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Justice 4 Patrick

Are we ever going to see Kisha Curtis go to Jail???  will she ever be charged for abandoning, neglecting and starving Patrick nearly to death?  We are patiently waiting for the wheels of justice to play out, but it seems that every time Curtis goes to court, there is another delay in sentencing her. Patrick is safe and being well loved and taken care of, thankfully. AND how long this case is taking to resolve seems endless.  Sigh.  Just want a verdict already.  Was there one today??? Waiting patiently to hear the word. As soon as I see credible, confirmed info, I will post it right here…

 Capt. Yocum of the NJ SPCA

Important that everyone stay focused on the most impotant issue involved in this case, and that is Patrick. Obviously the Defense Attorney will do everything within reach to delay the case moving forward as well as try to use any information he can get that might shine any positive light on his client. Do not over react to media reports or articles that are circulated in the press. The facts and evidence in this case are clear and although it has dragged on for what seems forever, in the end I believe justice will be served. Thank you to the supporters that were in Court today (you all ROCK) Patrick is sound asleep right now and does not have a care in the world. Capt TRULY APPRECIATES all of the continued support for both Patrick and NJSPCA……………Just sayin………….. Capt


“An attorney for the woman charged with tossing Patrick the pit bull down a Newark high-rise trash chute last year has filed a motion seeking records from the state Division of Youth and Family Services, about its dealings with her three children…

“Superior Court Judge Joseph Cassini III set the next court date for Aug. 27, when he will decide whether the information, which would otherwise remain sealed, may be used to supplement Curtis’ pretrial intervention application.”

Kisha Curtis, accused of starving Patrick, is scheduled to be sentenced today at the Essex County Court House in Newark, NJ. Curtis admitted to tying Patrick to a staircase on the 19th floor and leaving him there without food or water when she moved out of the State of NJ but denies throwing Patrick down a garbage chute from the 19th floor of a 22-floor building in Newark, NJ in March 2011.

Kisha Curtis was indicted of a Fourth Degree Animal Cruelty by the New Jersey Grand Jury. Her sentence, if found guilty, can carry up to 18 months in jail and a up to a $10,000 fine. Curtis was made an offer by the Essex County Prosecutor’s Office where she would serve up to 18 months in prison, a $5,000 fine and 30 days community service. Curtis is now asking to be placed in a Pretrial Intervention Program (PTI), where she would not have a criminal record for abusing Patrick. She would be rehabilitated to correct her behavioral problems. PTI would reduce the burden on the court and allow resources to be devoted to more serious criminals. This would seem to benefit all involved except for the animals neglected/abused in New Jersey. In this State, it is difficult for Society for the Prevention of Cruelty to Animals (SPCA) agents and Animal Cruelty Investigators (ACIs) to prosecute animal abuse cases since the victims and the witnesses are often the animals themselves.

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Justice 4 Wicca

The whole truth and nothing but the truth about what happened to Wicca

First, they “tricked” Chris Papakostas and told him to bring Wicca to court where was forced to let her go with no other option.   Cesar Millan offered the City of Montreal the option of adopting Wicca and taking her from Quebec.   That offer and all other options were refused.   Why?  Only Mr. Lacroix and City of Montreal Officials can answer that.   Right now Montreal simply is not a safe place to own a dog.

95% of death orders for dogs in Montreal are pit bulls and more pit bulls are being euthanized than any other breed

Interview with Chris and his lawyer

Part I

Part II

Automatic euthanasia law in Montreal?

There is a very wrong law that needs to be changed and it affects ALL dogs in Montreal. A bite means an automatic death sentence. You have 24 hours to find a court approved canine professional to evaluate your dog. Any idea how impossible that is under 24hrs and how much it will cost you? We all know that a bite may not be a bite. We all know this new law is wrong. We can’t shut up now. Too many Wicca’s need us to make this fair. (Annie)

The Montreal SPCA opposes this law.

