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Popular dog names


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Cherry, Jonny, and Wallace, oh my…

WALLACE is not technically a Vicktory-dog (former M. Vick dog), his brother Hector is though, and Wallace is a star in his own right… The book about Wallace by Jim Gorant (author of The Lost Dogs book) is a winner. Sadly, Wallace is very ill with cancer. Please see Prayers for Wallace and Angus blog post.   thanks.


A toy company, Gund, held a contest and Jonny won. They will be making a plush toy from his likeness, and it will be available in 2013.

Cherry Garcia has his own street in Burlington, Vermont (near Ben and Jerry’s store)…

Dogs Deserve Better

“The founder and executive director of Dogs Deserve Better, a chained dog rescue that operates where Philadelphia Eagles quarterback Michael Vick once owned a dog-fighting compound, is facing animal abuse charges, said Surry County Chief Animal Control Officer Tracy Terry.

“Tamira Thayne, who opened the Good Newz Rehab Center for Chained and Penned Dogs in June 2011, was charged with one count of inadequate care of animals, a Class 4 misdemeanor, on Aug. 23, said Terry. A hearing on that charge is scheduled for Sept. 25 in Surry General District Court.”,0,7663188.story

Evidence found:

Just a reminder…

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Pets in politics

If you share your politics with your pooches…

Send pictures of your pets wearing election-year flair to Pet Lovers for Obama

and you can also send photos to Dogs Against Romney… if you are against animal abuse… both Romney and Ryan have shown that they disregard animals and/or abuse them… Ryan kills fish with his bare hands and hunts deer… Romney strapped his Irish Setter on the roof of his car for a 12 hour drive to Canada and laughs about it…




The fur is flying and will continue to do so during the Conventions this week.  Hurricane Isaac has already ruined some of the GOP’s plans… Divine intervention… some say a big uterus is on its way to Tampa… after all of the horrific anti-choice, Akins/Ryan’s pro-rape, rapists have rights but women don’t rhetoric and bills and platform of the GOP, GOP: Don’t Mess with MOTHER God Nature

Historically, pets have played a very important role in the lives of many presidents and lawmakers.

  • FDR’s dog Fala helped him win re-election
  • President Ford would often signal his dog Liberty
  • President George Bush’s dog Millie and her puppies entertained many of the White House’s visiting guests
  • President Clinton’s dog Buddy kept him company in the dog house during the Lewinsky scandal
  • President George W. Bush’s dogs Barney and Miss Beazley  hosted annual video tours of the White House’s Christmas decorations.

Harry S. Truman once said…

“If you want
a friend in Washington, get a dog.”


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Stop animal abuse

In my neighborhood, near Monterey, CA, in July, 113 kittens were found dead at a hoarder’s home and the Monterey SPCA rescued 51 adult cats from the home. The cats were living in horrific conditions.  Now, the cats are recovering and hopefully will be adopted soon. Anyone who wants to put their name down on the list of potential adopters can do so by calling the shelter at 831-373-2631.


Emergency Veterinary Services of St. Charles (EVS) Illinois is teaming up with local law enforcement to crack down on animal abuse and protect pet welfare. EVS works with the local police and fire departments to treat pets for
smoke inhalation, gunshot wounds, vehicular trauma and fight wounds. Recently, EVS partnered with the Glendale Heights Police Department to assist in the investigation of a domestic violence dispute that resulted in an animal’s death. EVS provided the initial documentation of the pet’s death, radiographic evidence of severe trauma, and
evidence of previous abuse. EVS is continuing to cooperate in the prosecution of the abuser.

According to an initial investigation, the boyfriend of the Chihuahua’s
owner is accused of beating the pet to death when his girlfriend failed
to arrive home at the boyfriend’s requested time. The emergency pet
hospital provided the initial documentation of the dog’s death.
Radiographic evidence gathered by the hospital indicated the dog had
sustained severe trauma from multiple beatings. Evidence of healing
fractures indicated that the Chihuahua had suffered repeated abuse.

