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Stop animal abuse

In my neighborhood, near Monterey, CA, in July, 113 kittens were found dead at a hoarder’s home and the Monterey SPCA rescued 51 adult cats from the home. The cats were living in horrific conditions.  Now, the cats are recovering and hopefully will be adopted soon. Anyone who wants to put their name down on the list of potential adopters can do so by calling the shelter at 831-373-2631.



Emergency Veterinary Services of St. Charles (EVS) Illinois is teaming up with local law enforcement to crack down on animal abuse and protect pet welfare. EVS works with the local police and fire departments to treat pets for
smoke inhalation, gunshot wounds, vehicular trauma and fight wounds. Recently, EVS partnered with the Glendale Heights Police Department to assist in the investigation of a domestic violence dispute that resulted in an animal’s death. EVS provided the initial documentation of the pet’s death, radiographic evidence of severe trauma, and
evidence of previous abuse. EVS is continuing to cooperate in the prosecution of the abuser.

According to an initial investigation, the boyfriend of the Chihuahua’s
owner is accused of beating the pet to death when his girlfriend failed
to arrive home at the boyfriend’s requested time. The emergency pet
hospital provided the initial documentation of the dog’s death.
Radiographic evidence gathered by the hospital indicated the dog had
sustained severe trauma from multiple beatings. Evidence of healing
fractures indicated that the Chihuahua had suffered repeated abuse.

“The Chihuahua’s death is a tragic example of animal abuse right here
in our own community,” said Dr. Lynette D. Greenwood, DVM. “Our pet
hospital is continuing to cooperate with the detectives, officers, and
the Illinois State’s Attorney’s Office in the ongoing prosecution of
the abuser.”

Dr. Greenwood is also raising awareness about the dangers of animal abuse as a precursor to sexual abuse and domestic violence.

“A violent, controlling person who abuses animals may branch out and
harm humans, especially women and children,” said Dr. Greenwood. “If an
individual is violent towards animals, early intervention can prevent
continued animal abuse and potential domestic violence.”

The emergency vet hospital also works closely with local police and
fire departments to treat pets in need of urgent medical care. This
includes pets that have suffered smoke inhalation, sustained a bullet
wound or suffered vehicular trauma.

“We are proud to work closely with first responders to provide urgent
medical care to pets in need,” said Dr. Greenwood. “First responders
understand that in an emergency, every minute counts. They choose our
hospital because we are passionate about providing life-saving care.”

Pet owners may learn more about Batavia, Aurora and Elgin emergency vet
care at http://emergencyvetservices.com/.

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Happy Vicktory dog day

On April 25th, 2007, police served a warrant in Surry, Va. The day before, Michael Vick’s cousin, Davon Boddie, was arrested on drug charges and listed the house as his address. The police and animal-control officers found 66 dogs and what appeared to be a dog-training complex of dark-painted buildings in the woods just behind the house owned by M. Vick. Police obtained another warrant and seized the dogs.

This photo is of the dogs rescue from the property. Thankfully, there were people who began the fight for the V Dogs lives. And thus began the journey for a collective group of dogs who would change the perception people had of pit bulls and fighting dogs and the laws that would one day open doors for countless dogs worldwide.

It all started on this day in 2007.

Happy 5th year anniversary to all of the Vicktory dogs, their pet guardians, foster parents and trainers, all of the folks who have loved them and been with them every step of their amazing journeys… BadRap, Best Friends, Our Pack, Monterey SPCA and others, the dogs could not have made it without ALL OF YOU.