“The by-law gives authority to city officials to condemn an animal if his or her judgment declares that the dog is a danger to public, if the canine has bitten and caused skin laceration that have had required stitches. According to the spokesperson of the Montreal SPCA, Sophie Guillard, the by-law does not require the official to consult a qualified dog behavior expert or asks to assess the context of the incident, nor to consider other viable alternatives that would satisfy public safety concerns (such as mandatory muzzling) before ordering a dog’s death.

“Wicca was denied the right to be seen by a behaviorist and determine if her behavior was so extremely aggressive that there was no chance to behavior rehabilitation and therefore kill her. There was no initiative to see what could be done in order to save her.”

What do you think about the actions of the City of Montreal?  Should they be held accountable?  Should there be a Wicca’s Law?

Is the Mayor of Montreal and the bureaucrats reading BS like this?

The mayor of Montreal and others should know about the Pit Bull Hall of Fame

Should the people of Montreal  start an underground pit bull railroad?

Underground pit bull railroad in Toronto–ontario-s-pit-bull-ban-the-pit-bull-underground-railroad


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Pit bull myths

END BSL… Breed Discrimination in America

Lies, negative stereotypes and myths

In the book Pit Bull Placebo by Karen Delise discusses how dogs of various breeds have been demonized since the 1800’s. People’s perception of ‘dangerous dogs’ has changed over the centuries.

Consider the impact of these images imprinted upon the human psyche  …

l. Eliza and her baby (Uncle Tom’s Cabin) being chased by snarling teeth gnashing Bloodhounds.

2. Super-predator Nazi guard Doberman Pinscher dogs became a symbol of cruelty

3. The Time Bomb Pit Bull depicted on the cover of Time magazine

“My kids are around pit bulls every day. In the ’70s they blamed Dobermans, in the ’80s they blamed German shepherds, in the ’90s they blamed the Rottweiler. Now they blame the pit bull.”    Cesar Millan.  “Pit bulls get a bad rap because of irresponsible owners.”

From the Pit Bull Placebo

“…for over half a century in between, 1920 to 1970, millions of Bulldogs, Bull Terriers, American Pit Bull Terriers,  American Staffordshire Terriers and all their mixed breed cousins served Americans well in every possible capacity and circumstance.

‘…The first half of the 20th century finds new and different breeds involved in fatal/severe attacks. Collies, Boston Terriers, St. Bernards, Airedale Terriers, Great Danes, Chow chows, German police dogs (German Shepherds), Doberman Pinschers, and Huskies were only some of the new breeds seen in aggressive encounters with humans.”

A combination of the media’s need for scary pit bull stories (to sell papers), dog fighters using bully breeds for fighting, and society’s need to blame dogs for humanity’s problems have joined together to give the pit bull a very bad rap.

“…The early 1980s find the media continuously churning out emotionally charged articles about Pit bull anatomy and behaviors that were based on rumors, myths and unproven claims by both experts and laymen.

“When Pit bulls lost an arranged street fight they were subjected to unimaginable cruelty and violent deaths, because they became a source of embarrassment or failed to uphold the machismo image of their owners.”

“…In 2004 the media reported this Pit bull attacked and killed a 4-year-old boy. It was not reported that this chained, intact male dog was visibly underweight with numerous old scars on his head and neck. Veterinarian examination revealed the dog was heartworm positive, flea-infested, and suffering from internal parasites (hookworms). He was anemic with a low-grade fever and was diagnosed as having very poor body condition and muscle mass. Stress and wear marks along the teeth suggest the dog did not receive adequate nutrition during development. The dog was poorly socialized and very fearful.”

Elevate the conversation

Find the pit…

Many people have never met a pit bull and could not pick one out of a lineup such as this…

Pit bulls are not a breed of dog, there are numerous breeds all lumped together and called pit bull…American Pit Bull Terriers, Miniature Bull Terriers, American Staffordshire Terriers, Staffordshire Bull Terriers, American Bull Dogs, Bull Terriers or mixed breeds that have the appearance or characteristics of one of these breeds…

Does this make ANY sense?

There are NO incidents to date of a spayed/neutered indoor family pit bull ever having killed anyone.

