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Freedom of the Press

What is wrong with this picture ???  IF you think any of the stories below are fake/false news, they are not. Freedom of the Press, aka the First Amendment, IS one of our most important and highly cherished parts of the CONSTITUTION. Look it up. Many reporters have risked their very lives over the years to bring us the news, facts and evidence included not opinion and wild conspiracy theories.


Travel industry… 

The US Travel industry has lost $185 million in revenue since the inauguration. The U.s. Association reported that in 2016, the number of international tourists had finally returned to pre-Sept. 11 numbers. But since the travel ban, enough though it was rescinded, the message is our country is not welcoming outsiders.


Even elderly white Australian children’s authors with proper visas are not exempt from Trump inspired intense scrutiny.

Australia’s beloved children’s author Mem Fox was detained for two hours and is threatening never to return to the United States. 



Muhammed Ali, Jr., the son of the famous boxer, was detained for hours at Miami airport despite the fact that he is a U.S. citizen with a valid U.S. passport and no criminal history. Immigration officials asked him if he was a Muslim and other questions about his religion.. His mother who was traveling with him on their way back from a conference in Jamaica was not detained.  


Protection for deployed military families have been dropped which means that military personnel fighting on the front lines could receive desperate phone calls or come home to find their families have been deported. Military spouses and children.



IS this your idea of how America should be behaving??? Is Russia and/or white supremacists, no one who any American voted for in the last election, running our country now ????   DON’T WE HAVE A RIGHT TO KNOW ????

CICI and I, well, me I am a third generation American, are disgusted, appalled, and shocked at how people, our neighbors, friends, fellow Americans, are being treated and scapegoated. Some people in power, aka millionaires and billionaires love to blame poor people, minorities, victims of their policies, for the injustices of the world. Yet, if you think for a second, WHO are the people with the POWER to CHANGE  the systems, create JOBS, economic freedom and prosperity, and equality for all?


Spending billions of dollars deporting people who came here to work hard and pay their taxes, unlike the billionaires and millionaires, is  COSTING US A LOT OF MONEY AND WILL IMPOVERISH ALL OF US on many levels. $500 billion for the deportations and $30 or 40 billion for the wall so that military industrial companies can get richer.


Cici says it’s the fault of the CATS. A CAT CONSPIRACY make the cats pay for the wall….




Is this what we want  Berlin wall dogs ???



I was in Berlin before the wall came down. I was on a tour bus at Checkpoint Charlie and we were told that we could not get out and off the bus. Why?  They pointed to the guards who stood ready with their guns to shoot us if we dared to do so. Chilling moment. And no one got off the bus. The wall kept people trapped inside East Berlin.


A few corrupt and greedy politicians think that they can trick people into looking the other way so that their treasonous behavior will not be seen or heard and they will not be held accountable. IF there is a lot of smoke, there is usually fire. And if the people involved are innocent, then you would think that they would want the world to know that. INSTEAD they tell tall stories to COVER UP their misdeeds and fool us. Do you want to pay with YOUR VERY LIFE, your children’s lives, your pet’s lives, your family’s life, your neighbor’s life, just to help a few billionaires and millionaires ????






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May the Fourth be with you & your pets

We all know that more pets end up in shelters during and after the 4th of July than any other time of year because dogs and cats are terrified when they hear all of the scary sounds of fireworks and crazy people partying.

For a Yankee Doodle Dandy of a good time for you and your pets, here are a few tips to keep your furry babies safe during the upcoming holiday. When growing up, we watched the movie about George M. Cohan, Yankee Doodle Dandy, every July fourth and sang the songs, You’re a Grand Old Flag, Yankee Doodle Dandy, and others.




  1. Be prepared ahead of time.
  2. Party with your pets.
  3. Natural comfort
  4. Soothing sounds
  5. ID your pets



Being a good Girl Scout aka being prepared means getting all your ducks in a row, with your plans, organize where and how you will keep your pets safe, and gather materials you might need ahead of time.


