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It is the pits and not the pits

did it all begin with dogs?

the rancor, recrimination, disdain, and discrimination,

small versus large dogs.

breed discrimination.

breed bans.


talk to any owner of a German Shepherd, Rottweiler, or pit bull (which is not a breed, a bunch of bully breeds including American Pit Bull Terrier, American Staffordshire Terrirer, Pit Bull Terrier, and others) are lumped together and called pit bulls, and they will tell you about how their dog(s) are vilified, demonized, shunned, and/or called mean, vicious and/or killer dogs, no matter the dog.

is it any wonder then now we have right here in America:


red vs blue

GOP vs Democrats

conservatives vs liberals

Bernie supporters versus Hillary

men versus women

white Christian evangelicals aka white supremacists against everyone

heterosexuals against LGBT folks

white people versus nonwhite people

rich versus poor and middle class

1% versus 99%

housed versus unhoused

child molesters and rapists versus transgendered

environmentalists aka tree huggers versus climate change deniers and oil companies, big pharma and nuke, coal, industries

vegetarians and vegans versus meat eaters

war mongers versus pacifists

north versus south

didn’t we fight this war before, I seem to recall something…

people divided

a nation in crisis 

fighting each other and the whole world

when will we learn the lessons and stop blaming one another, pointing fingers, spewing hatred?

it is not the dogs, not the people…


a nation gone mad accusing one another for our problems


we are NOT NOT NOT going to solve anything with slurs, epithets, walls and bans


can we just agree to disagree and MOVEO N?????




on a different note, Cici and I are traveling and met with Howard Epstein in LA for lunch yesterday. It was fun and yummy and we grew up in the same neighborhood in NYC, went to the same high school at different times.







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my Halloween angel

Cici does not like getting dressed up…

can you tell???  LOL

candy candy candy…

in the midst of Sandy, and all that is happening on the east coast, my beloved NYC, and NJ,  CT, etc., here is an amazing and miraculous and inspirational tale… a tribute


the location of my father’s old store…Canal Street… it was a dark , dirty and hole in the wall store… with a basement filled with rats…  and old used machinery…industrial equipment… that he bought and sold


Happy Halloween!!!




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Pardon Lennox


http://celiasue.com/2012/07/11/for-brooke-justice-for-lennox/  RIP LENNOX

Latest Update from Victoria Stilwell and URGENT email request…


pls share, latest UPDATE, join protest in NYC Mon. July 9 to #SaveLennox the dog #End BSL

This is a beautiful heartfelt letter…

My Heart for Lennox | A copy of a Letter to Michelle O Neill. Minister for Agriculture and Development

“I feel that all of those who have worried for Lennox and his family,  do deserve an explanation. It is only fair and it is only right. I do not know who is accountable to provide such information, and I was wondering whether you could pass this email on to Belfast City Councils Public Relations Team (That I assume they have) although, so far, there does not seem any point of contact.

…We are supposed to be a civilized society and all of these people who have protested, campaigned, some have even made badges, video’s and posters to raise awareness. These people do deserve an explanation. I was brought up to believe that we should tell the truth, silence is not the answer. Why is he being destroyed? I have a 7 year old God-Daughter, who won’t take her dog to the park because she believes if a dog warden sees them, he/she will take her pet. I say to her, don’t be silly, no, they won’t.  And then I wonder, the thing is though… they did it to Lennox. How do you explain or justify this to a 7 year old little girl with a Yorkshire Terrier? This is how deeply it is affecting our society of animal lovers, to include our children, the next generation, utterly appalling.”


Lennox KISSING the very person that (under oath) called him “extremely aggressive.”



From Victoria Stilwell

Spent a great afternoon with the courageous and beautiful Barnes family in Belfast. Their passion not only for saving Lennox but also for making the world safer for all dogs is humbling and awesome to behold. No matter the outcome, we must all unite worldwide to overturn BSL everywhere and make sure their ordeal has not been in vain.

Inexplicably, thus far the Belfast City Council has denied my repeated requests to meet privately and discuss alternatives for Lennox. We’re not finished fighting this, though, and will keep you updated.


