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Summer fun

Cici and I are on vacation for a bit… away from the computer.  She is itchy and I am doing some research for new blog posts. Product reviews will be online in a timely manner (next week or two). Sometimes a gal and her pooch just gotta take a break (and apparently our Internet Service Provider) is taking one too.  LOL …


We will be back online next week… have a great weekend !!!   summer fun…  be cool…




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Teach your Children well

When a child learns to love animals, she’s learning the art of compassion and developing the necessary emotional skills to empathize with other living beings. Kids naturally seem to gravitate towards animals, but loving and properly caring for them are skills that must be learned, rather than innate abilities. When you foster a love of animals in your child, you’re helping her to learn the importance of looking out for those that have trouble helping themselves and the necessity of being gentle, patient and affectionate. Kids that are taught to look after animals and to treat them with respect are learning the fundamentals of social interaction by understanding that it’s not okay to be a bully or to take advantage of weaker beings. Instilling that love and compassion, however, can be a bit of a challenge if you don’t know where to start.

Get a Pet

The quickest and most direct route to helping your little one learn to love animals is helping them learn to love one animal in particular. One that lives in your home and is part of the family, not a puppy that’s banished to a kennel in the backyard when he struggles with housebreaking or is figuring out not to chew up shoes. It’s important that you carefully research your options before bringing a pet home, though. The last thing you want to do is present your child with a pet and encourage her to love it, only to send it away when the animal doesn’t suit your lifestyle. Remember that a commitment to pet ownership is a promise you make for life, not a decision to be made on a whim.

Model Compassionate Attitudes

When you’re trying to do something and the family dog is barking incessantly, your first instinct may be to shout something rude like, “shut up” or “that dumb dog.” While you’re only venting your frustration and saying things that you don’t mean, your children are observing you and taking cues from your behavior to determine how they’re supposed to react. Modeling respectful behavior means that you not only let your children see you behaving in a loving and compassionate manner, but that you help them to understand why it’s never okay to call anyone names or demean them, even if they’re getting on your nerves or can’t understand your words.

Think Twice About Shelter Volunteering

At first blush, volunteering at your local animal shelter may seem like an ideal way to help your kids learn about compassionate animal care if you can’t take in a pet of your own. It’s actually not the best idea, as evidenced by the policies of the shelters themselves. Many animal shelters won’t even allow kids under the age of 16 to volunteer, and there are reasons for that policy that extend far beyond insurance and liability concerns.

Helping out at a shelter will allow your child to help cats learn to socialize, to walk puppies and to learn the basics of animal care. It will also teach them to love individual animals, and can lead to heartbreak when they eagerly come in to find that a favorite has been adopted into another home. Even worse, your little one would have to deal with the inevitability of losing a furry friend if he volunteers at a shelter that euthanizes when they reach capacity. Before you start looking for shelters that will allow kids to volunteer, make sure you’re working with no-kill shelters and that your child is well prepared for the day that his favorites go home to their new, forever families.

Watch Your Language

When you’re walking down the street and you see a strange dog without a leash, the compulsion to protect your child is an instinctual one. Rather than pulling your youngster to the other side of the street with an explanation about how the dog could bite him or be dangerous, consider your language carefully. Instilling a fear that every dog could bite him is only teaching your child to fear all dogs, not to love and respect them. Try explaining that every dog is different, and that it’s smart to only approach dogs that he knows, or that some dogs aren’t used to strangers. Teaching an instinctual fear of something different not only imparts a fear of all dogs, but also sends the message that they’re to be avoided at all costs. Rather than commenting on how gross a frog is, talk about how neat his skin feels. Don’t use negative adjectives when you describe animals, because your child’s ideas are formed by what he gleans from your words.

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Dog Days of Summer Travel

Top 8 Summer Travel Accessories for You and Fido

Traveling with your dog or cat this summer? You must bring these tips and gear for a comfortable, calm, healthy and safe trip.

Summer Pet Travel

Hitting the road with your dog or cat during the dog days of summer can be a fun time for all, lots of memories filled with sunny days and moonlit nights.

The items below will help you and your pet be more comfortable and safe while traveling.

1. All Your Stuff in one Place: The Yak Pak Duffle Bag is a great bag to take with you on road trips and travels with your pooch.

Yak Pak is a New York-based company that manufactures backpacks, luggage, and accessories (neck pillows, dog clothes, phone cases, and leashes, too). They are known for their fun prints and revolutionary designs. Yak Pak allowed me to choose a bag to review and I selected the “dufflebag/backpack in one.”  Colorful print and design and handy dandy for outings and traveling with the pooch.