“The Chihuahua’s death is a tragic example of animal abuse right here
in our own community,” said Dr. Lynette D. Greenwood, DVM. “Our pet
hospital is continuing to cooperate with the detectives, officers, and
the Illinois State’s Attorney’s Office in the ongoing prosecution of
the abuser.”

Dr. Greenwood is also raising awareness about the dangers of animal abuse as a precursor to sexual abuse and domestic violence.

“A violent, controlling person who abuses animals may branch out and
harm humans, especially women and children,” said Dr. Greenwood. “If an
individual is violent towards animals, early intervention can prevent
continued animal abuse and potential domestic violence.”

The emergency vet hospital also works closely with local police and
fire departments to treat pets in need of urgent medical care. This
includes pets that have suffered smoke inhalation, sustained a bullet
wound or suffered vehicular trauma.

“We are proud to work closely with first responders to provide urgent
medical care to pets in need,” said Dr. Greenwood. “First responders
understand that in an emergency, every minute counts. They choose our
hospital because we are passionate about providing life-saving care.”

Pet owners may learn more about Batavia, Aurora and Elgin emergency vet
care at

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Timely Tips to Help Our Furry Friends

Take Back-to-School Stress in Stride


Heading back to the classroom can be a frantic, frazzling experience for kids, parents and pets alike. With all the scheduling dilemmas the new school year brings – band practice, soccer practice, carpools and the like – the quality time we used to spend with our four-legged friends during the summer months is suddenly in short supply. So it’s no wonder if even the most well-behaved pets aren’t at their angelic best during these especially stressful days.

Here are a few suggestions from one of the world’s leading providers of training and mental exercise products to make the back-to-school transition period less trying.

  1. week or so before the kids return to school, start getting your pets used to their absence. Take a few trial runs by leaving them early in the morning for about an hour. Line up the lunchboxes on the kitchen counter so that your dog or cat starts to see this as part of your morning routine.
  1. Consider crating your dog during the day. To many pet parents, the prospect of having their four-legged companions stay in a crate may seem like locking them away in prison. But crating a pet makes a lot more sense when you think of it as a protective crib or playpen. The sense of security a crate provides can be comforting to many dogs. Just be sure to leave them with fresh water, food or treats, a snugly blanket and some favorite toys to keep them occupied until you or the kids get home.


  1. Quickly establish a new daily routine. Dogs and cats are creatures of habit and feel anxious when there are major disruptions in their life. While you’re scheduling carpools and after-school activities, you should also schedule regular times for your dog’s feedings, walks, play dates and together time.
  1. Leave them playthings that keep their minds actively engaged. One excellent way to keep housebound pets from getting bored is to give them a fun homework assignment, such as the Dog Miracle Puzzle from Nina Ottosson. This durable, cleverly constructed puzzle lets dogs seek out concealed treats by trying to move, lift or push aside durable, stackable bricks with their paw or nose. By changing the placement of the puzzle bricks and where the treats are concealed, pet parents can decide how difficult the game is going to be. The number of ways the bricks and hidden treats can be rearranged is virtually endless!
  1. Use a pet-friendly training device to gently correct unwanted behaviors. One example is the Pet Corrector™ from The Company of Animals. This convenient can of harmless compressed air simplifies training by mimicking the “hissing” sound animals make in the wild. Dogs and cats have an instinctive aversion to this sound. For dogs who tend to pull or tug at the leash while walking and could use some gentle correction, there’s the Halti® Headcollar. And for those more impulsive types who need to be more firmly yet humanely restrained, the Baskerville Ultra Muzzle is a great solution.

Hopefully, these tips will help prevent those back-to-school days from stressing out your precious pets – and you. The Company of Animals is widely regarded as one of the world’s most respected providers of pet training and mental exercise products.   For complete details, please visit


Ways to Celebrate National Dog Day

Grab a leash or a dish and join the celebration.