How can these bureaucrats punish and treat a disabled young girl and her innocent dog so cruelly with the whole world watching????

this is my letter…

Dear Michelle O’Neil,  michelleoneil@hotmail.com

my heart is heavy, tummy upset and I cannot sleep awaiting to hear the fate of Lennox again tonight.
As a dog owner, I fret because I rescued my dog and love my dog. How can anyone with a heart not be affected by the fate of Lennox????
There are so many disturbing aspects to this case.
Numerous articles like the one below have been surfacing where dogs who have actually bit people have been given reprieve that it really strikes at the heart. Why has Lennox been singled out for punishment then?????  A loved dog of a disabled girl who never hurt a soul.  Why have all of the requests to rehome Lennox gone unanswered????
if this pup can be given a muzzling and retraining order for having bitten, then there is no excuse for the councils death sentence on Lennox and I don’t accept the opinion of someone paid to give evidence against him, especially not since dog experts who I respect have given opposite opinions of Lennox.
An illegal fighting dog was spared. This dog was found running around freely in the streets without a collar or lead.  Yet this dog was not put into jail nor does this dog await death.
A young disabled girl’s heart is broken and many hundreds of thousands of people’s hearts around the world have spent more nights and days like this worrying, fretting, wondering what to do to help this family who have showed tremendous courage and dignity despite this ongoing ordeal.
Brooke, the young disabled girl, deserves to have her dog back, her bestest friend in the whole wide world.
Please give Brooke her dog back or at the very least allow Victoria Stilwell, Cesar Milan, Jeff Coltenback or any of the other requests to rehome Lennox safely with dog experts at their OWN EXPENSE happen.
The world deserves the truth. And Lennox and his family deserve justice and healing. They and we have already been through too much heartache.
Pardon him. He has done nothing wrong.
Brooke and the other children of the world are watching with their parents and dog lovers like myself are, too.
His fate lies in your hands.
CeliaSue Hecht
To email Ireland’s Prime Minister: taoiseach@taoiseach.gov.ieIf you’d like to send an email to each of the Belfast City Council members, blind copy them all at these email addresses: attwoodt@belfastcity.gov.uk, d.browne@ntlworld.com, maryellencampbell@hotmail.com, converyp@belfastcity.gov.uk, corrs@belfastcity.gov.uk, tiernac77@gmail.com, catherine.curran@allianceparty.org, niallodonnghaile@gmail.com, tom@weaverscourt.com, garrettm@belfastcity.gov.uk, empgroves@msn.com, hairet@belfastcity.gov.uk,hannac@belfastcity.gov.uk,sandebelfast@sinn-fein.ie,hartley_tom@hotmail.com, maire.hendron@allianceparty.org, williamhy@dup-belfast.co.uk, husseyj@belfastcity.gov.uk, mervynjones54@yahoo.co.uk,keenancolin@belfastcity.gov.uk, bkelly@utvinternet.com, kingstonb@belfastcity.gov.uk, kylej@belfastcity.gov.uk, mallonn@belfastcity.gov.uk, conormaskey@hotmail.com, mccarthyp@belfastcity.gov.uk, frankmccoubrey1@hotmail.co.uk, gareth@dup-belfast.co.uk, laura.mcnamee@allianceparty.org, mcveighjames@belfastcity.gov.uk, caoimhinmgm@yahoo.com, mairtin@newbelfast.com, mullankate@belfastcity.gov.uk, adam.newton@live.co.uk, carole.newton@hotmail.co.uk, lydia@dup-belfast.co.uk, reynoldsl@belfastcity.gov.uk, robinsong2@belfastcity.gov.uk, rodgersj@belfastcity.gov.uk, spenceg@belfastcity.gov.uk, christopher_stalford@yahoo.com, stokerb@belfastcity.gov.uk, naomi@dup-belfast.co.uk, andrew.webb@allianceparty.org
To the media:
A disabled young girl in ill health, an innocent dog and a world full of dog lovers… vs. cruel bureaucracy

The National Animal Control Authority (ENPA) in Italy has asked for clemency to the Queen and has offered to host Lennox in Italy.

Victoria Stilwell, Cesar Millan, Jeff Coltenback and others in the USA have offered to give Lennox a home in America at their own expense.

Belfast, Ireland, LET LENNOX GO HOME !!!!!

