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Patrick Scavelli!!!!

The Good News is that Patrick is FOREVER in the home of the Scavelli’s….  YAHOOO !!!!

It is OFFICIAL:  Patrick gets to stay with the Scavelli’s!!!!!   Congratulations to the Scavelli’s on their latest addition, for taking such good care of Patrick, very exciting !!!!

Patrick Court Update : Will post information later BUT I would like everyone to know that Patrick is now PATRICK SCAVELLI, it is official the Scavelli’s were granted legal custody of Patrick. NJSPCA could not be happier with the outcome for Patrick and the Scavelli’s. Thank you all for your support. Capt Yocum

The Bad News

all Kisha Curtis got was 18 months probation for starving a dog, neglecting and abandoning him and almost killing Patrick.  if she had killed Patrick, what would she have gotten 30 days in jail??????  this sucks

we have waited more than two years to hear her verdict… and yes, Patrick’s Law just went into effect with higher penalties so WHY DIDN’T SHE GET JAIL????


What do you think?  Yes, am happy that Patrick is well, happy and healthy with the Scavelli’s… but Kisha Curtis deserves to be in jail for at least a couple of years or more… She has a few kids, maybe the judge thought it better for her to stay home and abuse, neglect, abandon and starve them.


my major concerns are that KC did not even know/understand that she did anything wrong, she kept pleading not guilty and there is no remorse nor learning if a person does not get that they did something wrong to begin with…


and what kind of message does this send to other abusers? if Patrick’s Law really means something then how about starting with the case that called for the need for it… if Patrick’s Law has no teeth, then why bother? to pretend you did something?  abusers need to be held accountable for their actions


a bouncing healthy boy Patrick Scavelli… It’s Official… 



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Patrick’s abuser trial

Latest word from NJSPCA…


Patrick Case Update : No decision today, Defense again argued that they needed more time (laughable actually) Continuance date has now been set for July 31st. Do not get angry over yet another delay as the single most important thing in this entire case is Patrick and his well being. As every day passes I firmly believe that it solidifies Patrick’s future with the Scavellis. Capt


Tomorrow, Monday, July 9, 2012 will be a BIG day for both Patrick and Lennox… and dog lovers worldwide.

Update: Kisha Curtis trial Monday July 9, 2012

Curtis has asked for pretrial intervention program (PTI), she appears before the judge Monday morning. The judge will grant her the PTI or proceed to sentence her.

If people do not show up in masses, the judge will rule as if it were just one of the many hundreds of animal abuse cases that have come before him so many times.

Kisha Curtis court date:

9:00 am Monday, the Courthouse is located 50 West Market Street

Newark, New Jersey 973-693-5700.



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kisha curtis fails to show up in court

it was a miscommunication, she showed up in court today, Wed. May 30, 2012

she had a waiver last time and thought she did not have to show up on Tues. Next hearing is July 9. A trial date may be set or a final plea offer extended at that time.

“Curtis is applying for a pretrial intervention program, which if accepted, would eventually wipe the criminal charge from her record. She has previously rejected the state’s plea offer that calls for up to 18 months in prison, a $5,000 fine and 30 days’ community service.”


maybe she will end up in jail after all?

“Curtis, who is free on bail, was supposed to appear in Superior Court in Newark this morning for a status hearing but never showed. By 11:30 a.m., her attorney, Andrew Rojas, told the judge he hadn’t heard from her in a week.”


Judge Cassini is giving Curtis 24 hours to appear or an Arrest Warrant will be issued. at 4pm Wed. May 30th a warrant will be issued for the arrest of Kisha Curtis for not showing up for her court date …

where is DOG the bounty hunter when you need him ??? (LOL… he’s in Hawaii not New Jersey)…

what I learned from Janet Evanovich Stephanie Plum series is when someone fails to appear (FTA) in court, a warrant gets posted for their arrest and a bounty hunter and police can bring them back to court where they face possible arrest and more fines…

what is a status hearing?

The Status Hearing is an informal discussion between the Judge, the prosecution and the defendant about the case. After considering the case against you, you can decide whether to change your plea or to continue with your not guilty plea.

At a Status Hearing you:

* have the chance to discuss the charges against you, with the Police Prosecutor and the Judge,including anything you may disagree with.
* learn what the Police say has happened and why they think you are guilty.
* can ask questions about anything you don’t understand.