Stay home and have a party with a few friends. Keep the pets in a safe room, with a closed door or baby gate to make sure that they cannot escape. Give them pet treats, bones, toys and lots of water. Take dogs for a walk ahead of time before the party. If you BBQ, do it outside, keep fire from candles and grills out there and away from your animals and obviously, do not light fireworks anywhere near your pets, even in your yard. The point is to limit the trauma not add to it. Keep alcoholic beverages away from your pets as well as inebriated friends.

July 4 pet treats: think bacon, chicken, peanut butter, cheese, beef, turkey, Pupcakes and PUPsicles


Bach Flowers Rescue Remedy, Thundershirts, and collars doused with lavendar essential oils are natural alternative means to keeping your pets calm.


Soothe and comfort your pets by playing meditative music, sounds of nature such as beach sounds, and/or canine / feline music that will also help ease their anxiety and cover up the pop, boom, and scary sounds of fireworks.


Put your dog tags on, make recent copies of photos of your pets and keep their vet records on hand just in case. If your pet has a microchip, also put a tag on their collar with your name, address and phone number. You want to make sure that if your pet should run off and escape that they will be found and returned to you promptly.




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Happy Patrick day

Happy 2nd Re-Birthday, Patrick! We will NEVER forget nor ever stop hurting from what you endured at the hands of a monster, but we will not let evil win. Your suffering started a world-wide, anti-cruelty campaign and helped millions of animals. We LOVE you and are grateful for your NEW LIFE!


Imagine there’s no cruelty

It’s easy if you try
No abuse, starvation or neglect
Above us only sky
Imagine all the pit bulls
Living in loving homes…

Imagine there’s no BSL
It isn’t hard to do
Nothing to kill or fight for
And no dog fighters too
Imagine all the pit bulls
Living life in peace…

You may say I’m a dreamer
But I’m not the only one
I hope someday you’ll join us
And the world will be as one

Imagine no kill lists
I wonder if you can
No need for chains, puppy mills, or shelters
A brotherhood of canine and human
Imagine all the pit bulls
Sharing all the world…

You may say I’m a dreamer
But I’m not the only one
I hope someday you’ll join us
And the world will live as one



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Peace 4 pits

It’s beginning to look a lot like Xmas eve…

merry merry ho ho ho…

may all your pit bulls / dogs / pets / loved ones have a magical holiday and may all their days be full of holiday cheer, good food, treats, belly rubs, warm days and nights and lots of peace/good will on earth !!!


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doggie holiday cards

Dogs to the world… fa la la la la la la la 




there are 37 different cards to send…

Happy Bodhi Day, Boxing Day, Chanukah, Christmas, Diwali, Hogmanay, Kwanza, Las Pasadas, Magh Bihu, Maghi, Makar Sankranti, St. Lucia’s Day, St. Nicholas Day, Songkran, Thingyan, Winter Solstice, Yule and all forms of New Year (and any other holidays we may have unintentionally omitted!!!

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animals are people, too

Gotta love this list especially #6…

6. Sports figures acting badly. Michael Vick shouldn’t be playing football and if that offends you, I’m sorry. We forgive transgressions that would ruin the rest of us because they are famous or talented. Creeps like Vick should just go away, not be awarded with a huge football contract.

Here is my list of things that should be illegal because they make sane people barf, skin crawl and drive animal advocates to rescue time and time again …

1. Michael Vick shouldn’t be playing football. He should not be paid $100 million. This money should be given to pit bull rescues and the dogs he traumatized, some who are still living with the terrifying memories and nightmares of his psychopathy. Read The Lost Dogs by Jim Gorant for more inspiring info about the dogs, the truth about Michael Vick and how they prosecuted him and what he was actually charged with (gambling not bankrolling dog fighting)…

2. The morally bankrupt Belfast City Council in Ireland. Return Lennox to his family. Period. End of story.

3. All absurd and archaic breed bans, breed discrimination and breed specific legislation. No dog should be judged on the basis of how s/he looks or because some people are afraid of dogs and do not want to hold irresponsible owners accountable for their abuse, neglect and cruelty to animals.

