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Patrick & Lennox update

The grand jury hearing was today. They won’t determine guilt or innocence. at hearing, they present evidence and determine if an indictment should be handed down to charge Kisha Curtis with the felony convictions. If they determine there is enough evidence to charge, then it will go to court to determine her guilt or innocence.

Grand Jury Hearing will be continued next Friday with testimony by NJSPCA as the last witness. Assuming that this case will move forward to trial at the conclusion of the Grand Jury Hearing, NJSPCA will post date, time, location




fyi, word about Lennox, the innocent therapy dog in Belfast, Ireland who is supposed to be killed for not being but looking like a pit bull.

ok, this is the latest news…

as of October 19, 2011, Lennox has been given another reprieve…A point of law has been submitted which the judge will now consider. This could take up to a month. More to follow.

Lennox is still alive


KCS asked someone on the DDA Discussion page about what happened today in court in Belfast. This is what they said.

‘What they’ve done is ask the judge to state his case which means he explains his ruling to other judges and they decide if there has been an error in his use of the law. That’s what will happen on October 21st. If there has been then the appeal can be reheard but if not then this would be the end of the case completely. ‘


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connecting the dots: animal abuse, child abuse

Remembering all of the animals who have or are suffering and died because of humanity’s unawareness of who they are ♥ ♥ ♥ #Memorial Day and because of humanity’s inhumanity #Flower and other abused dogs, #thelittlereddog (and the other dogs murdered by Michael Vick and friends… the dogs stories are told in The Lost Dogs book by Jim Gorant) abusers  are the real animals and so are kill shelters, puppy mill breeders, dog fighters and anyone who neglects, abandons, or treats an animal cruelly…

First, the story below is bringing lots of discussion. And I found out about another crackpot pit bull theory due to that. How can otherwise intelligent people believe such nonsense?  If I were to listen to them, I’d live in fear knowing that at any minute my dog’s head is going to explode and turn her into a monster (bone growth in the brain insane theory of the day), that she has a locking jaw and she is going  to attack me in my sleep one of these nights… Yes, blame the dog, it is much easier. Blame the breed.  Blame the “dangerous dogs.”  People cannot possibly be responsible in any situation, of course not.  I hate to be the one to burst your Denial Bubble BUT PEOPLE ARE RESPONSIBLE AND NEED TO BE HELD ACCOUNTABLE.

Now to the connection between child and animal abuse…


I am researching this information to show a correlation between animal abuse and child abuse and the abusers. On a personal note, I am an MSW and have worked in the field of social work for twenty years and specifically in the field of child abuse for the past eleven years. In my professional setting, I have found that there are correlations between the two abuses and it is my hope that if more research can be done, these abuses can work together as future indicators…

Cruelty Connections (2011) reported that a study completed in 1997 by Massachusetts Society for the Prevention of Cruelty to Animals (SPCA) and Northeastern University, animals abusers are five times more likely to commit violent crimes against people and four times more likely to commit property crimes than people without animal abuse histories. In addition, this report stated that studies over the past 25 years in psychology, sociology and criminology demonstrate that violent offenders frequently have childhood and adolescent histories of serious and repeated animal cruelty.

The FBI has recognized the connection since the 1970s when its analysis of the lives of serial killers suggested that most reported killing and/or torturing animals during their childhood. Other studies have found consistent patterns of animal cruelty among perpetrators of violence including child abuse, spouse abuse and elder abuse…

As quoted by Cruelty Connections, “Abusing an animal is a way for a human to find power/joy/fulfillment through the torture of a victim they know cannot defend itself.” They went further and compared this to the definition of rape. “Rape is a way for a human to find power/joy/fulfillment through the torture of a victim they know cannot defend themselves.” And again with domestic abuse including child abuse and spouse abuse, “Child abuse is a way for a human to find power/joy/fulfillment through the torture of a victim they know cannot defend themselves.” Their point is that by substituting a few pronouns, you have the SAME THING and to show A PATTERN. The line separating an animal abuser and an abuser of a person or child is much thinner than people want to believe…

…Cruelty Connections quoted FBI supervisory Special Agent Allen Brantly as saying “Animal cruelty…is not a harmless venting of emotions in a healthy individual; this is a warning sign….” Law makers and society as a whole should view it as exactly that, A WARNING SIGN, a clear indicator of psychological issues that can and often do lead to violent crimes….

…about one-third of children that are exposed to family violence will act out this violence most often against their own pets. That’s huge, one in three children in abusive households. Other abusers use family pets as a form of control over the family by either threatening or following through with the violence against the family pets….

…In fact, most animal abusers often feel powerless and have a warped sense of self and find their power in dominating another person or animal. These abusers pick defenseless and voiceless victims, children and animals…

(It) is imperative for law enforcement and law makers to understand the importance of recognizing animal abuse as a true felony crime punishable by real prison sentences. It also shows the importance of having an animal abuse registry nationwide which would alert not only shelters and rescues and save countless animals from future harm and/or death, it would also save human suffering as well. Animal abuse is, by and large a potential future indicator of domestic violence and criminal behaviors.

