Cool cats

Now that Pit Boss and Pit Bulls and Parolees are on hiatus, Animal Planet has some new shows featuring kitty cats that I LOVE (besides Too Cute which follows puppies and kittens progress)…Must Love Cats and the show with Jackson (Cats from Hell) I LOVE LOVE LOVE those two shows.

Forgive me Cici for I LOVE cats and people who love cats.  When Cici hears kitties on TV (and dogs too) she looks up at the TV with wonder. Like, where are the cats?

I just found out about some really cool cats in a cat palace…

It rains cats and dogs in Oregon!

and it has also been raining a lot here in Monterey…

some tips what to do with your dogs indoors





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One response to “Cool cats

  1. I also love the new cat shows that are on. 🙂 Always love cats and always will! It is a bit interesting to see them. I thought I would see the cat be very vocal but was surprised when it wasnt.

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