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Dogs are Cats are not Republicans

Dogs do not care if you are rich or poor, fat or thin, fashionable or wear holy jeans. they like you, wag their tails at you and lick you if you let them.

Dogs just want to have fun, love to play in the moment and have quirky sense of humor. They do not discriminate against anyone.

Canines are adept at taking naps and eating, two of their favorite hobbies. They are part of the CCC, Canines Cuddle Creatively.

If you have a comfy bed or couch, dogs will hog it up and when you ask them to move, they will move their head or give you an eye roll.

A trained dog will come to you when called, sit stay or fetch upon command. others will ignore you and go their own way.

Pooches enjoy chasing cats, rabbits, birds, ducks, squirrels and other small furry creatures. And some even get along with other species.

If a dog does not like another dog, they will let them know with growls, barks and ferocious stares. They do not force their Live and LET LIVE ideology upon others.

Social pack animals, dogs follow the leader and go along with the crowd.

Dogs sniff out dangerous situations, illnesses, and drugs and have been known to save lives heroically. They do not ignore others who are sick or unhappy, they try to help whenever they can.

Canines are loyal creatures who go the extra mile for their best friends.

Dogs freely give love unconditionally.

A dog is happy chewing on a bone, small or large, big or little.


1. Cats are curious about what you do in your bedroom, but they don’t try to legislate away your freedom to do it.

2. Cats may take away your cushion, but they’ll give it back to you with a gentle push.

3. Cats give you attention and sympathy when you’re sick.

4. Females are treated with importance in the cat world.

5. Cats make use of solar power, often all day long.

6. Cats lick their own problems and take care of other cats too.

7. Cats don’t blame black and brown cats for their troubles.

8. Cats know how to ration their resources.

9. Fat cats are not at the top of the cat hierarchy, are not cat role models, and have more trouble surviving and thriving, not less.

10. While Republicans blindly follow authority, it is said that getting Democrats to act in unison is like herding cats.

11. Cats don’t foul their own nest.

12. Cats are popular and well-liked on the Internet and elsewhere


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Dogs just wanna eat

Today we have an interview with Kate Solisti, who has graced us with wonderful info about dog diets and nutrition and has written numerous books about Pet Communication… welcome…




tell us a little bit about yourself including how many dogs you have or have had and other pets, experience with pets, and so on… 

I have been an animal communicator since 1992. Over the years I’ve written 4 books and edited an anthology, “Kinship with Animals.” My books have been published in 7 languages and focus on interspecies communication, teachings from the animals, dog & cat nutrition, flower essence support and more, addressing the whole companion animal — body, mind and spirit.

My beloved dog Mollie, a sheltie cross, is in spirit and I currently have three wonderful feline companions, Azul, Simon and Lily.

is there any specific diet that you recommend for pet parents that is the best for dogs optimum health or does the diet depend upon different factors?  (age, size, weight, breed)?

I believe in meeting guardians where they are in terms of time, budget and level of commitment to their animal’s health. There is no “one perfect” diet for all animals. Breed, age, activity level, stress level, individual food sensitivities etc. are all critical pieces to take into consideration when counseling a guardian in nutrition and meal planning for their companions. Of course, the fresher, more “whole foods”  in the diet, the better. Highly processed, inexpensive dry food is not nutritious and will not support a dog or cat in living a long, healthy life.

guidelines for nutrition? 

Again, the freshest foods are the best. Many animals thrive on a raw diet, but some, especially older animals, need their fresh foods lightly cooked. The next best, is high quality canned foods and a little dry with eggs, real meat and healthy “table scraps” added in proper proportions’. A diet of all canned or all dry is not ideal. Dry food is not okay by itself. Do not be fooled by advertising or pretty packaging. You need to READ the ingredients to be sure they are real meats and vegetables. Avoid any type of gluten, soy, corn, sugars, like maltodextrin and corn syrup and all by- products, colorings and additives like BHA and BH (known carcinogens). Remember, if you wouldn’t eat it, why would you feed it to your dog?

are there supplements that you recommend for dogs?