  • Have a back yard barbecue, inviting your friends to bring their dogs — fencing in all four-legged friends, for their own protection.
  • Take your canine companion for a walk in the neighborhood or to the park or beach.
  • Take a ride in the country. Go to a pet friendly winery.
  • Take your dog for a doggie vacation/holiday weekend even if you just camp out in the back yard.
  • Spread holiday cheer to local dog shelters year-round. Donate your resources to a dog rescue center. Volunteer and share your love for dogs with those less fortunate than your own family pet.
  • Have a friend who loves dogs but for whatever reason cannot have one right now? Share your dog for a day! Your friend and your dog will enjoy a dog day of summer as you all walk and talk together.
  • Share your love of pit bulls with others.
  • Top the day off with the gift of a new dog dish for your furry friend (treats included, of course).

About National Dog Day

Founded in 2004 by pet lifestyle expert and author Colleen Paige, National Dog Day was created to honor dogs more than we currently do, to give them a day to show deep appreciation for our long connection to each other – for their endearing patience, unquestioning loyalty, for their work, their capacity for love and their ability to impact our lives everyday in the most miraculous ways. National Dog Day wishes to encourage dog ownership of all breeds, mixed and pure – and embraces the opportunity for all dogs to live a happy and safe life. To learn more, visit

About The Company of Animals

Founded by highly acclaimed UK pet behaviorist Dr. Roger Mugford, The Company of Animals is the UK’s provider of training products designed to achieve a positive relationship between pets and their parents. The Company of Animals designs and manufactures a wide range of acclaimed products.  For more information, please visit or

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Pet stories wanted

This week is an Extreme Pet Bloggers Blog Hop… with lots of giveaways and parties… my polka dot princess Cici, a six year old rescued Dalmatian pit bull mix and I (Monterey Bay area dog travel blogger and newshound) provide lots of tips about traveling with your dog/pets with dogitude. And Cici shares her polka dot pig belly and lots and lots of kisses. We have been blogging since October 2007.


Every pet has a story. A past, a present and hopefully, a future with a family. The bonds we share with our pets last a lifetime. The fun we have with our pets make everlasting memories.

Uplifting, poignant, inspiring, engaging, and humorous pet stories WANTED !!!!

Pet memoirs and books focusing on the bond between humans and animals have become increasingly popular over the last few years… do you have a great tale to tell?

Is your pet pit bull a hero, famous, a celebrity?

Has your pet unique qualities (couch puptato, extra adventurous, mischievous, entertaining or curious, or friendly to cats, cows, pigs, monkeys, ducks and other animals)?

Does your pet make a silly noise, have a special trick, a funny quirk or won an award for fetching beer, standing on their head or failed at puppy school?

Will your pet do ANYTHING for treats, food, toys or ????

Are you grieving the loss of your pet? Did they have an unusual illness?

Harboring a fugitive from the BSL wars or saved a pet, rescued one from harm?

Could your pet blog become a pet book???

Would you like to co-create a pet book with me?

Celebrate your Pet

Boast and brag about your pet in a furrever book for your family and friends to cherish the memories.

Amusing shaggy dog tale stories.  

Your travel adventures together.  

Why you love her (or him) so much.  

Poems, photos, cartoons and images.

Cherish the good times. And share the love.

Pet artists, photographers, designers and videographers, too… please send us your pet creations, too…

If you need assistance in getting your pet book published, let us know…

a dog’s eye view of Blood Mountain for FUN…

We will be reviewing some pet books soon… and


Cici and I’d love to share your pet here on our blog, in a book and everywhere… let us know…the ball is in your pet’s court… bounce it back soon…

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Bionic dogs

many years ago, I loved watching the TV show Bionic Woman with Lindsay Wagner… so when they asked me to review the Bionic dog toy, I was ready for a tough and tumble action toy… Cici enjoys playing with it and it truly does seem indestructible…

the bionic bone has some interesting features:

  • Ergonomically shaped to fit the curvature of a dog’s mouth
  • Ridges provide a chewy feel
  • Perfect for aggressive chewers
  • Open center can be stuffed with treats
  • Floats

Careful attention was made to ensure it fits naturally in the curvature of the canine mouth. The ridges across the top give your dog the feeling that they are chewing through the toy. The “Bionic Rubber®” material ensures that your dog will enjoy playing with the Bionic Ball for a long time.  Bionic Rubber® can hold up to the most aggressive chewers.