If you have not read the book about these dogs, it is time to honor the dogs by getting a copy of The Lost Dogs by Jim Gorant and reading it or giving it as a gift to your local shelter, a friend or loved one. This book will warm your heart and uplift your spirit. Yes, there are a few rough paragraphs to get through. But in the end, the story is one of tremendous courage, triumph and spirit. Against all odds, despite PETA and the Humane Society and others insistence that the dogs be euthanized, most of the dogs have not only survived but are thriving in homes with other dogs, cats, children and continue to inspire others. Eight of the dogs have become therapy dogs, visiting sick people and reading with children, have won awards and given the key to the city. A few of the dogs have passed onto the Rainbow Bridge. Some of the pet guardians do speaking engagements and events. And a few have rescued other pit bulls who needed love and homes, too.

For Audie, Cherry, Danimal, Ernie, Frodo, Georgia, Ginger, Grace, Halle, Hector, Iggy, Jasmine, Jhumpa, Jonny J, Leo, Little Red, Mel, Oscar, Red, Squeaker, Stella, Teddles, Uba, Ziggy  and all of the other brave dogs…

Oscar just passed his CGC. He is an official Canine Good Citizen and is now eligible for adoption (has a pending home).


Ginger having her cake and eating her Happy cake, too…




What have you learned from these survivors of cruelty? How has this landmark case influenced your views on evaluating victims of cruelty? What have these dogs taught you about the importance of “seeing the dog, not the story?


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100+ pit bull march in Salinas

http://www.ksbw.com/news/central-california/salinas/Pit-bull-owners-take-to-the-streets-of-Salinas/-/5738906/9218242/-/x430qo/-/index.html more than 100 pit bulls and owners marched… including Ginger Girl and her mom Stacy


do you think pit bulls get a bad rap?




great commentary by the SPCA…


great ambassadogs and owners !

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local paper froths at pit bulls

my major pet peeves with pit bulls are:

1. they are bed hogs. has anyone ever written instructions on how to untangle yourself and get out of bed while a pit bull is snuggling on your belly or how to turn over while your dog is cuddling close into you?

2. they slobber all over you… I did not need that french kiss this morning nor the kisses all over my hands, legs and feet. Cici thinks if she kisses me enough I will get up but see the previous pet peeve for why that is not easy for me.

3. they want to kiss and say hello (wag wag wag) to everyone in the neighborhood.

dangerous dogs attacking…waa waa waa… BOL

It just gets tiresome, the same old blah blah blah in the news…

Pit bulls are once again blamed for people’s ignorance, fear and hysteria… the article is pretty balanced but most people won’t read anything but the scary headline…


Pit bull attacks common, animal control officers say

Three incidents in one day in Salinas…
oh my god… better run for the hills…

my response:

pit bull bans are being repealed across the USA and world…


No more pit bull discrimination in Ohio…

Ohio Governor John Kasich (R) signed on the dotted line, making Ohio House Bill 14an official law. HB 14 is a piece of legislation that will create a new and more refined system for defining a dog as potentially dangerous, removing the American Pit Bull Terrier and other “Bully breeds” from the list of automatically “vicious” dogs.


Michigan and Ontario Canada are in the works, too…


Millions of innocent dogs are abused, banned and killed every year because of the way they look, and the heinous discrimination against them.   And the headline in your article feeds into the hysteria, stereotypes and fear. The cruelty visited upon these dogs is caused by irresponsible owners, dog fighters, and unfair stereotypes.

I live in Seaside, am a freelance writer/editor and personally rescued a Dalmatian/pit bull mix a few years ago. For the most part, my neighbors and people love her. But a few strangers fear her for NO reason. She is NOT aggressive and has been attacked by other dogs on several occasions.  Her typical response is to lie down on her back and show her belly (a sign of submission).Yet at times people have the nerve to come up to me and tell me that she is scary. Really?

One time in Border’s, one lady was afraid of my dog (for no reason, we were just walking around the store) and other people started reacting. The fear just spread throughout the store. Suddenly, this man brought his gorgeous 5-year-old blonde haired, blue eyed daughter over and let her pet Cici. Cici licked the girl’s face and wagged her tail. The whole scene changed instantly. I had tears in my eyes I was so grateful and thankful for this angel. Cici loves kids and is so gentle with them. Everyone could see that immediately and the potentially scary situation ended.

