About me & Cici…

About the Blogger

WELCOME, You too can Travel California with CeliaSue and Cici the polka dot princess right here, right now… makes it easy, relax, put your paws up and let’s take a little road trip. 


Yes, we know she is adorable and she knows it. Spoiled, too.


Screen Shot 2015-04-09 at 2.56.55 AM




Have Dog Blog Will Travel is a dog travel blog highlighting the experiences of a polka dot princess named Cici (9-3/4 year old Dalmatian/American Pit Bull Terrier mix). We do reviews on pet friendly lodging, dining, and wineries with dogitude and those that are simply pet tolerant. (Properties that charge large pet fees, restrict according to weight, size, breed and those that do not offer amenities nor places for canines to explore, sniff and walk (no grassy areas ! no poop bags ! no garbage cans ! oh the horror !)

my radio talk show interview with Tim Link at Animal Writes Pet Life Radio, http://www.markiac.addr.com/PET_LIFE_RADIO/animalwritesep8.html

my radio interview with Coach Marla


Cici is well known for her polka dot princess good looks, come on now, admit it, you think she’s adorable, too.


my chief pup lick relations assistant

Hello, I am CeliaSue the founder of Have Dog Blog Will Travel, a dog travel blog and have contributed to numerous pet publications, including Coastal Canine magazine, American Dog magazine, Bay Area Woof, Salem News, and others.

Spring 2011 Canine Coastal Magazine, Hiking with Your Dog in PG


IBay Area Woof, Inns with Dogitude



more on my writing credits  (see below)


My Street Credibility

For more than 35 years, I have been a newspaper reporter, editor and my freelance writing work as well as publicity and media coverage that I garnered for clients have been featured in O magazine, Entrepreneur.com, Traditional Home, NY Times, LA Times, SF Chronicle, Parents magazine, Las Vegas Review Journal, Monterey County Weekly, The Desert Trail, Jewish Journal, Courier magazine, Nevada Business magazine, Reno Gazette Journal, Nevada Woman magazine, Real Woman magazine, In Light Times, North Bay Biz, Build magazine, Nevada Appeal, Record Courier, Boca Raton News, Atlanta Journal Constitutional, San Jose Mercury News, Sun Sentinel and more.

We have traveled together primarily in California, Nevada and Oregon, and I have traveled the country (and around the world) and networked with pet product experts, veterinarians, pet industry experts, best-selling authors, innkeepers, pet friendly winery owners and managers, and met three of the former Michael Vick dogs and their owners as part of our commitment to bringing our readers the pet friendliest info about destinations with dogitude. Click here for my LinkedIn page.

Sit Stay Focus

You can expect to find information that goes above and beyond the usual dog travel hype that are advertorials/advertisements in disguise. We give you the real scoop. And if a destination is so objectionable, we simply will not review them since we prefer to tell you all the good stuff. Why should we give negative destinations any attention?

  • Dog travel information including topics such as places you would not think to take your dog, the pet friendliest cities, how to safely travel with your pets, why we do not go to dog parks anymore and more;
  • Dog physical health issues are discussed from time to time as my dog ages and tore her ACL, got fox tails into her ears, how to repel fleas and ticks, dog illnesses, senior dog health and tips on other typical canine health subjects.
  • Canine holistic health and well-being, we are eco friendly and prefer au natural products;
  • Products and services that we love and use; holiday gift guides;
  • Dog books that we enjoy reading and sharing;
  • Dog safety and day to day doggie care;
  • News, controversial topics (No Kill shelters, animal rescue, animal abuse and cruelty) and insider info informed dog parents should know about especially if it has to do with pit bulls;

From time to time, we do contests, giveaways, and find fun ways to interact with our doggie mama and papa readers.