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sweet Patrick

this is such a great video on Patrick on News 12 NJ’s “The Pet Stop”

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scoop on Patrick hearing

Patrick’s Legal Update on 4/23/12: NJSPCA filed multiple animal cruelty charges in March of 2011 against Kisha Curtis. The charges against Curtis were upgraded to more serious charges and the prosecution of the case than was shifted over to the Essex County Prosecutors Office. There have been numerous delays and postponements but the case continues to move forward. Many Defendants request PTI but the odds of Kisha Curtis being successful requesting PTI are very low. NJSPCA will continue to stay focused on the Prosecution of Kisha Curtis and will continue to work with the Essex County Prosecutors Office to that end. NJSPCA also appluads the statements made by Judge Cassini that Patrick is well taken care of and “That Patrick survived is a miracle” and that “Patrick has bonded with his caretakers and his environment” Strong words for a strong dog… Please focus on the animals. Capt


well, it seems that AHS has been busy getting in the way with more papers filed still trying to get their greedy paws on Patrick… but the LOVE prevails…

To All: No progress with the Kisha Curtis Criminal case today as the time was spent on AHS’s third (3rd) Brief / Motion that was filed about one month ago, again seeking custody of Patrick. As with the first two requests this was also denied by the Judge who ruled it premature. Patrick will continue to stay with the Scavelli’s until the conclusion of the Criminal case and at that time the Court will rule on Patrick’s permanent custody which the NJSPCA believes should be the Scavelli’s. The next Court date will be posted here when we get it. Capt

from GSVS Hospital

Patrick will remain in our foster care pending the outcome of the criminal case. The Judge in his decision today said that he was satisfied that Patrick was doing well and had no intention of changing his foster care placement at this time.

Judge Cassini on Patrick’s case: “If it isn’t broken, don’t try to fix it…”


an anonymous source said,

I thought that you all would appreciate knowing some things from the hearing today.

Some of you may have seen the report on NJ News 12 tonight, but from my notes…

The Judge said, at the outset, that he would not discuss the criminal case today, but instead, would focus on AHS’ petition for possession of Patrick. KC was not in the courtroom.

Harry Levin (AHS’ attorney) acknowledged that, since there has been no adjudication in the Curtis matter AHS’ petition for possession of Patrick is “premature”, but asked that AHS be given an opportunity to hold an “inspection” of Patrick “by experts, to ensure that his circumstance is satisfactory”.

The assistant prosecutor was very strong, and argued that the state is satisfied that Patrick is being well cared for, and that since AHS is not a party to the criminal matter they have no right to inspect Patrick or his circumstance.

The Judge read, for the record, his synopsis of the case thus far, which included the words “Kisha Curtis is still the lawful owner of Patrick” (which is, sadly, the truth). But the Judge also said “I found that AHS does not have any possessive interest in Patrick”. (Happily, that is also the truth, and his finding was upheld by the appellate division).

The Judge also said that it is clear that Patrick is “loved” and well cared for, and that there is “no evidence” that Patrick is in any jeopardy and no reason to believe otherwise. The Judge further said that to allow an inspection of Patrick by AHS would be to “interfere with the custody of Patrick”.

The Judge then said “The question here is about AHS’ fidelity and integrity…what is the nature of AHS? It was a miracle that Patrick survived and is in excellent health, happy and healthy. Patrick is living a life that AHS should hope for every pet. My belief is that if it is not broken, don’t try to fix it”.

I hope that what happened in court today will give you all, as it does me, continued reason for optimism. The assistant prosecutor was excellent, and the Judge is clearly sympathetic to Patrick as a living being. The Judge sees Patrick as more than just “property”, of that I am sure.

and meanwhile, Kisha Curtis wants a pre-trial intervention


Blog Hop time…  thanks to Life with Dogs,Two Little Cavaliers and Confessions of the Plume…  grab the blog hop code


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Patrick on Pet Stop

On March 17th 2011, a desperately neglected dog miraculously made it through the night; in the morning, “Rocky” became “Patrick” & Patrick’s Movement, the brain-child of one Karen Powell (Patrick’s Movement NJ’s esteemed Admin.) was born. “Thank you” to all around the globe who created Patrick’s Movement FB pages in a show of solidarity to join forces in the trenches; individuals & rescues & shelters that do whatever it takes to save lives every day.

Kisha Curtis new trial date?  Thought it was some time this month but am not finding the info. I called the NJ SPCA and GSVS Hospital and finally got a call back from Capt. Yocum from the NJSPCA.  He said that April 19, is the new date at the Essex county courthouse.

Seems like it is taking a very long time for Curtis to go to trial and be prosecuted. Just saying, Capt.

Patrick on TV Pet Stop


what do you think?

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is your dog naughty or nice?

