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Best Friends Redux

in town, Kanab, Utah, there are some new chain hotels that are pet friendly such as Comfort suites, Holiday inn, and Hampton inn with pet fees of $10 or twenty per pet per night and also a few others that are not chains such as Parry lodge, which also has a coffee shop. if you are visiting Best friends, it is easier to get around by staying right in kanab. there are other properties that are twenty or thirty miles away. these are pet friendly but then you have to drive forty to sixty miles a day, if you are volunteering.


The prices from April until September, high season, are higher than at other times of the year. The weather in the summer can be very humid and hot. Cici and I visited during mid-March and it is already in the 80’s, the prices are not so high and there are not as many tourists, although as we drove through Zion, it was pretty filled up and crowded with hikers.


Please call the Best Friends Welcome Center at 435-644-2001, ext. 4537 or email them at welcomecenter@bestfriends.org  and ask to be scheduled on a tour.

Tour times are:
8:30 a.m.10 a.m.,  1 p.m.  or  2:30 p.m.


I asked about the rest of the Vicktory Dogs who are still there. The Welcome Center does include info about them during the tour.

This is what I was told.
“One of them is court-ordered to stay here for life and the other three  have special circumstances that make it likely that they will live out their lives here which is just fine with their caregivers who love them. The Vicktory Dogs who are still here are not comfortable with strangers so actually meeting the dogs isn’t possible. Mya and Curly are extremely shy. Next January will be the 10th anniversary of their arrival here. So time is marching on. Out of the 22 who came to Best Friends, we are happy that 13 of them were able to be adopted.”








I also visited the little store that BFAS has in town because they had a sign that said cat cuddling. i WAS game.  there were only two cats in there but one of them reminded me of my baby boy Abundance, a black cat with some white on his chest and paws. Had not expected that. Touched my heart.


Also got to spend some time chatting with Kevin Johnson, now retired, who used to work at BFAS, his wife still does. They adopted Ray one of the V-dogs, who passed a couple of years ago. Now they have three other pit bulls, Bosco, Bubba and Turtle and numerous parrots and a cat. Each have their own challenges. We shared pit bull stories and specific instances of dogs and love and opportunities of being a guardian of the furry creatures. Of course, Cici slobbered all over Kevin’s legs and showed off her belly.





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A Dog’s New Years Resolutions

New Year’s Eve is almost here… some tips from last year that are still relevant.


Do you set goals? Write New Year’s Resolutions?


Some dogs who are ready to party hardy…

Screen shot 2012-12-28 at 10.14.22 AM


Fun New Years Resolutions for Pets, check out Animal Planet’s ‘official’ pet resolutions!

Cici’s Top 22 New Years Resolutions

1. Eat more treats. (Have Mom, get more Dr. Harvey’s Power Patties).

2. Scavenge for more food other than the bread left out for the birds.

3. Get more belly rubs.

4. Give more kisses.

5. Take more walks and runs at the park.

6. Get yourself to the beach and swim.


8. Chase more cats, squirrels and birds.

9. Dream more about chasing cats, squirrels and birds.

10. Dine on fine cuisine and travel more.

11. Play more with neighbor dogs.

12. Start a barkday list a few months early.

13. Hoover the food off the kitchen floor while it’s fresh.

14. Dig a hole in the back yard to recline in for the spring/summer.

15. Squirm out of taking photos and dressing up.

16. Learn how to drive to feel my fur in the wind.

17. Be a good ambassador and END BSL.

18. No more itchies.

19. Make more doggie friends.

20. Eat more.

21. Get more bones, deer antler chews and Chew On.

22. Help doggie pals get adopted.

  • Feel free to share your pet’s resolutions in the comments.  We wish you and your furries a very happy and healthy 2013!




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Dogs and birds and shuttle, oh my

Does your dog ever do weird or strange things?

Occasionally, Cici will run around the house barking for no discernible reason (today and yesterday afternoon). In the yard, too.

