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The problem with Time Magazine

The problem with Time Magazine and Charlotte Alter


l. if you know ANYTHING about dogs and specifically about the history of American Pit Bull Terriers, American Staffordshire Terriers, and the other dog BREEDS lumped together and called “pit bulls,” you know that these dogs were bred to be SUPER/EXTRA people friendly so that the handlers would be able to work with them. ALL people aggression was bred OUT of these dogs.  So the first paragraph in this article begins with a lie AKA a MYTH not a FACT.  Apparently, the writer of this article had NO TIME to do any REAL Research nor to interview REAL DOG experts such as James Crosby and Victoria Stilwell.

Screen shot 2014-06-21 at 5.27.53 AM

Pit Bulls are not an aggressive breed of dog.

*According to the American Temperament Testing Association, APBTs have an 85.3% passing rate, compared to a passing rate of 81.9% for all breeds on average.


This is FANTASTIC, point by point, she tells it like it IS…


2. Then this article goes on to quote DISCREDITED time and time and time again pit bull haters and fantasy dwellers such as Colleen Lynn, Merritt Clifton and PETA.  Yes, scratch the surface of these three together and you get nonsensical stats based upon media overreporting of so-called pit bull attacks (if it looks like a dog, call it a pit bull and there you have a headline and ridiculous stats to use to ban pit bulls), fear/paranoia and a call to KILL all the dogs (disguised as more logical sounding breed discrimination aka breed specific euthanization)… of course, they leave OUT that in places like Denver, CO where BSL has been implemented, dog bites have GONE UP because the REAL PROBLEM has NOT been dealt with. Breed is NEVER the problem. Ignorance about Dogs IS the problem.

Oh by the way, PETA kills healthy adoptable dogs and cats and has for years. And their founder, Ingrid Newkirk, was killing animals at a shelter, a job she relished. PETA thinks killing companion animals is a gift to them.



3. oh yes, and speaking about the Michael Vick dogs. 51 dogs who are doing JUST FINE. Eight became therapy dogs, and many are living in homes with children, cats, other dogs, in FAMILIES and shown NO signs of aggression. Not ONE.  These dogs were tortured, traumatized, terrified of humans, unsocialized, kept chained up 24/7 and made to fight tor their LIVES. Yet, once taken away from Vick’s Bad Newz Kennels and given tons of TLC and taught how to be dogs at Best Friends Animal Sanctuary, BADRAP, the Monterey SPCA and other places, they’ve thrived.



4. Here is the REAL SCOOP on what causes DOG BITES and ATTACKS according to REAL DOG experts.


Instead of blaming the dogs, how about holding PEOPLE accountable. People are the ones responsible for the abuse, torture, neglect and abandonment of dogs. Humans are the violent ones. Toxic macho masculinity culture teaches young men that they must be TOUGH and FIGHT, MAIM and KILL animals and other creatures. All of the serial killers have a history of hurting and killing animals then move on to human beings.

A few stats:

Every year, more than 2,000 children in the U.S. are killed by their parents or guardians either through abuse or neglect. A child is more than 800 times more likely to be killed by their caretaker than by a Pit Bull.

From 2001 through 2012, 6,410 women were murdered in the United States by an intimate partner using a gun—more than the total number of U.S. troops killed in action during the entirety of the Iraq and Afghanistan wars combined.

…Women in the United States are 11 times more likely to be murdered with a gun than are women in other high income countries… http://americanprogress.org/issues/guns-crime/report/2014/06/18/91998/women-under-the-gun/


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Pit bulls are good dogs

Jim Crosby interview on Dr. Sue radio show discussing Lennox and BSL


cannot tell ashes by dna test, so bcc could send family any old ashes and say it was Lennox

Jim Crosby would have done a much more extensive assessment evaluation of Lennox which he explained

What to do about BSL

Go talk to your local legislators face to face is best

They figure that if one constituent talks to them in person that equals, l = 1,000

Tell them that Bsl does not work, is not fair

Propose alternative stategies that address behaviors, give them an alternative to BSL.

