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My dog eats first


According to the National Coalition for the Homeless, more than 3.5 million Americans are homeless. And of these 3.5 million, between 5 and 10 percent have dogs and/or cats, with areas where the percentage reaches 24.

For many homeless people, their only friend and family member is a beloved animal companion.

in many cases the animals are the lifeline and reason for living for these people without a home, human beings living in a stigmatized and marginalized environment in which few if any would choose to live.


  • 40% of homeless in America comprise of women and children
  • More than 1 million homeless children per U.S. Department of Education and National Center on family homeless data.
  • Among homeless children 8% physically abused
    (2 times the rate of non homeless)
    8% sexually abused
    (3 times rate of non homeless)
  • 85% of homeless families are headed by single mothers.


…A new book by University of Colorado sociology Professor Leslie Irvine is the first to explore what it takes to live on the streets with an animal. Using interviews with more than seventy homeless people in four cities, My Dog Always Eats First reveals what animals mean for homeless people and how they care for their four-legged friends. You can read the introduction to this landmark book here. Dr. Irvine’s book provides rich descriptions of how animals provide social and emotional support and protection from harm (see also “My dog feels my pain“), and, in some cases, even helped turn around the lives of people who had few other reasons to live.

…Homeless people told her how their dogs encouraged interaction with others and kept them from becoming isolated. Former addicts and alcoholics described how their animals inspired them to get clean and sober.


“In surveys, homeless people report levels of attachment to their animals that may surpass those found among the domiciled public. They frequently refuse offers of shelter or housing that require them to give up or separate from their animals.” (excerpt from the first chapter A Good Life for a Dog? of the book, “My Dog Always Eats First.”

Feeding Pets of the Homeless is a 501(c)(3) nonprofit volunteer-based organization that is dedicated to collecting food for animal companions of the homeless in the United States and Canada, as well as administering veterinary care. Its home office is in Carson City, Nevada, with collection sites all over the USA. 


I started a collection site in the Monterey Bay area. Recently, I asked Whole Foods to donate pet food. And they agreed to donate $100 worth. I asked the church (info below) and they agreed to distribute the pet food. They also distribute people food.

We received 11 bags of dog food and 2 bags of cat food.  On Saturday, April 26th, we gave out 2 bags of dog food.  Then on Tuesday, April 29th, all the pet food was given out.  Word of mouth spread like wild fire…” Father John.

  • Epiphany Lutheran & Episcopal Church
  • 425 Carmel Ave
  • Marina, CA 93933
  • (Corner of Carmel Ave. & California Ave.)


Screen shot 2014-05-05 at 2.05.27 PM

Am working with obtaining other pet food donations from various companies and having various churches in the area to distribute it.

If you would like to donate pet food for the homeless and/or make a contribution so that pet food can be bought and given to the homeless, please visit my pAYPAL via pr matchmaker at yahoo.com

thank you.

I am also working on a project to HOUSE homeless people and their pets. Will let you know more as it takes shape. If you would like to participate, please let me know. More info here:


imagine “affordable and dignified housing” for the impoverished.


“The experiment is a powerful reminder that the homeless are people, just like us, with one exception. They are in trouble and in pain. And they are someone’s uncle or cousin or wife.”



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into the Sunset…

Driving into Grants Pass, Oregon off of Highway 5, there are two exits, one, where the big chain stores and hotels are located and the city center area, where the quaint shops and smaller mom and pop motels line the streets.  Take your pick, from older to sweet inns, with price ranges from $50-100 and up. Pet friendly motels and hotels abound here. This is a dog friendly place. You can take fido to the various parks, swimming, kayaking, and into the banks and auto dealerships.

Cici now thinks that banks are places to go for attention and treats since whenever we go into the bank she gets both… there is another bank on our walking path and she keeps stopping there waiting to go inside and get her treats… we finally walked in there and they did give her a treat… and last night, after the bank closed, she wanted to go inside again to get more treats…


where to stay :

Sunset Inn
Address: 1400 NW 6th Street
City: Grants Pass
State: Oregon
ZIP: 97526
Phone: 541.479.3305


If you are looking for a quality pet friendly motel in Grants Pass, consider the Sunset Inn, owned and operated by Jan Zimmerman and her dog Sammy, a five year old Shiz Tsu. He loves people and is very friendly. Jan has always had dogs and likes the Benjie kind of dogs, shaggy and smiley.

She bought the motel from her brother, after retiring from the telecommunications industry a few years ago. Most of the 30 rooms are individually decorated and there are four pet rooms and four rooms for smokers. There are three rooms for families, that accommodate 6-8 people, the only motel in Grants Pass that offers this size room.

Jan loves to garden and fresh flowers decorate the lobby daily. The pool is heated by the sun and the inn offers eco friendly soaps and shampoos and a solar panel heats their hot water heater. The location is in close proximity and walking distance to many area restaurants, from Chinese to Greek and fast food places. Also nearby are quaint gift shops and boutiques.

The location is half hour from Medford, 1-1/2 hours from the beach and two hours from Crater Lake. Cave Junction is 40 minutes away as are the wineries in nearby Jacksonville, a small artsy village, similar to Cambria in California, where Jan lived for many years.

Jan enjoys meeting new people and values the retirees and business travelers who visit the inn. She offers special rates for groups, as well as a delicious continental breakfast, with yummy real bagels and cream cheese, muffins, hot chocolate as well as juice, tea and coffee. Plus, during the summer, she is offering a $5 gas card promotion. The other cool thing is that many motels charge an extra pet fee, for $5-50 a night that is non-returnable. Here at the Sunset Inn, there is a $10 pet fee that is returnable upon checkout. Another nice feature that makes your stay enjoyable and value-filled.

The rooms do not smell like a motel and there is free wireless Internet and Serta mattresses. Nice homey and comfortable touches.

Chocolate friendly

Cary’s of Oregon,
Grants Pass OR 97527
Hours: Mon-Fri 9-5 Sat 10-2

Rogue Valley Fudge offers handmade fudge made with real cream and butter. Rogue Valley Fudge is located in the heart of downtown Grants Pass on 6th St. The address is 229 SE 6th St.
Hours: Monday through Saturday from 10:00 a.m. to 6:00 p.m. times vary on Sundays.
Telephone: (541) 955-5225

Valley of the Rogue River camping

Valley of the Rogue State Park is a pleasant green oasis. In southern Oregon’s Rogue Valley. Valley of the Rogue Park has both a day-use picnic area and an overnight campground along three miles of shoreline on the Rogue River. Exit 45 B and follow the signs. This park also offers free internet wireless access.
Telephone: (800) 551-6949

if there is free wireless internet, I could not find it… a lot of bugs found me though… it was hot hot hot during the day and cool at night and morning time… humid… and not a lot of river doings, we found one small boat launch area by the rest area but that was tiny and not a whole lotta beach…  one night there was supposed to be a presentation and the presenter did not show up, it was a great area the next morning for cici to run and sniff around without bothering anyone though…

Grants Pass City Parks
(541) 471-6435- Call for reservations or for more information

Josephine County Parks
(541) 474-5285- Call for reservations or for more information

Oregon State Parks
(800) 452-5687- Call for reservations or for more information

Day trips include the Oregon Caves, Crater Lake, Wildlife Safari, House of Mystery or the nearby beautiful Redwood Forests. If you feel lucky, the Seven Feathers Casino is less than an hour away.  There are more than 10 golf courses, a diverse range of sporting activities and winter skiing is less than an hour away. It is a town surrounded by trees.  The local economy is good with job opportunities in support of the retirement community, lots of churches and is home office to Fire Mountain Gems, which sells beads worldwide.

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