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Freedom of the Press

What is wrong with this picture ???  IF you think any of the stories below are fake/false news, they are not. Freedom of the Press, aka the First Amendment, IS one of our most important and highly cherished parts of the CONSTITUTION. Look it up. Many reporters have risked their very lives over the years to bring us the news, facts and evidence included not opinion and wild conspiracy theories.


Travel industry… 

The US Travel industry has lost $185 million in revenue since the inauguration. The U.s. Association reported that in 2016, the number of international tourists had finally returned to pre-Sept. 11 numbers. But since the travel ban, enough though it was rescinded, the message is our country is not welcoming outsiders.




Even elderly white Australian children’s authors with proper visas are not exempt from Trump inspired intense scrutiny.

Australia’s beloved children’s author Mem Fox was detained for two hours and is threatening never to return to the United States. 



Muhammed Ali, Jr., the son of the famous boxer, was detained for hours at Miami airport despite the fact that he is a U.S. citizen with a valid U.S. passport and no criminal history. Immigration officials asked him if he was a Muslim and other questions about his religion.. His mother who was traveling with him on their way back from a conference in Jamaica was not detained.




Protection for deployed military families have been dropped which means that military personnel fighting on the front lines could receive desperate phone calls or come home to find their families have been deported. Military spouses and children.





IS this your idea of how America should be behaving??? Is Russia and/or white supremacists, no one who any American voted for in the last election, running our country now ????   DON’T WE HAVE A RIGHT TO KNOW ????

CICI and I, well, me I am a third generation American, are disgusted, appalled, and shocked at how people, our neighbors, friends, fellow Americans, are being treated and scapegoated. Some people in power, aka millionaires and billionaires love to blame poor people, minorities, victims of their policies, for the injustices of the world. Yet, if you think for a second, WHO are the people with the POWER to CHANGE  the systems, create JOBS, economic freedom and prosperity, and equality for all?


Spending billions of dollars deporting people who came here to work hard and pay their taxes, unlike the billionaires and millionaires, is  COSTING US A LOT OF MONEY AND WILL IMPOVERISH ALL OF US on many levels. $500 billion for the deportations and $30 or 40 billion for the wall so that military industrial companies can get richer.


Cici says it’s the fault of the CATS. A CAT CONSPIRACY make the cats pay for the wall….




Is this what we want  Berlin wall dogs ???







I was in Berlin before the wall came down. I was on a tour bus at Checkpoint Charlie and we were told that we could not get out and off the bus. Why?  They pointed to the guards who stood ready with their guns to shoot us if we dared to do so. Chilling moment. And no one got off the bus. The wall kept people trapped inside East Berlin.


A few corrupt and greedy politicians think that they can trick people into looking the other way so that their treasonous behavior will not be seen or heard and they will not be held accountable. IF there is a lot of smoke, there is usually fire. And if the people involved are innocent, then you would think that they would want the world to know that. INSTEAD they tell tall stories to COVER UP their misdeeds and fool us. Do you want to pay with YOUR VERY LIFE, your children’s lives, your pet’s lives, your family’s life, your neighbor’s life, just to help a few billionaires and millionaires ????






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Pit bull news

When it rains, it pours in pitbollian land, it seems, whenever there is news, there is lots of it these days… so here’s a bit of what is going on… 

Patrick Update

The Essex County Prosecutor’s Office has confirmed that the Kisha Curtis case is scheduled to continue today, Friday February 22nd at 9:00 AM. While this case has taken almost two years to get to where we are and that is so difficult for many to understand, the NJSPCA does appreciate the efforts of the Essex County Prosecutors Office and the patience of Judge Cassini. The justice system grinds forward so slowly in some cases but the Essex County Prosecutor’s Office has and continues to take this case seriously. Frustration is often expressed when cases drag on but the single most important fact of this case is that Patrick has recovered, is doing amazingly well and is happy and loved with the Scavelli’s. I personally have no doubt that Patrick will be forever, “Patrick Scavelli” !!! Capt, NJSPCA

Curtis continues to deny abusing/neglecting and abandoning Patrick, asked for pre-trial intervention, it was rejected, and the next hearing date is April 8.


Good news

The Maryland House of Delegates has voted UNANIMOUSLY to pass legislation that will protect dog owners in Maryland from discrimination. Dog owners, property owners, concerned citizens and lawmakers have all been working together to find a solution to a 2012 Maryland Court of Appeals ruling that put severe financial and emotional burdens on dog owners and landlords. Next up, the bill goes to the Senate where, according to the Baltimore Sun, it is expected to be favorably received. There is no ‘us vs. them” in Maryland: everyone is working together to achieve safe, human communities!


Hero Dog Saves Couple From Apartment Fire


A dog’s heroics helped one family escape an apartment fire over the weekend.

The dog woke up a couple in the nick of time after a fire burned an apartment building in Sheffield, AL. The couple said that if their dog didn’t wake them, they wouldn’t have made it out alive.

Boots is a 9-month-old pit bull mix. Her owner, Brandon McDonald, said he and his wife were asleep in an upstairs apartment when the fire broke out early Saturday morning.