…[S]ince 1975, dogs belonging to more than 30 breeds have been responsible for fatal attacks on people, including Dachshunds, a Yorkshire Terrier, and a Labrador Retriever.” (It’s also key to point out that you are more likely to be killed by lightening than a dog, and dog bites are at historic lows.)

Pit Bull: Fact or Fiction

1:  Pit bulls are inherently dangerous, as the Maryland Court of Appeals recently labeled them.


It’s all in the upbringing, the socialization, and how their owners treat them.

German Shepherd Dog, American Pit Bull Terrier (APBT), and Rottweiler were tested using a bite sleeve equipped with a specialized computer instrument to measure bite pressure. The APBT had the least amount of pressure of the 3 dogs tested. (Source: Dr. Brady Barr of National Geographic)

“There is no scientific evidence that one kind of dog is more likely than another to injure a human being than any other kind of dog.[i][ii] In fact, there is affirmative evidence to the contrary.[iii]

Numerous places have recently repealed their bans on pit bulls/bully breeds aka Breed Specific Legislation.

Cincinnati Ohio’s vicious dog ordinance, which previously made ownership of pit bulls within city limits illegal has been repealed.

DeKalb County ban repealed

2. Pit bulls have locking jaws that make it virtually impossible to separate a pit bull from people or animals they bite.

Fiction.  There’s no scientific data to back that up. They’ve actually studied it and found that the pit bull skull is no different than any other dog. There’s no locking mechanism.

Dr. Lehr Brisbin of the University of Georgia wrote:

“The few studies which have been conducted of the structure of the skulls, mandibles and teeth of pit bulls show that, in proportion to their size, their jaw structure and thus its inferred functional morphology, is no different than that of any breed of dog. There is absolutely no evidence for the existence of any kind of “locking mechanism” unique to the structure of the jaw and/or teeth of the American Pit Bull Terrier.”


Pit bulls are unpredictable and more likely to bite people than other dogs.

Fiction. There are known factors that contribute to dogs of all breeds biting and becoming dangerous. If the dog is male, not neutered, kept chained or roams loose in a pack, etc.

Factors that affect a dog’s tendency toward aggression include reproductive status, sex, early experience and socialization/training. According to the Centers for Disease Control, these concerns are well-founded, given that:

More than 70 percent of all dog bite cases involve unneutered male dogs.

An unneutered male dog is 2.6 times more likely to bite than is a neutered dog.

A chained or tethered dog is 2.8 times more likely to bite than a dog not chained or tethered.

97 percent of dogs involved in fatal attacks on people in 2006 (the most recent year statistics are available) were not spayed/neutered.

A female dog usually chained with a litter of newborn puppies

Guard dogs

Abused dogs

Neglected dogs

Starved dogs

Unsupervised dogs, roaming loose

Unsocialized dogs

All dogs, before they bite, give warning signals.

Three MOST aggressive breeds

The number one aggressive breed out of the 33 dogs surveyed, The Dachshund. Yes – the wiener dog. The study found that “one in five dachshunds have bitten or tried to bite strangers, and a similar number have attacked other dogs; one in 12 have snapped at their owners.”

“Number two on the list is an even more diminutive breed – the Chihuahua, while Jack Russells came in third.

“The researchers say that the bite statistics that have been released in recent years are skewed because most dog bites are not reported. Big dog bites are more likely to require medical attention, but this does not mean that those breeds are doing the majority of the biting.”

4. Pit bulls are good with children.

Fact.  Pit bulls were considered the nanny dog.   Consider ‘The Little Rascals.’  Petey was a pit bull and he never hurt Alfalfa or any of the Little Rascals.

Adopting a pit bull

Of the 4 to 6 million dogs and cats still being killed in shelters each year, most – roughly 1.5 million – are pit bulls. The great majority of these are healthy, good natured and adoptable dogs.

Public and private agencies spend $2.5 billion each year caring for and /or killing homeless dogs and cats. Pit bulls represent one in four of all animals taken into shelters. More than 80 percent of pit bulls in shelters will die before their second birthday.