 Media in the UK

dlooby@wexfordecho.ie, editor@irishtimes.com,












































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Easter sweet surprise giveaway

In her Easter bonnet, no, Cici will not appear in a hat…

and no we are NOT giving away Easter bunnies… hop hop hop…

Every once in awhile us pet parents have to indulge in a sweet delight just for ourselves, and usually mine is chocolate, something I can eat and Cici cannot… but recently I sampled these amazing sweet treats so what we ARE giving away is a box of …

Zeke’s Butterscotch 

This is the best butterscotch I’ve ever eaten. Tastes fresh, rich and is simply addicting. NOT for dogs.  Humans only. Melts in your mouth delicious.

To be eligible for the box of homemade vintage butterscotch, participants must “Like” the Zeke’s Facebook fan page and Tweet the following to Zeke’s Twitter page: “What’s your best memory with butterscotch?” Leave a comment here and/or like the Have Dog Blog will Travel Facebook page, too to keep us in the loop.

Contest ends April 18 at midnight PST. You’ve got just Eight more days to enter and win.  (Yes, we just extended the date) … And if you make us laugh, with a photo of your pet in rabbit ears, (optional) you may just get an extra special pet treat, too. 

So hop hop hop over and you just may win this yummy sweet surprise…

For me, my memories of butterscotch are of the hard candy kind. My dad had a store in Manhattan near to Chinatown. And on special occasions, we would visit the Lower East Side for candy. There were all kinds of goodies… shoe leather (apricot delight), licorice ropes in various flavors, fruity filled hard candies and butterscotch. The candy store near our home where I usually bought my candy held treasures such as MaryJane’s, Clark bars or anything sweet and salty combined with butter, chocolate and/or peanut butter, made me happy. But the more exotic types of candy obtained in NYC were a rare treat for us kid candy connoisseurs.

My grandmother‘s pocketbook was also a great resource for candy. It was usually filled with delights such as peppermint Chiclets gum and butterscotch candies, too. I loved to dig through her purse (how rude, huh) and find something sweet and delicious. It was one of our rituals. Whatever I found, I could eat. Hey, I was 10 and younger. I lived for stuff like that.

About Zeke’s

The Zeke butterscotch candy gets its unique flavor from the ingredients from a recipe from Zeke’s mother, Old Wuss as she was called, who found it in a cookbook that was published in Chicago around 1860, way before imitation flavors were invented.   REAL butterscotch is made with real ingredients.  The main ingredients are Hawaiian pure cane sugar, butter, Grade AA Creamery Butter and lots of it and unsulphered molasses which gives Zeke’s Butterscotch its deep, rich flavor.  The apple cider vinegar in the candy creates a chemical reaction that softens the butterscotch when it is warmed – as in your mouth, and that’s when you’ll start drooling.  It has a very juicy, buttery flavor.  Two more minor but very important ingredients are water (pure and natural) and salt.

Zeke’s Candy Company, formerly Cotton’s Candy Kitchen Co., is owned and operated by Sheila and Jeff Cotton in Cedarville, Ca. and has been in operation since 1988. The two married candy connoisseurs love making vintage candy butterscotch.

Blog Hop time…  thanks to Life with Dogs,Two Little Cavaliers and Confessions of the Plume…  grab the blog hop code…


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pooches occupying wall street

there are some big dogs and little dogs who are occupying Wall Street these days, here are a few (20) of them who have a bone to pick with and some choice and meaty things to say to the 1% Fat Cats…  this is what a pawtocracy looks like… no evolution would be complete without a few polka dots 🙂  Thanks to Kim Halligan Garrison for tweeting this !!!


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memory lane

Completely off topic… but had to do something fun and light and I was reading other people’s recollections of growing up in the 50 and 60’s…because have been trying to remember this game we played with bottle caps, or maybe it wasn’t a game, but it was something with bottle caps from soda…

so here is what I recall from growing up in Bayside, Queens, NYC  we lived near Bell Boulevard and Union Turnpike and Springfield Boulevard in the Windsor Oaks apartments near to the Windsor Park apartments

local places: Pee Pond (Alley Pond Park), Kiddy City, Ice Skating at Roosevelt Field, Bowling Alley, Fresh Meadows, World’s Fairgrounds, Creedmoor (State mental hospital), Mays in Glen Oaks and Lake Success (Longyland) plus the pizza place, delis, candy stores, luncheonette, diners, five and dime (Woolworth’s) and the hamburger joint near Mays which brought food on Lionel trains