4. Homeless pets, homeless people. Kill shelters, what an oxymoron.  Should shelters be allowed to kill animals? An Associated Press poll says that more than seven out of 10 Americans say “No,” unless the animal is suffering. All healthy, normal dogs and cats deserve homes. Adoption centers must replace the so-called humane societies and SPCA’s around the country. Spaying and neutering of animals is mandatory until there are no more homeless pets. Neuter that boy, Spay that girl…

5. Greedy, ethically challenged animal organizations and their sad ads on TV. Wayne Pacelle, the ASPCA and PETA and other so-called animal rights advocates that called for Michael Vick to have a dog (Humane Society of the United States), who advocate putting healthy animals to sleep (PETA) and all those who call real animal advocates terrorists for wanting NO KILL shelters and to STOP killing and torturing innocent animals.

US Federal Bureau of Investigation (FBI) has been keeping files on animal rights activists who conduct undercover investigations of factory farms, and the agency is now recommending that these activists be prosecuted as “terrorists.”    …   In 2006, Congress passed the Animal Enterprise Terrorism Act (AETA)

(The City of Austin finished 2011 with a 91% rate of lifesaving for dogs and cats, the largest community in the nation to do so. Williamson County, TX finished the year with a 91% rate as well. They join a host of other communities who have crossed the 90% threshold including Allegany County, MD, Arlington, VA, Berkeley, CA, Duluth, MN, Marquette, MI, Reno, NV, Shelby County, KY, and many, many more…)

6. Puppy mills, hoarders and pet stores who sell sick animals and keep animals in horrendous conditions in exchange for money.

7. Animal abusers including dog serial killers, animal rapists and irresponsible pet owners who chain their dogs and/or leave them outside loose 24/7, abandon their animals, neglect their pets, leave their pets to starve, return their pets to the pound because they are moving, suddenly allergic or the puppy barked, refuse to spay/neuter and/or harshly punish their pets.

8. Television shows, video games and movies that exploit animals and people, police, detective, talk and reality shows that highlight violence, encourage dog fighting, the lowest common denominator, sexually abuse children (Toddlers and Tiaras) and teenagers and otherwise encourage sociopathic behavior.

9. Dog fighting, cock fighting, horse racing and other forms of “sport” that harms animals.

10. Corporations that Experiment on and are toxic to animals, humans and the earth including pet food companies (especially those that use rendered/dead animals and toxic ingredients and chemicals and call this Healthy, Natural or other misleading terms). Monsanto, the Koch brothers empire and the oil, gas, nuclear and coal industries and the entire deathcare industries including the pharmaceutical industry and allopathic medicine.

11. Corporations and fetuses considered people. Animals are lawfully considered sentient beings not property and are endowed with the same rights as human beings.

12. All wars for profit (all wars) including the War of Terror and war mongers who destroy countries, animals and people for money. Pray that the Iran war is Over before it officially begins… they are beating the war drums. Getting louder by the day, folks.

Lucky 13. Speaking of rights, ALL civil liberties set forth in the Constitution and Bill of Rights are returned to ALL American citizens. All legislation and bills denying the American people these rights are abolished and the politicians who voted for the Patriot Act, the NDAA and SOPA are recalled and sent to prison along with the Wall Street banksters, the TSA, lobbyists, elite racists and millionaires and billionaires who refuse to pay taxes, and corporate hucksters who ruined the economy and sent American jobs overseas.

New Bill Known As Enemy Expatriation Act Would Allow Government To Strip Citizenship Without Convict

Congress is considering H. R. 3166 also known as the Enemy Expatriation Act. This bill would give the US government the power to strip Americans of their citizenship without being convicted of being ‘hostile’ against the United States.

Hint:  When Money is Taken OUT of Politics, many of these problems will be resolved.

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update: occupation goes global

just one week ago when I wrote about the Occupy  Wall Street protests, it was below the radar, it is HUGE what has happened in just one week…. there are now 1,000+ cities that have protesters including all across the USA, Canada and Europe, even Australia. There is a group protesting the Federal Reserve as well as the London Stock Exchange.;_assange_speaks_in_london/#paragraph2

who are the 99%?

