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Wonder woofers

This column article is in the Cedar Street Times this Friday… thanks to Wanda Sue Parrott



see cici on page 14, article about wonder woofers
photo by Mark Anderson, Monterey County Weekly

Wonder woofers and owners who won’t live without them

“Housing First!” If you were a homeless woman, or on the verge, housing would be your top priority.

Alas, affordable housing is so lacking in Monterey County, that “housing first” is the slogan all agencies, both public and private, use in dealing with affordable housing across the board.  (Note: Cici and I wish this were true)

A special category of need exists that involves homeless women with pets, a few being cats and the majority dogs. The exact number of Monterey’s homeless pet owners is unknown.

Overnight dog housing needed

Landlords don’t want pets and agency-housing doesn’t usually allow them.

Homeless women don’t want to give up their dogs, so they sleep in their cars or on the street to be with their animals.

One reason for temporary suspension of the Interfaith Homeless Emergency Lodging Program for Women (I-HELP) was the fact female guests weren’t willing to give up their canine  companions in exchange for food, personal amenities and shelter.

Suggestions have been made that an I-HELP for Pets program be devised through which pets can be sheltered at a designated location, then reunited with their owners during the daytime hours.

Between 400 and 500 homeless women were estimated to live on the Monterey Peninsula before the Soberanes Fire dislocated residents who were burned out over the past three weeks. Of this number, an unknown percentage includes pet owners who consider their four-legged friends as more than just canines. They’re their Wonder Woofers.

A few words about Wonder Woofers

Cici is a poster-dog for this column. She’s a loving Dalmatian-Pit Bull mix seen here celebrating her 10th birthday last month. Cici is a Wonder Woofer. Along with her Wonder Worker owner, Cici is homeless.




Since Cici can’t define Wonder Woofer, I’ll try.

A Wonder Woofer is a warm-blooded furry friend who speaks from the heart in arfs, ruffs and woofs we humans call barks. A Wonder Woofer is on the job 24/7, never complaining.

A Wonder Woofer likes to snuggle and wiggle and lick, as well as serenade his or her human with  love songs sung unconditionally through squeals, whimpers, whines and hums.

A Wonder Woofer’s vocal range is extensive, also being capable of issuing protective warnings by yipping, growling and snarling if danger exists.

CeliaSue Hecht, Cici’s loving owner, is a former journalist who’s so devoted to her pet that she defines herself as a “dog traveler.”

Unlike many homeless women who don’t know where to turn or how to get started to solve the housing crisis, CeliaSue is a 66-year-old articulate activist. Despite having survived breast cancer and being in need of medical care and housing, CeliaSue is seeking solutions to the housing crisis. A current example is this ad in Craigslist:

RVs for Seniors with Dogs





If you live on the Central Coast of California and have an RV, camper, or trailer or know someone that does and would like to provide a home for a senior or veteran, please call CeliaSue at 702-225-8206…we have a list of those in need of housing.

Hundreds of senior women have been displaced with their pets. Single women without children, women who are not mentally ill, not drug addicts, not alcoholics, with low income, not working or cannot find work, veterans, and other seniors with dogs, over 50 years of age, some ill and whose health has deteriorated without shelter. 

Thank you for your kindness.



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Just say YES!

If you are looking for more love in your life and a special love at that, why not adopt Vicktory Dog Mya. She is finally ready for her forever home!!! Mel’s dad Richard Hunter has graciously offered to talk with anyone serious about adopting Mya, since she is a lot like Mel, for some special insight. Please share and help this precious little lady find her forever home. *ALL links you need to apply are on the site, and Miss Mya IS cat friendly.

25189707-1-largeSANCTUARY VISIT REQUIRED* Mya was born in 2006 and was only 2 when she came to Best Friends. Though she is nervous around strangers, and may bark at them at first, she will wag her tail and accept treats and petting once she gets to know you a little bit. Her shyness hasn’t kept her from having fun on walks and car rides. She also enjoys playing with toys and napping on a nice, soft, dog bed. And when it comes to other dogs, Mya has no trouble making friends! She even helps to socialize some of the puppies here! Cats seem to be no problem either; she has met and hung out with a few of them. Mya is ready for a home of her own. Do you think you might want to meet her?

like oscar, she is shy with people, but really comes out of her shell with her dog friends.


when i first met Vdog Ginger in 2009 or 2010, she was very shy too hiding in her crate away from people but boy has she blossomed the last few years. Thanks to all of the love, patience and compassion of her family, Ginger even went on a couple of pit bull walks, with LOTS of strangers. she has traveled and moved from Central California to New Orleans, and made other great strides.  If you are up to the task of becoming one of a very unique group of dog guardians, am sure that you will be welcomed with open paws and arms.

