Paw Pals

thanks to Clint from EarthNaturals, for inspiration to create this page…

Dr Harvey’s

cat and dog haven in Fresno,

Great dog travel blog

I realized only recently that I’ve listed Travel, She Wrote as a favorite blog in Dog Jaunt’s sidebar almost since Day 1, but I’ve never explained why. There are plenty of useful dog travel sites on the web, but it’s rare to find a dog travel blog like Sue’s, with stories and reports about her travels (mostly in California) with her dog Cici, a sweet-tempered and goofy Dalmatian-American Staffordshire terrier mix. Her posts have a comfortable, narrative style that gives you a real feel for the places she and Cici visit, as well as an enjoyable insight into Sue’s and Cici’s personalities and interests. Check them out!

Best Friends


cici’s photo with santa at author janet evanovich’s page


Health Pro Nutrition


Mr Chewy

Old Mother Hubbard

Doggie Goo

Lisa Spector, Through a Dog’s Ear and the Vicktory dogs


EarthBath, Bach Flowers

Honest Kitchen

Planet Dog

Pet Natural

Gift Guides

Info on important pooch topics

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