In the too smart for her own good category, lately, she stands by the glass door to the yard waiting for me to open the door for her.  Except when I get up to do so, she runs back to the chair I was sitting on and jumps up on it (her throne). She pretends to need to go out just to get me off “her” chair. Smart dog.

The other day I noticed a dead pigeon in our yard. I thought that Cici ate it and was all worried about it. All that was left of it was its wings. Turns out, we now think, a cat or hawk dropped the dead bird in our yard. Cici was sniffing at it but she did NOT eat it. Good dog.

She jumped in a UPS truck the other day for treats (the really nice driver lady stopped just for Cici) and she did not want to get out. What a great idea… a neighborhood treat truck for dogs.

what do you think of our new look?

Cici did not try to jump up to see the shuttle but this is a cool photo in the hood…

KSBW Producer Cassady Evers shot this cool photo of the shuttle flying over the Monterey Bay Aquarium.


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Choosing your child’s first pet

My first pets

I think that the article below by my guest Dr. Tim has good info for parents.  What do you remember about your first pet? was it a cat, dog, frog, fish, rabbit or bird? Name? Fond memories? Sad? Bad? Please do tell.

what struck me is how traumatic my two experiences with pets were when I was a child… because my parents were not good role models nor did they value pets. And those attitudes do stay with people later in life. The good news is that you can heal and change… which takes real courage, honesty and willingness to FACE the bad and make amends. It also takes knowledge, patience and support.

First, I had a parakeet, two parakeets actually. One died and I was blamed for its death at the ripe old age of 8. No child is able to be 100% responsible for the care of a pet at that age or younger, I would say until about age 16. I did not feed the bird consistently nor take care of its cage often enough but my parents should have supported me and set me up to win not lose. It is crucial for parents to monitor children’s care of pets to make sure that the pet is being properly cared for and that the child treats the pets appropriately. Any parent who lays a guilt trip and dumps shame upon a kid for THEIR lack of parenting is destroying that child’s self esteem and should NOT be a parent (or teacher for that matter) in my humble opinion.

Second, we were not allowed to have dogs or cats as pets in the garden apartments. But there were always neighborhood feral cats running around. At about age 11-12, sixth grade, going into seventh, the girls in the neighborhood found a mama kitty who had babies. We each adopted one of the kittens as our own cat to take care of. It was a BIG secret because if/when the super or our parents would find out about the cats, we would get into trouble and the cats would get taken away. My kitten’s name was Ginger, a sweet gray and white kitty. My mother HATED cats. I painted a cardboard box with her name for my Ginger to sleep in. We kept the cats “underground” constantly changing their safe place from bicycle / carriage room (storage) to laundry room surrounding the court. We fed them thru taking tuna and other food from our homes. We also had a carnival to raise money for our cats.

I do not remember specifically what ended up happening but I imagine that we were eventually found out and that the cats were taken away. And I was devastated.

Here’s a kitten similar to how Ginger looked, available for adoption at Animal Friends Rescue Project. Call (831) 333-0722 for more info. For senior dogs, check out Peace of Mind Dog Rescue.  Also check out animals available for adoption at the Salinas Shelter, the Monterey County Animal Shelter, the Marina Shelter – (831) 384-2528, the Santa Cruz SPCA, the Santa Cruz Animal Services, the SPCA of Monterey County, and the Los Coches Vet Hospital – (831) 678-2658.  Click here for a more complete listing of other places to adopt a rescued cat or dog in this area.  If you scroll through shelter and/or rescue pages, you will be overwhelmed with the number of pets that need homes. Perfectly good, healthy pets. Adopt don’t shop for your child’s first pet !


We never discussed it and I can imagine that it must have been really painful. On top of that, the girls and I drifted apart as they became involved in a mean, bullying gang. The two situations merged and growing up became synonymous with “bad” experiences. But I digress.

