Give a dog a home

If you would like to Give a Dog a Home, please donate $5, $10, $20, or whatever you can via paypal (my address for paypal is prmatchmaker at All of the money raised will be used to help to house a dog and their owner. The donations will go towards obtaining, finding, or building a safe, secure home for a pit bull, pit bull mix, or other bully dog and their human guardian, owner or parent.


There are too many homeless dogs in shelters and too many women with dogs who need affordable homes that accept dogs. Both the human and dog need shelter.


Please help make a dog’s life better today and Give a Dog a Home via paypal (my address for paypal is prmatchmaker at


3.5 million* Americans are homeless. Five to ten percent of homeless people have dogs and/or cats. In some areas of the country the rate is as high as 24%.


Pets provide a deep comfort. Pets are non-judgmental. They are loyal. They provide warmth and security. Homeless women particularly feel better and even normal by providing food and water for their pets.

Some homeless would sacrifice their own food for their pets. Then there is the protection factor. Living on the streets is dangerous especially for women and the disabled.

For many on the streets these animals provide them with security from other homeless or from those that discriminate against the homeless with beatings or from others who may steal their modest possessions.

In an article by Danielle Wolffe, “8 Reasons Homeless People ‘Deserve’ to Have Dogs”:

Who are we to judge?

Finances don’t indicate who a person is, what they are capable of, how much love they deserve or where it should come from. Poverty is not a character trait. A struggling person deserves the same intimate connections as everyone else.

More importantly, having money doesn’t give us the right to make those decisions for others — doesn’t give us exclusive dominion over animals or children. When somebody makes that argument I want to tell them to get over themselves. Seriously.


When you love another being, you find a way to take care of them. 


And their dog/pet can often be the reason that the person needs to get the home they both need.  Often, people will give other people dog food or help them because they have a dog.


If you are worried about a dog you see on the street, give his owner some dog food, or a couple of hamburgers. There are also organizations set up to help street dogs get vaccinations and food. One of these organizations is Pets of the Homeless.  There are pet food banks in many cities and states across the USA that provide food for pets.


We seek to help women, in particular, senior women, to get into safe, secure housing and out of a rough, sometimes dangerous part of town or of their community. Sleeping in a car, van, RV, in a tent, on the street takes a toll on women’s health and life and women can experience violence and assaults. They are vulnerable and the dogs often act as their protector and guardian. While this role is helpful, it is SAFER for both the human and the dog to be HOUSED.


In some cities, where homelessness is growing, the authorities do “sweeps” of an area to remove homeless camps. They bring in animal control officers because the dogs will protect their owners. If their pets do not have licenses, they seize the pets and turn them over to local animal shelters and many are euthanized.


We do not want to see dogs and their humans in these dire circumstances, we want to give them a Hand and Paw UP and INTO safe, secure housing.


Please help make a dog’s life better today and Give a Dog a Home via paypal (my address for paypal is prmatchmaker at

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