Our PACK… Name Calling

We have worked with dozens of national brands to promote their products. Companies such as Subaru, Petco, VitaShotZukesSherpa, Silver TailsMcChewy, Mother Hubbard’sDoggie GooPet NaturalBach FlowersQ-tips, Calming Collars,Through a Dog’s Ear, EarthNaturalsNature’sLogic, Ark Naturals, ArfDog, ZenPawz, Clear ConscienceDr. Harvey’s, Bergan’s, LovingPets, EarthBathK9 Travel Mugs, K9 Cuisine, Vermont Soap Organics, Lucky Dog Cuisine, Dogswell, Honest KitchenPlanet DogRuffwear, SmartPak, Purrfect Play, Reigning Cats & Dogs, Sierra LeBone, and more

Want to work with us? Send an email to us:

prmatchmaker (at) yahoo (dot) com

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I’m CeliaSue Hecht:

Writing For You

dog travel expert and newshound writing for you…



journalist, writer, editor, seminar leader, publicity consultant and spoiler of a polka dot princess named Cici who I rescued.

Have dog blog will travel: -friendly hotels, dining, beaches, wineries & doggie heaven

My portfolio

Call CeliaSue when you want to hire a professional writer to get the job done on time, on budget.






Traveling with Cici

Cici and I have traveled to 29 Palms and Joshua Tree and then Sequoia National Park and came back to Carson City, Nevada where we lived on a farm. The farm had chickens, cows, horses, llamas and sheep. After several months, we traveled to Ashland, Oregon and eventually found a new home in Gardnerville, NV.

Our adventures continued in 2008. We left Gardnerville, NV for greener pastures including Bullhead City, Green Valley, Sedona and Tucson, Arizona, and Jean and Primm, NV outlet malls and Laughlin and Mesquite, Nevada. The summer of 2008, we spent ruffing it camping and stayed in motels and yurts in Ashland, Crater Lake, Eugene, Florence, Klamath Falls, and Medford. The summer of 2009, we camped out and stayed mostly in Mendocino and Monterey. The summer of 2010 was spent at a horse ranch in Vacaville, Ca. We have stayed at the Ritz Carleton, Hilton, Best Westerns, Luxury Spas, LaQuinta and Motel 6’s and all types of pet friendly hotels in between.

In California, some of the places we’ve traveled to include Ahwanee, Bodega Bay, Calistoga, Cambria, Carmel, Crescent City, Eureka, Garberville, Guerneville, Half Moon Bay, Healdsburg, Huntington Beach, Idyllwild, Indio, Irvine, Jenner, Lake Oroville, Mendocino, Menlo Park, Monterey, Napa, Nevada City, Newport Beach, Orick, Pacific Grove, Palm Springs, Paso Robles, Philo, Rutherford, San Diego, Santa Rosa, Sebastopol and Sonora, CA… So many places to list!

Cici has played with more than 600 dogs at dog parks, dog beaches and at homes… her favorites dogs are Golden Retrievers, Australian Shepherds and Labs and Labradoodles, ok, Jack Russells and Boxers, too, but she also has had fun with Blue Heelers, Border Collies, Cairn Terriers, Dalmatians, Daschunds, German Shepherds, Golden Retrievers, Goldendoodles, Great Danes, Hound dogs, King Charles Spaniels, mutt mixes, Poodles, Queensland Heelers, Shiz Tsu’s, and more…

Cici has visited deserts, redwood forests (Armstrong Woods, Avenue of the Giants and Jackson Forest), lakes, rivers, ocean beaches, stayed at an RV Park and listened to Elks mating in Orick, met Santa Claus, and so much more !

She thinks she is the welcoming committee and official greeter at Borders book store, Best Buy, Home Depot, Lowe’s, pet friendly wineries such as Navarro’s and Toulouse in Anderson Valley, as well as many other venues.





Photo on 12-25-15 at 1.49 PM



Thanks for visiting and Come Back Again Soon !

27 responses to “About me & Cici…

  1. The one on her back of course! Too cute.

  2. Thanks, this is my favorite photo of her, too…

  3. Steve Allen

    Celia … I love how you constantly re-invent yourself … you are a special lady …. I work with an amazing veterinarian who has many wonderful pet products … maybe with your web-virual-love for pets … we could figure out away to market her products on the web and make some $$ … just a thought … peace

  4. Paw-some site! Can’t wait to

  5. MonikaSwiss

    Our campaign could use your exposure skills… Your site is awesome and I hope you will check this out: http://www.denverkillsdogs.com

    I am active fighting BSL in Denver who has killed 2000 innocent pets since 2005. I also am in rescue and network help for dogs/horses daily.
    I brought a sweet pitboy named Mustafa to Channel 9News in Denver for Petline9, they refused him because he was a pitbull. The discrimination needs to end – our story is on the Best Friends campaign website, please check it out.