Later in my 20’s I got my own dog and my parents did not like it but I lived 3,000 miles away so it did not matter. Still, the legacy that they left for me regarding pets/animals was not very constructive. I always loved animals and my parents hated them. A conflict for any child. And it can be worked through as an adult.

There are many benefits to having a pet. Taking care of an animal can enhance a child’s self esteem and confidence and help them mature. A lonely child can have a companion and someone to talk to who won’t judge them or make fun of their feelings. A child who has difficulty reading can boost their reading skills by having a dog listen to them read. In a scary world, children are comforted by their pets who can also help them grieve. Having a loyal friend is a value that is priceless for many years to come.

Teaching Kids Animal Compassion
Choosing the right pet for your child is key
By Dr. Tim Hunt, DVM

Children can learn so many valuable lessons by caring for a pet. Having pets at a young age instills kids with a sense of confidence that they can take care of an animal and help it to live a thriving life.

More importantly I find pets can be great therapy for kids. Have you ever seen a kid talk to a pet and the animal responds by wagging its tail or purring? A pet gives a kid a way to share their feelings with another living creature that will never respond in a judgmental or bullying way. Animals are unbiased companions, just what many kids need.

Having pets also teaches children that animals are not expendable items. If children are involved in the daily care of animals, it can help to make them a more compassionate person later in life. Over the years I have been able to follow kids who first owned pets in elementary school as they grow up through high school, and I have seen them grow up to be compassionate young adults.

On the other hand, kids that don’t get the experience of having a pet early may become afraid of animals, especially if their parents don’t particularly care for animals. But even parents who aren’t crazy about pets or did not own them as kids can help change this trend.

People sometimes ask me what are some good pets for a young child to have, and why. Here are some pointers for choosing your child’s first pet:

When to get a pet – People often ask me what the best age is for children to have a pet. I believe between ages 4 and 8 is ideal, although older kids can also benefit. I got my first pets, mice and guinea pigs, when I was 8. I didn’t get my first dog until I was 20, but since then I have been making up for lost time. Today I own 40 outdoor dogs and two more who live indoors!

Start with easier pets – Many people don’t want to start with the responsibility of a dog or cat. For these folks, I recommend a nontraditional pet like a rat or a guinea pig. Rats are extremely cuddly, they don’t bite and they only live two years. Guinea pigs also do not bite, unlike hamsters and gerbils which can tend to be nippy.

Aim for “fail-safe” pets – Kids are so impressionable. The worst thing that can happen is a six-year-old kid gets bitten by a dog and then becomes scared of dogs for years to come. Choose pets that are easy to care for. Spend time with your child and the new pet, reading and learning together how to care for the animal.

Pick a pet that fits your family’s lifestyle – Look at the purpose the pet will serve in your family. Do you and your kids spend more time indoors or outside? Is your child very active or does he or she prefer reading or playing quietly. If a child has ADD or ADHD, I recommend starting with a calm dog to help give them an example of what calm can be. For a hyperactive adult, I recommend the opposite: a high-energy dog they can play with to form a bond, such as a Lab or Golden Retriever, German Short-haired Pointer or Border Collie.

Pets and exercise – With so many kids overweight, people wonder if a dog can help their child get more exercise. The answer is yes, and it has less to do with the kind of dog than the simple act of walking it. A particularly excitable dog is not necessary. It is more important that the child spend at least half an hour daily walking the dog. Get a kid away from the screens and electronics for that long and they will start to realize there is more to life.

Purebred or mixed breed? It is not necessary to pick a purebred dog for your first pet. Many mutts you can get from the pound or animal shelter make terrific pets. I strongly encourage people to adopt pound and shelter animals. Try to find out what breeds are in your dogs background to help you better understand your dog’s behavior. With purebred animals, it is especially important to do your research and make sure the pet fits your family’s lifestyle.

Cats for quiet kids – I find that cats are great pets for very introverted kids. Having a cat helps draw the child out in a non-threatening way. Once the child and cat get to know each other the cat will come and sit in the child’s lap. Cats also don’t require as much work or attention as dogs. I find that cats are particularly good for kids with physical or other disabilities that limit how much they can care for a pet.