Two of my favorite stand-bys are digestive enzymes and probiotics. I can safely say that all animals eating dry or canned foods exclusively need these to help break down the food and absorb nutrients. Most animals, especially elderly and rescued animals, really benefit from these two supplements. Animals eating raw foods get live enzymes from their fresh food. Enzymes are destroyed in the cooking process. Any dog who has been on antibiotics and medications needs probiotics to help rebuild good, healthy gut bacteria that is essential for absorption of nutrients and a healthy immune system. Some dogs need to be on these all the time, others during times of stress.

are there factors to consider in regard to feeding your pet?

Yes, each animal must be understood as an individual and fed according to their needs.

do you find that most pet parents feed their dogs/pets kibble and canned foods or does it vary?

Yes, most do simply because they and their veterinarians are uninformed about what dogs & cats need to eat to stay healthy. I often learn that prescription diets are fed for too long and never reevaluated. As I said above, dry food is not okay by itself. Would you want to eat dry cereal every day? Would that be good for you? Well it isn’t for most dogs either.

do most dogs love peanut butter, bacon, cheese? 

It seems so. I believe that they are attracted to the fat and salt in these foods.

what is the weirdest food a dog you have spoken to liked? 

Oh my. There have been too many to list. Dogs are part of Nature’s cleanup crew, so they will try almost anything!

are dogs carnivores?

Yes, dogs are carnivores. All you have to do is look at their teeth to see this. They are almost omnivores, but again, their teeth put them plainly in the carnivore crew.

does that mean a raw diet of meat is best ?

a raw BALANCED diet with muscle, organ, connective tissue, blood, and VERY importantly bone is best for SOME dogs. The key to a balanced raw diet is to “build a bird or mammal.” Many people think mixing up a batch of ground meat, chopped veggies and a little cottage cheese is fine, but it is not balanced.  A raw or cooked homemade diet MUST be balanced correctly or it will cause dangerous deficiencies in the dog or cat. There are a few excellent supplements that can be added to a homemade diet if you can’t grind up bone and know you have the right amounts of proper vitamins and minerals.

should dogs eat grains or a grain-free diet?

Again, this depends on the dog.

is a grain free diet healthy for dogs?

For most dogs, grain-free is best. But others do better with some cooked grains in their diet. I usually prefer quinoa over most other grains. Rice is beneficial when there are digestive issues, but not necessary once the digestive tract returns to normal.

is there a flea free diet? itch free diet?  a diet that repels fleas, ticks and other bugs? 

I am not aware of a “diet” per se, but adding a small amount of garlic and nutritional yeast is often a very helpful flea and tick deterrent. As for itching, there are many causes of that. One simple thing to give to see if it helps is the right essential fatty acids. This would be fats from meats, fish (salmon, trout, sardines) or fish oils or other marine lipid oils. Some dogs do well with coconut oil. Be careful. Many fish oils, especially the generic and inexpensive ones, can be rancid and unhealthy for your companion. I have done a lot of research on the subject and recommend a specific, sustainably grown and harvested marine lipid supplement. It is the cleanest source I know of and has more anti-inflammatory properties than fish oil.

what do you feed your dogs?

If I had a dog, she would most likely eat a raw diet with lots of variety just as my cats do.

this is senior dog month, what age is a dog considered senior?

In my opinion, senior is as senior does! I read someone’s blog the other day and his dog is 11 years old and he considers his dog a senior Some say that my dog, just turned 7, is becoming a senior… does age depend upon breed? diet?  Well gosh, 11 is 77 in dog years and 7 is only 49! Yes, condition is key for me in determining a dog’s “senior status.” I have watched dogs with all the symptoms of old age, literally age backwards with a correct diet and the right supplements — specific supplements that I have come to focus on due to their exceptional benefits in a short time.

is there a consensus from dogs on any of the above? what do the dogs have to say about dog food?

Of course we all know “picky” dogs, but most dogs LOVE food, most foods. I will say though that the biggest “consensus” is around nourishing food. Dogs want and need to be nourished first and foremost. Without proper nourishment, they cannot accomplish their missions with their people and lead fulfilling lives. (Just like us.)

anything else that you would like to share?


Thank you CeliaSue for your good questions and devotion to helping people learn about good nutrition for their dogs. I am available for private phone consultations on diet planning, health and behavior. Please visit my website, www.akinshipwithanimals.com for all the details. Looking forward to hearing from you all and helping you create the ideal diet for your dogs (and cats too.)




