vitamin shots for your pooch

Does your dog need a little get up and go, vitality, zip, extra wag, and/or a healthy shiny coat? do you give them vitamins and minerals?  Like me, you probably do not want to give them pills… Cici is taking a few supplements right now for her leg, to help it heal… I give them to her wrapped in hot dogs or deli cold cuts or cheese…she loves that…


gravy or liquids that I can mix in her food ARE MUCH Preferred… which is why Cici and I like Vita Shots…healthy vitamin-enhanced dry dog food topping designed to compliment your pets existing diet with an added boost of essential vitamins and minerals. VitaShot comes in varieties Skin & Coat, Hip & Joint and Immunity & Digestion.

Each pouch holds enough for a two week supply. The pouch is very easy to use, just squirt it onto the food and let your dog eat.  Voila.

A daily, multi-vitamin with a 500mg GLUCOSAMINE BOOST in every serving! Supports overall health, mobility and joint comfort in dogs 5 and up. Can be especially beneficial for larger dogs at any age.

VITA-SHOT™ is natural, free of gluten, animal products, chemicals and preservatives. Its benefits build over time.

Cici thinks it tastes great and laps it up.

4 3oz. “STAY FRESH” POUCHES (incl. S&H)

4 mo. supply (5-10 lb. dog)

2 mo. supply (11-65 lb. dog)

1 mo. supply (65+ lb. dog)

There are other vitamin shots such as the Every Dog’s Skin and Coat Boost filled with Omega 3’s and Vitamins, and others.

Skin & Coat

Vitamin E

    : is well-known as an excellent source of antioxidants that help the body improve circulation and the functioning of the immune system as well as acting to slow the aging process.

Linoleic Acid

    : is a source for the Omega-6 fatty acid and essential for your dog since they can not synthesize it on their own. It is used by your dog to form other omega-6 fatty acids and acts performs an important role in the maintenance of the skin and coat, proper membrane structure, and absorption of fat-soluble vitamins.

Omega 3

      : fatty acids are key components to reducing inflammation in the body that can lead to health problems

HealthPro is a family-owned business since 1985. They produce EVERYTHING in-house and EVERYTHING is proudly U.S.A. sourced.  Their philosophy has always been: if it’s not good enough for you, it’s not good enough for your pet!

For more info, visit:

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5 responses to “vitamin shots for your pooch

  1. Thanks so much for the review, CeilaSue!
    We’re very glad it’s a great fit for you and Cici 🙂

  2. Glucosamine and omega 3’s are very good for doggies-especially their joints and coats. Sounds like a promising product!

  3. If foods are balanced for proper nutrition, are vitamins really necessary?

    • That’s a good and important point!
      Do keep in mind that VitaShot not only contains high quality, human grade supplements, but also additional ingredients for those who want to provide specific extra benefits for their dogs. VitaShot for Dogs 5 and Up, for example, contains carefully sourced Glucosamine and Omega 3s — helpful for those who want extra support for their older dog. Those are also two ingredients that benefit larger breeds.

  4. Thanks for posting this, I am always trying new vitamins for Storm and love to find new ones to try!

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