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positive pit bull ads

the difference in pet advertising and pet policies is heating up on the pit bull front.  Some companies like 3M/Scotch are PIT BULL PROUD … and deserve KUDOS for displaying a cute pit bull dog in their display ads…


GOOD STUFF:  How about we thank a major corporation for throwing some much-needed pro-pittie advertising out there? Maybe call this the
“THANK YOU SCOTCH IT’S A PIT BULL!” campaign? 🙂 ~John

Maybe say something on the Scotch Facebook Page:


and also send it direct to the company via the Scotch lint roller:

Please use http://www.pruvenpet.com or http://www.scotchlint.com to leave comments

Dog Time has created Mad Canines, if the characters on the Mad Men TV Show were dogs… one of the characters is portrayed as a pit bull/Viszla mix… hmmmm… what do you think?


seriously?  and then there is a chain pet store that sells toxic pet treats from China and have banned bully breeds from their doggie daycare…

sheesh… name change… from Pet Smart to Pet Stupid…

Anna MacNeil’s study shows pit bulls’ natural habitat is the bed and breed-specific behavior is cuddling.


there’s a petition or two…

and some facebook pages…




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12 days of holiday gifts for your pets

All I want for xmas is …

Fifty-six percent of dog owners say they’ll buy their pets a gift this Christmas, but only 48 percent of cat owners plan a gift.


Just over half of American pet owners will buy gifts for their pets this holiday season, and they’ll spend an average of $46 on their animals, with toys and treats topping the list, according to a new AP-Petside.com poll.

Sixty-eight percent of pets getting gifts can look forward to a toy, 45 percent to food or another treat, 8 percent new bedding, 6 percent clothing, 3 percent a leash, collar or harness and 3 percent new grooming products, the poll showed. (Some pets will get more than one gift.)

Sixty-two percent of U.S. households have pets, according to a 2011 survey by the American Pet Products Association (APPA). For many of those furry friends, life is quite good.


1. Doggie wreath with toys and bones


2. Toys from Ruff Gear

Cici is not a big toy dog but she loves playing with the square ball… the shape is fun, I stuffed it full of treats, she is always up for food, and she had to wrestle with it to get the treats out.  she also liked the turnup, plays with it too.


3. Toys from Quaker Pet’s Sherpa travel gear and resources for senior dogs (we will be devoting another whole blog post to senior gear so stay tuned)

Quaker Pet’s Sherpa line of travel products offer a great variety of items and several pet-friendly travel resources on their site at http://www.sherpapet.com
They also offer the new Hear Doggy! toys are great for dogs that chew on their toys.  the Hear Doggy “Flatties” (since they don’t have the stuffing)  are available in Rabbit, Skunk and Deer. And these ultrasonic toys come with a squeaker only the dog can hear, so you can enjoy a “Silent Night” while your pup is having a blast!  Tuned to an ultrasonic
range in the 24-28 KHz frequency, each Hear Doggy! squeaker is out of human
hearing range. Visit  Petsmart, Petco or online at www.republicofpaws.com.

4.  Stuff stockings full of your pooch’s favorite bones

5. Earthbath’s Green Tea travel wipes are great stocking stuffers for dogs and cats.

6.  How about a gift for you and your pooch. You can order pet food online and get it delivered right to your door. You can order through AdoptaShelter.com and as an added bonus have the animal rescue/shelter of your choice receive a monetary reward, too.