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scoop on Patrick hearing

Patrick’s Legal Update on 4/23/12: NJSPCA filed multiple animal cruelty charges in March of 2011 against Kisha Curtis. The charges against Curtis were upgraded to more serious charges and the prosecution of the case than was shifted over to the Essex County Prosecutors Office. There have been numerous delays and postponements but the case continues to move forward. Many Defendants request PTI but the odds of Kisha Curtis being successful requesting PTI are very low. NJSPCA will continue to stay focused on the Prosecution of Kisha Curtis and will continue to work with the Essex County Prosecutors Office to that end. NJSPCA also appluads the statements made by Judge Cassini that Patrick is well taken care of and “That Patrick survived is a miracle” and that “Patrick has bonded with his caretakers and his environment” Strong words for a strong dog… Please focus on the animals. Capt


well, it seems that AHS has been busy getting in the way with more papers filed still trying to get their greedy paws on Patrick… but the LOVE prevails…

To All: No progress with the Kisha Curtis Criminal case today as the time was spent on AHS’s third (3rd) Brief / Motion that was filed about one month ago, again seeking custody of Patrick. As with the first two requests this was also denied by the Judge who ruled it premature. Patrick will continue to stay with the Scavelli’s until the conclusion of the Criminal case and at that time the Court will rule on Patrick’s permanent custody which the NJSPCA believes should be the Scavelli’s. The next Court date will be posted here when we get it. Capt

from GSVS Hospital

Patrick will remain in our foster care pending the outcome of the criminal case. The Judge in his decision today said that he was satisfied that Patrick was doing well and had no intention of changing his foster care placement at this time.

Judge Cassini on Patrick’s case: “If it isn’t broken, don’t try to fix it…”


an anonymous source said,

I thought that you all would appreciate knowing some things from the hearing today.

Some of you may have seen the report on NJ News 12 tonight, but from my notes…

The Judge said, at the outset, that he would not discuss the criminal case today, but instead, would focus on AHS’ petition for possession of Patrick. KC was not in the courtroom.

Harry Levin (AHS’ attorney) acknowledged that, since there has been no adjudication in the Curtis matter AHS’ petition for possession of Patrick is “premature”, but asked that AHS be given an opportunity to hold an “inspection” of Patrick “by experts, to ensure that his circumstance is satisfactory”.

The assistant prosecutor was very strong, and argued that the state is satisfied that Patrick is being well cared for, and that since AHS is not a party to the criminal matter they have no right to inspect Patrick or his circumstance.

The Judge read, for the record, his synopsis of the case thus far, which included the words “Kisha Curtis is still the lawful owner of Patrick” (which is, sadly, the truth). But the Judge also said “I found that AHS does not have any possessive interest in Patrick”. (Happily, that is also the truth, and his finding was upheld by the appellate division).

The Judge also said that it is clear that Patrick is “loved” and well cared for, and that there is “no evidence” that Patrick is in any jeopardy and no reason to believe otherwise. The Judge further said that to allow an inspection of Patrick by AHS would be to “interfere with the custody of Patrick”.

The Judge then said “The question here is about AHS’ fidelity and integrity…what is the nature of AHS? It was a miracle that Patrick survived and is in excellent health, happy and healthy. Patrick is living a life that AHS should hope for every pet. My belief is that if it is not broken, don’t try to fix it”.

I hope that what happened in court today will give you all, as it does me, continued reason for optimism. The assistant prosecutor was excellent, and the Judge is clearly sympathetic to Patrick as a living being. The Judge sees Patrick as more than just “property”, of that I am sure.

and meanwhile, Kisha Curtis wants a pre-trial intervention


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my dog is a bunny rabbit hopping

why is cici  limping/hopping?


my major concern is due to her “bad” leg, the one she had three surgeries on her femur bone which was broken due to being run over when she was a little over a year old…there seems to be a bump standing out on the joint of that leg… does not appear to hurt her when I touch or move it… she was limping about a month and a half ago after some heavy exercise but it stopped so why now all of a sudden the last few days has she started hopping again????


roommate got home last night, am hoping he will take cici for a long walk




Joints: Any one of the many joints in a dog’s limbs can be the source of enough discomfort to result in a limp. Discounting the multiple joints of the paws, there are three major joints in each limb of a dog. A dog’s front limb consists of the carpus (or wrist), the elbow, and the shoulder. The hind limb includes the tarsus (or ankle), the stifle (or knee), and the hip. Check each of these joints by applying light pressure and then increasing the pressure to moderate. If no discomfort is noted, try gently lifting the limb and slowly duplicate a normal range of motion. By supporting the entire limb, you can examine each joint in isolation and hopefully identify the source of the limp.

