

Francoli Gourmet Emporium

 Red Robin

Café Beau Solei


Fashion Island, 865 Newport Center Drive, Newport Beach, CA‎ 92660 – Phone (949) 717-6888‎ 

Features an impressive selection of  designer-dog-bowls, collars-leads-harnesses and dog  furniture

 Newport Coast Shopping Center
21103-21173 Newport Coast Drive Newport Beach, CA 92657

With beautiful views of the Pacific Ocean, this shopping destination features five dog-friendly restaurant choices: Pasta Commodore, Kingyo Sushi, First Class Pizza, Sharky’s Woodfired Mexican Grill & Mustard Delicatessan.

 Three Dog Bakery
924 Avocado Avenue, Newport Beach, CA 92660 – Phone (949) 760-3647‎
Three Dog Bakery provides cookies and snacks for dogs as well as some boutique items. The well-behaved, leashed dog is always welcome.


When it comes to pooches and their owners looking for a little fun in the sun, Newport Beach has the perfect assortment of beaches and attractions. From a stroll, run or Frisbee game on a beautiful beach to a cruise on Newport Harbor, there are lots to do for dogs and their owners.

Crystal Cove State Park & Historic District
Although dogs cannot be on the beaches or backcountry, they are allowed on the paved pathway above the beach. The historic district below features 46 vintage cottages that are clustered in a quaint village setting.

 Balboa Island Ferry
The historic auto ferry welcomes well-behaved dogs of all kinds (in the car or outside on a leash) for the 3-minute trip across the harbor) 


 McFadden Square
The popular gathering spot for visitors, beachgoers, plus dogs and their owners, is at the base of the Newport Pier is the site of the original Dory Fishing Fleet and the original wharf dating back to 1875. A 2,000 pound bronze sculpture by artist Hank Kaminsky commemorating the centennial of Newport Beach is the centerpiece of the square.

Newport Beach
Dogs are allowed on this popular beach before 9:00a.m. and after 5:00p.m.

About Newport Beach, California

Sitting along nine miles of spectacular California coastline between Los Angeles and San Diego, Newport Beach is a stunning seaside community famous for its breathtaking views of the Pacific Ocean, long stretches of warm clean beaches and year-round Mediterranean climate. With a sparkling three-mile harbor surrounded by gorgeous homes and yachts of every stripe, waterfront restaurants and chic shops bustling with activity, Newport Beach defines the California dream. For more information about Visit Newport Beach and for a free Newport Beach Visitor’s Guide, go to or call (800) 94-COAST.

Become a Facebook fan at


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chew toys

cicimas aftermath… the destruction has begun…

do any of your dogs new toys look like this?  cici’s new toys are now wounded beyond repair…

missing an arm and part of tongue…


eyes and nose chewed off and to bits…


toy dog warfare…

has your dog ripped their toys to shreds?  have they demolished their treats?  please send photos and we will post them…



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hey buddy

Well, xmas is over, whew… looked like a lot of doggies cleaned up with gifts. perhaps some will share their stash with their friends, doggie pals and/or shelter pups?

how many dog toys are still in one piece today? cici has successfully chewed off the eyeballs of one stuffed toy, chewed up its nose and is now working on chewing up her santa’s helper hat… the other toy, mr. rabbit, in her happy cicimas photo got its stuffing and squeaker removed…she went outside and rescued a bone from the doggie buffet but I took it away, awwwwww…

Cici and I watched some of the Lassie movie on TV… was kind of upsetting at how callously the dog was treated by humans… left alone time and time again. Suffice it to say, our society needs to wise UP and start treating our animal friends better.

And that starts with naming pets decent dignified names. Some person who names their dog or cat a name like Diablo or Devil or Bully is setting their pet up for trouble. Names are important. Check out the info below from Petfinder about the most popular names. You don’t have to go along with the crowd to stand out but you also don’t have to name your pet a tough guy name to somehow prove you are strong or macho. Truly strong men are kind to their pets and do not have to prove anything to anyone.

What is the deal naming your pet after celebrities???  I like Brad the pit but I would not name a pet after a famous person no matter how cute the person or name. Give the pet a name that defines them in a positive way, easy to remember and suits the pet. How can a dog or cat live up to the name Lady Gaga?  Unless the pet sings and dances and puts on shows from the womb, make your precious pet your own by giving it a special/unique name that fits your family. If you truly want to stand out in our fame obsessed culture, BE YOU and let your pet be your pet. Not some celebrity wannabe.

We all have silly names for our pets besides their real/regular names. I routinely call Cici my polka dot princess, buddha belly, bubba, bug, cookie monster, and more. But those are her pet names, personal from me to her. I did not name her but I  would never name a pet a name that was a joke or so silly that other people would laugh at her. Why subject your pet to ridicule? Would you do that to a human child?

And if your dog is a pit bull, giving them a name that is scary, or dangerous or threatening, just reinforces the stereotype. Why would you do that? Your dog already has enough to deal with. And so do you.

A rose is a rose is a rose, by any other name. Rosie’s a good dog name or Rosey, for a pit bull. Or Petey. Or Buddy. Name your pet a name you can be proud of and set your pet up for lots of praise and happiness.