we not only had an assortment of ice cream trucks that came around from Good Humor to Mr Softie all with different sounds, but we also had Chow Chow Cup (Chinese food that came in an edible bowl. The bowl was made of a fried eggroll wrapper), Pizza, Knish Knosh and other foods

we had milk delivered to our apartment, it came in bottles
we also had donuts and cake delivered
we got our ice cream from cows from a farm my dad passed by called Gouz (rhymes with cows)


candy cigarettes
little bottles with sugar water colored
ootton candy
toasted marshmallows
rawhide (apricot) and licorice ropes
filled jelly candies from lower east side nyc

desserts/ice cream stores:
Dunkin Donuts
Jahn’s ice cream parlor, free ice cream sundae on your birthday
charlotte russes (sponge cake topped with whipped cream)

we lived in what we called a court (yard) of garden apartments. we had lots of trees  and grass behind the apartments and played a lot of different street games… including:

stoop ball
something with bottle caps
table hockey
monkey in the middle
jump rope
card games like War, Spades,  Hearts, Casino, 21, Poker, and Rummy
cowboys and indians
king of the mountain/jungle
ball games such as A my name is Alice and I come from Alabama and I make apples (with your spaldeen you bounce the ball and raise your leg over the ball every time the A (or B C D etc) is said, A Alice Alabama Apples
arm wrestling
sledding in winter

we used a hose to cool off…or went to Jones Beach or Far Rockaway

caught caterpillars and fire flies in jars
did not step on sidewalk cracks (it would break your mother’s back)

get dressed up for Halloween
mean boys (usually, sometimes girls) would put huge chunks of hard chalk inside socks and hit you with it

when we were bored inside on snow days :

we’d make phoney phone calls, call people we did not know up and ask if their refrigerator was running and hang up
listen to the radio and make dedications, ask for a particular song to be played for a particular person and hear our names on the radio

came home from school to watch and dance to:

American Bandstand
Soul Train (later)

we played in the playgrounds:
in the sandboxes
on the monkeybars
see-saw or teeter/totter

sang songs and made up songs:
Susie and Johnny sitting in a tree K I S S I N G
First Came Love Then Came Marriage
Then Came Susie with a Baby Carriage

we put on shows, circuses, sometimes to raise money
adults had BBQ’s and Mock Marriages where people would pretend to marry other people’s husbands/wives after they got tipsy drunk
the housewives were Yenta Center (where all the women would sit outside and gossip about everyone in the neighborhood)

played mah jongg

board games like Monolpoly, Chinese checkers

played with

hula hoops
pogo sticks

collected and traded:

baseball cards

we were crafty:

made laniards
pot holders
crocheted baby items
braided chewing gum wrappers into necklaces
pop-it beads
cut out paper dolls
sea shells

imaginary games:

write down how we’d spend a million dollars when the Millionaire John Beresford Tipton came to our house

tea parties

watched TV shows:

Howdy Doody
Little Rascals
Bowery Boys
Lone Ranger
Sky King
Wagon Train
I Love Lucy
Milton Berle
Ed Sullivan
Mickey Mouse Club
Capt. Kangaroo
cartoons (Rocky and Bullwinkle; The Jetsons)
Twilight Zone
Loretta Young
Merv Griffin
Roy Rogers
Donna Reed
George Burns and Gracie Allen
Beat the Clock
Hopalong Cassidy
Jack Benny
Truth or Consequences
You Bet Your Life (Groucho Marx)
Kukla, Fran and Ollie
The Red Skelton Show
My Little Margie
Make Room for Daddy
Life of Riley
Ozzie and Harriet
Father Knows Best
Leave It to Beaver
The Real McCoys
Dobie Gillis
Adventures of Rin Tin Tin
Soupy Sales
I’ve Got a Secret
Dr Kildare
Ben Casey
Abbott and Costello
77 Sunset Strip
Three Stooges