New bill in Wales focuses on Behavior Not Breed


Should be quantifiable behavior across all breeds with levels of danger and punishment/solutions for each depending on what the danger is

for dog bite incidents

get a warning, get a fine, have to get training, meet some standards, if you don’t do, you go to jail

Jim is going to be teaching folks in the UK about dogs, to work with them, train them how to react, what to look for

There is no one in the UK with Jim’s experience with aggressive and truly dangerous dogs

Humans have responsibilities and should go to jail, and be held accountable… need to look at what did the dog do and why and don’t just say the dog did it or blame breeds

we did racial profiling (we still do in some states, Arizona) with humans, oh that guy looks like a criminal, put him in jail, now kill him…

teach the kids too

educate people and kids on how to treat a dog

If a dog is abused affects a dog’s behavior, starts with the owner

Animal abuse is a known precursor to people abuse

Authorities have to take animal cruelty more seriously

Assess the threat… Dachsunds lead the pack in dog bites, number one …

Lennox is the straw that broke our backs, so many people from so many countries, came together to support Lennoxes cause, we have a responsibility to Lennox to keep this ball rolling

Instead of bsl, there are dogs we have to protect people from, big dogs or little ones

We need to focus on educating legislators around world based on observable and quantifiable behavior not on looks

Racial profiling, we should be learning that we can only control behavior not breeds

Human behavior, human responsibility. place the burden on good and bad human behavior

It is inhumane to punish people or dogs based on looks… has to be based on behavior

Enough is enough

If someone shows up at your door without a warrant, don’t just let them take your dog away, make them take it thru the legal process… defend your dog, resources in uk, dda watch,be courteous but don’t let them take your dog without a warrant…

Make them follow their own rules

Don’t sign papers, if you sign the papers, you are giving them permission to kill your dog, death warrant, don’t sign your rights away

Follow the rules, but make the authorities follow the rules too

Free legal aid in UK

Make sure the attorney understands this dog is part of your family

Question the qualifications of their experts… if they’re using experts

Does the expert meet the criteria?

Don’t give up

Due process

Just because someone complains about your dog does not mean that all is lost


Lennox court document, final


other bloggers opinions




danger of dogs and pit bull attacks

With a US population of 311,591,917 (July 2011) and that year’s 15 dog attack fatalities, your chances of dying in a dog attack (from all breeds combined) is 1 in 20,772,794….almost 21 MILLION! One in over *30 MILLION* from a Pit-Bull or Pit-Mix.

STATISTICALLY in the UNITED STATES, GUESS WHAT BREED TOPPED THE LIST FOR BITES THAT CAUSED SERIOUS INJURIES TO PEOPLE? – Hospital statistics prove it was HUMANS. New York City alone has more people hospitalized with human bites per year than bites by every breed of dog combined in the whole world.
(Humans need to be banned, too.)

How serious is that pit bull threat again???


a story of a police officer and a “vicious” dog (happy ending)



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Justice for Lennox

Lennox was taken from the Barnes family home in Belfast by dog wardens two years ago after city council officials identified him as a pit bull-type dog, which is illegal in Northern Ireland. Lennox was an American bulldog Labrador mix not a pit bull. A 28-day deadline for legal appeals expired at midnight on July 10, 2012. The dog, who never hurt anyone, never bit anyone, was a family pet, was executed for looking like a pit bull after being taken from his family two years ago. The dog’s heartbroken owner, Caroline Barnes and her teenage daughter Brooke were denied the chance to say a final farewell. They were not even told that the dog was dead by the Belfast City Council who were determined to kill the dog, despite numerous other viable options to rehome the dog in the USA and italy. Now they will not return the body nor his collar to the family.  


pls share, everyone tweet the prime minister @number10gov and ask him to investigate the BCC re: Lennox, suggestion came from Sarah Ferguson, Duchess of York… I kid you not… she said be persistent… be factual and professional

MUST READ… Victoria Stilwell was threatened by the BCC and sued  (he failed since she spoke the truth)


New radio show with Victoria Stilwell, Sarah Fisher, James Crosby and Peter Tallack


BCC assessment of Lennox

Dog experts assessment of Lennox


The test starts with Lennox on leash, held by a female Animal Control person, with both the Animal Control person and David Ryan (presumably a stranger to Lennox), a behaviorist, seated in chairs.  Lennox is being petted by the female.  Lennox is seated and seems to be relaxed.