Now THIS is what we’re talking about… Hector the Pit Bull’s dad singing about Hector’s fur brother Wallace the pit bull…an agility star, love it…

all together now, 1-2-3…

Cici the polka dot princess

has a very shiny black SPOT

right on the top of her forehead

and if you ever saw it

you would even say it glows

all of the other humans

used to laugh and call her scary

they never let poor cici show off her pretty pink belly

then one sunny afternoon

Santa came to say

Cici with your spots so bright

won’t you show off your belly at the blog hop tonight

Now all the bloggers love her

and they shouted out with glee

Cici the polka dot princess

you’ll go down in history

Cici the polka dot princess

you’ll go down in history

Move over Fido, Buddy is officially the new “top- dog” name. Today,, the largest online database of adoptable pets, announced its 2011 ranking of the most popular and most unusual names, with an extra category for TV and celebrity “name-a-likes.” For the fifth year in a row, “Buddy” barks at the top as the most trending name for adoptable dogs in 2011, while “Lucy” once again proves to be the purrfect No. 1 choice for adoptable cats.


The top five most popular names for dogs have all remained the same this year, while cats are a different story: “Smokey” and “Charlie” sniffed their way up to No. 2 and No. 4, respectively, while “Midnight” jumped down to No. 10 after coming in No. 2 for adoptable felines last year. As people everywhere swarmed the theaters and the Twilight saga continued to unfold in 2011, the popularity of the name “Bella” for both adoptable dogs and cats has remained strong since 2010.

2011 Top 10 Most Popular Dog Names
2011 Top 10 Most Popular Cat Names
1.      Buddy (15,184)
Lucy (4,195)
2.      Max (13,810)
Smokey (4,105)
3.      Daisy (12,948)
Bella (3,978)
4.      Bella (11,773)
Charlie (3,752)
5.      Lucy (11,418)
Tiger (3,735)
6.      Molly (11,049)
Oreo (3,574)
7.      Charlie (10,607)
Daisy (3,371)
   Jack (9,949)
Molly (3,355)
   Sadie (9,232)
Max (3,346)
10     Rocky (8,475)
Midnight (3,273) also handpicked the most unusual, wacky and celebrity-themed names of adoptable pets for 2011 from nearly 300 submissions by shelters and rescue groups across North America. This year’s top creativity honors go to “Dodgy Wodgy Schnookum Doodle” and “Barry Meow-nilow.”

2011 Most Unusual Adoptable Pet Names
2011 Best Celebrity Name-A-Likes
1.      Dodgy Wodgy Schnookum Doodle
Barry Meow-nilow
2.      Polly Picklepuss
Katy Purry
3.      Sukimayapoo
Ally McBeagle
4.      Iben Hooked
Brad the Pit
5.      Blue Sparkles McGillicutty
Rascal Catts
6.      Killer the Dog Dominating Declawed Cat
Ringo Starr
7.      Purr-etzle
Cindy Clawford
   Fluff Dog Millionaire
Cindy Dogford
   Jimmy Chews
Vera Fang
10     Ishkabibble
Lady Gaga
Animal behaviorists tell us it’s okay to change their names.  Here’s how: Add their new name to their old name for a few weeks, then gradually phase out the old one.”
About is the largest online, searchable database of animals that need permanent homes. With more than 360,000 adoptable pets from over 13,600 animal shelters and rescue groups throughout the USA, Canada and Mexico, has facilitated more than 17 million adoptions since it was launched in 1996. In addition to being an adoption database, is an all-inclusive resource guide for how to select the right family pet and build a successful, life-long relationship. Thanks to its sponsors, the site is free to both visitors and to its animal placement organization members.


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happy holidays for the v-dogs

sweet happy jhumpa jones

and  a few of her furry friends

Ginger Girl

Here you see me sitting in front of the Christmas tree of Dogtown; instead of ornaments the staff hangs pictures of some of us animals that have been adopted. Oscar and I would like to be on that tree next year…Squeaker

Cherry Garcia

Handsome Dan

Leo, gone but not forgotten

Time for our weekly Pet Blog Hop thanks to Life with Dogs,Two Little Cavaliers and Confessions of the Plume…  Grab the code and hop away…


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Very Important Dog in Las Vegas

Hi, I’m Arbor, a Labrador/Border Collie mix and a rescue from the Animal Foundation here in Las Vegas. I’m a girl, about two years of age. Note: Arbor is our new Rover Reporter. I enjoy attention, people swarm me wanting to know why there was a dog at the hotel or why I was wearing a camera.  Seems as though most people were unfamiliar with the Pet Stay program.  I also loved all the attention the Flamingo staff showered me with.  They were incredible!  Dogs are not typically allowed to spend time in the casino so it was a rare treat for me and my parents to get that kind of access.  Who knows, I may have even made Flamingo history as the first dog at the blackjack table.

I thought it would be fun to strap a GoPro camera on my back and give you a tour of Vegas from a dog’s point of view! The first hotel I visited was the Flamingo. While shooting, I was spotted by a VIP host who naturally couldn’t resist my star quality and gave me the full VID (Very Important Dog) treatment, including some time at the Blackjack table. Who knows, I might have even made Flamingo history as the first dog to have ever played cards at this historic hotel!

If you are want to bring your dog to Sin city Las Vegas, check out some of the pet friendly hotels listed here…

Vegas is a great destination for New Year’s Eve… Party with your pooch, could be FUN !

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grandma song: are animal advocates terrorists?

sick but funny and true, tsa, ndaa grandma song

are animal rights activists terrorists?

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