No matter what kind of animal you choose for your first pet, remember that your attitude toward the animal can influence how your child treats animals for life. This is particularly important when an animal becomes sick or old. If a parent views the animal as disposable, the kid will too.

Whether your family chooses a hamster or a dog, be prepared to care for your pet in sickness and in health. If the animal gets sick at least seek treatment. Even if the outcome isn’t good and the animal passes away, children will remember “we tried.” And that will stay with them their whole life.



About Dr. Tim:

Dr. Tim Hunt is a licensed veterinarian in both Michigan and Alaska. Drawing upon his 22 years as a vet and 17 years racing sled dogs, he created Dr. Tim’s Premium All Natural Pet Food to replicate the natural, wild diet of dogs and cats. Dr. Tim is recognized as an expert on all aspects of pet health and a staunch advocate for the welfare of all animals. He and his wife Mary live on 50 acres in Michigan’s Upper Peninsula with four house cats, two house dogs and 40 outdoor dogs. Learn more at http://www.DrTims.com.

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social butterfly dogs

  1. Bernese Mountain Dog
  2. Briard
  3. Cavalier King Charles Spaniel
  4. Cockapoo (Cockapoodle)
  5. Coton de Tulear
  6. Goldador
  7. Golden Retriever
  8. Goldendoodle
  9. Harrier
  10. Havanese
  11. Irish Setter
  12. Labradoodle
  13. Labrador Retriever
  14. Petit Basset Griffon Vendeen
  15. Puggle

According to Rachael Ray’s pet blog, the above are the dog friendliest dogs… is your dog the social butterfly of dogs, very friendly to other dogs?  is it one of the above or another breed?  Do dogs of a feather stick together?

Cici has played with more than 600 dogs of all kinds of breeds … her favs tend to be Golden retrievers, labs, German Shepherds, Boxers, Labradoodles, Australian Shepherd, Border Collies (BIG dogs) AND she has best lil pals too, mini poodles, tiny terriers, and other breeds.   She has issues with bull dogs of all types for some reason. She used to have issues with other pit bull terriers but has had a few pit bull puppy friends, too.  Depends upon the individual dogs.


plus, she has met/sniffed/chased or stalked bees, birds, bugs, bunny rabbits, cats, chickens, chipmunks, cows, deer, ducks, elk, fish, geese, goats, horses, lizards, llamas, peacocks, sheep, skunks, squirrels, wild turkeys, yaks, and zebras…

and she LOVES kids… the other day she played with a bunch of kids at the neighborhood park playground, licking them, showing off her belly, the kids were on the swings, she was a bit leery of the swings, but she ran and chased and raced with the girls and they enjoyed playing with her.  She wanted to stay and play all day.

what other farm animals or other pets does your dog play with?

Today is saturday, sheeeesh, where does the weeks go?  So fast. Maybe it’s the rain which is pouring again. And of course, Japan, do not pass by this blog without checking out what you can do for Japan (last blog post). Do not pass go, do not collect $200…

Anyway, since it is Saturday, Pet Blogger’s Hop, jump aboard another Blog Hop and thanks to Life with Dogs, here is the code…

enter at your own risk of having FUN…


As you hop around, don’t forget to stop by the first three entries on the list, our hosts: Confessions of the Plume, Two Little Cavaliers and Life with Dogs.


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critters karma…

there is a lot of talk about whether animals have emotions and feelings as we humans do these day… and some people wonder if pets have souls. No matter what you believe or question, it is good to keep an open mind… this is a controversial topic but heck, so are many that I write about so here goes…

Remember, the TV show featuring Mr. Ed the talking horse? How about Dr. Dolittle who talked to animals? As a society, we seem to think, our consensus reality, is that it is farfetched and something to laugh about to think that animals can actually talk. Yet, our animals talk to us all of the time. And sometimes we pay attention and receive their love and blessings. And other times, we ignore the messages (whispers) until they become louder (shouts).