Old Shirley Temple movies

West Side Story

Annette Funicello and Frankie Avalon beach movies

Elvis movies

Musicals: King and I, Sound of Music, Oklahoma

Ben Hur


The Time Machine


Purple People Eater

Lion Sleeps Tonight

Louis, Louis

Duke of Earl

In the Still of the Night

Itsy Bitsy Yellow Polka Dot Bikini

You Don’t Own Me

Que Sera Sera whatever will be will be

Tears on My Pillow

A Teenager in Love

Hey Paula

Book of Love

Who Put the Bop in the Bop de Bop Rama Lama Ding Dong

Tell Laura I Love Her

You Belong To Me


Peppermint Twist

Songs by: Lesley Gore, Dion and the Belmonts, Frankie and the 4 Seasons, Beatles, Supremes, Monkees, Dave Clark 5, Rascals, Bob Dylan, Joan Baez, Judy Collins, Melanie, Roy Orbison, Johnny Mathis, Peter, Paul and Mary, 5th Dimension, Mamas and Papas, Herman’s Hermits, Paul Anka, and others



Cha Cha


Mashed Potatoes

Read comics:

Nancy Drew

we had:

rank out sessions (traded insults) your mother wears army boots;
gave people knucks (hit knuckles hard with baseball cards)

slam books (wrote who was most popular, best dresser, smartest person, etc in class)

cats (alley) who we named and took care of although we were not allowed to have pets in the garden apartments… my cat’s name was Ginger


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a good dog is easy to adopt

An interview with comedian Steve Hofstetter

Comedian Steve Hofstetter was scared of dogs until he married a shelter volunteer. A few weeks ago, Steve and his wife Sara adopted an adorable 6-year-old rescue beagle/dachshund mix (named Bea Arthur), and now he is encouraging others to do the same.  He also has been blogging about his dog at http://adoptingbeaarthur.blogspot.com/


The Thinking Man’s Comic.”
-The Queens Tribune

Author, columnist, and comedian Steve Hofstetter is often called the hardest working man in show-business. With all due respect to the late James Brown. Hofstetter has been on The Late Late Show with Craig Ferguson and E! True Hollywood Story, Comics Unleashed, Comedy All-Stars, Quite Frankly, White Boyz in the Hood, Countdown, and more. His new album reached number 1 on iTunes’ comedy charts, and he is currently developing two television shows.

Having appeared on networks from Boston to Miami to Denver, his local television appearances are too numerous to count, especially if you’re using your fingers. Hofstetter has written humor columns for the New York Times, SportsIllustrated.com, and NHL.com, where he publicly admitted to being a Ranger fan.

I’ve written three books and released five comedy albums. Also, I’ve slept a lot.

Here’s his website if you’d like to know more:


born/raised in NYC?

Yup. Queens represent! Okay, so I’m not gangster enough to say that, but yes, I’m from Queens.


I went to Columbia. I’ve also been to other schools, but the only one I took classes at was Columbia.

Do you perform in comedy clubs?

Sure. I do 300 live dates a year. 100 or so are colleges, the rest are a mix of clubs, corporate, TV, and private shows.

what do you want to be when you grow up?

I was hoping 31 was grown up enough. Since I’m already living my dream as a comedian, I guess the answer to that question is “alive.”

why did you not like dogs?

When I was a kid, I was chased and almost bit. Then I was chased and knocked over. I didn’t understand dogs. I preferred animals you can reason with. Turns out you can reason with dogs, you just have to learn how to communicate with them.

did you like cats or other animals (birds, fish)?  in other words, did you have any pets growing up?

I had fish for the few days that fish live. We buried them in our yard in a coffin we made of popsicle sticks. We sold our house to a religious group that converted it into a mission. I bet they have no idea about our mini pet cemetery.

where did you grow up NYC? (note: I grew up in Bayside, Queens)

Small world. I’m from Briarwood.

how did Sara win you over to getting a dog as a pet?  was the process slow or did you have a meltdown (of your heart)?

Sara told me how much she loved dogs on our first date, and she says I glossed over it. It was one of those things where I thought, “okay, well, I like you anyway.” But she really won me over with education. She taught me that problem dogs are due to problem owners. When I learned that all but one of the Vick dogs were rehabilitated, that was enough to really teach me that it’s about training and love, not about being afraid of animals.

did you visit a shelter and fall in love with Bea Arthur? or was Bea a happy accident, in other words, did you consciously intend and go out to get a dog or did Bea pick you?  How did you attain her?