Or order through Mr. Chewy’s… not all dog food companies are listed yet (for instance, Dr. Harvey’s and Honest Kitchen are not) but many different types of kibble are… and we ordered some Stella and Chewy’s raw dehydrated lamb and Ziwi Peak, both very high quality foods. And the best part is having the products delivered to your home, price discounts are nice, too. They also offer dog treats (Cici’s favorites include Old Mother Hubbard and Zuke’s) and other goodies for cats, too. You can call 1-800-Mr-Chewy or visit their website…


7.  Martha Stewart has a whole bunch of homemade gift ideas and instructions


8.  Canine Citizen bag for you and your pooch (stay tuned for another blog post to come)

Carries your dog’s stuff (waste bags/treats/ball) and your stuff too…made in the USA

Cici and I got the gray and violet bag and duh, I thought she was supposed to wear it but it is for humans to wear. Seems lightweight even stuffed with your dog’s stuff and yours. The Citizen Canine is primarily a treat bag (for training treats/rewards/bribes) with a poop bag dispenser built in. The treat compartment makes up the top two-thirds of the bag; the top edge of the pouch is stiffened to remain open for easy access, but closes with a drawstring so the treats stay inside otherwise. The treat portion is also big enough to fit a tennis or similar sized ball (or toy) if your buddy is more inspired by fetch than by food.

Poop bags dispense discreetly. One roll of compostable BioBags comes with the bag. There’s a nifty waist strap and a shoulder strap and there is a Guardian Light for nighttime. Another great feature: a front zippered pocket sized to fit an iPhone (room enough for ID/credit card/cash) AND a back zippered pocket sized for keys, change, or a clicker, so you can go out with the Citizen Canine bag and nothing more. $5 from each purchase goes to Old Dog Haven which takes in senior citizen dogs from shelters and either finds them new homes or provides foster homes for them in their twilight years or months.

The rope dog leash is better than recycled, seems sturdy, long lasting and strong, too. http://www.krebsrecycle.com/


9.  Dr. Harvey’s Power Patties

Cici loves her Dr. Harvey’s Power Patties, one of her favorite treats, made from fresh, raw green tripe. The patties are easily digestible, add beneficial Vitamins and Minerals, digestive enzymes and good usable protein and essential fatty acids to a dog’s diet. Tripe is considered one of the most complete foods for carnivores and are very popular in Europe.www.drharveys.com

Cici could probably just eat Power Patties all day and nothing else… Cici’s Power Patty doggie diet… the treats for champions…

10.  A new doggie bed, your choice, there are many options, round, square or rectangle… there are chew proof ones, eco friendly, so many to choose from… I’ve been thinking about getting Cici a mattress from a baby crib

11.  Aromatherapy gift basket for your pet…could include your dog’s favorite (or yours) doggie shampoo, along with a bathing sponge and rubber duck and some aromatherapy sprays/spritzes for your pooch

12.  Bake something special. Pick up one of many dog-treat cookbooks and make a special treat for your pooch that you know is made of top-quality ingredients.

Ace’s Favorite Cheesy Dog Biscuits

1 1/2 cups rice/oat flour
1 1/4 cups grated cheddar cheese
1/4 pound buter
1 clove garlic — crushed
1 pinch salt
1/4 cup Almond Milk — or as needed

Grate the cheese into a bowl and let stand until it reaches room temperature. Cream the cheese with the softened buter, garlic, salt and flour. Add enough milk to form into a ball.

Chill for 1/2 hour. Roll onto floured board. Cut into shapes and bake at 375 degrees for 15 minutes or until slightly brown, and firm.

Read more: http://www.k9magazine.com/homemade-dog-treat-recipes/#ixzz1eASsMJwT

Christmas Carob Mint Dog Cookies

Combine 1 cup flour, 1 cup rice flour, oat flour, 5 drops mint flavoring, ¼ cup almond milk, 2 tablespoons butter, 1 egg and 1 teaspoon vanilla. Mix all ingredients and roll out onto a floured surface to approximately ¼ inch thick. Cut with bone shape or holiday cookie cutters and position on a cookie sheet. Bake at 350 for 25 to 30 minutes until lightly browned. Cool the dip cookies halfway into melted carob or spoon the carob icing over half of each cookie. Make sure cookies are cooled down before storing, gift wrapping or giving to your pup. Store these treats in a sealed, airtight container for freshness.