Perhaps you have met a dog or cat or horse or another animal and instantly felt a connection, or an animal adopted you, or showed up in your life at an interesting moment, or you just ‘knew’ that the pet was yours. At times, we have these meetings with people in our lives, why not with pets? Maybe pets are spiritual beings and are in our lives to help us grow.

As someone who has experienced several pet past life experiences (will explain more in a moment), and if you believe that humans reincarnate, is it much of a stretch to imagine that pets do also?

Years ago, a dog of a friend I hardly knew came to me in a dream. The next day I found out that he had died. Why he chose to come through to me with a message, I am not sure.

Years later, after my Abundance cat ran away, he came to me in a dream and slept on my belly as he used to do every day at 4pm. It was his way of telling me that he had passed on in this life. The significance of my connection with Abundance not only had to do with him, but also another past life with a beloved cat. I have been grieving the loss of that cat for decades and did not know about it until Abundance reminded me. It was through his loving countenance that I found out. I am still in the process of working through this experience, it was a biggie for me because it relates to my spirituality and relationships, and important for me to heal this lifetime. Sometimes it takes time to heal past lives and other issues in our lives.

Our Souls know us and all of our past lives (and future ones) and know what works best to help us heal, even if it might seem wrong or not fair or too painful. Animals often mirror or pick up our feelings and act them out for us. And sometimes, we don’t like what we see either in other humans or our animals and point the finger and blame them!

We want to believe that it’s the dog’s fault or the cat has ‘behavioral problems’ or issues. And they may, but what might you learn from your sweet furry friends? Sure, we can train our pets, pamper and worry about them. If your dog or cat or horse or bird could talk, wonder what they want to tell you? If you’d truly like to know, you can schedule a session with me and I’d be happy to chat with you, pass on messages with you and your pet(s) and/or passed over loved ones. It is a blessing to be able to communicate with animals and special people. A healing for all concerned.




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an inn for all seasons and reasons… Howard Creek Ranch Inn…


Seldom in this world today does one find a location which ingrains itself upon one’s very soul. Where one can remove oneself from the chaotic modern world and return to a simpler time of peace and tranquility.

The innkeepers, Sally and Sunny Grigg, have, over their 30+ years of stewardship, transformed the (c.1871) ranch through masterful craftsmanship and heartfelt restoration into a realm of quixotic romanticism seldom found. Through the warm-heartedness of the innkeepers and staff, the made-from-the-heart breakfast presented gracefully elegant, one is enveloped with a sense of kith and kin.

Plato called beauty a privilege of nature; Carneades, a solitary kingdom; Aristotle, that it was better than all the letters of recommendation in the world; Homer, that it was a glorious gift of nature, and Ovid, that it was a favor bestowed by the gods. Beauty is Howard Creek Ranch Inn….Nita and Peter von Sintzenich

Whether you seek a romantic getaway, a peaceful healing nature or spiritual retreat, or a pet friendly farm to bring Fido and Fluffy with you on vacation, come to  howard creek ranch in westport, ca about 15 – 20 miles north of fort bragg…

it is about an hour and a half south of the Avenue of the Giants and same distance north of the Anderson Valley wineries along highway 128.

I was not feeling well, an upset tummy and a bit dizzy and after a few days back at the ranch, have gotten my equilibrium back… it was dicey for awhile there.  I have never had motion sickness but I felt like I could not drive one more mile.

Cici and I stayed in the lovely Willow room suite… two rooms with a king sized bed  in one and a queen size bed in the other, front and back doors, modern shower, small kitchenette… lovely quilts and tree motifs on the redwood walls….

The blue balcony room is a nice alcove type space for a lone traveler or couple but is not pet friendly and has a microwave and sink in the adjacent living room.