He said the dog kept nudging him, and even barked a couple times, but it wasn’t until she latched onto his arm that he then opened his eyes and saw smoke inside their apartment. Mcdonald said the dog’s bite didn’t break the skin or leave any bruises.

Like others in the building, the couple lost everything in the fire, but they said they’re thankful to still have the dog and each other.

“I’ve always kept a pit bull,” said McDonald. “I won’t ever be without a pit bull again. I will never get rid of my dog. I love my dog to death.”

Firefighters believe the fire started in a downstairs apartment. An exact cause has not yet been determined.


Detroit area may lift ban of pit bulls…


In Nevada



A Broward County, Florida commissioner has filed a motion to make it illegal to own “pit bulls” in Broward County. This issue is on next week’s commissioner’s meeting agenda. PLEASE SHARE and please make your polite and respectful opposition to this proposal known to the county commissioners. It is very important to note that Florida state law PROHIBITS cities from passing BSL

Florida Statute 767.14 prohibits local governments from regulating dogs due to breed.


“According to a 2008 study, “Breed Differences in Canine Aggression,” pit bulls are markedly less aggressive toward their owners when compared to other dogs. And the breed has displayed below-average levels of aggression when encountering strangers.”


“Breed-specific legislation is useless. BSL accomplishes nothing. It doesn’t improve public safety, or even prevent dog bites. It’s expensive. It does nothing to hold irresponsible dog owners accountable for their actions, while at the same time punishing responsible dog owners, and here’s the kicker: Not one single animal welfare organization supports the policy. Not one.” ~Shorty Rossi



Blog Hop time…thanks to Life with DogsTwo Little Cavaliers and Confessions of the Plume…  grab the blog hop  link



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Patrick’s Law movement

building momentum…and then went bust…??? people don’t let ego and control get in the way, please…

please see my new post about Patricks law/movement split…


and the info about serial cyberbullies…


beautiful Progress Report on Patrick on Life with Dogs and there is a must watch video.


ok, am confused, this from the Patrick’s Law facebook page…people are/were excited and want to do something, chomping at the bit and she put them all out to dry??? why???

Patrick’s Law

I have removed and banned the Patricks Law Movement pages. If anyone posts a link to them, they will similarly be deleted and banned. I have no time for nonsense. Anyone whose efforts are counter-productive, ego-based and selfish, and NOT focused on the big picture, are not welcome here.

Latest news:

clearly tying a dog up for a week or more hoping someone will come along and take care of it is a pathetic excuse. Patrick was clearly starved for more than a week, too.

Write letters to the media, to our legislators, make phone calls.  Phone calls made to the NJ Prosecutor and Mayor of Newark Cory Booker (go like his facebook page and speak up) resulted in upping Kisha Curtis’ charges from disorderly to torture and torment doubling her possible sentencing… not enough but she’s still in jail on another warrant from doing some other criminal act.

Do it for Patrick to honor Patrick to honor all the other dogs who have been and are being abused. Do it for your children because you want them to live in a place that punishes criminals like Curtis. Do it for yourself and your world. Because you want to live in a world where animals and people and this planet are no longer treated like garbage !!!


Here’s a sample letter:  (I edited it a bit)…

Have you heard about Patrick? My guess is probably not.Patrick was starved, for who knows how long. News reports have said that Patrick was left for an entire week, unattended, with nothing to eat. Patrick had been stepped over, and stepped around on a staircase in an apartment while those around him ate. Patrick suffered and is still suffering. He became a skeleton of a dog. His bones began to protrude, his ribcage completely visible. Now resembling a corpse, he was placed in a trash bag, and thrown down a garbage chute, nearly 22 stories.But this was not the end for Patrick. On March 16, 2011 as luck would have it, with his last bit of strength, he rustled that garbage bag and a maintenance man who was picking up the trash heard the bag move. Patrick was alive, barely, but he was alive; still clinging onto the hope that someone would feed him, love him, hold him.Patrick wasn’t expected to live through the night. Miraculously, he did. Miraculously, he is still here, getting better, gaining weight. That, in itself, is a miracle.

This is when Patrick’s life, my life, and the lives of 50,000+ people worldwide changed.

Now you would think, Patrick’s abuser would receive severe jail-time for the malicious neglect that Patrick received that almost ended his life. Patrick’s abuser faces a MAXIMUM of 18 months in prison and a fine of $3,000.00. While this offense happened in New Jersey, Pennsylvania offers even less time and fines for those who abuse and neglect.

“Cruelty to animals is defined as: “wantonly or cruelly illtreats, overloads, beats, otherwise abuses any animal, or neglects any animal as to which he has a duty of care, whether belonging to himself or otherwise, or abandons any animal, or deprives any animal of necessary sustenance, drink, shelter or veterinary care, or access to clean and sanitary shelter which will protect the animal against inclement weather and preserve the animal’s body heat and keep it dry.” This is a summary offense with a fine of $50-750 and/or imprisonment up to 90 days. “

Oh, didn’t I tell you? Patrick is a dog. A pitbull who is around one year of age, a puppy, a baby.