And if you have not ever been to Best Friends sanctuary in Kanab, Utah, you are in for a REAL TREAT. Ir is GORGEOUS, all those thousands of acres of magical red rocks, people and animals, too… the scenery is divine, oh mya What are you waiting for ???

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Hector’s surgery

Please send your positive thoughts, love,  prayers to Hector the pit bull today, he is having surgery and to his family, Roo and Clara Yori.

“Hector is scheduled to have a bone-marrow aspiration taken sometime after 10:30 a.m. He may also have his spleen removed depending on the results of the advanced diagnostics he will undergo.

“In addition to the recent medical concerns, Hector had faced issues related to his dog-fighting past by battling babesia, an infection of the blood that is often transmitted through fighting.

“Doctors from BluePearl are concerned that Hector could have an autoimmune condition that may have been triggered by the babesia.

“Hector is such a wonderful dog with an incredible story,” said Dr. Jen Myers, medical director of BluePearl Veterinary Partners in Minnesota. “Our hope is that with the treatment he receives, he’ll make a full recovery and will continue to have a much better life than where he came from.”



Hector the Pit Bull

Well, the word is out. Gotta leave early in the morning for my vet appointment. They tell me I don’t get to eat breakfast?!


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JUSTICE for Kiya

probably by now you have heard about Puppy Doe aka Kiya…

Over the weekend, hundreds held a vigil for the puppy in Quincy, MA… the dog loving community has come together to speak out against this horrific abuse.


If you have any information whatsoever about this case, please contact:

Animal Rescue League of Boston’s Law Enforcement Department at 617-226-5610, e-mail cruelty@arlboston.org.


Quincy Police Department, Detective Thomas Pepdjonovich at 617-745-5774

Mainstream media


A response:

In this case, the mass consciousness is that of thousands of people shocked, stunned, frightened, and enraged by acts of torture inflicted on a mere puppy over a long extended period of time. And YOU think that our sorrow and anguish is nutty? I feel that your commitment to playing to mainstream readers has you confused about depth of character, human intelligence, and the higher ground approach to co-existing with other species on this planet. You, Ms. Eagan, by the fact that you are a journalist in a large publication are in the place of being a voice of leadership. In this case, you are the voice of a piddling, low class, pathetic, and cheap shot punk writer who does not have the depth of character development to face the pain elicited by knowing the atrocities that this poor puppy endured.

Another article: (the reward is up to $18,000 now)…


Some folks have also been creating petitions to Craig Newmark, founder of Craigslist asking that Craigslist stop offering free pets to good homes or to post a warning.

below is my email to Craig:

Dear Craig, I am sure by now that you  know about Puppy Doe aka Kiya, the dog who was horrifically abused and tortured and had to be euthanized. Her owner put her up for adoption on craigslist.
While I know that not every dog who is put up for adoption on Craigslist is abused, too many have been.  It is already well known among rescues that Craigslist “free to a good home” pets are often subject to violence & abuse and this is an extremely horrific situation.
Please consider changing your pets policy (free to a good home) and/or post a warning on the pet page to let people know that free pets are too often abused, used as bait dogs by dog fighters, and DO NOT FIND GOOD HOMES.
It is well known by law enforcement that serial killers start off by killing and abusing animals. I am sure that you do not wish to make it easy for serial killers to harm any animals but these sociopaths are using Craigslist for just that purpose. There needs to be a SAFE PLACE for animals so that they are NOT exploited, abused and harmed just because they need a home.
There are solutions that can be found.
For the sake of these innocent animals, dogs and cats, please please please be a CHAMPION for animals and CHANGE your pet policy.
Thank you.
Here is Craig’s response to me:

I do believe that we can CHANGE this situation. No matter how upset you may feel, angry or sad, please compose yourself when communicating with Craig or the authorities.