Another pet friendly room is a boat house made from a former boat. A couple from San Francisco stayed there for their honeymoon 11 years ago and come back to visit from time to time. The SeaView is also a very romantic location with ocean views and is pet friendly as is the Meadow room.  Hello young lovers… wherever you are, with stars in your eyes… The Beach House is the perfect place to while away your time together.

Beautiful fragrant award-winning gardens make your heart sing and soul soar. There are numerous trails and acres of Nature conservancy to explore and sheep, llamas, a horse, and other creatures are plentiful. We saw a lovely deer and doe on our way to the beach, could not find a way to drive to the beach, but you can walk… the beach is 300 yards from the Carriage House and is accessible along a short path.

Sally makes the most flavorful hearty home cooked breakfast on the coast… scrambled eggs, sausage, country potatoes, fresh fruit, muffins, mint tea straight from the garden, and if she does not have something you want, she will improvise. I needed ginger tea and she made me some from the spice ginger she had on her shelf and it worked.  Just a spoonful of ginger makes the tummy ache go away. Mint is wonderful but doesn’t make my tummy ok.

Another morning we had french toast, salsa quiche, turkey bacon, fresh fruit.

For other meals, bring your own sandwiches or stuff to barbecue or there are restaurants within a few miles down the road.

Cici met a new boy friend named the Divine Mr. M(arshall) who is a 7 year old Cavalier King Charles Spaniel obsessed with sticks. They ran on the beach together, mostly Cici trying to take the sticks away from M, but he prevailed, burying one big stick to hide it away from her. Bark softly and bury a big stick is his motto. Cici also played with a girl dog named Callie who loves to fetch balls. Finally, she got some good exercise, burning off all of those treats people fed her in Sutherlin, Oregon.

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the k9 handbook, part 2…

Stop and sniff everything you pass by, you never know what tantalizing smell you might miss if you don’t (stop and smell the roses but be careful of the thorns)… 

When your human tells you to do something, take your time, mosey and look around, then when the mood strikes, highttail it over with tail at full wag (to give tail lash) and tongue at slobbery lick… this will ensure food, treats, and/or belly rubs… 

When you are not supposed to do something, do it when your human leaves the room or the house, then pretend  innocence… (see first post about K9 handbook)

Do It Now… You never know when you might get another chance to eat her shoes, address book, eyeglasses, your cone, cardboard, books, towels, the garbage and strew paper, plastic, and create mayhem all over the house again.

If you’re wondering about that shadow or reflection in the mirror, just better bark and growl at it to play it safe. Could be another dog in the neighborhood.

Scoot your butt on the grass every chance you get.

Eat the grass and the bugs in the yard, yum. Tasty little critters.

Lick, slobber, chew, ignore and kick your human to keep them in line and show them who is boss of the house.

When you are done eating, look pathetic, maybe they will give you more food or treats. If in doubt, beg with sad eyes and stare intently at whatever they are eating.

Chase the cat, skunk, birds for fun.

Keep your human guessing… never let them know what you are really up to.

Eat poop, it’s good for you.


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dog meets sheep, a goat, a cat, llamas, some cows, a skunk and chickens…

This summer, we were living on a farm in Genoa, Nevada. It’s a very small town and affluent. Very peaceful and quiet.  Part of the living arrangements, was to feed the animals on the weekends or whenever the owners went away. It was fun for me to lift that bale of hay and for my dog, she was often frustrated because I didn’t let her run about and play with the other animals. I did let her sniff the horse’s hooves as well as let her near the fence to commune with the cows and sheep. The horse looked like big whup, he liked the apples I gave him so he put up with the sniffing dog. 

One time, I came outside the pool house and lo and behold, the horse was outside the fence. He saw me and ran back inside immediately. Funny horse. But he knew he was not supposed to be there. The sheep were not that aware of the rules. Or the sheep are not too bright. They decided to wander all around the property at a ieisurely pace. At one point, my dog and the sheep met up close and personal. She was thrilled. They seemed unaffected. The llamas almost bashed / kicked her head in. The chickens ran inside the hen house, and the skunk ducked under the house. The cows couldn’t have cared less, all they wanted was their hay, moooooooo.