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doggie treats with the drool factor…

Cici barks at me whenever she sees a bag of Dr. Harvey’s Power Patties, her favorite treat, made from fresh, raw green tripe. The patties are easily digestible, add beneficial Vitamins and Minerals, digestive enzymes and good usable protein and essential fatty acids to a dog’s diet. Tripe is considered one of the most complete foods for carnivores and are very popular in Europe. www.drharveys.com

cici could probably just eat Power Patties all day and nothing else… Cici’s Power Patty doggie dietthe treats for champions…




check out the Dr. Harvey’s blog

Cici’s picks for top 10 dog treats (with the drool factor)

1. Power Patties by Dr. Harvey’s

2. The chewy fragrant dog biscuits handcrafted by Executive Pastry Chef Michael Owens from the Island Hotel in Newport Beach

3. Moo free range Bully Sticks

4. Plato Free-Range Kangaroo Strips and Organic chicken strips from K9 cuisine (they are having a video contest you must enter, details below)

5. Le Dogue bites by Dr. Harvey’s (chicken)

6. turkey hot dogs

7. Wagatha’s Gourmet Organic treats (wheat free)

8. Smart Pak Real Toppers

9. Paul Newman veggie treats

10. plain old Pet Smart training treats

Barkotti’s are Dr. Harvey treats… but I have been putting them into her food as a supplement because they’ve got great ingredients and Cici is funny about her treats. She will gobble up treats or not eat them and it doesn’t seem to have to do whether they are good for her or not. Barkotti’s have all organic ingredients including organic oat flour, barley flour, honey, molasses, flaxseed oil, bee pollen, carrots, sweet potatoes, apple, zucchini, green beans, broccoli, beets, green peas, parsley, ginger, papaya, dandelion, fennel and fenugreek. These treats are crunchy and look just like regular biscotti’s for humans.

Cici’s favorite foods

1. Nature’s variety raw chicken medallions

2. Honest kitchen Thrive, Force, and Embark from K9 cuisine (they are having a video contest, you simply must enter, details here http://www.k9cuisine.com/video-contest.aspx

3. Pet Promise, chicken, turkey,

4. Solid gold lamb and rice

5. Paul Newman organic chicken, turkey and rice

6. Natural Balance (limited)

7. California Natural chicken

8. Pet Chef Express chicken and rice

9. Evo

10. Merrick’s pet food

11. Organix

12. Dr. Harvey’s Canine Health (cook for eight minutes, add oil and protein) one of the things that we love about Dr. Harvey’s is that they use human ingredients for consumption by dogs (and cats).

Tips for the Canine Health:

feed it with raw or cooked meat mixed well…

If you cook the meat, pour the fat/juices over the Canine Health.

If you feed raw, mix it well in the food.

Kind of a mixed bag with the cooked foods (Honest Kitchen and Canine Health… Cici does not like to wait for her food to cook so I feed her a few treats in the meantime to get her over her gimme gimme food attitude… probably not the best solution… also gotta be careful preparing the food, I put the hot water into her ceramic bowl and almost dropped the whole thing and almost burnt my fingers…

Some interesting recipes….


Dr. Harvey’s Supplements Cici has been taking…

Health and Shine capsules consist of a combination of borage oil, certified organic flax seed oil, fish oil and natural vitamin E. These capsules improve the immune system, reduce inflammation, itching, and the risk of heart disease, support the digestive and reproductive system, as well as enhance a shiny coat.

COQ10 enhances cardiovascular health and immune system function in dogs.

Been putting two of each of the above in her morning meal. Feels good to give Cici some healthy food, treats and supplements. She does not seem to mind the capsules as long as they are mixed in with her food.

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bunnies running amok at the mall!

Cici and I have been hanging out at a mall recently (there is Panera, Pet Smart, Office Depot, Whole Foods and who could ask for anything more plus the weather is deliciously warm) and lo and behold, she saw a bunny rabbit (and went nuts)… then, later on, I saw another one and then later on, another one, they are all over the place !

dilemma, do I tell anyone?  if animal control knows, what would they do to the bunny rabbits?  how do bunny rabbits survive in a mall?  what do they eat?  I did not see any feral cats but I would imagine that if bunnies are romping around then so must kitty cats.

sometimes Cici eats at the doggie buffet, so maybe the bunnies are eating there, too. They scampered away quickly at the sight of my ferocious dog so are not dog or human friendly. The mall is not a zoo after all. And Cici definitely had chow time on her mind. Chasing prey. Yum, bunny stew for dinner !

well, I ruined her plans and she was not a happy camper. Just call me the Bunny Rescuer!