Bones: There are approximately 321 bones in a dog’s body. Bruising or fracturing of many of them could cause enough discomfort to result in a limp. Check the leg bones by visual observation first. Look for swelling, bleeding, or other signs of injury or asymmetry. Similar to examining the joints, examine the long bones of the limbs by applying mild to moderate pressure along their entire length. You can verify any suspected irregularity or abnormality by comparing it to the other healthy limb.

Steps for Performing an At-Home Pet Exam, by Dr. Karen Becker of Mercola.com
Regular at-home physical exams can help you learn what is normal for your pet’s body, and therefore allow you to detect when something is not normal. While it’s still important to take your pet for a professional annual exam at your vet, you can keep watch on your pet’s health in between visits by getting to know what’s normal, and what’s not, for your individual pet.
Perform the exam in a relaxed environment when your pet is not stressed or excited, or after an exercise session or nap (when they are likely to be sleepy and ready to relax). Put them on your lap, start with the tip of their nose and work your way to the tip of the tail.
1. First check the nose for debris and take note of whether it is wet or dry. Your pet’s nose will not always be wet and typically vary from moist to dry throughout the day depending on your pet’s body temperature, activity level and hydration.
2. Then, take a look to see whether there is abnormal eye discharge. For instance, if your cat or dog never gets eye discharge and suddenly has it, it’s a sign that there could be a problem.
3. Next check whether your pet’s pupils are symmetrical and look at the whites of their eyes. Red sclera (the part that is normally white) could mean inflammation of the eyes.
4. If your pet is not accustomed to having its mouth examined, slowly acclimate your pet to facial massages so that you can eventually check their mouth, gums and teeth. When you can, check inside the mouth for lesions, swelling, and bad breath. Their gums should be pink, teeth free of tartar and plaque, their tongue clear and the roof of the mouth clean and free from debris.
5. Next check the jaw line to see if it feels normal. Check the ears for debris, odor and cleanliness. Brush back the hair and look at the skin and coat. Check for excessive flakiness, lumps and bumps on the sides of the spinal cord and evaluate muscle tone and weight.
6. Look at the claws and pads of their feet. There should be no debris between the toes. Check for heat and swelling over your pet’s body and test the range of motion of the joints. Do the joints move freely without resistance or difficulty?
7. Gently palpate their belly to look for lumps and notice if your pet seems to experience discomfort. This is a good time to also gently check both mammary chains (do this for males too). Even if you don’t know the names of all the parts you are touching, if you examine your pet regularly you will begin to know what is normal for your companion. When there are changes, you will notice them quite quickly because you are familiar with the terrain of his or her body. Also examine your pet’s bottom for cleanliness.

Remember, in order for you to know what’s abnormal about your pet, you first need to know what’s normal. Performing regular at-home exams is a simple and very effective way for you to keep a close eye on your pet’s health. You can see a video of this exam at http://healthypets.mercola.com/sites/healthypets/archive/2009/11/07/how-to-perform-a-home-physical-exam-on-your-pet.aspx

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socks are a dog’s best friend…



What your dog eats when you’re not home

November 2, 10:21 PM
by Hillary Richard, New York Local Travel Examiner

New Yorkers love their dogs. You can’t walk down any street in this city without seeing a dog on a leash, in a purse, or at an outdoor café. With over 200,000 dogs and counting (according to the 2005 statistics), it’s no surprise that it was a New York veterinarian who compiled a list of the strange things dogs eat.
Dr. Jennifer Mlekoday, the Co-Chief of Staff at West Chelsea Veterinary, created a Top 10 list of non-food items that most appeal to canines based on her work experience.