Some guidelines in adopting a pit bull…

1. Adopt a shelter or rescue org dog due to the above. Also, irresponsible breeders are only interested in your money, not dogs. (this goes for all breeds but especially pit bull type dogs).

2. The dog should be spayed/neutered and given obedience training (basic commands).

3. Are you equipped to give your dog an hour of exercise a day?

4. Do you have a home of your own? If not, make sure that your landlord is ok with your adopting a pit bull.

5. If you are going to keep your dog chained up as a lawn ornament, used as a guard dog, or to show off how macho you are, please do NOT adopt a pit bull. Bullies make terrible guard dogs, they love people too much. And w do not need any more irresponsible owners.

6. Do you have small children? NEVER leave your dog (of any breed) alone and unsupervised with a child.

7. Are you lifetime committed to give the dog a forever home?

8. Volunteer at a local shelter and get to know the dogs there before you adopt. Do some research and then decide what is right for you.

9. Consider fostering a pit bull before you adopt.

10. Do you have the time, energy and patience for a dog who wants to be with you and cuddle all the time?

Contact your local shelter and/or local pit bull rescue organizations to adopt.


Best Friends Animal Society

Our Pack


Shorty’s Pit Bull Rescue

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RIP Wicca update

Wicca is RIP…  at least her owner was able to say goodbye to her in person…

#Justice4Wicca, interview with Chris & lawyer


Posted on the Save Wicca page:

Her owner’s last words to his sweet dog…

Such sadness…..RIP WICCA you were wronged….
R.I.P. my little girl. Please forgive me, WE know it’s not your fault for getting scared. I want you to forgive me for this cruel way you had to leave me , I really thought we would grow old together I tried the best i could to keep you happy and healthy i even got a king size just for you to have more room to sleep with me, it’s bean very lonely with out you here. I’m gonna miss waking up at your bad smelling breath. You saved my life and I thank you for that, you ware the best friend i ever had you always looked out for me you but now look out for me from up there trust me it’s safer for you then this cruel would we live in. btw go find my grandfather and keep him some company i’m sure you’ll love him too just as much you loved all of US, we will miss having liking our feet faces hands, I’ll miss cleaning up after you when you drink, poop, when you would go thru the garbage. At least we had a good times together, it’s hard when i see your crate and your not on your pillow or next to me… I Promise you little girl I will never forget you I cant i’m here cause of you, every breath i take i think of you, you ware MY TRUE LOVE , i loved you more then anything. I promise you we will change this stupid law that killed you. we’ll make it the WICCA/LENNOX LAW. (the 11th of july 2012 was the judgement for wicca and lennox’s death ) just cause of there breed.. WE WILL MISS YOU WICCA my little girl (skilitsa mou) :”(

It is with great sadness and a very angry heart that I share this update with you. Wicca died peacefully earlier today at around 5 pm. Chris was able to say his good-byes. The city absolutely refused to grant Wicca a pardon despite all efforts made. Chris and the Berger Blanc had no choice but to obey the order.

RIP Wicca. Believe me sweet girl…you did not die in vein. You touched thousands around the world and mark my words…these draconian by-laws of ours WILL BE CHANGED in your honor. (Annie)

a message from the SPCA in Montreal

should a dog who did NOT bite anyone, barely scratched two people who did NOT press charges and who saved her owner’s life be put to sleep under BSL???  NOOOOOOO !!!!

Listen to this assessment of the dog Wicca whose life was taken…

and comment on the news media page, they are asking if dogs should be put to sleep if they bite… of course NOT…

There had been an offer to rehome Wicca to a sanctuary in Texas at their own expense, which was ignored.

Feel free to tell the Mayor and others below how you feel about Wicca’s unfair death and also about their new bylaw which will automatically euthanize other dogs like Wicca.