If a dog’s prayers were answered, bones would rain from the sky. ~ Old Proverb

back to our regularly scheduled blogging…

it matters when traveling with your pooch whether you go to grandma’s house or not… if your pooch is naughty or nice, right… no one likes to hang out on the holidays (or any other time) with misbehaving pets. Ahead of time, it is good for pet parents to help their furry friends with their manners. And make sure that their pets are safe and comfortable.  And get your pooch a licker license…  🙂

Woof Report has some lists to check off to help with packing and other travel related items…


now how many other holiday songs can I massacre, I mean, change with meaningful canine lyrics… especially having to do with cookies????

Jingle Bones…

do you have any ideas/songs for dogs for the holidays???

Do share.

And here are some more tips for holiday pet safety…

Even if you think your little ones are ready for a puppy or kitten, save pet adoption for after the holidays. With guests visiting your house, holiday decorations on display, and myriad other distractions during the week, it’s the worst time to try and introduce a small animal to its new home. Also do not give anyone a gift of a pet because many pets given as gifts end up at the shelter.

During the holiday season; we all worry about eating the right foods, managing mountains of wrapping paper and preventing our houses from burning down from all of those holiday lights. This year, VCA Animal Hospitals encourages you to think about the holidays from another perspective: your pet’s.

Pets tend to get just as excited as humans about wrapped gifts, festive decorations and delicious food. What our furry friends do not know is that some holiday details can be dangerous. Our gift to you is the best advice condensed into 10 fast facts to keep you and your pet safe this holiday season.

Protect and cover all prepared and uncooked foods, especially uncooked dough which can expand and cause severe stomach pain in your pet.

Every pet parent should know: keep all plants (especially poinsettias, peace lilies and mistletoe) out of your pet’s reach.

Tasty treats are very tempting for dogs and cats, so try to keep them out of reach and most certainly off the ground when you are unwrapping gifts.

Hanging lights and ornaments can be inviting to extra playful pets, but they can also be dangerous. Be sure to keep all decorations out of a pet’s reach.

Opening presents is fun, but it’s best for pets to stay away from all ribbons, wrapping paper and “linear foreign bodies” to avoid accidental ingestion and internal complications.

Left by themselves, pets may get into holiday food that can be potentially dangerous to their health. Foods with grapes, raisins and macadamia nuts can cause problems ranging from digestive upset to possible organ failure.

If you haven’t been warned already: keep all chocolate out of your pet’s reach! There are toxins present in chocolate which can cause problems ranging from mild digestive upset to seizures and can even be fatal. For more details about the hazards of chocolate, see our article “Chocolate Poisoning“.

Dinners around the holidays are all about sharing. Although you may want to share with your pets, try to keep in mind that sudden rich diet changes are likely to upset a pet’s stomach. If you wish to feed your pet a special treat, give only a small amount of table food mixed in with their regular dinner.

Any cords you may have near the floor can be a real danger to your cat. Their sharp teeth can easily puncture electrical wires.

You should try to keep your pets out of the kitchen during the hustle and bustle of the season, as to avoid them getting burned or otherwise injured.

For further information about each fast fact shown above, be sure to visit VCA Animal Hospitals’ Resource Library.

Deck the Halls with bones and folly…

and here is an inspiring tale about Little Red, a former M. Vick dog, who was recently (two months ago) adopted into her furrever home… she still has a LOT of FEAR to overcome. And is taking steps. Her mom is Awesome. And last week, Little Red freaked OUT when she first saw the Christmas tree all lit up. She was terrified and would not go anywhere near it despite the fact that her sleeping place was close by. Little’s mom asked her Facebook pals for advice. She received a lot. And was reassured. Little’s Mom stepped UP big time, treating Little Red, giving her natural calming, anti-anxiety remedies including Bach Flower’s Rescue Remedy and something called Chill Out that I’ve never heard of and voila… the photo below tells what eventually happened. Am SOOOOOO proud/thrilled for Little Red and her mom.  Our friend Stacy Dubuc said that Gingerella was once afraid of Christmas trees, too and had to overcome her fears and did. Am so happy/proud of ALL of the Vicktory dogs and their parents who have given them soooooo much love and care.

and a reporter wrote a nice story about Little including a poem and photo of Little wearing Handsome Dan’s t-shirt, that he got her to keep their connection forever. So sweet. Bring the tissues…


Cannot give them kudos without another surprise photo for you below… of our boy Patrick, healthy, loved, happy and cared for by the vets at GSVS Hospital… Merry merry merry…

we have some more V-dog photos coming up soon, stay tuned !!!!

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