The backpack feature is really handy especially if you need your hands free to walk the dog…

I stuffed the bag full of snacks, treats, waste bags, pet food, bathing suit, shoes, a book, purse, change of clothes, lotions and potions, towels and sprays and there was plenty of room for more. The bag is fun and easy to use. The backpack straps are durable, though not padded. When you want to use the pack as a duffle bag, the backpack straps slide under the handles.

For more info and to get your very own Yak pak, go to:

You too can win a Yak Pak bag,

Like” YakPak on:

  1. Facebook (

  2. Twitter, (

  3. Instagram (

  4. Pinterest (

2. No One likes a Stinky dog: Critter Zone now has an air purifier you can plug into your car for clean air on the go – for you and Fido. Great for the hotel room too.  We LOVE it and keep it plugged it at home, too. The CritterZone Air Naturalizer creates a natural air flow that fills the room. You can also get the one that you can use in your car or vehicle. The air purifier continually cleans the air.  The CritterZone air purifier eliminate odors, allergens, dust and bacteria and it is small and easy to pack on any trip or vacation! Learn more about CritterZone at:  Facebook: CritterZone. Twitter: @CritterZoneUSA.

3. Keep Fido Calm: Comfort your pet’s anxiety from the stress of traveling, fireworks, thunderstorms or other loud noises you may encounter on your trip with ICalm calming music for dogs and/or the new Through a Cat’s Ear, calming music for felines.

4. Delicious Rewards: What dog does not like a  healthy, nutritious treat from Orjen?

Our good friends over at has a wide selection of dog treats and dog foods. And they offered Cici the chance to pick out the treats she would like to taste test and she chose the Orjen Ranch Raised Lamb Singles.

These single serve treats are made from 100% all-natural grass-fed lamb and contain zero preservatives, artificial flavors, or additives, and each freeze-dried treat only has 7 calories.

Key Benefits

  • Grain-free foods are great for dogs with sensitive stomachs
  • Made without preservatives
  • Single-ingredient treats reduce food-related allergies
  • Freeze-dried for freshness

Cici is soooo smart… I gave her a couple of treats which she scarfed up… then I put the bag down on the couch. She was snuggled next to me. I was not paying attention to her for a moment and next thing you know, she snuck up on the bag and stuck her nose/face into it… She loves these treats !!!

There are several other flavors including duck, bison and wild boar and you can get a 2 oz. bag or 3-1/2 oz bag.

5.  Spray The Pests Away:  Dr. Ben’s Paws and Claws Cedar oil kills fleas and other pests and is nontoxic to humans and dogs. Natural antimicrobial properties promote healing of yeast and bacterial infections of the ear canal. Offers relief from flea dermatitis, dry flaky skin, hot spots, mange, burrowing mange mites, ear mites and other parasitic related ailments. Aids the healing process of damaged skin. This spray solution is applied on your pet’s coat as an insect control agent. It comes in various easy to use sizes. The formula is all natural, chemical free and you can use to protect yourself whether you’re indoors or out. Sporting events, camping, hiking, biking, fishing, hunting or during virtually any activity you wish to enjoy while not having to worry about insects.

Cici and I have suffered through all kinds of different products. Before trying this cedar oil, I changed her diet, gave her Doggie Goo (for allergies, which works but not to eliminate fleas and pests),  slathered her with healing cream and coconut oil (also works but did not get rid of the pests),  sprayed her with different combinations of essential oils and raw apple cider vinegar, plus I washed her in Dawn and herbal shampoo (both worked but not for long).

Most all natural products with essential oils gave her rashes and splotches and blotches. But not this product. Plus it smells refreshing and I have sprayed it on our carpet, cici’s bedding, blankets, covers and sleeping bags as well as clothing. No stains just protection from pests.

For more info, go to DG Cedar at

6. Nutrition on the Road:  Lugging heavy bags of dog food with you is not fun. With Petsana, you can get freeze dried raw food delivered to your door before you leave. An 8lb. bag makes over 40 lbs. of wholesome food. Or you can bring a 3 lb. bag if you prefer. All you have to do is add hot water, wait 15 minutes and voila, you are done.  Cici has been enjoying the Turkey Feast (there is also Beef flavor). Your pup will enjoy freeze-dried chunks of real turkey (or beef) along with dehydrated fresh fruits and veggies.  100% grain free & gluten free.