I’ve also seen deer at malls, and other critters… it would seem that we humans have usurped the wild ones habitat and what happens to the indigenous animals?  just saying…

here’s an article about what to do if you run into wild bunnies… seriously…


Also, I was sitting on a lawn couch at the mall with Cici in tow, and she wanted to run around licking people and showing off her belly, (she actually got up on the couch and sat across these people’s laps and they were pretty cool about it, it was a first). So there I was, sitting and checking my email and she barked a couple of times letting me know that she disapproved and wanted to do what she wanted to do. The security guard came over to me and said she wanted to let me know that some crazy lady (my words, not hers) complained about my vicious out of control pit bull. The security guard laughed about it, and said that she was not particularly worried about Cici, she could see that my dog was not a threat to anyone. In fact, a couple of kids came by and Cici licked their hands and the parents were fine and the kids loved it. And several people around there agreed and said that the woman who complained looked really mean and vicious, so am thinking perhaps we should ban vicious mean people from the mall (and planet) !!!

I understand some people are afraid of dogs and some people are afraid of pit bulls specifically because of all the erroneous media hoopla and I keep Cici on a short leash. And when she barks, I shhhh her.  I talked to a gal at Pet Smart the other day, a trainer, and she worked with Cici a bit and was impressed with how trainable Cici is and what a good girl. She was amazing actually. There was a tiny little terrier dog and Cici went into submission mode (she has done this on numerous occasions with tiny dogs) to show them that she is not a threat to them… makes me so proud !

cute photo: the tagline says… so what are you doing in the basket? heh heh heh…



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photo with santa claus…

I tried to get Cici to take a photo with Santa Claus today at Petco but the store manager stupidly put the dog line to take their photos next to cats in cages… not very smart… Cici went nuts as she does when she sees cats, so no these are NOT photos of Cici with Santa, just photos of dogs with Santa that I found on the web… awwww shucks…

she didn’t like their doggie treats either… and there were no dogs for her to play with at the dog park…

tried to get her to take a photo with this cute Santa bear at Office Depot, to no avail, either… I keep telling Cici that cooperation is good for the doggie soul, but she looks at me, and says hey, where’s the treats ?


three people yesterday and today told me about someone going to see an animal communicator… I can talk to animals, too, just call me Dr. Doolittle, aka the animal whisperer… angel whisperer… ghost whisperer…




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puppy playtime…

oh yeah, yesterday was my birthday… had breakfast and went to see a movie, got some Ben & Jerry’s Cherry Garcia… the movie was The Boy in the Striped Pajamas, kind of sad, but did not see anything else I wanted to watch… not as heartwarming nor uplifting as I hoped… very sad actually…  met a young guy at the Palm Springs Home Show and it was his birthday, too, 20 years old… geez… we were going to get ice creams together but he was busy… I did get a foot detox bath there, and tried out some beds, smoothies and samples of dog food, which did not agree with Cici, so we will not be getting any…  it maybe because it had liver in it and she has never had liver before…

we finally did it.. went to the Palm Springs dog park this morning… and were overwhelmed with the sheer number of dogs… Cici has been needing puppy playtime for awhile now (couple of weeks), so I broke down and took her… there is a place for little dogs… as we walked by them, they greeted Cici with barks and woofs… and for large dogs… I took her to the big dogs place since she is medium size…a couple of dogs came running over to greet her, and she ran and chased and played with about 30-40 dogs… there were mutts and pretty dogs and all sizes and shapes… I think Cici was overwhelmed at first, too, but then she fit right in…  got in some good play and run time… the owners were pretty welcoming, which was nice, too.