Today, October 15, is Global Occupation… Occupation Everywhere…

end the war, tax the rich, send banksters to jail, get money out of politics, what the 99% want, #OWS

It’s the Inequality, Stupid, the game is rigged against the 99%

Bush Tax Cuts Cost the Rest of Us $11.6 Million An Hour. Yes, An Hour.

Democrats are trying to co-opt the movement for their own political advantage…

“We emphatically reject the attempted leadership of any political party,
organization or individual.” – We the People

powerful short film, USA hypocrisy  get corp money out of politics

Occupy Berlin | Occupy Budapest | Occupy Cairo | Occupy Lisbon | Occupy the London Stock Exchange | Occupy Madrid | Occupy Moscow | Occupy Mumbai |Occupy Paris | Occupy Rome | Occupy Seoul | Occupy Taipai | Occupy Tel Aviv |Occupy Tokyo | Occupy Vienna | Occupy Warsaw | Hundreds More Occupations Worldwide

“In total, students from at least 100 college campuses around the country walked out of class in a show of solidarity and support for the Occupy Wall Street movement.” Peter Rothberg, The Nation

nypd white shirts on bankster’s payroll

lawsuits have been filed…

BOSTON/Dewey Square – At 1:30 a.m. this morning, elements of the Boston Police Department, Transit Police and the Massachusetts State Police – with assistance from the Suffolk County Sheriff’s Department – arrested approximately 100 protestors who engaged in non-violent civil disobedience in defense of a second encampment started by #OccupyBoston activists adjacent to their existing Dewey Square encampment yesterday on a stretch of the Rose Kennedy Greenway bounded by Purchase St., Pearl St., Congress St. and Atlantic Ave.   paradigm shift happening

They love making fun of the demonstrators’ looks, but it’s pretty difficult to step outside the system and live outdoors without looking a little rough in the eyes of the moneyed classes. Jesus and his disciples probably looked pretty rough to some people, too. I’m sure the rich people looked down their noses at Him after He overturned those tables.

That’s not done in polite company.

Think about it: A guy rides into town on a donkey. Then he says the moneyed interests are exerting too much influence on the government – and on some of the religious elite, too. And what was that about the wealthy? Oh, yeah – “It’s easier for a camel to pass through a needle’s eye than for a rich man to enter heaven.”

No matter what you believe or don’t believe spiritually, it’s clear that oligarchic wealth has corrupted our politics, polluted our culture, and debased our basic sense of morality.

And that’s why they’re we’re protesting. I’ve been to New York’s demonstration, and Washington’s. Next stop is LA. But they’re all over the country.

If you haven’t been to one yet, why not stop by? ‘m not an organizer, just an admirer, but consider this an official invitation: Your presence is requested as democracy – and history – unfold before us.

Dress is casual. If you’re part of the 99%, come as you are. (Sandals optional.)


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creating a peaceful dog oasis

imagine creating a fido delicious peaceful paradise backyard both for us humans and cici…

I’d like it to have a garden, fountain, pool/water, a sand box for cici to dig and a bunch of plants, trees with fruit… perhaps…

need a wooden box, organic soil, flowers and plants, wheat grass, grass and oat grass seeds, veggie, fruit seeds, wild bird seed, rocks, herbs, water fountain, fruit trees, sand box and more…

already put an ad on freecycle and craigslist, but so far, nada.

if you have any other suggestions on how to get any of the above for free or inexpensively, or if you’d like to donate, every little bit helps, thanks.

At the Cambria Pines Lodge, they have an amazing organic garden with a flower bed (shown below)… would love to recreate something like that. we’ve got a wheelbarrow and a wooden futon frame that I could get creative with.

