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I love to work with business owners, authors, managers, public relations professionals and others.

Call CeliaSue when you want to hire a professional writer to get the job done on time, on budget.


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We have worked with dozens of national brands to promote their products.

I am open to doing product reviews, press trips, and other types of collaboration. My audience’s interests are similar to mine: travel in California, Nevada, Oregon, the Southwest USA, and cultural travel topics, especially chocolate, food, and art. I love traveling with my dog and am the parent of a spoiled and feisty (very friendly) polka dot princess ( 9-3/4 years old). We love opening up new avenues for pets / dogs to visit. Why should dogs be limited to pet kennels, boarding crates, dog parks and pet sitters when most LOVE LOVE LOVE to take road trips and spending time with their favorite person (YOU). Dog beaches and hiking on trails are fine AND we love to explore sailing, eating exotic foods, and learning about local customs and cultural activities unique to each city, state or region. Glamping, healthy, spiritual and luxury travel is fine, too.



dog car steering wheel

Page Views, visitors and more

We rank on the first page of Google results when searching for the terms “dog travel blog”, “k9 travel” and “have pit bull will travel”, “pit bulls have feelings, too”, and “traveling with a pit bull.” Our blog receives an average of 250 to 1,000 page views a day with highs in the 2000 range.

Creative ideas and brainstorming are welcome. If you can dream it, we can visit. (We have visited farms with goats, horses, cows, sheep, chickens, llamas, even elks and Himalayan yaks and other animals as well as relished wine tastings and artistic destinations (art museums, street sculptures and more).  My dog has great and eclectic taste and loves to sniff out unique adventures.

I love to contribute to magazines and newspapers who are fido friendly, eco friendly (green) and focused on showing their readers tips for a great trip.

I have worked with numerous newspapers and magazines, brands such as Subaru, many pet product companies (see list below), authors and diverse hotels, inns, B&B’s and wineries.

To discuss rates and opportunities, please contact me via email at author444 (at) yahoo (dot) com.

Social Media Promotion: I am happy to promote your brand to a wide-reaching audience interested in travel and lifestyle products. From short-term shares to long-term promotion, many possibilities exist–contact me at author444 (at) yahoo (dot) com to discuss.

Social media followers:

965 on Twitter

2300+ on Facebook

HAVE DOG BLOG WILL TRAVEL has more than 18,000 page views each month and 15,000 visitors, mostly from the U.S., England, Australia and Canada. We have over 2500 fans on Facebook and Twitter 965.



Our audience ranges from luxury to budget conscious consumers who love to travel with their dogs, consider their pets family members and pamper their pets with love, affection, good food, treats and toys. Some even take photos and videos of their pets and share them with us. And a few dress their pets up for Halloween, take them to work, on holidays, weekends, vacations and celebrate their birthdays and other holidays with gifts and / or network with animal rescue organizations to help other animals find homes. Usually they rescued their pet.

Product reviews

Choosing products for review is a process that goes like this, if I would buy the product for my dog, then I will usually share them with my readers. Pretty simple. And I think that makes it easy. At times, it is overwhelming with the number of requests that we get and we try to be as prompt as possible. Sometimes requests do fall through the cracks. If you do not hear back from us, it usually means that we are not interested in your product.

Products that do not interest us tend to be ones that have too many chemicals, preservatives and additives, many are Supermarket or big chains brand dog foods and treats. Also we do not do invisible fences, harsh dog training tools, anything that harms animals in any way, shape or form. We prefer positive reinforcement and all natural, eco and environmentally friendly items and the same goes for places we visit. Our preferences tend to be towns / cities near beaches, wineries, and chocolate. If the town also has great scenery, unique doggie activities / attractions, and great weather, we are on board, too


  • BEST VIEWS EVER:   8,891    JULY 24, 2012         



If you believe your product fits my guidelines and you’d like me to review it, please send me an email telling me more with links to the company website. If I agree to consider it for review, I’ll send you the shipping address.