Made from FDA Food Grade materials that are non-toxic, these toys are as smart as they are strong. The selection of innovative shapes and brightly colored designs make these toys easy to see while playing outside or in the water.

There is also a Bionic Ball, Stuffer, and Toss and Tug, for all size dogs…

Smaller dogs have sharper teeth which puncture toys easier, but have less overall bite force compared to larger dogs. Knowing this allowed the Bionic® engineers to adjust the geometry of their smaller toys for an increased resistance to punctures. They also slightly softened the new sizes, since smaller dogs don’t need as much force resistance. Comparatively, the larger Bionic® toys exhibit increased force and puncture resistance to accommodate a larger dog’s bite.

Bionic® Pet Products was launched after the Luhrs family dog, Duke, successfully destroyed another new toy with ease. By combining Bionic’s knowledge of designing products for strength, their scientific expertise in materials that are durable and their world-class manufacturing capabilities, Bionic® Pet Products has been able to create toys that stand up to the most aggressive playmates, no matter their gnawing habits.

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Pet friendly 29 Palms

The ten top-rated pet-friendly U.S. hotels on TripAdvisor (thanks to Dog Jaunt for the link):,0,4596879.story?track=rss

#1 our friends Gary and Jan Peters at the Roughley Manor in 29 Palms, Ca… nicest people, great property and yummy breakfasts… no pet fee

Jan helped me get the apartment I lived in when I was a newspaper reporter for the Desert Trail newspaper there. And a friend of mine stayed at the Manor and found it lovely. I had breakfast with her there and also attended a couple of events and found the setting beautiful and peaceful.

Please note that 29 Palms area gets really HOT in the summer, in the 100’s. It is located about an hour from Palm Springs area and a few hours from Los Angeles.

Arrowheads from hunters of the Pinto Culture have established that people lived in Twentynine Palms and in nearby Joshua Tree National Park 4,000 to 8,000 years ago.

Be aware that the Marine base bans pit bulls and other breeds of dogs on the base and base housing.

Pet Policy

The Marine Corps Order and Combat Center strictly prohibit the following breeds or any mix thereof in base housing: Pit Bull (Staffordshire Bull Terrier and American Staffordshire Terrier), Rottweiler and Canid/Wolf Hybrids. As of April 1, 2010 any pet that was grandfathered MUST wear their distinctive, red Banned Breed tag at all times.

Visitors are also banned from bringing these unauthorized dogs onto base and all military sponsors will be held responsible for enforcing this regulation.

Fun things to do in the area

other pet friendly places to stay in 29 Palms area are:

29 Palms Inn, Jane Smith innkeeper

nice pool and good food (organic fresh from the garden), funky and quiet bungalows, adobes and cabins, $35 pet fee

Sunnyvale Suites

have not been there but sounds like a home away from home… furnished like a condo with kitchens, $79-99 and one time $35 pet fee for one dog, Tony is the General Manager

Motel 6 is awful and so is the Rancho Doloroso Motel


Edchada’s and Ramona’s both have good Mexican food, Wonder Garden Cafe has healthy and Starbucks-like coffees and cuisine and Carousel Cafe has cheap breakfast specials

Luckie Park is semi dog friendly when Cici and I were there in 2007 and same with the park near City Hall and the Library. No dogs are allowed in the city parks.

Super 8 Motel in nearby Yucca Valley (20 minutes away, closer to Palm Springs) is also pet friendly… have also not been there

Desert Lily B&B in Joshua Tree is pet friendly

Pets are allowed in Joshua Tree National Park on leash at all times; cannot be more than 100 feet from a road, picnic area, or campground; they are prohibited from trails, and they must never be left unattended-not even in a vehicle.