Also want to create a community garden… and have artists paint the fence with murals. there is graffiti already on one side of the fence (outside) that could be painted over… images of PEACE… calming… Findhorn garden… a showcase for talented artists in this community…

this is an amazing peace site:

how to do this without spending a fortune????

and just how to do this hands on practically…   this site has some great ideas, tips and resources…

Nobody speaks for Fido when it comes to the backyard landscape. Yet he spends more time there than anyone else in the family.

What I call a K-9 conscious garden design blends amenities for you and your dog into a harmonious space. It also addresses the most common safety problems that can hurt your pooch and send your vet bill into the stratosphere.

Dogs are naturally mobile creatures, forever on the hunt for food like their ancestors the wolves. When they are cooped up with nothing interesting or mysterious to explore, they adopt undesirable behaviors out of frustration and boredom. Planting a tall grass meadow with flowers is not only a beautiful, wildlife-friendly form of gardening, it gives your dog hours of investigatory pleasure every day. Sure, manicured lawns are great for Frisbee, but when you’re at work that meadow becomes a primal bit of heaven for man’s best friend.

If you live in the city and don’t have room for a meadow, here’s a good alternative. Wheat grass juice is a big health drink for us and it’s just as good for dogs. They will naturally graze on it when they need the nutrients it contains rather than browsing your flowerpots. Consider planting wheat grass in low, wide troughs. Use flat plastic under-the-bed storage boxes with holes drilled in the bottom for drainage. Fill the boxes with potting soil and sow with seed. Dirt-cheap organic seed for wheat and oats can be found in the bread-making section of the health food store.

Since ancient times, herbs have been used to repel fleas in human dwellings. They’ll also discourage fleas in the yard and in your dog’s general hangout areas. If you grow enough of them you can cut the branches, dry and use them to stuff your dog’s bed for a natural pesticide. Many herbs were once known as fleabane because they are so widely used for this purpose, and some may also discourage ticks.

Plant a fleabane garden or incorporate fleabane plants around the garden. When my dog Dot rubs against them I can smell the aromatic oils on her fur, which not only discourages pests, it covers up dog smell with fragrance! I recommend Menta pulegium, also known as pennyroyal. Wormwood (Artemisia absinthum) is also beautiful silvery gray plant and quite effective, too. Old-fashioned tansy (Tanacetum vulgare) is top of the list, as well. All are perennial. When you shop, insist on the botanical names to ensure you get the exact plant that repels fleas.

Keep in mind, too, that some plants and landscaping materials are very bad for dogs. Vets say that when dogs are bored they will chew on most anything, and when that something is toxic you have a problem. Cocoa bean mulch contains caffeine and hulls of nuts falling from trees are rich in tannin, so both can be highly toxic if chewed. These include domestic walnuts or wild hickory. A few of the many plants poisonous to dogs are castor bean, foxglove, pokeweed, buckeye and yew. The master list of dog-toxic plants can be found at the ASPCA web site,

happy dogs sunbathing… cici LOVES to lie in the dirt in the yard and enjoy the rays… this is Little Red with her new dog pal / new home… (Little Red, one of the former v-dogs)…

A tip for pooches eating plants:

If your dog is chewing up your plants, this spicy, cayenne pepper

spray solution may be enough to discourage them. Be

aware that it requires repeated applications. The effectiveness

wears off in a day or two. The rain and automatic sprinklers

also wash it away. A dog won’t be discouraged by just one hot

bite either. They’ll go back and test it a few times with undesirable

results before they finally accept that the plant is not

worth tampering with. Use this spray every day for a couple

of weeks to condition the dog to leave the plant alone. Be sure

to spray the plant early in the morning so that the spray can

dry out before the sun hits the leaves.

1 Tablespoon cayenne pepper

2 Tablespoons powdered garlic

2 Cups hot water

Stir the cayenne pepper and garlic into hot water. Allow it to

set a few minutes then strain the remnants of the spices

through a fine kitchen sieve. Pour the strained liquid into a

plant spray bottle. Use as needed.

download the free ebook for more tips, ideas:


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around the world with my dog

Thought it would be fun to find out about dog customs in various countries. Also, if you are traveling overseas with your pets, there are numerous things you should know.

However, in the midst of doing research, guess what I found out?