Full Ingredient List:

Sweet Potatoes, Turkey, Whole Egg, Broccoli, Celery, Apples, Flax Seed Meal, Pecans, Tricalcium, Phosphate, Pumpkin, Cranberries, Basil, Dried Alfalfa, Ginger Root, Dried Kelp, Zinc Sulfate, Vitamin E Acetate, Vitamin D3 Supplement, Vitamin A Palmitate.

For more info, go to:

7.  Bowls on the Go:  I always bring a collapsible bowl/portable bowl for water and on the go and another bowl to feed Cici in the hotel room. We love the eco friendly Bamboo Bowls by Loving Pets which are made from 100% renewable and sustainable resources (Bamboo and Corn Starch). These bowls are durable and dishwasher safe and feature anti-skid feet to prevent spills and slippage. Bamboo Bowls also have cutouts on the side which allow them to be lifted off the ground with ease. Sustainable, renewable and affordable. Available in 3 different colors and 4 different sizes.

This wonderful mix of reliable pet travel products will provide your pet with a comfortable, calm, healthy and safe journey.

Whether traveling by road, sky or sea, your pets’ safety, health and overall well being is a priority. These products for pet travel will make vacationing with your furry friends a better experience for everyone.

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Blog the Change: Adopt me

The No Kill Conference just happened last week.

A few highlights:

Nathan Winograd keynote speech.

“There are over 500 cities across the country saving over 90%, 95%… Even 97%, 98% and 99% of their open admission shelter population. What are you waiting for?

“Whether a rescuer, shelter director, or activist, YOU can make a difference!”

In June, the No Kill Advocacy Center sponsored Just One Day where more than 10,000 pets were adopted in just one day (June 11) all over the country. Each year they ask shelters across the country to put down their euthanasia needles for a day and instead adopt animals out. And if they can do it for one day, they can do it for another and another.

But PETA says to leave the shelters alone and refuses to stop killing for even one day.

PETA has been getting some interesting coverage due to their high kill rates and unwillingness to adopt out healthy and adoptable pets.

“As word spreads about PETA’s high use of euthanization, the animal-rights group itself could become the subject of protest. If PETA cannot commit to the “no kill” philosophy practiced by organizations in the pro-animal community, it will forfeit the moral right to speak out about others’ inhumane actions.”

Read more:

Watch a film all about the benefits of adopting a shelter pet…

SHELTER ME is an entertaining and uplifting film series about shelter pets improving the lives of those who adopt them. Hosted by actress Katherine Heigl, SHELTER ME celebrates the human-animal bond with positive, uplifting stories about shelter pets and their new homes. Every year, 3-4 million dogs and cats are euthanized in America’s shelters. SHELTER ME focuses on the success stories to bring more people into the shelters to give these incredible animals a second chance.


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Racism in America

I realize that people are horrified and in pain over the UNJUST Zimmerman acquittal. Trayvon Martin would be ALIVE today if George Zimmerman had not stalked him and gotten out of his truck. We all know that and we know that if Zimmerman had been black and Martin white, Zimmerman would be in jail now for many years to come. Racism is alive in America in 2013 and MAKES ME SICK TO MY CORE.

Our hearts are broken for the Martin family’s loss. Words do not express what I want to say so suffice that.

Please support the work the family of Trayvon Martin is doing in his memory … please share

I agree with the assessment below and hope that civil suits will be filed against Zimmerman.



thinking, ‘they know not what they do’ They’ve made all kids targets. This is one of the most evil verdicts in American History.

Now,, having said that some people on twitter and facebook are saying that Casey Anthony got off scot free (yeah, another terrible verdict) in Florida, and others and they throw in Michael Vick, as if to say that Trayvon was treated worse than a dog… That as a black kid he was convicted of his own murder.  I agree with that AND DISAGREE WITH THE MISSTATEMENT ABOUT VICK… TRAYVON’S LIFE DID AND DOES MATTER. 

Given that I write about dogs and know a lot about the Vick case, I have to set this straight. Vick did not go to jail for a dog.