…At no time did Lennox show even the most remote aggressive response to this stranger, Mr. Ryan.

Crosby goes on to compare evaluations of two other dogs…

…Note that my written evaluations of Lennox, “JoJo”, and Helo never use language such as “the most dangerous dog I have ever seen” or any of the other nonsense that the BCC’s evaluator has used.  Such emotional language has no place in a behavioral assessment.  My evaluations never mention the dogs’ appearance, as physical appearance has absolutely no bearing on behavior.

Lennox certainly got short shrift in this incident.  The evaluator that the Court relied upon is clearly unqualified to assess temperament and behavior.  He doesn’t even have the credentials to assess adherence to a breed standard.


Lennox, on a leash, being tested for temperament. The leash is held by a woman alleged to be Sandie Lightfoot, the dog warden responsible for the chain of events that led to Lennox’s murder. The man in the video is reportedly David Ryan, a dog behavior expert hired by the family to do an assessment of Lennox without any prejudice. Ryan was one of two dog behavior experts who examined Lennox, and who both testified to the court that the dog showed no sign of aggression.

In the video, the dog is relaxed and friendly. He sits on command, and waits for a treat. Several times, he attempts to lick both people in a visibly friendly and playful manner.

The video is dated March 15, 2011. This is long after both Lightfoot and the Belfast City Council had alleged that Lennox was aggressive towards people. The video shows no signs of aggression. Moreover, Lightfoot, who by this time certainly had interacted with Lennox several times, shows no nervousness at being around the dog, at all.



We are taking comfort in the fact that Lennox is no longer in the hands of those who caused him pain… the barnes family

Northern Ireland’s First Minister Peter Robinson turned to social media in a doomed, last-minute attempt at intervention. ”

As a dog lover I am very unhappy with the outcome of this case,” he tweeted. “Spoke to Lord Mayor about Lennox. Suggested BCC (Belfast City Council) should seriously look at re-homing option. Why exercise the order if there’s an alternative?”

Victoria Stilwell

“I want to know why Belfast City council won’t give Lennox’s body back to the family and why they won’t even return his collar to Brooke even though they were asked to do so by the family so that she could have something to remember him by. There is something corrupt going on and an independent review of the council’s actions in this case needs to be done. I want answers. Why not return the body? Was Lennox even still alive and what physical condition was he in at the time of his death? We already have evidence of his poor physical state during Sarah Fisher’s behavioral evaluation of him last year. Hair loss, sores on his body,a hurt neck and damaged paw. The council have many questions they need to answer because I think they have something to hide.”

” I am so disgusted and want everyone to know how low Belfast City Council have stooped. The Barnes family heard about the death of their beloved dog through me because I had been told by a source at BBC Radio Ulster. After what the council put the family through they didn’t even have the decency to inform the family first before everyone else know. Someone involved in this mess needs to lose their job. If this is the way they represent their citizens then Belfast beware. Belfast City Council should hang their heads for the shameful and insensitive way they have handled this. Heartless doesn’t even begin to describe the people surrounding this case. Appalling and I can assure you, this will NEVER be forgotten!”

Pleas from the US and UK as well as Australia, Sweden, Italy, Finland, and Belgium.

An Italian minister even offered Lennox a home and asked for clemency. 200,000 signatures signed a petition supporting a reprieve…

Investigate the Belfast City Council

Sack and Bring Lightfoot to Justice for Perjury… please sign and share petition


I am asking for an investigation of the Belfast City Council regarding the handling of the Lennox the dog case. There are too many questions left unanswered. Too many actions that are questionable. Lennox had offers of sanctuary from some of the best-known dog advocates in the world. Dog trainer Victoria Stilwell went to Ireland trying in vain to meet with the Belfast City Council (BCC) or anyone with authority who would listen. She generously offered to pay all costs to re-home him in the United States and to take full responsibility for him for the rest of his life. The BCC refused to communicate with her, as they had refused dialogue with so many others before. They were allegedly, breathtakingly heartless and cruel to Lennox, and his family, and to good people throughout the world who tried to engage them positively. Their callousness climaxed in their refusal to grant the Barnes family the chance to say goodbye, or collect Lennox’s body and give him a proper burial.  The BCC has shown a complete lack of  human decency in their dealings with the public and the Barnes family. The BCC employees have stonewalled the public, made animal sounds on the phone the day Lennox was killed, hung up on people concerned about Lennox, threatened dog experts and tried to sue them for speaking the truth.

