Gov. Chris Christie today, August 7, 2013, signed “Patrick’s Law,” (S1303) which was named after an emaciated pit bull found after it had been thrown down a trash chute.  increases penalties for cruelty, for starving an animal…

Kisha Curtis pled guilty to abusing Patrick and will be sentenced on August 29…


Blog posts and other info about Patrick the miracle dog

Update: Kisha Curtis trial July 31, 2012

Kisha Curtis hearing, July 31, 2012, Essex County Court House, Newark….please plan on arriving by 8:45AM. Let’s fill that courtroom!!!   If you can’t make it, wear Green to show your support. Essex County Superior Court, 50 West Market Street, Newark, NJ 07102. Phone: 973-693-5701.

Update: Kisha Curtis trial Monday July 9, 2012

Curtis has asked for pretrial intervention program (PTI), she appears before the judge Monday morning. The judge will grant her the PTI or proceed to sentence her.

If people do not show up in masses, the judge will rule as if it were just one of the many hundreds of animal abuse cases that have come before him so many times.

Kisha Curtis court date:

9:00 am Monday, the Courthouse is located 50 West Market Street

Newark, New Jersey 973-693-5700.

Patrick Update : Late last week Judge Cassini, in a strongly worded decision paper, DENIED AHS’s latest motion seeking custody of Patrick and seeking to have Judge Cassini removed from Patrick’s custody case. The Judge made it clear that AHS has no inclusion in Patrick’s criminal case and as such has no legal grounds to demand anything pertaining to Patrick’s case. The Judge stated that AHS are “Intermeddlers” in this case and their Motion was DENIED. I am liking this Judge.. Just sayin…. Capt

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