The Mayor of Montreal Monsieur Gérald Tremblay,

City of Montreal inspector who allegedly ordered Wicca’s death sentence is Benoit

Contact details for various members of the council are top left of this page.,,,,

Save Wicca’s page:

Candlelight Vigil for Wicca at Montreal City Hall on Saturday…


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A tale of two pit bulls

The unconscionable Belfast City Council created a Sophie’s Choice moment for Mrs. Chambers and her two dogs.

Below is my letter and the article about the situation… and I just found out this…

it was the same dog warden for Roxy and Hooch as it was for Lennox, surprise surprise, NOT…

Stephen Philpott, chief executive of the USPCA (Ulster Society for the Prevention of Cruelty to Animals), said: “I hate to say it but we told you so. Nobody would listen to what we were saying in court and now two dogs have suffered.

“We said these dogs possessed the unpredictable gene and what happened at the weekend has proved our point.

“Mrs Chambers is a complete innocent who deserves everyone’s sympathy. She didn’t realise what she had in her house and now she’s unfortunately found out the hard way.”

Read more:

“If they are saying the dogs are pit bulls, what are they doing – letting me keep one and killing the other?


they are currently redoing their website, but here is info:

email, and

here is the twitter account…

Dear Mr. Philpott aka pompous ass,

It is one thing for a person to be blind. But to pat yourself on the back for your own willful blindness, demonizing and discriminating policies against dogs and humans, which CREATED the “unpredictable dog” so that YOU could be right about how wrong you are is the height of hubris.

Gotta hand it to you. Gonna submit your statement to Ripley’s Believe it or Not, for the MOST dishonest statement EVER uttered by a horse’s rear. If YOU are an example of someone with the predictable gene, how do YOU sleep at night and what do you tell your children? Oh whoopee, killed another innocent dog and ruined another human life today worshipping at the altar of my hubris?



Myth: Pit bulls are unpredictable; they can turn on anyone, even their owner, at any time.

FACT: Pit bulls are no more or less unpredictable than any other type of dog. Often, a person who claims that a dog is “unpredictable” simply doesn’t understand dog behavior

Unpredictability myth

Pit Bulls are generally very stable, happy dogs that love people. They are dogs. The only dogs that generally are unpredictable are dogs (of all breeds) that have a medical condition or have serious genetic-based behavior problems. Any dog, of any breed, that displays unpredictable behavior should be seen by a vet and a behaviorist to get to the root cause of the problem.

In the case of Mrs. Chambers dogs, the BCC is the root cause of the dogs problem. What is next, rounding up innocent children who are unpredictable, or how about all those rowdy unpredictable seniors or teenagers???

Mrs. Chambers was given a Sophie’s Choice moment, why? The BCC created the situation and the problem. The dog was fine until the BCC got your hands on her.  Catch 22 has got nothing on you.


Make NO mistake the world is watching Belfast City Council, USPCA and Belfast, Ireland because of the apparent obstinate stupidity that runs rampant in your city officials. You have had ample opportunities to LEARN from world renowned dog experts but have refused preferring to remain close-minded no matter the consequences.

You are cowards and bullies who prefer to kill and demonize and discriminate against dogs because you lack the moral fortitude and courage to hold human beings accountable. You prefer expediency over knowledge. Rather than learn from your mistakes, you just keep on killing, pretending you care about the public and are doing so in the name of public safety. What a load of hooey.

We will NOT forget Lennox and we will NOT forget Roxy and all of the other innocent blood on your hands.

And one day YOU will be prosecuted for the crimes YOU have committed, your cold, cruel, heartless inhumane  actions against both canines and humans.

Count me disgusted, along with your other 200,000+ fans aka Lennox Army.

these are not the two dogs of Mrs. Chambers but were like this before the BCC separated them.

A Pit bull: the secret to Mona Lisa’s smile… HAH…


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Lennox redux in Canada/UK

Canada oh Canada… a few more Lennox type situations (am sure that there are many many more)…

We have to OUT these bureaucrats, judges, officials… name names… let them know that there are consequences for these actions, killing innocent dogs.