    I wrote this about Mariah’s Promise, a sanctuary for these dogs that creates miracles:

    I know how you feel about Cici – thanks for all you do ! Monika Courtney, Evergreen, CO.

  6. Thanks Monika… I posted two tweets about the situation in Denver today… http://twitter.com/suemagic

  7. Great site! Beautiful furkid! Blessings, Judy

  8. Anon

    Just want to leave a thank you donation and don’t know how.

  9. Ana

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    Thank you for your time.

  10. Hi there! Love your blog! We plan on traveling all over the U.S. next summer, so I’ll be bookmarking your site for great travel tips!

  11. Cecilia

    Hi Sue! I love your stories about your polka dot princess! Enjoy your internet!!!

  12. CiCi looks like Arthur who was scammed from our rescue. We are raising the money to hire an attorney to get him back through the courts system. No one will help us.


    Cindy Marabito
    Reunion Rescue
    Pit Bull Nation

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  14. Hello CeliaSue and Cici,

    I have found your blog very interesting, you travel alot. Do you have
    a camper van? My dogs Bindi and Eadie like a bit of travel but really love
    routine. Bindi is 11 years old and Eadie is 6 years old .
    Cici must be a friendly dog, my girls would love to play with Cici.
    I have thought about travelling about with the girls but would like to have a caravan or camper. We all live in Australia and it is a big country like yours. Happy Travels.
    Linda Bindi and Eadie

  15. I’m a subscriber! Wonderful and informative website. Toby and Pi (my two mini schnauzers ) are greatful!

  16. Wanted to let you know that I think your blog is a great and enjoy reading your articles.
    I also wanted to invite you to ping and tweet your blog for free with my website BlogBuzzer.com

    Craig Thompson

  17. Hi CeliaSue! My name is Alex, co-founder of the new pet website VSPETS.com and am reaching out to introduce you to our Internet pet competition. We love your articles and passion towards increasing pet health and welfare awareness. We are also strong supporters of pets. So far, we’ve been receiving very enthusiastic feedback and fan mail from our expanding online pet community! We are very proud of our website and would like to invite CiCi to enter the competition and community at http://VSPETS.com.

  18. Kara

    Hi. I enjoy your blog and getting to know Ci Ci through your writing. Thanks so much for advocating for the fair treatment of pit bulls and bully breeds, too. I worked in the administration department of a local animal shelter for 4 years and in that time, came to know dozens of pitbulls and pitbull mixes who were some of the most loving, intelligent, trustworthy, gentle and goofiest dogs I’ve ever met. I fell in love with many of them and watched them find great new homes with families who never judged them based on their breed. Thanks!

  19. We love your blog and your work advocating for pit bull type dogs! Thank you! My blog is about a pit bull called Yoda that I adopted, come check us out! We nominated your blog for an award, you can find it here: http://yodathepitbull.blogspot.ca/2014/09/yodas-mom-versatile.html . Hope to hear from you soon!

  20. joen

    Why don’t you setup a GoFundME page? I just read your article on VOX.com, and I think everyone would like to help elderly women with no homes or income.

  21. people can donate to my paypal account at my email address prmatchmaker and there is a link here, too, thanks.

