Polka Dot Silly

Cici’s Perspective

her cuteness at 6 months…

her silliness

santa and cici

reading the bark street journal

Olive and Cici, Casa Carolina, Sebastapol

cici and jake, Carmel

Spike and Cici in Oregon


6 responses to “photos

  1. Nicole

    that is such a cute pit bull. My lil Dora is a pitbull too and she has soooo much character and personality, its almost like shes human! they’re only mean if you raise them to be mean. she wouldnt hurt a fly, she loves absolutely everyone, as she thinks everyone loves her and is her best friend. goood good good dogs! love em!

  2. timothy

    i love dogs i love when thay lick my bar feet

  3. Sempiterna & sepkin

    Cici is B E A Utiful. Me & my husband also have a pitbull & now i can’t imagine my life without him, is the best breed ever!!! 😛

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  5. you look even dafter than me in some of those photos – you’re a sucker for a tummy rub!

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