Later, we were in Susanville, CA for a couple of days around the 4th of July. One morning, we went out for a walk and coming back, my dog spotted a goat. She decided to go play. I did not let her get near to the goat. The goat was tied up and looked like it could eat her for breakfast without a blink. She was very disappointed but survived the incident without a scar. Unlike the dog in the video below… it’s in German, but you get the drift…Moral of the story is some animals do not cohabitat well together.

Oh yes, I was hoping that I could get her a cat for a playmate. But when she found a stray cat hidden beneath the shelves at PetSmart, and she totally freaked out, that hope died and I fell on the floor, literally, holding onto my dog for dear life. The cat escaped and we lived to tell the tale.  Wonder what would happen if she met a bunny rabbit?  Oh that’s right, she did just the other day and she wanted to chase it. She loves to chase birds. Where we are living now, there are HUGE rabbits and quail…  When we go outside, I hold on tight for dear life. Tchuus or however you spell it… ok, the German video did not embed, so here’s a link to saving farm animals, some organizations are adopting farm animals, good and worthy cause and it’s in English…


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Have Dog Will Travel…

I recently had my dog boarded at a vet hospital. She had to stay in a little cubicle all day and night, cement floor, fenced in, listening to all the other dogs barking, moaning, whining and so on. In other words, puppy jail. She was taken out and fed on a regular schedule. Her basic needs were met but there was little TLC time. Little extra special belly rubbing, head scratching, and no playtime. Ok, she was not allowed to play because of the surgeries on her leg. Still, it seemed that the prevailing attitude was that it was normal for the dogs to make all that racket. Just ignore them.

As a pet owner, I don’t want my dog ignored. She had to go outside on a number of occasions and was ignored. When I was there I took her myself. There is no excuse for this kind of attitude especially when you are paying good money to have your dog boarded.

This is one of the reasons, I offer pet owners who’s animals I take care of the option of having their pet stay at home, and I will come to their home or stay at their home, to ensure that their animal is safe, healthy, comfortable and given extra special care… brushing, walks, lots of playtime and belly rubs. Dogs need love, too. And Kongs with treats inside and peanut butter on the outside… yum yum.

Here are some tips to ensure a happy pet sitting experience. With the holidays coming up, you might consider having a pet sitter stay at your home rather than taking your dog to the vet boarding facility. You might be surprised at how much happier they will be and it is not as expensive as you might think. In fact, I paid $30 a day for the privilege of having my dog ignored. I charge about the same to take care of your pet at home.

Pet Sitting Tips

1. Make sure that the pet sitter can accommodate both your pet’s daily feeding and walking schedule during your desired vacation schedule
2) Does the sitter offer regular progress reports and telephone and email availability?
3) Meet the sitter ahead of time with your pet(s) present to establish that it’s a fit for both you and the pet(s)
4) Be clear about the schedule you would like them to keep and give clear instructions about your pet’s needs, medicines, walking, playing, feeding, cleaning, favorite toys and other habits, quirks and idiosyncrasies of your pet
5) Provide medical and behavioral history about your pet(s) as well as veterinary and other emergency contact information, and gather all necessary supplies, including food, vitamins, toys, medicine, and treats in one central location… there is a really handy ceramic erasable babysitter tile that you can get that can be used for the same purpose…. at http://www.placetile.com

I would like to do pet / house sitting in southern and/or northern California over the holidays (beach areas such as Monterey area, south bay, north bay, peninsula, Half Moon Bay, Solvang, Santa Barbara, LA, Malibu and so on)… Thanksgiving and… so if you’re interested, please visit my website at:


Here’s a cool video that tells how to make chicken strip treats for your dog… it also has a ton of tips on pet care…

Click here for more on “Baked Chicken Strips : Homemade Dog Food Recipe”


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