Many people have never met a pit bull and could not pick one out of a lineup such as this…


Pit bulls were bred to be FRIENDLY to people and known as Nanny Dogs for 150 years… and pit bull is not a breed but a bunch of breeds…

No other dogs exemplify the BEST of the breeds known as pit bulls as the former Michael Vick dogs… Eight of these dogs, who were portrayed as the meanest, most vicious dogs of all time, have become therapy dogs. Many have been adopted into loving homes and are living with other dogs, cats, and children. Three of them in Monterey county (one died).


Some of the tale was told in the Lost Dogs book by Jim Gorant. And thousands of people follow the dogs and their owners daily trials and tribulations on Facebook.

Several of the dogs have made appearances on national TV (Rachael Ray, for one) but mostly the news is filled with hate and fear perpetrated against innocent dogs.

When do news reports tell about how the dogs have been treated by cruel, irresponsible and abusive humans? There is a known high correlation by law enforcement that people that abuse animals also abuse people including children. Yet animal abusers often receive slaps on the wrist instead of jail time and significant fines.

Whenever I read about any of the former Vick dogs what they went through, and I personally met the three dogs here in Monterey, it makes me ill.

For the first few months Cherry slept with his eyes open, a lot of the Vicktory dogs were shut down and trembled with fear/terror, could not eat properly, were terrified of strangers and new situations, Mel cannot bark to this day and many of the dogs were extremely skittish and wanted to find some place to hide. Handsome Dan used to pace and walk in circles because he was so terrified of the world. Even trying to get him to go on a walk would send him running. Oscar was absolutely terrified of people when he first came to Best Friends Sanctuary in 2008 (Note: 22 of the 51 dogs seized from Bad Newz Kennels went to Best Friends, 12 others went to BadRap, three to Monterey SPCA, 3 to Our Pack in SLO and the rest of the dogs were dispersed around the country). When he first showed up at Best Friends from the estate of Michael Vick, Cherry was shut down emotionally, especially when it came to being around people. For Cherry, meeting new people is still not always easy.


Handsome Dan

pit bull owners…

America’s bark off


Please make a difference and tell THE WHOLE STORY.

Thank you.

hurray BAMBA…bring your pit bull to a walk in Salinas, this Sunday from 10:30 a.m. until 1 p.m. It starts at Star Market on Main Street and will end at the National Steinbeck Center.


Pit bull defenders say the breed is no more dangerous than any other big dog and they want to dispel myths construed by police and the media with their Sunday march.


visit facebook.com/SundaySociaBull



some of this info is correct,some not, the Michael Vick dogs, eight are therapy dogs and many are living in homes… more than 50% ….



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heroes welcome: adopt a Vicktory dog

Today am feeling sad about a neighbor’s sweet puppy Coco, a chi mix, a tiny dog with markings similar to my Cici… the neighbor brought Coco to me last night for help and assistance, and wanted me to keep her… I could not do so, the dog is only six months old, not house trained nor fixed. At the time they visited I was reeling from the violent police attack on Occupy Oakland as well as just found out that the dogs below are up for adoption, so I was a bit scattered. I called my friend and dog rescuer for assistance and she told me that the people would have to surrender the dog to the SPCA and then another rescue group could get the puppy and get her adopted.

looking back, I feel sick to my stomach. The boy David was crying when I told him this. We brought him and Coco to another neighbor to see if they might want the pup to play with their dog. They said no. If I had it all to do over again, I’d still be knocking on doors until someone said yes.

The sweet shy little puppy, I kissed her head several times and she kissed me back… I do NOT want her to go to the SPCA. She could get lost in the system. I called them this morning and was not very assured. They have a lot of chi’s and chi mixes up for adoption. The gal was ok but there are four gals and some kind of evaluation process. IF Coco passes the eval then she goes to adoption. If not, she gets euthanized. The shelter system is BARBARIC.