Location: Behind City Hall
3200 E. Tahquitz Canyon Way

The Palm Springs Dog Park consists of 1.6 acres of fenced-in rolling grass with fire hydrants, dual purpose canine/human drinking fountains, picnic tables and benches made from recycled materials, solar lighting and shade structures. Dogs run and play leash-free; park never closes. Separate play area for small dogs. Beautiful fence designed and built by artist Phill Evans; double-gated for safety.


unlike at the Palm Springs Convention Center, we were there for a home show and the first night Cici was the hit of the party, everyone loved her, but security kept coming over and telling me she could not be there, we finally left, they said it was because they served food there… ok, but yesterday we went back during the day and they told me she had to leave because no dogs were allowed in the building… people do not understand that when you are traveling with a dog, there is no place to leave them, especially when it is hot hot hot temperature wise, you cannot leave the dog in the car or in the motel/hotel/inn room… so you have to bring them with you wherever you go…

don’t know what we would do without Office Depot and Pet Smart, two places that allow doggies… and have a/c… there are malls, but they are iffy…

anyone have tips about traveling with your pooch in hot weather?  (I realize the rest of the world is experiencing cooler fall weather but Palm Springs has been in the 90’s)…

we were at a rest area and she played for a few minutes with a long hair chi, little cute boy, first he was a  bit reluctant until cici won his heart over and then he was wagging his tail and they ran around a bit.


Dog Park Etiquette

New to the dog park scene? Here are some guidelines:

  • Only friendly, well-trained dogs are welcome at public dog parks. If you can’t control your dog off-leash, exercise him elsewhere.
  • Supervise your dog at all times in case play gets rough. Just like children, dogs sometimes get over-excited and that’s when accidents and injuries occur.
  • Wait until your pup is fully immunized (usually by 4 months) before introducing her to a play group. Until she gets bigger, play dates are best with dogs of a similar size.
  • Take a young or timid dog to a play group when there are just a few easygoing dogs, not when it’s a free for all. Peak hours on weekdays are usually just before and after work: 7-9 a.m. and 5-7 p.m.
  • If your dog behaves aggressively or starts a fight, remove him from the park at once.
  • Keep your dog leashed until you are within the park limits. Also check for leash laws within the park; some don’t allow dogs to run free.
  • Spayed and neutered pets are less aggressive than non-neutered dogs. Leave dogs in heat at home.
  • Is water fresh?
  • Pick up after your dog. Many dog parks provide “poop bags.” If yours doesn’t, bring one from home.
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    want to help to rescue a dog ?

    There was the sweetest one year old lab mix black with a tiny white spot on his chest at the campground today… it’s owner left it tied up in the hot sun all day yesterday and today… I let Cici play with him this morning and really would love to take him with us … I reported it to the park and will see about finding him a good home… NO dog should be left outside in 95-100 degree weather !!!!    I left the owner a note, and splashed water all over him in the hopes of keeping him cool, too…

    Cici goes with me wherever I go, Office Depot, Staples, banks, Lowe’s, and other stores allow pets so there is no reason to leave a dog tied up, especially not a puppy with a lot of energy that needs to play, run and companionship!

    there was also a black feral kitten at the campground… so many animals to find good homes !!!

    I found this photo at Free Will Astrology, great horoscopes, fun site…wouldn’t it be great to see people giving money/cash out to passersby on the freeway, rest areas, and supermarkets and shopping malls?  You’ve been blessed… Give to someone you love today and Pay it Forward !!!

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    the flap over ellen, a dog named iggy, and mutts and moms…



    since this blog is about my dog, who is a Dalmatian mix, part pit bull, and I also know a thing or two about media and pet rescue orgs, since I have worked for a few of them, Best Friends Animal Sanctuary now Society, Animal Foundation and others, I think I will weigh in on this controversy… I wasn’t going to but here goes…

    First, I pray for and ask for peace, understanding, and conflict resolution… for the highest good of all…

    We humans tend to get very emotional about their animals, even crazed… just last weekend in fact, I was hysterical when my dog bruised herself… I took her to the vet, and voila, she is fine… but last Sunday, I was beside myself… and I understand what it is like to lose a pet or two… I have, it is not a fun experience.