RIP Wicca…

This is a roller coaster ride… NEW… Thursday morning latest… Wicca is still alive…well, there are now rumors that she is not… lunacy going on now… people call the mayor and email…

and listen to this assessment of the dog Wicca whose life is at stake…

and comment on the news media page, they are asking if dogs should be put to sleep if they bite… of course NOT…

…There appear to be two alternatives:

Berger Blanc disobeys the city order to euthanize, re-homes Wicca, and suffers political consequences (a tough call because it is the City of Montreal that awards shelter the annual animal control contract, or

Mayor Gerald Tremblay gives the order for clemency.

Reports indicate that Couture, owner of Berger Blanc, and the Mayor are good friends and Couture could make a phone call to the Mayor requesting official clemency for Wicca .  This would be a good public relations move on the part of Berger Blanc while insuring no political repercussions.

The Mayor of Montreal Monsieur Gérald Tremblay,


City of Montreal inspector who allegedly ordered Wicca’s death sentence is Benoit

Contact details for various members of the council are top left of this page.,,,,

it is not over yet. This was on Save Wicca’s page:
Karen Newman

For anyone near Berger Blanc where Wicca is, here is the latest statement…

 Save Wicca in Montreal,  sad news…

It’s over for Wicca. The Judge begged the city to give us 10 days in order to file a motion but he asked this on moral grounds since legally, he did not have the power to overturn a death order. The city refused. Wicca’s execution stands. Believe me when I tell you all how devastated we are over this but we will not stop. The laws will be changed. You mark my words! Wicca will not have died in vain. LONG LIVE WICCA!

What is it with Councils lording it as if they are demi Gods! I think people the world over need to start protesting…

Wicca is a 5 year old spayed Am Staff AKA Pit Bull who is now making headlines due to the flagrant discrimination and unconstitutional treatment her case has received from the city of Montreal over an alleged bite. (bite or scratch has yet to be determined)…

“Her owner was in court earlier on Monday July 23, concerning his charges for contempt of court since he refused to bring her to the Berger Blanc (with darn good reason) and the city decided to deal with the appeal as well right there on the spot. The judge ordered that Wicca be brought to the court house to “meet” her. They tricked us and had her taken away by the Berger Blanc. (CBC Montreal covered it).
“Attorneys are now appealing to the Supreme Court. This case was handled so wrongly right from the beginning. It screams injustice and discrimination. Our attorneys are flabbergasted as is the Mc Gill student legal team.”

Free Brindi

On June 26, the provincial judge turned over all control and rights to my dog Brindi to Halifax – the very city that has wanted to kill her since July 2008. That June, animal services officials had arbitrarily muzzled her, then told me about a law allowing them to seize and destroy her without any further ado if she was reported for anything, including not wearing her muzzle even accidentally. They seized her on July 24, 2008, after exactly that unfortunate thing happened four days earlier: she accidentally got loose for about 20 seconds, without causing injury to anybody.

There is no law in Halifax mandating seizure and destruction of a dog under a muzzle order merely for being off its property without the muzzle on. The supreme court later quashed that euthanasia order, but Halifax didn’t return Brindi. And the city never held anybody accountable for those boldfaced lies, either.

Last month, after prolonging Brindi’s already lengthy stay in the pound by nearly four more months (on top of 18 months since the 2010 seizure), and after I put together a very strong case for Brindi’s release, bolstered by the trainer’s excellent testimony, Judge Buchan gave carte blanche to Halifax officials, saying they should do their own usual” assessment on her, and after August 1, they are free to decide for themselves what to do with her. (For some strange reason the prosecutor told the media the date was August 21 – not sure what that was about.)

During the trial, the prosecutor argued – as always – that there was only one option for Brindi: death. Somehow the judge ignored this consistent position, as well as the fact that Brindi has been assessed positively many times already. The most recent one was carried out on June 13 by behavioral consultant Susan Jordan; her report lay on the judge’s desk.

and another dog in the UK was just seized…

Marc Shirley co founder of has just been arrested on charges of owning a type 1 banned breed, buster, who is 11, a senior and not a tooth in his head, please join the group, sign the petition.