So I worry about what happened last night to Coco. The mother of David told me that her friend was going to pick up the dog and keep her for the night. Apparently, the father or her boyfriend, is mean and told David that the dog could not stay. And the mother does not have a car to take Coco to the SPCA. Hoping that the friend came by and got Coco and can take care of the puppy.

Now am thinking of all the things I should have done… I should have taken a photo of Coco, I should have gotten their phone number and address and last name, we talked about it but it did not happen, I should have let David sleep in the living room with the dog last night and so on and on…I pray Coco and David are ok.

Cici, who used to cuddle with me ALL THE TIME, every day for five years, has not been lately, all of a sudden, for about the last month, has come up to me today and is snuggling right beside me… what a comfort she is to me !

Currently, at Best Friends Animal Society, there are FIVE Vicktory Dogs who are up for adoption. Don’t you think it is time they go home??? It HAS been 3 1/2 years. Ellen, Squeaker, Georgia, Ray and Oscar♥. please share.

Little Red

10-26-11 I’ve been thinking about the Vicktory dogs Georgia, Oscar and Squeeker. They have been in sanctuary for over 3 1/2 years and every year that goes by is one year less they will live in a home. (Little came home at 8 1/2 years old). These dogs are ready or nearly ready to find their forever homes. I hope people will reach out and adopt them as soon as possible so they have a chance at a happy home. I can’t tell you how close I came to NOT applying to adopt Little. I had been watching her progress & sponsoring her for over 3 years. I day-dreamed about adopting her but I thought there would be many, many other people with pitbull experience who wanted he. I didn’t think I would be considered since I had 4 other dogs. I met Little twice & spent a week volunteering in her unit. The last day I was at BF — the last hour before I was leaving for home — I got up the nerve to go to the adoptions office and ask about her. I expected to be told that she already had a home — as soon as she passed her CGC. I was floored when I found out no one else had completed an application. Kristi told me there were people interested, but no applications. That was all I needed, I started the process that day and 6 months later she was home. The moral of this story — if you think you are interested in adopting these dogs – go for it. Don’t wait and expect someone else to do it. They need homes now and they are getting on in years. It would be a tragedy if these dogs pass away without ever knowing the joy of living in a home. Little’s Mom











How to Adopt

One of the most awesome dogs that have already been adopted (they are ALL awesome), Cherry Garcia was adopted by a family in New England who have another pibble and have two cats. One of the cats, Walker, really helped Cherry settle into his new home.  They are best buddies, still regularly snuggle together and groom each other. Cherry (a Very Important Dog) and  family go to lots of events to show how fabulous Pitbulls are. Even after the horrible situation from his past, Cherry shows no aggression toward anyone. Like all dogs, he just wants to be loved.  Check out the progress of Cherry, Ginger Girl, Little Red, Handsome Dan, Hector the Pitbull and others on Facebook.

These dogs are shy and need the confidence that comes from being loved every day by a family. You can follow Cherry’s progress at Vicktory 4 Cherry. If you think you’re ready to bring one of these special dogs into your life, contact Best Friends Animal Society at dogadoptions@bestfriends.org.


Tours and volunteer opportunities at Best Friends

Call (435) 644-2001 ext 4537. Full tours take approximately an hour and a half and wind through the magnificent red-rock landscape of Angel Canyon.

If a tour just isn’t enough, and you have time to interact more closely with the sanctuary animals, please contact us about volunteer opportunities at (435) 644-2001 ext 4119.

love the new badrap website


find the former vick dogs under blogs




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Blog the Change: Pit Bull Awareness

When I thought about how to honor Pit Bull Awareness Month (and how to Blog the Change), it occurred to me to do an update about Ginger… one of the three former M. Vick dogs I met in Monterey at the SPCA.    I was hoping to also get stats on pit bulls in Monterey from the SPCA but so far nada. There are about 8 pit bulls available for adoption on their website. They are inundated with a large number of chi’s right now.