We are left with more questions than answers. Why couldn’t unbiased behaviorists assess the dog? Why wouldn’t they let anyone, including the family, see the dog — up to and after his death? Were they abusing him? Had their lack of care led to his failing health or premature death? Had they violated the law and killed him before the appeal period was up? These were the only things that made sense in the face of a wall of silence and a bolted door. We have just begun to make our voices heard and we will win.

We are NOT going away any time soon. The more that the BCC shuts us out, the more we will demand answers and an investigation into the BCC.

1. Newly surfaced videos and assessment evaluations show a sweet loving Lennox made March 15, 2011 long after testimony to the contrary had been sworn to in court. We already have evidence of his poor physical state during Sarah Fisher’s behavioral evaluation of him last year. Hair loss, sores on his body,a hurt neck and damaged paw.



2. Perjury pertains to #1. and testimony of non expert witness Alexandre Lightfoot.

3. Pertains to #1 and #2. Why wasn’t the expert testimony of behavioral dog specialists used.

4. Why was the same judge allowed to sit on the bench for appeal. He should have recused himself. He was obviously biased.

5. Where was common sense and “…Justice tempered by mercy…”.

6. Why wasn’t the family allowed to visit during this two year period

7. Why weren’t they allowed one last visit?

8. Why couldn’t they have the body; Lennox could no longer pose a threat to the public. He was dead.

9. Why wasn’t his collar given to Brooke.

10. It has been hinted at by noteworthy officials and well renowned individuals that this was a vindictive campaign against Caroline Barnes because she dared speak out against BSL laws.

These are just a few questions and observations we have. There are many more. The actions of the Belfast City Council are irredeemable in the World’s eyes. The BCC has cast a shadow on your city that can only fall on your shoulders. A thorough investigation is required  in the eyes of the world. This will NOT blow over before you know it. We demand Justice for Lennox.

Dogs Today Magazine

Breed Specific Legislation is legal prejudice and deserves no place on the statute books of a civilised nation. We’d not agree to racial profiling to label all foreigners with certain physical qualities as terrorists or accept a law that measures a person’s biceps to decide if they’re likely to be violent in the future. Looks in this case can kill and it’s the innocent that are dying. Let’s fight on together to get rid of pointless laws that don’t protect the public and result in dogs like Lennox being posted home in the mail to a family who fought so hard to save their best friend. RIP Lennox, we’ll never forget you and why you died.


Victoria Stillwell smacks down BCC

Victoria debates BCC representative on the radio

Victoria Stillwell appeared on “Issues with Jane Velez-Mitchell

Victoria Stillwell appeared on “Issues with Jane Velez-Mitchell

Minister Peter Robinson calls Lennox death folly

BCC had numerous other options to rehome Lennox which they refused

Lennox was killed

Lennox was not humanely put to sleep

Video evidence

Refutes BCC claims that Lennox was dangerous

Lennox put to death

Lennox was killed for crimes he did NOT commit

Investigate Belfast City Council

World outrage at Lennox death

Blog posts about Lennox

Many articles, photos and links about Lennox

Proud history of the Pit Bull

Brilliant video by Kenn Bell, features Hector, a lovable former M. Vick dog

Jim Crosby’s pro evaluation of Lennox assessment

Highly recommend this evaluation from Blogger Jim Crosby on the so called “evaluation” of Lennox

Sarah Fisher’s assessment of Lennox

In Oct. 2011, Sarah Fisher met with Lennox and made an assessment. She found him to not be aggressive and suffering from a hurt neck, paw and skin condition.

Tom Cruise and Russell Crowe stood up for Lennox



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