Vick got two years for gambling. despite his killing 8+ dogs with his bare hands, and in horrific ways, (and he did this for 6-8 YEARS)… he was never charged with animal cruelty nor abuse, so he got only two years, instead of the many years he deserves…. if you look at the court docs and read The Lost Dogs book by Jim Gorant … Equating Vick and Trayvon is CRAZY… Trayvon was an innocent kid and Vick is a psychopathic serial dog killer, NO COMPARISON THERE. 

so this is where this crap came from… Marcus Vick’s brother says George Zimmerman deserved 30 years in jail, well, so did his brother Michael Vick…

NO JUSTICE in either case… numerous dogs still SUFFER from what Vick did to them although they are now in loving homes, 8 have become therapy dogs, etc. but some are still terrified of strangers and being in strange situations, and the dogs have had to overcome A LOT of PTSD, trauma from Bad Newz… Poor Cherry slept with his EYES OPEN for the first year (or six months) and had to be carried. The dogs were so shut down and scared for their lives. Little Red was used as a bait dog. And so on…

If you listen to the interviews with their pet guardians you will know some of what what the dogs experienced was horrific beyond imagination, Vick got off easy as far as I am concerned. And comparing Trayvon to Vick does NO JUSTICE to Trayvon and compares a child to a python snake.


How the NRA and ALEC got the Stand Your Ground law passed in Florida and spread nationwide. If you care about the Trayvon verdict, you need to read this.

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Interviews with the Vick dogs

You will definitely need tissues to listen to these wonderful interviews with the guardians of the former Vick dogs, Hector, Cherry Garcia and Little Red… more to come soon.

Chris and Cherry Garcia–from-sanctuary-to-home

Roo Yori and Wallace and Hector

Susan and Little Red


Little’s First Christmas
I don’t get the lights and I don’t get the tree.
I look at the mess and it’s frightening to me.
I wonder what happened to my very safe place.
Now it feels like a nightmare from which I must race.
But my Mom gives me treats and makes it alright.
I forget about all of the those bright scary lights.
I’m curled in my bed with my blanket and toys and my Mom sits beside me and pets my soft head.
The tree seems OK and I guess I love lights.
‘Cause my Mom keeps me safe through the long winter nights.
I’m just a small pit bull who had a bad start
but now I have love in a home with a heart.
So Merry Christmas to those who have helped me survive.
My greatest joy is my home and in being alive.

My interview with Stacy and Ginger

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Chewy chewy Chomps

Scott Products sent Cici a big old box of chews and treats to try…

she loved the twists and ears and the smaller chews… not so much the bigger bones (Gave them away)…  She relishes the chews and jumps up or over to me as soon as she sees them… yum yum yum, she thinks they are delish and gives them a big four paws up. Now her mama,moi, thinks that they are great except for the artificial flavoring and food coloring. Would be nice if they could find alternatives. 

Pork Chomps are enhanced by peanut butter, bacon, chicken and pepperoni flavors, come in bags with different size chews and different amounts.

Pork Chomps are made from the exact same ingredient as pork rinds. The only difference is that Pork Chomps are baked instead of deep fried.  Since that naturally yummy flavor isn’t just basted on top, Pork Chomps stay tasty from start to finish.



Choosing the Perfect Chew

Deciding on a chew for your dog can be confusing. Here are some tips to help you out.

Size Matters

The perfect dog chew will be slightly larger than your dog’s mouth. If it fits all the way in his mouth, he might try to swallow it whole.

See, some dogs think “if it fits in my mouth, it ought to fit down my throat.”

Of course, their reasoning is flawed, but it’s no use arguing with them. It’s best to just give them chews that don’t fit in their mouths.

But don’t go overboard and buy chews that are too big. Your dog should be able to get the chew between his jaws.

Also, bear in mind that your pup can have too much of a good thing. Treats and chews should account for only 10% of a dog’s daily caloric intake.

Speed Matters

Does your dog gobble up chews as fast as possible?  If so, he needs a chew he can digest.

Products made with baked pork skin are easily-digestible. Stay away from rawhide, which can cause intestinal blockages if consumed too quickly.

Age Matters

As their digestive systems slow down, senior dogs are at greater risk for developing intestinal blockages.

Make sure their chews are easy to digest. Do not give them rawhide, and do not allow them to consume large amounts of anything in one sitting.

Neatness Counts  (to  people … dogs don’t care)

If carpet stains send you through the roof, don’t buy brightly colored or “basted” chews.  A lot of that “basting” is food coloring. And most of that food coloring will likely end up on your white sofa.

Save yourself the headache and buy chews that don’t stain, such as Pork Chomps.

Also, since Pork Chomps are completely ingestible – your dog will eat his whole chew – leaving behind no slimy pieces for you to clean up.

Flavor Counts (to dogs)

Of course you want your dog to enjoy the chew — and not just until he’s licked all the “flavor” off.

Opt for chews that taste good all the way through, such as those made with pork skin.