But in many many shelters across the country, a majority of the dogs up for adoption and the dogs that are euthanized are pit bulls and pit bull mixes due to human ignorance about the breed. Pit bulls are abused across the board, in all ways, starved, neglected, abandoned, made to fight so humans can make money and tortured for no reason other than how they look and human fear and hatred of dogs. Every year 4-6 million healthy pets get euthanized in shelters across the USA and a high percentage of those are pit bulls and mixes.

(Updates about Patrick, the starved dog in NJ and Lennox, a dog that is not even a pit bull, who may in a week be euthanized in Belfast, Ireland …)

More about Breed Discrimination and Pibbles

Ginger and her mama are very special and fabulous ambassadors for Pit Bulls everywhere. LOVE is the KEY factor that MAKES the difference in a DOG’s Life. And Ginger personifies how great pit bulls are… goofy, loving, sweet and loyal… Even after being fought, tortured, abused, ALL of the former Vicktory dogs are a great example of the breed. Eight of the former Vick dogs are now therapy dogs. And most of the dogs are now spending time in loving homes with other dogs, kids, cats and humans. Several have their own facebook pages… Hector the Pit Bull, Handsome Dan, Cherry Garcia, Jhumpa Jones, and others. Clearly, it is NOT the dogs that cause problems, it is the humans that make a difference, one way or another.

From Stacy Dubuc, Ginger’s wonderful adopter aka doggie mama:

After being rescued from Michael Vick’s Bad Newz Kennels, Ginger made the long journey from Virginia to The SPCA for Monterey County.  Two years old at the time, she had spent most of her life in a kennel and had had very little positive interactions with humans.  She quickly went into a foster home to provide her with a quiet stable environment where she would hopefully come out of her shell.  Her early months in foster care were not easy, she was incredibly timid and would cower and hide whenever approached.  The timid shell of an animal I brought home needed way more than simple material items – she needed compassion, patience, love and some sort of understanding after the ordeal she had been through.

Our early days and months were not easy – her clinging to the back of her crate for hours on end as I cried and wondered if we would ever be friends, her fleeing from any attempt at a gentle touch, refusing to eat for days as I tried a variety of techniques to prevent her from wasting further away…it goes on and on and has probably been experienced by many a person fostering an abused animal.  We worked through those tough times and eventually became friends.

It is hard to believe but November 6th will make four years since Ginger came home with me. It has been such a pleasure watching her evolve into the confident, happy, and incredibly loving dog she is today. She loves running about the yard, going for long walks along the rec trail, naps, treats, etc.  The dog that used to cower from people is now curious and willing to meet new people. While, she will still shy away from being petted by most strangers, she will eagerly sit and take treats from them.  Most of the people we meet will never know her past…they simply see her as a beautiful happy dog passing by them on the trail.

Ginger Girl’s Facebook page


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just dogs, hah…

One time I was in traffic court waiting for the Judge. There was an mean grumpy older black woman sitting on the bench waiting with me. She had a boy perhaps five years old with her. This boy had a light, a radiance, a glow about him and the sweetest smile and personality. I just wanted to hug and kiss him he was so adorable. He could not sit still as children of that age who are normal cannot do. He was full of energy and entertaining and no one minded as he made everyone smile. Everyone but the grumpy grandmother or mother. She said something to him like If you don’t sit down and be quiet, I am going to get the police to lock you up and put you away.  It was a horrible thing to tell a young child and especially a boy who clearly wanted attention and had a loving heart. I told her to knock it off that it was an awful thing to tell a child and I told the boy, she is lying to you. The biotch got mad and humppphhhhed away, tried to threaten me first with a Mind Your Own Business before I tell the police about you.  I was NOT afraid of her idle threats but what about the boy who did not know any better??? What would he believe???   Would he live a life of fear ??? I prayed for that boy for a long time, that he find a better home filled with loving people who would give him the love and attention he needed.