  22. Lori Weis

    Wow! Just read your article – homeless women. I am one of the them. I am 59 – I know what you are talking of. It was like reading my own biography. Oh God!
    So much to say – yet I do not have your talent for writing. I too, had a home, a family – worked hard – always helped, was a good neighbor. Lost my work during the recession, friends and family passed, and yes I went through the abusive room-mate phase – but it was in my own home. It was the final weight that sank my ship. You get so distracted and stressed with their disfunction that you can’t focus on your own matters – by the time I got him out forcibly (police) – my issues (finances) were to far gone….I lost my home of 37 years. I have been homeless for 2 years. Yes, I have slept in my truck – parking lot of Safeway (they are open 24/7) and have bathrooms. I too have a dog. I spent months chasing the online applications – the 100’s of resumes – driving 600 miles for an interview only to meet an HR person who was at most 26 years of age.
    A good paying job found me, but it didn’t solve a thing. I now live and work out of a motel 6 that is 2 hours from the Office – cant find a place to live. Waiting lists are 3 years long – my few meager things I saved are in a cheap storage ($65/month). I am exhausted – this is not what life was supposed to be like.
    I stopped being embarrassed about it – and now find that I actually get quite defensive. I do not find the fault lying so much with myself anymore – but more with what society, neighborhoods, employers etc have morphed into. Somewhere, somehow…everyone became so ‘shrewd’.
    Human nature never fails to astonish me.
    The biggest hurt – was when I lost my home – I had been a good neighbor for 37 years. If your garden hose was broken and spewing – I turned it off. If your fence fell down and your dog was out – I put your dog in my backyard and left you a note. If you needed a ride to the emergency room at 2 AM – I was driving you. If you forgot to put your garbage cans out – I rolled them out for you.
    Not a single neighbor helped me pack or lift anything for storage. Not a single neighbor kept an eye out for any minimum wage job – or reference. They avoided eye contact and conversation – my presence made them uncomfortable. A particular neighbor got mean to me at the end when I stopped to say good-bye, it was horrifying – I cried for hours.
    All these people showed up on my last day – not to say good-bye, but to ask if they could have ‘this’ or have ‘that’….like a bunch of parasites picking my bones. That was 2 years ago – I have often hoped that they got the new neighbor they deserved….and a selective case of ebola. It broke me mentally.
    I presently stay in Santa Nella, if you are ever coming through – shoot me an email – you are always welcome in my motel room – dog and all !
    Best wishes,

  23. Sherry Cochran

    Hello Celia Sue,
    Adore your name! I am very moved by your story, thank you for sharing it. I cannot help but realize I am always only one step away from being homeless. I am grateful to have a son & daughter that have been there for me since 2010 when I lost my home due to many reasons, with the recession the first domino, each successive domino a contributing factor in losing jobs, a marriage, house, savings, ending in a suicide attempt by overdose. At age 56 I struggled to take care of myself by working in a grocery store, sharing a rental with my daughter, barely able to pay my half of everything, only getting by because I qualified for food stamps as I was getting only part time hrs. Then through a series of injuries, I was unable to work, forced to take early retirement at age 62, not nearly enough to rent even a studio apartment. I am blessed to be living with my son although he & his girlfriend struggle to pay rent & utilities that increase every year & all I’m able to contribute is $400 a month. I at least had good medical/dental through my job but now I’m on Medicaid. I’m past my initial embarrassment, just struggling to survive & not be a burden to my children.
    I’ll be 64 & like you, I keep wondering how I got here; at one point my husband & I owned two houses, my husband had a good career as a finishing carpenter, living “the American dream”. Now my husband is a homeless alcoholic & I wake up in a room where stacked storage bins & the few pieces of furniture I kept tower over and crowd my bed. Every day I feel fear gnawing at my stomach & soul wondering, how much longer I will be able to take care of myself, knowing that a car breakdown, medical/dental issue or some other crises will cause my straining lifeline to snap & I’ll fall into a bottomless abyss of poverty, lost forever because all my lifelines have been used up.
    I just finished reading, “Breakfast At Sally’s,” written by a homeless man in Bremerton, WA, where I once lived & still visit. My foreclosed house was in Seattle, where homelessness is epidemic. I volunteer at a shelter for women & children, where the population of senior women is growing.
    Forgive me for writing so much; though not nearly as accomplished a writer as you are, I was a journalism major, with several published articles & a POD book.
    What can we do for the homeless elderly, especially women? If there were a program established for donated RV’s & Trailers, where would the park them & be able to pay the cost of rental spaces & upkeep?
    I would love to hear from you & will visit your website/blog regularly.

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