Send us a short factual pitch with all the who, what, where, when, and how much it cost info, a website link and your contact info.

Please understand we are a dog travel blog and focus on pet travel related and pet friendly products that are eco friendly, all natural, grain free, and/or organic/holistic. My dog Cici is 55 pounds more or less and has white short fur and a pink belly. Item samples sent should be appropriate to her weight, size and fur. We like to be family friendly and are PG on our blog.


All reviews are honest and positive. If Cici does not like the product or CeliaSue finds it not easy to use for whatever reason we may not post a review. We want to present your products/Company in the best light and let our readers know what works and what doesn’t. We are fair and reasonable in our evaluations and on many occasions we rant and rave about how wonderful your products are.

After receiving and reviewing the product, we try to write a blog post within a week or two and on occasion, we get bloglogged… while traveling.

Please note that I am picky and if you send me a product that is greenwashed, not truly organic, all natural or holistic and healthy but pretending to be, I usually will decline. If I find it deceptive, I am not going to tell the world that you are all natural and/or eco friendly when your product has chemicals like red dyes, yellow dyes, green dyes, blue dyes, and/or uses wheat flour or preservatives. We like grain free and gluten free dog treats and foods.

Frankly, for the life of me I cannot understand why anyone would spend all that money on advertising and promotion for a product that they have to be dishonest about. Why not make a great product that you can shout from the rooftops about because you are so proud of it?  Then, we are happy to shout with you, all over the Internet and beyond. Thank you.

Sending us a product is no guarantee that I will publish a review.  I will not return items if I choose not to review it. If appropriate, I will donate the item to the local SPCA.

 Upon occasion, we accept complimentary stays at your pet friendly hotels, inns, B&B’s and resorts.

Press trips: I would be happy to consider a press trip. I am particularly interested in traveling to explore the unique culture of a place, pet friendly venues and resorts and activities for senior women. I am personally interested in promoting quirky, off the beaten path travel destinations. Please see my post from SLO, California for an idea of what kind of blog posts I provide. I can also provide coverage in various publications that I freelance for.

I am particularly interested in traveling with my dog, exploring what a destination has to offer for single women and seniors who travel with pets, and having valuable and fun experiences that my dog and I can enjoy. While some places have jumped on the “pet friendly” travel bandwagon, we know the difference between when a property is being dog tolerant rather than dog welcoming (when there are exorbitant pet fees and restrictions such as weight, breed and size). Of course, we prefer the places that actually GET canines and LOVE them all and IT SHOWS.

During the trip, I will post frequent updates on Facebook, Twitter, and after returning, depending on my experience during the trip, I will write an appropriate blog post as well as a comprehensive article and those articles will be shared on all my social media channels (Facebook, Twitter and beyond). My preference is travel experiences focusing on culture, wine, food, and off-the-beaten-path activities (taking a dog on a tiki boat in SLO, tiptoeing thru the tulips in Mendocino with your mutt, gambling with Fido, etc).

SLO press trip

my blog posts











We’ve worked with a lot of great pet product and related companies and PR agencies: Evangers, Sony, Subaru, Petco, VitaShotZukesSherpa, Silver TailsMcChewy, Mother Hubbard’sDoggie GooPet NaturalBach FlowersQ-tips, Calming Collars,Through a Dog’s Ear, EarthNaturalsNature’sLogic, Ark Naturals, ArfDog, ZenPawz, Clear ConscienceDr. Harvey’s, Bergan’s, LovingPets, EarthBathK9 Travel Mugs, K9 Cuisine, Vermont Soap Organics, Lucky Dog Cuisine, Dogswell, Honest KitchenPlanet DogRuffwear, SmartPak, Purrfect Play, Reigning Cats & Dogs, Sierra LeBone, and more…