Another time I was in a supermarket going through the aisles when I heard a baby cry. It was not just crying, it was screaming loud and hysterical. Could not stop crying. The father did not know what to do and was trying to shut the baby up in a very crude manner.  I could not walk by like everyone else. I prayed first for healing and angels around the baby and me. I approached gently and asked if I could pray with them.  Miraculously, he said yes. As I prayed, I could feel that the father and baby were calming down and by the end, the crying baby subsided.  I softly suggested to the father that in my experience when babies are upset, it is usually because the people around them, their caretakers are upset. And that if he could just relax himself, that would be help the baby, too. He was very thankful, relieved and happy.

It is the same with dogs as it is with children, pretty much. How adults treat dogs and children has impact, negative or positive.  I don’t know how anyone could say just dogs . Have you ever met a dog, had a dog, or know someone who loved a dog? Do you have a heart?  Eyes to see?

Any two bit bully can scare those weaker than them in size and muscle. But it takes a TRUE HERO to overcome their fears.

That’s one reason it really irks/irritates me when people say they’re just dogs. Twice yesterday, I had to tell people this saying M. Vick killed a few dogs is like saying Hitler killed a few Jews (actually besides the 8 million Jews he killed, there were 6 million Gypsies, disabled, Socialists and others Hitler had killed)… Most people do not know that.

Here are some of the Vicktory dogs. They are not “just dogs” …  They are HEROES in the truest meaning of the words. So when people say they are just dogs, show them these just dogs, proudly, seven of them are now therapy dogs… Pay tribute to these dogs.

Now look at these dogs and I double dog dare you to tell me these sweet innocent loving beings are just dogs. Anyone who says that is just plain ignorant … NO dog is just a dog. And these dogs are the BEST dogs on the planet.  Super dogs who have not only survived horrific abuse of the worst kind but most are thriving thanks to the loving care, patience, and TLC they received from loving people at Badrap, Best Friends, Monterey SPCA, Our Pack, and others and their adopters, foster parents, and other volunteers). These are heroes.

Most of these dogs did not know how to be dogs. They were not socialized, had never been on a leash, never had toys to play with, did not sleep on a bed, were chained up 24/7, they never experienced any affection from humans or been in a car or groomed. They were often terrified of humans and pancaked (lay flat on the ground unmoving) a form of Post Traumatic Stress Disorder, exhibited a freeze response to life-threatening situations. In the wild, animals can make the choice of flight (flee) or fright but their body can make a third choice in extremely dangerous situations, and that is to freeze. Being immobile, they become almost invisible to predators. Not human predators, but other animals. Given that many of these dogs froze at the sight of the dangerous predator humans they knew, anyone with a heart cannot bear the idea of what they went through. The terror that they experienced. Makes me cry and sick to my stomach every time I think about it and I try not to think about it.

So for the record, these are NOT his dogs, he proved beyond a shadow of a doubt that he did not deserve them. They are MUCH TOO GOOD. And if anyone deserves AWARDS, it is the heroic Vicktory dogs. For their bravery, for overcoming all of the odds, for letting go of their fear/terrors, for learning how to be dogs, for leaping over their obstacles, and learning to love and forgive human beings. For their service to humanity. For all of the good that they’ve done and for all of the hope they bring to the world.

This book is their story… it is inspiring, hopeful and an amazing read… written like a mystery, I read it in two days, could not put it down.


This is Jonny Justice, a therapy dog, a reading with kids dog


this is Mel, Richard Hunter’s dog…


these are the three dogs that I met personally at the Monterey SPCA, Ginger, Stella and Red (now deceased from cancer).