Even after your dog rips off the “flavored” parts, a chew made of pork skin is more likely to hold his interest than one made of beef rawhide. Pork skin has a naturally delicious flavor that dogs love.

Pork Chomps

You can always find the perfect chew when you choose Pork Chomps. Available in a wide variety of sizes and shapes, Pork Chomps are safer, tastier and cleaner than chews made with rawhide.


July is Free Shipping Month

All month long, enjoy FREE SHIPPING when you spend $20 or more at the Pork Chomps Web Store. This deal is only for shipping to the continental United States. Alaska and Hawaii are excluded.

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Pet music

Interview with Lisa Spector, co-creator of Through a Dog’s (and now Cat’s) ear music…

About Lisa Spector

Lisa Spector is a concert pianist, Juilliard graduate, and canine music expert. By combining her passion for music with her love of dogs, she co-founded Through a Dog’s Ear.

As a concert pianist, Lisa has won first prizes in Chopin competitions in New York and Los Angeles and has performed in China, Poland, Spain, France, Italy and throughout the U.S.

Note:  July 4th and Fireworks. Many dogs have issues with loud noises from thunderstorms and fireworks. Many run off and go missing on this holiday. My Cici does not usually have any issues with fireworks unless big noises are up close and personal… and this year, it sounded like some big KABOOMS were right outside our door… she was looking a bit concerned. so I put on our Through a Dog’s Ear calming canine music (thanks to the wonderful Lisa Spector and Cici calmed down, was sleepy, then I jumped into bed with her and cuddled, and we both just slept thru all of the noisy fireworks for about three hours)… zzzzzzzzzzz… the music really conks Cici and me out…

Lisa has been busy creating an IPawd for doggies with ALL kinds of canine calming music…   Through A Dog’s Ear is clinically demonstrated to relieve canine anxiety issues.  ICalmDog is a portable, compact player with built-in speaker and battery. With an auto-repeat function, the 4-hours of pre-loaded Through a Dog’s Ear music can be played for 12 hours at a time.


and she has also created music for felines that is similar to the doggie calming music CD’s but specifically for cats.

what is different (between the cat and dog music)?

from Joshua Leeds

Joshua Leeds is a sound researcher, music producer and educator. He is one of few published authorities in the field of psychoacoustics—the study of the effects of music and sound on the human nervous system. Publications include Through a Dog’s Ear (Sounds True, 2008), The Power of Sound (Healing Arts Press, 2001), and Sonic Alchemy (InnerSong Press, 1997).

Sonic Anchoring is experimental. Our goal is to create a mental and emotional sense of safety that arises from familiarity. We accomplish this through a recognizable sequence of notes. The music on Through a Cat’s Ear is repetitious by design. Of fifteen tracks, six interludes are melodic fragments from Bach’s “Rondo Espressivo.” While people hear these interludes as repeating melodic intervals, cats may categorize this information as a familiar frequency matrix. As much as cats are hearing the music, they are feeling a sequence of vibrational frequencies. Like sensory information we instantly recognize—a favorite taste or aroma, our best friend’s voice, a mother’s touch— familiar sensory cues can have a profound and calming impact on the nervous system while providing psychological security.

Frequency Modulation (FM) can be defined as the alteration of sound. To further focus the therapeutic impact of Cat’s Ear, we’ve removed higher frequencies from the re-arranged piano music. FM also takes place in the mid- and low-frequency ranges. Through progressive modulation, “arousing” frequencies are reduced and “soothing” frequencies are increased.

TACats Vol. 1-cover-final

how are people responding to the cats music?

Initial response is wonderful. Like Through a Dog’s Ear, people are also finding Through a Cat’s Ear very relaxing for themselves.

Comments from an email today:

“Thank you for this fabulous CD for cats.  I am having construction in the house and my Abyssinian cat, Simba, has been extremely distressed about being locked in a back bedroom and hearing loud construction sounds.  He has been a nervous wreck with poor appetite, howling, and he even tried to run away. Your wonderful cat  CD came yesterday and I have been playing it for him this morning in a calm setting.  That cat is limp.  Purring.  Smiling.  

By the way, I love the music. Thinking of using it myself to help with sleep issues. And my dog, Suki the mini-poodle,  is draped upside down in her bed listening to the CD.

I think this is one of the best CDs you have done.  You and your colleagues have created something truly special.”

do cats hear differently from dogs?