The top inedible pick for dogs? Socks. Yes, that’s right – the socks dirty enough to be relegated to the laundry hamper are Fido’s favorite. Other items range from the bizarrely unappetizing (rocks) to the strangely specific (corn cobs). Also on the list:

2. Underwear
3. Tights
4. Rocks
5. Balls
6. Chew toys
7. Corn cobs
8. Bones and rawhide
9. Hair ties
10. Sticks

Mlekoday theorizes that many of these items appeal to dogs because they smell like their owners, and that others are accidentally ingested during play.

Next time you find a sock without a partner after doing laundry, think twice before you blame the dryer.


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Going to the chapel and we’re gonna get married… Here comes the mutt all dressed in white …

what the world needs now is love sweet love… from the sublime to the ridiculous… are you kidding me? 

what started this post off is I read that Eva Longoria is supposed to have her dog be in her wedding this summer…ok I could go along with Cici being my flower girl if I ever get married again…and then I found some tips for having your dog, cat and horse involved in your wedding… neigh…


Howly Muttrimony… Bow Wow Vows… 178 dog couples tie the bone…  here comes the mutt…  I take you Fluffy to be my lawfully wedded pooch… I now pronounce you fido and fluffy… do you fido take thee fluffy…


wonder what the divorce rates are for dogs?  who gets the pups?  who are the  aliboney attorneys? are the toys and treats counted as assets or just the bones? who gets to keep the dog house? something old (a shoe, perhaps), something borrowed (the neighbor’s chew toy), something blue (the neighbor), and something new to chew (a bone)…here are some tips on doggie wedding dresses and tuxedos for all of you K9 fashionistas… Nicole Richie was seen purchasing wedding attire for her two little dogs…



I guess if you’ve got a whole lotta moolah and nothing else to spend it on… this has become a huge new industry apparently…


and here’s a whole lottta doggies getting married in a park, this is hiliarious…




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holiday gifts for your dog… some of the silliest, ecofriendliest and absurd…

 Some of the most absurd, eco friendly, organic and cute..





ok, why does a dog need a spa for $40, can they not make do with a nice bath?  buy some good lavendar shampoo from the health food store for $5-6 and suds away…




luxury poochie perfume for $250-500… for two to four ounces…yeah sure right, if you buy this, I’ve got a bridge to sell ya… harvested exclusively in Switzerland… 


just so you know that i am not a total grinch… how about some all natural fragrances for your mutt for $12.99 and up…




or some all natural doggie treats like Paul Newman’s or Sister Joan’s Liver Nutri-Bits Boot for $4.95… and they support a good cause, I think…




or you can purchase all natural organic treats from australia




or from 




HAND-PAINTED BREED PICTURE ‘PAW’TY CAKES FOR YOUR DOG! These are NOT computer-printed images on icing paper sheets!!! We hand-paint your dog’s picture directly onto the cake!!

(Kitty cakes too!) 


* Just $5-$10 to paint your dog or cat’s picture on his or her birthday cake!



you can always dress your dog up in a dumb outfit….


Deluxe Dog Santa Claus Suit 


Dress your dog up this christmas with the Kyjen Deluxe Dog Santa Claus Suit! This christmas dog costume is top quality and easy to put on and take off. This holiday dog costume comes with Santa hay, beard, a plush body suit and boots. Dress your dog up this Xmas! 


Prices Starting At: $9.99



now this is what every canine needs… dog greeting cards made from rawhide, edible cards… cute idea actually… you just have to get the from England…





chow now brown bow wow… how about a raw bone for $1.50 from the grocery store or


some all natural organic dog food for $90… puhulease…  they do have some other reasonable products here though… 




you can also get all natural organic dog food for $30  (go to your local whole foods or wild oats health food store)…. different brands, I like Paul Newman’s and so does Cici, she’s got taste..


how about a loofah dog, this is cute… for $5




and then we have doggie sweaters… for the really pampered puppies…




and you can also give your dog a playmate from a rescue shelter or their own personal trainer or canine rehab from an aqua paws type place with a pool and caring staff or you can take your dog with you wherever you are traveling, yes, we are going to the beach, Monterey and Marina and Pacific Grove and Carmel, we shall visit for three weeks, and enjoy the beach, chase the birds, and have fun in the sun, well, it’s been pretty cold here, so the beach will be a nice change of pace and play…




oh by the way, none of these companies are paying me to promote them, so tell them if you buy that I sent you so that they can send me a nice thank you gift for Cici…


bow wow for now… 



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