We were looking for a dog, and Sara found her online. She always looked at dogs online in the way I look at real estate I can’t afford. It was just a dream. So once we started looking for real, she had a few ideas. Bea was actually a second choice. the first one got adopted before we met her, but the rescue (Stray From the Heart) suggested Bea. I think it was fate, as she’s the perfect fit.

did you have an idea about the breed of dog or size you wanted ?

Yup. Sara and I are pitbull advocates (again, through education). So we wanted one but NYC apartments have a lot of unfair breed restrictions. Also, we thought a small dog might be a better fit for a one bedroom apartment. So when Bea came along, it made sense.

do you find it a big adjustment, being a dog owner or easier than you thought it would be?

I told Sara from the get go that I would fall in love with our dog, and I have. It’s an adjustment, but so is life. I’ve had days where I was running late to a meeting and still had to walk her, and days where I wish I’d gotten more sleep. But when she nuzzles my leg or does something we taught her, it makes it all worthwhile.

what are some of the biggest challenges of having a dog?  what are the best rewards?

The lack of sleep is tough. She’ll wake us up at least once a night. My favorite reward is when she exhibits any human characteristics. A crawl, giving me a paw that stuff always makes me laugh.

what are Bea’s favorite things (toys, foods, places)?

She LOVES baloney and hot dogs. We use them as special treats to crate train her. She’s not a dog that loves toys. she doesn’t fetch, and she doesn’t chew anything other than her bones (which she also loves). Though she is into her kong but only because it contains baloney. We got her a squirrel toy that I insist is named Henry (despite Sara’s objections), and Bea’s bit it twice so far, so that’s a start.

did you pick her name or did she come with it?  If you picked her name, why do you call her Bea Arthur?

We wanted to name her after something comedy related, but all my favorite legends of comedy are men. Carlin, Hicks, Bruce, etc. But my wife and I love the Golden Girls (Bea Arthur especially) so she suggested that and it made sense immediately. Her full name is Beagle Arthur, of course.

besides being chick magnets for single guys. what other reasons can you give people to rescue adorable dogs?

They just make you happy. It’s hard to describe the change she’s made in me, but the overwhelming feeling (aside from love) is that I am a more complete person. Bea gives me a depth that I never had before, partly because my life is a lot less selfish than it used to be, now that I am responsible for another living thing.

do you have any favorite places in NYC to take Bea?

Not yet, she’s still learning. Though she really enjoys pooping at the construction site down the block from our apartment. Maybe it’s because they used to wake us up early, and now that’s Bea’s job. In a way, she’s marking. 🙂

anything else?

I think that covers it. Other than me missing my dog terribly when I’m on the road. Maybe I have separation anxiety, too.

Note from editor:

Adopt don’t shop. Five million dogs a year are killed at shelters across the USA every year. One in 600 pit bulls in shelters finds a good home. There are purebred pets at the local pound, rescues, online at petfinder.com and Facebook. There is no need to feed puppy mill breeders. If you buy a pet at a store, the pet has come from a puppy mill, more than likely, and it will be sickly and have problems. Spay and neuter your pets to not add to the overpopulation problem. And for goodness sakes, if you have difficulty feeding your pet at some point, get help and food from Pets of the Homeless, your local shelter may give out free food, there are pet food banks all over the country and if not, start one.  There is NO GOOD REASON/EXCUSE to starve, abandon, abuse or neglect your pets. If you get assistance for yourself, you can get assistance for your pets, too. There are free and low cost spay/neuter places and even resources if you need help with medical costs for your pet. If you need a trainer, perhaps you can barter with them. You can also foster a pet if you have room in your home and heart. Bottom line, a pet is a LIVE BEING depending on YOU for their survival.  Make a commitment and stick to it.   Your pet will thank you every day.

Action Alert:

Michael Vick received BET Award as Subway Sportsman of the Year. Email and/or call and say that you will not be a customer so long as Michael Vick is associated with them. will Vick be doing Subway commercials now?  Boycott.  Thank you.  SUBWAY Restaurant Customer Service Form      Ph: 800.888.4848
www.subway.com    You can also post comments on their Facebook page, be factual and professional.





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