Written for numerous pet publications including

PetFolio Magazine, BayArea WoofCanine Coastal Magazine and more…

Reviewed properties of 75+ innkeepers including Strawberry Creek Inn, Ritz Carleton Half Moon Bay, The Islands Hotel in Newport Beach, Hotel Solamar, Omni Hotel, Hilton Waterfront, Stanford Inn, MacCallum House, Little River Inn, Andiron Inn, Napa River Inn, Beazley House, Carmel River Inn, Hofsas House, Portola Hotel, Mariposa Suites, Bardessono, Fleur du Lac, Santa Nella House,  Harmony Ridge Lodge, Three Peaks Resort, Casa Cody Inn,  Luxe Hotel, Eagle’s Nest B&B, Quiet Creek Inn, Casa Carolina, The Victorian Inn, Stevenswood Spa, The Farmhouse, Union Hill Inn, Cambria Pines Lodge, Blue Whale Inn, Cottages at Little River, PetFolio Magazine, BayArea Woof, done various authors book reviews including The Lost Dogs by Jim Gorant, Pit Stops by Michelle Sathe, Wagging Tales by Tim Link, Will My Dog Hate Me by Edie Jarolim, interviewed numerous folks including Luxury Paws, Peggy Frezon, Edie Jarolim, Raise a Green Dog Blogger, various vets, best-selling authors and many many more!

We also support pit bull and other animal rescue groups and organizations including BadRap, Best Friends Animal Society and others

Gift Guides








Check out my About page for my Bio
I have written hundreds of articles for 40+ publications and my work has been featured in numerous national magazines (Entrepreneur, Parents, and other magazines) plus top 100 newspapers (LA Times, NY Times, SF Chronicle, Atlanta Journal Constitution, and many others. I have written about diverse topics including an article on “Dogitude” for the BayWoof magazine, various articles for Salem News, as well as Ezine articles (see our Press Coverage page).

See what companies are saying about us: (check out our Friends page)


Thank you so much, Celia.  I posted it on my fb page, too. … Let me know if you run any contests…I’d gladly supply some prizes.


Patty Key
Owner, ZenPawz, LLC



Thank you so much for review our product and blogging about it also.

I have read your blog and would like to link it to our website under our friends section and on our facebook page.

I have to say that I have been reading your blog and really enjoy it.

Thank you again,

Clint, EarthNaturals


Greetings Celia Sue,

All I can say is WOW. Thank you so much for your incredibly generous and thoughtful blog on our treats and our philosophy. It is so cool to have someone really get it, and to help us spread the word. I am running out right now, but I just wanted to be sure to acknowledge your graciousness today in a timely manner…

Anthony Bennie

Clear Conscience

All views and opinions expressed on these blogs are purely the writer’s. Any product claim, statistic, quote or other representation about a product or service should be verified with the manufacturer or provider.


Giveaways, contests and raffles are a great way to gain more exposure and create a buzz about your product or service. Winners are chosen at random.  We reveal the winner and email the winner.  We then email you the winner’s mailing information as soon as we receive it so that you can send them your product.

All giveaways, raffles and contests are promoted on Have Dog Blog Will Travel, and on Facebook and Twitter.

If you want to provide a product to give away, we need to know the following:

  • a brief description of the product you want us to review and/or give away and the monetary value;
  • a link to the product;
  • where you are willing to ship (US only, US and Canada, or anywhere);
  • if there is a discount code you would like to offer our readers;
  • a high res jpg photo of the product.


Partnerships and sponsors are always welcome.  Come grow with us and gain exposure with an audience of real dog lovers.

Thanks for your interest and patience!

CeliaSue and Cici

woof !

4 responses to “Furry Fun-PR

  1. I’ve written a book about dog hikes, dog parks, dog beaches, and other dog friendly places in San Diego County. Leave Only Paw Prints, Dog Hikes in San Diego County, published by Sunbelt Publications, has an appendix listing hotels and inns in the area that welcome canines and their people. Please let me know if you would like me to send you a review copy.

    Great blog!

  2. Ray

    I would very much like to send you a complimentary K9 Travel Mug for your review. Please contact me at your discretion (as I cannot seem to find your email address).



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