    Our pets become a part of our family, usually… for some of us, and it is difficult when things go awry…

    my experience working with animal rescue organizations is mixed… they provide a very needed service, how many of us are willing to do what they do day after day, week after week, month after month, year after year? not many, there are way too many irresponsible pet owners in this world, and pet rescue orgs step up to the plate to fill in the gap, for that they are to be applauded… supported, donated to, and assisted. Volunteer! Take a mutt home if you can! Give, give, give, pay it forward…

    While talking on this subject, I will mention that a few very fine and kind pet orgs helped me recently when I had to come up with quite a few bucks to pay for my dog’s surgery asap, immediately… Pet Network in Tahoe, Shakespeare, New Hope, and UN Animal Foundation, I thank you for your loving care… I also received assistance and support from friends, to name a few, Angela, Steve, Randy, Brenda, Penina, Sue, Bruce, and others… without you all, we would not be together…

    I also appreciate the good folks at Pet Smart who came to the rescue right after my dog was hit and a guy with a dog named Merlin at the park where it happened…

    and of course, Dr. Gary Ailes and Sierra Vet Hospital, Brandy, Janet, Sarah, Jason, Donelle, Stephanie, to name a few of the fine folks who have been and are giving my girl the best care possible. Next week, CC will have her last surgery and I am counting on all of them to help us through this ordeal. It’s been a long haul…

    People should realize that pet rescue organization people, like many nonprofits and even us entrepreneurial type folks, can get stressed, overworked, and too wrapped up in rules and regulations and sometimes make mistakes… oh horrors, people make mistakes, imagine that… well, folks, we do, we humans make mistakes. we are here on this planet to learn, not be perfect. And we do make mistakes… sometimes little ones. Sometimes big ones. And we are not ever going to stop making mistakes. So we need to get over ourselves and give each other a break… Forgiveness goes a long long way to healing… What was it that guy said over 2,000 years ago, he who is without sin, cast the first stone. I think there have been way too many stones thrown, boulders and rocks and big heavy I don’t even know what to call them…

    Let’s face it, both Ellen and the Mutts and Moms could have handled the situation better… they both made mistakes… I feel for the kids involved, having bonded with Iggy and have him taken away so abruptly must have been terrible for them… for the kids, Ellen and the Moms should have worked things out privately and respectfully… instead of making a big media fuss … but all things happen for a reason, I think…

    what can we all learn from this? what can you learn? what can I learn?

    for the highest good of all, I pray for peaceful resolution for Ellen, the Mutts/Moms, little girls, and the new owners of the dog, Iggy, and last but not least Iggy… hopefully, he will be and is loved and not forgotten in all of this…

    CC is wagging her tail, I guess that means she agrees with me… or else she just likes to wag her tail, gives her exercise for the day…

    Bark bark for now…

    Stonewall Jackson – Me & You & A Dog Named Boo Lyrics

    I remember to this day the bright red Georgia clay
    And how it stuck to the tires after the summer rain
    Will power made that old car go my roamin’ mind told me that’s so
    How I wish that we were back on the road again
    Me and you and a dog named Boo travelin’ and a livin’ off the land
    Me and you and a dog named Boo how I love being a free man

    I can still recall the wheatfields near St Paul
    And in the mornin’ we got caught robbin’ from an old hen
    Old MacDonald he made us work but then he paid us for what it was worth
    Another tank of gas and back on the road again
    Me and you and a dog named Boo…

    I’ll never forget that day we motored stately into big LA
    The lights of the city put the settlin’ down into my brain
    It’s only been a month or so that old car’s a buggin’ us to go
    We gotta get away and get back on the road again
    Me and you and a dog named Boo…
    Me and you and a dog named Boo…

    More Stonewall Jackson Lyrics

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