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Super hero dog training

Logan C. is just a regular teenager growing up in Nova Scotia, Canada. Only thing is she has a peanut allergy that is lethal. If she is near any form of peanuts, raw, cooked, butter, dust, she has allergy symptoms that escalate from difficulty breathing to shock.

The scary part about having a nut allergy is that there are many foods that contain nuts (and not just the obvious ones), causing a reaction in people who are highly allergic. Last year, lax school teachers and officials caused Logan illness and having to stay away from school because it was too dangerous for her health.

“Lo was 1 yr and a half when she was diagnosed, having a reaction to the test,” said Nikhi, her mom.

“A school outing last year to Subway almost cost her her life, and she spent 11 days at the IWK in Halifax fighting for her life. We had to be ambulanced there, because our hospital was not equipped to handle her case. She also had an outbreak of rash and breathing issues, and a subsequent trip to the hospital after a class outing. One bully was tossing garbage into Lo’s bag. This is also the same child who thought it was funny to run her hands down Lo’s back, after sneaking/running up behind her, and saying she had just had peanuts.

“The oils left behind, the residue, are extremely scary, because they can appear as sweat would…so NO way of knowing.

*I went repeatedly to the school about one of Logan’s teachers having peanut butter and peanut products in the classroom. It took three phone calls and one requested meeting to find out she had another hidden jar. Her reason for having this deadly food near my daughter? It cost 1.99 on sale.

“There were many days where there was not soap in the bathrooms, so how would the kids eating peanut butter wash their hands thoroughly.

*While discussing issues we were having, the tables were turned so that whatever Lo MAY have done wrong became the highlight of conversation.

*I have tried to climb the ladder with the school board, and no calls were returned.

*Each exposure Lo has had…not ONE person called to see how she was doing, from the school. When we were at the hospital, the principal called my my mother and wanted to make sure “my nose was not bent out of shape”,” she shared.

Nikhi and Logan were devastated by the response from the school.

A couple of months ago, Nikhi decided that enough was enough and determined to find a peanut detector dog for Logan. A dog that could save her daughter’s life. And that is when Declan, the Super Hero Dog in the Making appeared. Declan is in the process of being trained as a peanut detection dog by Tecla’s K9 Academy, LLC.

“Dogs in shelters are there for a MULTITUDE of reasons, and you CAN find a good dog, like Declan. As far back as we know his history- he went to BARCS Animal Shelter after being found injured. He may have been hit by a car, and BARCS fixed his leg, and he went to stay with foster Mama Michelle, while he healed. Some reasons dogs are given up; too old, too playful (puppies), their people are moving, no time, parents have passed, going on vacation, it is the Christmas holidays and so on.” Nikhi said.

“I made a concise list of what I needed the dog to be, as well as what I wanted the dog to be- I found it very useful, especially when I need to consider my own allergies, as well as time and money for grooming. Allergies and time for grooming were at the top of my list, as whoever the dog is needs to be well cared for and clean. My preferences were simple: short-hair, preferably male, young, and a Pit Bull type dog, with a desire to work, and friendly with people of all ages, as well as other dogs. The ears and handsomeness were an added bonus!”

A Peanut Detector Dog is a valuable tool for a person with an allergy to peanuts. Since a dog’s sense of smell far surpasses that of humans, detection of odors is a perfect job for these dogs. Our Peanut Dogs, undergo extensive training, are easily able to detect minute quantities of peanuts in any form

The cost of training a peanut detection dog, like a bomb sniffing dog or any service dog, is difficult to manage on a tight budget.

