K9 Holiday Tales

if you write to me and tell me that you want to write a guest blog post, you should read this page. Note that we are looking for primarily tales about you and your dog(s) on holiday, vacation, on a trip… in detail… with photos. They can be funny, sad, or precautionary tips. But if you write that you took your dog to the beach and they had fun, that is not likely to get published. Nor is you took your dog to the dog park and they made friends. We want REAL story telling … anecdotes like you would tell your friends, SHOW don’t tell, SHARE THE SPECIFIC DETAILS, name names, we want the nitty gritty, who, what, where, when and why and how… human/canine stories that other people (besides your mom) can relate to, learn from, be entertained by.  If you do not understand this, there are PLENTY of examples on this blog for you to read through and use as a template for HOW TO WRITE IT.  If you do not comply, then you will NOT be published here.

Lately, I’ve received a slew of requests and no matter how much I have explained and asked for what I want, MOST have NOT complied and yet keep asking me if/when I am going to publish their “story.”  If your story is NOT a story, I am NOT going to post it. If your tips are ones that we have done before, unless you have added a bunch of new info and insights, it is likely not going to get published. If you want to learn how to write to get published, email me and we can discuss my fee to do coaching with you on HOW TO WRITE and GET PUBLISHED. 

Tell us where you are from, the name of your dog(s), where you went, where you stayed, and what beaches, dog parks, activities were pet/dog friendly and FUN for you and your pooch and would you recommend that other pet owners go to this place or not and WHY.  If you want to write on a related topic (have written a dog travel book, are a vet and can share with my readers specific tips on how to keep dogs/pets healthy while traveling, and related/pertinent topics), please let us know. Thanks.


1. Write to me by my name and SPELL my name correctly

2. Let me know that you HAVE READ this blog by mentioning my dog Cici or something that you read and particularly liked

3. Be specific about the guest blog post you want to write (not just you want to do one with a link to YOUR site)… is the topic a Canine Holiday Tale or related to traveling with dogs/pets???  where did you go and what made this canine adventure special, unique, fun? (we realize that your pooch is special and unique)… what did you and your pooch learn (how to surf, fish or fly a kite), that you could take your pooch to this famous place and go sailing, waterskiing or whatever. did the pet friendly winery folks have a special story (do they contribute profits to a unique animal related group)?  are the restauranteurs huge beagle, pit bull, spaniel, or whatever breed fans and all of their dishes are named for various pets… is the hotel constructed in the shape of a dog?  are dogs pampered in special ways at the resort you went to (dogs have their own spaw treatments)… or do they have a hot springs pool only for pooches… THESE are the types of stories we ARE looking for… and we want to EXPERIENCE THE TRIP WITH YOU AND YOUR POOCH as if we were right there with you the whole entire way. 

4. Are you going to post my blog link to YOUR social media networks (Facebook, Twitter, etc) and are those networks likely to READ MY BLOG???

More info:


have you written a book about your dog, have a dog travel blog, or live in a pet friendly place we have not covered (east coast, midwest, south, northwest), and you have traveled with your pooch and can write about the town/city/area with all the dog park, local stores and other info, please let us know…you just may get published here on this blog. Innkeepers welcome, we just need the who, what, where, why, when and how (rates, group rates, pet policy info, local activities, etc).  see more info below, thanks.

How to Pitch me

1.    I write about dog travel, pet friendly places, healthy dog food, animal/pet adoption and the like including controversies. If you want to write about anything else such as fashion, food, tech, don’t pitch me unless it’s funny and has a dog/pet related focus. I love to review pet friendly B&B’s, inns, hotels, books, t-shirts, dog treats, dog food and other doggie items as long as they are healthy and relevant. Thanks.
2.    It should be brief. I don’t mind emails (send to prmatchmaker – at – yahoo.com), but if you write more than a paragraph, you’ve gone beyond my short attention span. Tell me the facts: who you are, what it is, why it’s relevant to my readers and ask me if I’d like more info.
3.    If you send me a press release, make it short. See rule No. 2.
4.    Unless your CEO is Victoria Stillwell, Cesar Millan, George Clooney, Jon Stewart or Michael Moore and wants me to go to dinner, is there really a compelling reason for me to talk to them?  Maybe but probably not. (See rule No. 2).
5.    Don’t count on coverage. But if your tool, site, book, hotel, place, dog food, dog treat, etc., is interesting to my audience, I will probably write about it or ask you to write about it. If YOU write about pet friendly places, please write a post similar to what I would write. If I have to do all of the research and give my readers plenty of options that you have not bothered with finding out about, then just pitch one pet friendly hotel to me instead of an entire place.  Writing about one pet friendly hotel in a place is NOT a guest blog, if I have to do all the work. If you rep the hotel, that is fine or if you have visited there and can provide commentary about how much fun you and your dog had, even better.
6.    There are lots of other dog bloggers who have other focuses than mine. Get to know us as individuals and we will be happy to work with you.
7.    Cute doggie photos at fun places are always welcome.

we are also interested in pet friendly info about Oregon, Montana, Wyoming, Colorado, Minneapolis, Chicago, New York, Pennsylvania, SC, NC, Florida, Georgia, New Mexico and Arizona.

If you would like to help sponsor a trip, let us know and make a donation, offer us a complimentary stay at your inn in one of the cities or states listed above, in exchange for the publicity, thank you.

Guest Post Submissions

Wanna do a guest post on the Have Dog Blog Will Travel Blog? Here are the guidelines.

Subjects and Topics
Pretty much anything that is dog travel related is okay.

Articles I will accept:
1.  Trips via car, RV, cross country or in a particular area
2.  A pet friendly city with places to stay, fun activities, stores, shops and unusual things to do.
3.  Opinion pieces on topics such as breed specific legislation, positive pit bull stories.
4.  Interesting things to do/places to go with your dog in your home town/city.
5.  Dog travel in Europe, around the world info

Articles that I won’t accept:
1.  Product or book reviews. If you want your book or product to appear on my blog, send me a sample or a copy of the book and I’ll write a review myself.
2.  Anything negative about pit bulls.
3.  Anything that links directly to affiliate sites for the purpose of selling a product.
4.  Articles that are pro dog fighting or pro dog fighters.

•    Link and Image Requirements
1.  Love photos, send 2-3 jpgs
2.  Provide a link to your site.
3.  Provide your author bio.
4.  You may not link to affiliate sites for the purpose of selling a product.

Editorial and Submission Guidelines
1.  I retain the right to edit guest posts as I see fit. If I do edit your post I will submit the edited post back to you for approval.
2.  Send me your guest post via email. Don’t send an attachment.
3.  you can email me your guest post to author444@yahoo.com

2 responses to “K9 Holiday Tales

  1. Robert Miller

    When humans die, they return as dogs
    when dogs die, they return as humans.
    Be kind to dogs, they were here before us and will probably be here after us.
    Signed, a human dog lover.

  2. Thanks for sharing. We like your blog a lot.

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