Yes, they hear a much higher frequency than dogs. Their hearing range goes up to 65K Hz. However, the most important thing is how the frequency of sound affects the feline nervous system.

do cats have different traumas/fears phobias than dogs?

Yes, cats rarely have separation anxiety. But, they have much more of a need for consistency than dogs. Most dogs get very excited when a visitor comes to the front door. Many cats run and hide under a bed when visitors come in. Changes in their environment cause them stress.

what kinds of music do cats like?

That conversation is still up for exploration. When clinical studies of Through a Dog’s Ear were done, it was based on research in the shelter environment by a behaviorist, Deborah Wells. She tested a variety of types of music in the shelter environment and it showed that classical music calmed the dogs. So when we went into the recording studio, I played a variety of types of classical music, including re-arranged, slowed down, simplified versions of classical music that later became Through a Dog’s Ear.

However, there hasn’t been any music studies on cats. So we are not starting from the same place. We are very eager for researchers to run with this project and to put Through a Cat’s Ear and other music through clinical testing.

For more info and for listening samples:

Blog Hop time…thanks to Life with DogsTwo Little Cavaliers and Confessions of the Plume…  grab the blog hop  link

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Winners of the Giveaway

Congratulations and Happy Fourth of July !!!!


Cici and i have randomly chosen the winners of the Frosty Paws Giveaway…

The FOUR winners are:





Thank you ALL for participating !!!!

CeliaSue and Cici

YAAAAAY! Beau and Smead are soooo excited.

And I couldn’t not send a Pic of my Friend Clarissa’s dog Ivan. He’s a polkadot prince. He’ll be enjoying some of the frosty paws I’ll buy with the coupon.
Have a great holiday, and thank you so much for the swag bag. They will love.
Yay!! My pups will enjoy their new bag and of course the frosty paws, they LOVE them. It is one of the few non-homemade treats I give to them because they like them so much.

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Lucky Dogs book review

You Lucky Dog by Kate Kelly

Famous dogs and how they went from nobody to stars

This book is very interesting, tells the stories about all kinds of dogs….go behind the scenes to the real tales…

It is an uplifting compilation of true stories about homeless dogs that survived and thrived against the odds to become celebrities.

Dogs like Terry, the female Cairn Terrier, who had mean owners. She was born in 1933 in Alta Dena, CA and adopted by a couple from Pasadena with no children and no patience. She was not housebroken so the owners hired Carl Spitz who ran the Hollywood Dog Training School. He got the job done but the owners refused to pay the bill and did not want the puppy back so she stayed with Spitz.

Spitz took Terry on auditions to be in movies and she was hired to be in Shirley Temple’s “Bright Eyes.” Terry performed in five other films. Then Spitz heard about The Wizard of Oz. He trained Terry to become part of the cast. Terry was such a success that she made it into almost all of the scenes in the movie. Terry was paid $125 per week, more than the Munchkins made.

Terry’s performance as Toto was courageous and outstanding. She followed her directions like a pro. By the end of the film, everyone called her Toto and her name was changed to Toto.

Toto was best known for The Wizard of Oz but she went on to do seven more films.

She died in 1945 and a book was written to memorialize her.

Screen shot 2013-07-02 at 10.19.24 AM

Benji was a shelter dog who also became a movie star. A veteran Hollywood animal trainer found the mixed breed dog at the Burbank Animal Shelter. The dog originally worked on the TV show Petticoat Junction. Every week, he learned different tricks. When the movie Benji was being cast, this dog hit the spot. His offspring were cast in the original films sequels.

There are many stories about Rin Tin Tin. Lee Duncan was his owner and trainer and obtained the dog who was born in Germany. When fighting ended, Duncan could not leave without the pups so he brought back Rinty and Nanette (his sister). He came back to California and got a job at a high end sportings good store in Hollywood.

Duncan trained the dog and took him to dog shows. Eventually the dog made 26 films for Warner Bros. Rin Tin Tin worked hard most of his life. Eventually, the stress got to him and he nipped someone on the set of a film. He died in 1932 but Duncan still had contracts for a dog. He kept the dog’s career going with Rin Tin Tin Junior and successive dogs.

Besides famous movie and TV dogs, there are also inspiring stories of dogs with extraordinary stories such as the dog mayor, Civil War mascot, the dog who delivered the mail, a dog who traveled across the USA by train, and a deaf bull terrier named Patsy Ann who became a harbor master in Juneau, Alaska. In Part Two, there are the stories of dogs who lived at the White House, starting with Bo Obama going all the way back to George Washington’s dogs.


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