My dog is banned…

not only in Miami, Denver and Ontario Canada

but also in Denmark, Finland, England and other countries.


Because she is a pit bull mix.

She is also banned or restricted on various airlines…

and on military bases…

not that I have ANY plans to take her on an airline, or to other countries or to Denver or Miami or any military base, but it is crazy to ban dogs when people who abuse animals, people who put on dog fights, race greyhounds, and breed puppies in mills, go scot free. And M. Vick makes millions.


My sweet dog who would never harm a person, would never hurt anyone intentionally is banned but people who kill, maim, slaughter, abuse, neglect, abandon and torture animals (and eventually people) are free to continue their evil ways.

This has to change.

Just found this No Dogs Allowed Post from our friends over at Dog Jaunt, sheesh what a list, doggie prejudice is rampant.

Tomorrow, Kisha Curtis will go to trial in New Jersey for starving, abandoning and neglecting Patrick the Miracle Dog and the Patrick Movement folks are holding rallies and events around the country to raise awareness and to pass stricter laws in every state against animal abuse.  Whether you are attending a rally or not, say a little prayer for Patrick that his abuser is given the maximum sentence. Justice for Patrick.

and in Carmel, supposedly dog friendly, and Monterey, we are holding a rally/adoption event tomorrow BUT despite my sending flyers and press releases way in advance to the media, NONE elected to feature our event in the weekly events calendar, NONE.  I posted the info for the event all over their Facebook pages, but this is crazy, anti pit bull sentiment here, there and everywhere.  Yes, there are encouraging positive signs and articles, but there still is a lot of ignorance and prejudice.

We will still have a great event.  Speak UP for the animals. Thank you.

Just found this out, about the fight for Patrick, making me feel ill, but may Truth Justice and What is Best for Patrick PREVAIL…

the fight for Patrick,

Bringing dogs and cats to Australia…


Clearing customs in various countries…

taking your dog to Norway

Sweden’s dog movie theatre

pet friendly cottages in Scotland

Difference between dogs in England and America

Dogs in France

Dogs in France are allowed in so many more places than their English cousins. It wasn’t unusual to have dogs in cafes and even restaurants. We also saw dogs in the local department store and a museum, and hadn’t realised that we were also staying in a dog-friendly hotel.

Parisian luxury hotel for dogs offers doggie massage, swim in the pool

Dogs in Italy

Dogs in Canada

There is a Canadian dog magazine and a Canadian dog blog

bringing your dog to Canada

If you have a pit bull, you cannot bring it to Ontario.

The province of Ontario does not permit pit bulls to enter the province. For information on Ontario’s pit bull ban, visit the Ontario Ministry of the Attorney General website.

There are other countries that ban pit bulls and other breeds (rottweilers and others).

Here is a list of breeds that are banned in many countries worldwide:

American Staffordshire Terrier
Staffordshire Terrier
Pit Bull Terrier
American Pit Bull Terrier
Doberman Pinscher
Dogo Argentino
Dogo de Burdeos
Fila Brasileiro
Mastin Napolitano
De Presa Canario
Tosa Japones

Wikipedia lists airlines that restrict/ban pit bulls.

Now it gets dicey for dogs… in poorer countries, there are problems.

Dogs in Greece

Stray dogs in Athens

Dogs in Israel

Dogs do not seem to fare well in Israel, and are abandoned during the summer.

Dogs in Asia

there are many articles about people eating dogs in Asia and how dogs do not fare well.  Depends upon the country. Now,  Japan is having problems with pets due to the tsunami and earthquake.

Dogs in India

stray dogs, slum dogs, and people eating dogs are what comes up when you do a Google search…

Things to consider in general :


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pit bulls are sweet, loving nanny dogs…

found some wonderful sites about pit bulls, how we raise our dogs, no dogs are genetically mean, pit bulls were nanny dogs, raised with children,  and a woman claims she loves her partner because he treats her like a dog…


she looks just like my dog as a pup except my dog has lots and lots of spots (her dalmatian side)…


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