There is a movement happening across the United States. We NEED to change these laws. Over 50,000 people have banned together in Patrick’s name and vowed to change animal cruelty laws. If someone can starve a puppy and throw him down a trash chute, what will they do with their children? Law enforcement and ASPA has well documented that people that abuse animals often abuse people, too.

Sadly, Patrick is not the only one. There are animals being abused in every corner of the world, and this continues to happen because there is no real punishment for the abusers. Pearson, Hope, Lancelot, and Sprout are other dogs who have been severely abused by ways of neglect and physical abuse. Help our voices be heard.

Thank you,

Go team Patrick !!!


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woman bites dog…

In Journalism 101, they teach you that dog bites man is not a news story but man bites dog is… well, this woman bites her dog every day and has proven the point and made the news… is she weird and proud of it? seems to be that she does not mind the limelight…


and this Dalmatian mom named Button recently gave birth to 18 puppies… spots everywhere and talk about too many mouths to feed !




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Hello world!

Once Upon a Blog… A Writer and Her Dog Traveled, Ate Chocolate (not the dog), Chased Wild Animals (not the Writer), and Got Cooped Up Together in a House…

In a galaxy far far away, New York City, Bayside, Queens, to be exact, I wanted to be a writer… now here I am 3,000 miles away in Nevada babysitting my dog … We are cooped up for at least another month. She is mending from a fractured femur bone that she acquired from being hit by a car in August… so you will understand hopefully why I am frothing a little bit. You try being on restriction with a puppy dog for a month and pretty much housebound 24/7 and see how you behave…

Currently, she is in her normal habitat, on her blankets, tethered to the closet, me, I am tethered to my phone and computer… occasionally, she lets me go out to forage for food, cash, gas and other necessities of life, and of course, chocolate… oh, she doesn’t get to eat it, but I HAVE to… so pardon me, dog, but 20+ years later I am a published writer and newsletter editor… I have written travel guides, articles for newspapers, newsletters, magazines, trade journals, web copy, online newsletters, ezines, write press releases that get published and much more… last week, I got someone published online in Entrepreneur magazine and now here I am sitting and watching you sleep… yawn… don’t lick your paws… and other unmentionables… there must be a life lesson in here somewhere… shoulda got a cat… hah…I had two cats for five years and one ran away ten years ago…

While I am here, listening to the Grand Pooper sneeze, snore, woof, bark, and occasionally growl at me, not in a mean way, but in a get up and take me outside Now kinda encouraging wagging her polka dot tail kinda way…

I thought I’d write about our travels together this past spring and summer… she was stalking bugs, running after birds, rabbits, llamas, sheep, horses, deer, cats, a few skunks and goats, as well as other dogs, capturing bugs, and digging holes in the sand on the dunes at the beach, while I was stalking chocolate… Dark chocolate, Organic, Fair Trade, rich, deep and creamy with nuts, ginger, sassafras, caramel, alcohol, fruits, lavendar, and all kinds of good tasting food of the gods… in California, Oregon, and Nevada, mostly… Earlier this year, in February, I found yummy chocolates in Hawaii, but my dog stayed in her backyard where she belonged… although she did escape a few times I heard… But starting in March, we escaped 95 degree heat in Las Vegas, and launched our Spring and Summer of Travels…

Unlike me, she doesn’t enjoy being alone… her Dalmatian canine instincts make her a social butterfly, friendly to the point of annoying. She even enjoys going to the vet, just to see all those vet techs, vets and animals, or maybe she is happy to get away from me at this point… in public, she wags her tail at people I would never EVER say hello to in a million years… but then she licks people’s feet and sniffs other dog’s butts, and other activities I would never engage in either…

Since she does not enjoy being alone, she gives me the evil eye any and every time I leave the room, never mind the house, unless she is in doggy dreamland… but she has been known to wake up just to give me that look… the one that tells me, you are abandoning me, and for what good reason?

Jewish and Italian mothers could learn a lot from my dog. That looks says I am a poor puppy dog and I need to be loved… DON’T LEAVE ME ALONE. Well, dog, if I bring you back a treat, a snack, a chew toy, or some other dog idea of heaven, will you let me out puhlease, puhlease, puppy, oh please… LET ME GOOOOO… and please don’t get in trouble while I am gone…

You know, I could have and was supposed to put you in a cage, a crate the vet calls it, I call it puppy jail and because I didn’t want to listen to you whine, I have not done so… but push me too far…

I don’t think so, human, hmmm, well, I think I will chew up the blanket, eat your glasses, and any cardboard or paper you leave lying around, and I can lick myself silly… aha, go away, see if I care… and when you get back, you’ll be sorry…

ok, here we go… we traveled from and to a lot of places in California, Nevada and Oregon… well, mostly California… and I am going to write about them… just for the heck of it… (get the pun? my name is Hecht)… oh geez… everyone else in the known universe has a blog, I am a writer, I should have one, too…

By the way, you can visit my website at: http://celiasue.hecht.googlepages.com/home

and about my chocolate travel book at:  http://celiasue.hecht.googlepages.com/Itravelforchocolate

Wild West Chocolate Lovers Travel Guide


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