So Nikhi reached out to her friends who are holding an online auction to raise funds for the training. The auction will be held from August 13th at midnight and run until August 19th at 4pm EST. if you would like to donate an item or services, please email

To follow Declan’s Journey please go to his page  Here is a Direct Link to his Fundraise link for anyone who would just like to donate that way

Auction to Help with Declan’s service Super Hero Dog Training will Open August 13th at midnight and run until August 19th at 4pm EST if you would like to donate please email me at and
Thank you!!
Please check out From Underdog to Hero: Declan’s Diary (Journey of a Shelter dog)‘ Page to follow his Journey!
please go to his page is a Direct Link to his Fundraise link for anyone who would just like to donate that way
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Poodle knows best

Cici is not a big water drinker so I usually feed her food with water so that she will get enough to drink. She has to be really thirsty after a long walk to drink water out of her bowl.  When it is really hot outside, I’ve been known to give her ice cubes which she likes but does not replace drinking water. While driving/traveling, the ice cubes do help with the heat in the car.

So, when I heard about Frosty Bowlz, I was curious how this would work. Perhaps this would help her drink more water?  I LOVE the sleek stainless steel bowl design and best of all, Cici does seem to like drinking a little more water. The bowl is easy breezy to use for someone like me. All you have to do is take the nontoxic core part and freeze it in the freezer, take it out and put it underneath the stainless steel bowl and voila. Instant cool bowl and it lasts for hours !  I think that if you take the bowl with you while traveling, it will remain cool in the car. Hopefully, you can freeze it at the hotel or motel when you stop. At the dog park, dogs slurp up water like crazy. A few cool drinks of water and they are ready to go play again.

According to, in addition to serving a well balanced diet, providing enough drinking water is a vital part of your pet’s daily routine to maintaining overall good health. Consuming the adequate amount of water aids in the digestion of food, helps the body absorb nutrients and also serves to cool the body while helping maintain a normal temperature.

Many pet parents believe that pets prefer drinking cold water – as many as 43% of pet parents will put ice cubes in their pet’s dish to keep the water cool and encourage their pet to drink more. Understanding the important role water plays in keeping pets happy, healthy and well hydrated, the Talega® team developed FrostyBowlz®. Unlike ice cubes, this one-of-a-kind pet necessity keeps pets’ water refreshingly cold all day long, even in direct sunlight.

The secret to FrostyBowlz® is in the FrostyCore technology (patent pending). Filled with a non-toxic freezable gel, the FrostyCore fits between the custom designed, high-quality stainless steel bowl and its non-skid bottom tray. Just pop the bowl’s center core in the freezer overnight and in the morning place it in the bowl to instantly upgrade your pets’ drinking experience. The FrostyBowlz® temperature control lasts between 12 and 16 hours – providing pets access to colder water as much as 6x longer than other methods.

Unlike adding ice cubes to your pets water dish (a practice 43% of pet owners already do) , FrostyBowlz® keeps pets’ water refreshingly cold all day long, even in direct sunlight. The freezable FrostyCore® center provides access to colder water for as long as 16 hours – that’s 6x longer than other methods.

For more information on FrostyBowlz®visit their website to get the scoop on the bowl,

From the inventor Jeffrey Brown:

“FrostyBowlz® was inspired by our dog, Jäger, a black miniature poodle. During our first summer with Jäger, we noticed he didn’t drink much water while we were away even though he had nice indoor and outdoor areas to play and relieve himself. When we came home each day, we poured him some cool water from the refrigerator. He just lapped it up, as if he was dying of thirst. It made sense to me, I like cool water, why wouldn’t he? It was remarkable. Jäger wouldn’t touch his warm water in the garage, but he sure liked the cool stuff. This realization sparked an idea as my wife and I sat on the patio during one of those warm summer evenings. We scoured the Internet for a bowl that would keep his water cool and found nothing of any real quality. So we decided to create something ourselves. We came up with a design that made sense to us and worked with local and international factories to perfect our idea. Finally, after more than two years of hard work, FrostyBowlz® was born.

“Jäger loves to drink from his FrostyBowlz® on warm summer days, and it sure lasts longer than the ice cubes we used to add to his water.”


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