Bring Buster home, this is madness..
from Buster’s owner: “I was able to maintain my cool with police and put forward an excellent case, however feeling they wont get a result on charging me with Posetion of a Banned Breed in contravention to section one of the 1991 DDA.

I have been Charged as follows (Charge sheet will be uploaded later)

Charge: 1
Possess or Have Custody Of A “FIGHTING DOG”, In contravention of the 1991 Dangerous Dogs Act, SECTION SEVEN.

No charges in relation to section 1 of the 1991DDA

Interview lasted more than 90 mins, and i was question on everything from being involved with dog fighting to breeding pitbulls for financial Gain.

I strongly refute those charges, i have never even so much as attended a fighting event, as for breeding, they wish, i aint that clued up, i wouldnt know how to breed 2 dogs, plus i have a new bourn due in 8 weeks, i really cant be dealing with a puppy at this stage.

I will continue to fight my legal case, and i will continue to fight to bring buster home, again on legal advice i have nothing further to add on busters case, other than its progressing.

As for them sending me to prison for owning a fighting dog good luck, busters got no teeth he’s not even a match for a pillow.


“A founding partner of this site yesterday had his 11 Year Old Mixed Breed dog deemed to be of “TYPE” he was then Seized under the 1991 Dangerous Dogs Act, Section 1.

“We are fighting for him to be freed as an exempted dog due to his age, and various health issues.

“If you support our cause and would like to see our founder get his dog back, please sign this petition in support of freeing Buster and bringing him home.

“The dogs owner, will later today hand himself into Suffolk Police, as we understand he will be arrested and charged with owning a banned breed, and a mistake from his past has come back to haunt, he really is facing a sentence.”

On the bright/positive side of the street…

“In the face of oppression the Olympic torch is carried through Britain alongside a Staffordshire Bull Terrier, commonly referred to as a Pit Bull in the United States. Maybe one day BSL will be lifted there and sights like this won’t be extraordinary.”


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Is my dog mad at me?

Cici is going to be six on August 1… From the time she was a six month old puppy when I first met her, she was a cuddler, always snuggling up REALLY close to me, on top of me, to the point of being annoying all the time.  Too close. Constant cuddling. A super snuggler. I got used to it and sometimes I liked it and other times, I needed my own space.

Now, suddenly, the past couple of months, Cici does not cuddle with me at all. It is fine that we do not sleep together anymore, that was getting to be a real pain. I get up a few times a night to go to the bathroom. It is hard enough for me to get up alone with the pain in my knees (osteoarthritis). But Cici would always sleep on top of me and I’d have to somehow get through, over or move her to get off the bed. Not fun.

So when she wanted to sleep in the living room on the chair, it was fine, ok by me. But after breakfast, when she’d have a nap, she used to jump up on the bed and snuggle. No more.  And no other time during the day or evening, either.

Was it something I said or did?

During the time her leg was hurt, it was ok, because I did not want her to be jumping on and off the bed (which she did anyway). But now that her leg is better, what is going on?

Is she getting older now and just needs her space? Is she mad at me? Just not that into me anymore?

Everything else is normal. We play together, I feed her, walk her several times a day, love that silly polka dot girl of mine.

I would love to get a couch so then we could both lie there and watch TV together and cuddle there and then. She seems amenable, if I sit with her on the chair, which is much too small for us both, she will cuddle with me or rather let me pet her.

It’s just if I tell her to come into my room and close the door, she moans and acts like it’s the last place on earth she wants to be. Unless, of course, I have food.

What do you think? Has your dog stopped cuddling with you as they grew older? Is this a phase? Does my dog not love me anymore? Or am I being neurotic?

I found it soothing to cuddle with her, calmed me down. Comforting.

I don’t want to cramp her style, force her to do anything she does not want to do… trust me, I cannot anyway.

So what do you think? Has my baby grown up and needs her own place?

It’s a miracle, well, I bribed her so she is now cuddling next to me… it was clear to me while cuddling, I was fidgeting a lot and uncomfortable so she must pick up on that vibe…

thanks for ALL your good wishes and suggestions…


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