Now this weekend was a horrendous incident in NYC, what is going on in NYC lately??? anyway, a brainless woman left her YOUNG KIDS alone with three dogs locked in cages supposedly, but her boyfriend had trained the dog to be A KILLER…  well, I think I will just go out now and leave my kids alone with a trained killer… She should go to jail because she left her children IN HARM’s WAY… one of her children was killed and so starts the drumbeat of the media, if you call the New York Daily News media… should pit bulls be banned… and should ALL dangerous dogs be banned…

the paper could not decide whether the dog was a mastiff, pit bull or Cane Corso, but should pit bulls be banned, and the dog who killed the kid was wait for it…


it was a Cane Corso, an Italian bred dog trained to KILL by the mothers boyfriend…

this about sums it up, what someone wrote as a comment on a post,

first off – it was a cane corso mix, not a pit. secondly, the mother’s boyfriend taught it to attack and bite! he would wear a bite suit and encourage the dog to bite! so why are people blaming the breed?! the guy trained his dog to do this and then the stupid people left a trained aggressive dog alone with their child! idiots!”

NY Daily News has two polls on website called “Deadly Dog: Are pit bulls unsafe animals to have in apartments?” 62% have voted “No, they are wonderful dogs, it’s the people who abuse them that make them violent.”

There are two polls, one on the front page listed above…


and this one which last time I looked was in favor of banning dangerous dogs in the US by 50 something %… yes, blame the dogs… this is crazy


Poll Results

Should the U.S. ban certain types of deadly dogs?
Yes, some dogs are bred to be killers, they should be outlawed. 59%
No, a dog is not a weapon, it’s a pet, we don’t need more laws. 37%
I don’t know. 4%

They want to ban ALL DOGS in the US deemed dangerous… that means YOUR DOG.

and write to them.  Tell them what you think…

jkemp@nydailynews.com and lmcshane@nydailynews.com

yeah, it was the dog’s fault NOT, what part of JONES TRAINED THE DOGS TO KILL do people NOT get???  Jones and the mother SHOULD BE CHARGED WITH MURDER





and meanwhile in Monterey County, a known child abuser/molester of 50 KIDS is NOT IN JAIL…



this week he said sex was consensual



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dogs deserve so much better

Update: Sad news… not only has there been a lawsuit with allegations of a stolen dog, but now the organization’s leader, Tamira Thayne, is being accused of misappropriation of funds and other illegal actions. She has been living on the property. There were 150 rescue reps around the country, now there are 25. Shannon Allen, the national rescue coordinator just quit.  And now it seems that the Good Newz Rehab Center is a bust, going belly up.



Tamira from Dogs Deserve Better has rescued about 150 dogs off of chains…  Cici cannot imagine why humans would have dogs at all if they just put them outside on chains and never cuddle with them, play, and enjoy one another.

a happy tail from the road…

Skipper, formerly named “Spike” has been fostered at my house for over a year. Skipper was found on an outer road chained to a tree with another dog “Walker”. Skipper was very skiddish when he came off the chain, very jumpy, he did not like to be pet or have any affection, but in a year’s time he has come a long way and now loves to… snuggle!  Now the dog has been adopted by a grad college student, very responsible, named Hanna.  Congratulations !!!

The nonprofit organization has a network of people around the country who rescue dogs off of chains and dogs who are penned up.


Changing laws

Heather Carpenter, an Orlando Florida Dogs Deserve Better rep, has compiled a basic ‘to-do’ list for changing laws… check it out… there are letters and step by step instructions.


The good news is there are communities across the United States that DO have laws regarding chaining. Dogs Deserve Better favorites are Maumelle, Arkansas; Okaloosa, Florida; New Hanover, North Carolina; Lawton, Oklahoma; and Electra, Texas. where dogs are not allowed to be chained outside AT ALL! Other communities have laws which permit chaining, but only for a limited time.

Dogs Deserve Better is turning Bad Newz Kennels into GOOD NEWS.  On July 15 the property will be open for visitors, the public is welcome. DDB  needs A LOT of volunteers to get fencing up and a lot of work to be done in preparation and they need donations to make this all happen for the dogs…



In California, there are laws that a dog cannot be on a chain for longer than three hours.  This was news to me since my neighbors had their dog Lola on a chain 24/7… have not heard Lola in awhile and am wondering what happened to her. I hope that the people gave her away to someone who is giving her a good loving home.

Tamira suggests if you see a dog being abused or on a chain, to take photos and videos for evidence as many as you can.  Then contact Animal Control (local), SPCA, the police, the proper authorities. including rescue groups in your area. If they take care of the problem, great. If not, make a big fuss. Be vocal and visible. Start a Facebook page. Contact the media. Get a group together yourself. Be a Light. Be a Presence. Make phone calls, write letters, start petitions. Do all that you need to do to Get the Dog to Safety, a new Loving Forever Home, if necessary.

More info/tips:



Happy Dog… may they ALL be…


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