Slide show: where the dogs were in 2010


Vicktory dogs 2011

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cici home soon aka where do good dogs go, the sequel

Update: Cici IS AT THE SPCA, Thank you all for your prayers and kindness. she is fine and be home around 4 pm today.

cici just got home, only a tiny scratch above her eye, she is a miracle baby, i swear she has 9 lives, starving, peeing like a bandit, fed her like a pig, hot dogs, kibble, treats, gonna go cuddle with her. thx

This was NOT Cici just running away.  She was run over by an SUV and was spooked and scared out of her mind. Happened because of owner of this house is cruel and inhuman, let her go out in the street and was laughing about her getting hurt… PS: Cici and I need a NEW PLACE TO LIVE ASAP. More on that Later.

Many many people to thank who kept me halfway sane:

Kelly at Animal Control in Seaside, THE BEST

Megan at the Monterey County SPCA, WONDERFUL

Carie Broecker of Aloha Pet Sitting, Peace of Mind Dog Rescue, Editor of Canine Coastal Magazine and dog mom/lover in Pacific Grove, YOU ROCK and kept me together this morning when I was falling apart

Jim Fink, who has a HEART OF GOLD in the right place, who walked with me around the neighborhood at midnight and made phone calls this morning, always trying to do HIS BEST and powerful PRAYERS

Lisa Spector’s Calm Canine Music for helping me halfway stay sane, if not for music, cannot even think what

Anna Bougas, Nikhi C my Canadian friend, Catherine Howe Bryant, Taylor and Mark, Lisa Cliffe, Adria Castro and The rest of the gang at The Patricks Miracle and Movement, Amy Brigham, Barbara Bruce, Edie Jarolim of Will My Dog Hate Me, Nanners Mom, Mary Alice of Dog Jaunt, Lori Manning, Tim Link, Kim Garrison, Marie or Nancy DiSimone, you guys are THE BEST PEOPLE ON THE PLANET, sorry, hope I did not leave anyone out, forgive me…

and BLESS YOU kind hearted folks who found my fur baby last night and brought her to the SPCA !!!


PS: Been trying to rest/take a nap, but am way too tired… it occurrs to me that my sweet dog is really a cat with nine lives. She got me to rescue her when she was just six months, from a bad situation, when I did not even want a dog. Then she got hit by a van in Carson City and survived, albeit three surgeries on her leg. And now this Easter miracle… imagine how many dogs get RUN OVER by an SUV and SURVIVE, never mind survive UNSCATHED… and then SURVIVE the wild streets of Seaside.  Trust me, my fur baby is truly BLESSED and surrounded by divine canine protection.


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Pet Food Bank USA 4 Patrick

In honor of Patrick, I am going to start a local Pet Food Bank right here in Seaside, CA. We have an SPCA that helps folks but for people in my neighborhood who are struggling financially it’s too far if they don’t have transportation, too expensive for gas, and if they are ill. So the pets end up at the SPCA or Animal Control and you know what happens. Am sure this is happening elsewhere. In honor of Patrick, we should vow no more starving pets!

It is a good time to Step Up and Start of Donate to a Pet Food Bank in your community. If you need assistance in starting one let me know.

Also, if you are a dog food company, where are you ?  WE NEED YOUR GENEROUS DONATIONS. This is an amazing media/publicity opportunity for you and ,more importantly, how about doing good for all the dogs like Patrick and cats in your community, too.  Rachael Ray Nutrish, Ellen DeGeneres Halo, Hellooooo..

Healthy food companies please be generous and let me know what you are donating.

This blog is honored to be linked to by Peggy Frezon’s  uplifting Patrick post.


and Lisa Spector, Through a Dog’s Ear, http://www.care2.com/greenliving/what-defines-animal-abuse.html


So far, Clear Conscience Pet has stepped up and is donating healthy dog treats … Cici’s favorite treats… Bison Liver Bark and Beef Bark, yum !

Like them on Facebook…


Thank you.  And Patrick and his Pals thank you, too.

for the latest about the Patrick movement, go here:


Another Saturday Blog Hop thanks to Life with Dogs, catch the code


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