I wrote back to Craig and said this:

Craig, thank you for your timely response…

It seems that we agree that people should ask for a rehoming fee rather than offering animals for free… do you have that posted somewhere on Craigslist?

some facts…

No Kill Shelters are NOT full… the very nature of TRUE No Kill Shelters are that animals are adopted and fostered, that there is an ebb and flow of animals coming in and going out. For instance, the Nevada Humane http://www.nevadahumanesociety.org/

3-6 million pets are killed in shelters every year NOT NOT NOT because there are no homes or too many animals but because some shelters are killing animals and refuse to stop even when they have empty cages… There is a NO KILL movement that has a proven recipe of actions that can be taken IF/WHEN a shelter wants to STOP KILLING healthy adoptable pets. For the last two years on June 11, Nathan Winograd, the No Kill Advocacy Center has issued a challenge to shelters across the country to PUT DOWN THEIR NEEDLES for JUST ONE DAY, and many thousands of animals have been adopted that would have been killed.


There is a long list of animals that have been killed and abused. There are heartless people who get animals from Craigslist and other places and abuse them and use them for dog fighting bait. I do not have the stats on this.

Thanks again.


If you know something about the abuser that can help the police capture the abuser, please come forward.

Our prayers are that the abuser is found asap and sent to prison for a long time… that JUSTiCE for Kiya / Puppy Doe is served. And that there are enacted laws with stricter penalties for abuse and torture and cruelty of animals in EVERY state.

Just as there has been enacted in NJ, a Patrick’s Law, there should be Kiya’s Law in Massachusetts.

Evil like this cannot be allowed to flourish.  When a group of committed good people come together, stand together and say NO with one accord, JUSTICE PREVAILS.

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Patrick Scavelli!!!!

The Good News is that Patrick is FOREVER in the home of the Scavelli’s….  YAHOOO !!!!

It is OFFICIAL:  Patrick gets to stay with the Scavelli’s!!!!!   Congratulations to the Scavelli’s on their latest addition, for taking such good care of Patrick, very exciting !!!!

Patrick Court Update : Will post information later BUT I would like everyone to know that Patrick is now PATRICK SCAVELLI, it is official the Scavelli’s were granted legal custody of Patrick. NJSPCA could not be happier with the outcome for Patrick and the Scavelli’s. Thank you all for your support. Capt Yocum

The Bad News

all Kisha Curtis got was 18 months probation for starving a dog, neglecting and abandoning him and almost killing Patrick.  if she had killed Patrick, what would she have gotten 30 days in jail??????  this sucks

we have waited more than two years to hear her verdict… and yes, Patrick’s Law just went into effect with higher penalties so WHY DIDN’T SHE GET JAIL????


What do you think?  Yes, am happy that Patrick is well, happy and healthy with the Scavelli’s… but Kisha Curtis deserves to be in jail for at least a couple of years or more… She has a few kids, maybe the judge thought it better for her to stay home and abuse, neglect, abandon and starve them.


my major concerns are that KC did not even know/understand that she did anything wrong, she kept pleading not guilty and there is no remorse nor learning if a person does not get that they did something wrong to begin with…


and what kind of message does this send to other abusers? if Patrick’s Law really means something then how about starting with the case that called for the need for it… if Patrick’s Law has no teeth, then why bother? to pretend you did something?  abusers need to be held accountable for their actions


a bouncing healthy boy Patrick Scavelli… It’s Official… 



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RIP sweet Lucas

An anthropologist proposed a game to the kids in an African tribe. He put a basket full of fruit near a tree and told the kids that who ever got there first won the sweet fruits. When he told them to run they all took each other’s hands and ran together, then sat together enjoying their treats. When he asked them why they had run like that as one could have had all the fruits for himself they said: “UBUNTU, how can one of us be happy if all the other ones are sad?”

‘UBUNTU’ in the Xhosa culture means: “I am because we are”


The Vicktory dogs family, Best Friends Animal Sanctuary, Badrap, Our Pack exemplify this kind of attitude towards the dogs and people… imagine the world we live in today especially in America being this way… a dream… a hope… a wish…this is how life is… when we ALL thrive…life is at it should be…

Sweet Lucas was one of the dogs who was court ordered to stay at Best Friends for life and so he did not experience having a family home of his own… but from all reports, he was MUCH LOVED by all the caregivers he had…visitors to Best Friends, all who met and knew him… all the people who’s lives he touched…

From Best Friends:

We’re deeply saddened to announce that our dear Lucas crossed over the Rainbow Bridge earlier this evening, ending his suffering from a host of health complications. We knew those of you who love him most would want to know. Please keep Lucas and those closest to him in your thoughts. We’ll have more details to share later.

more from Best Friends




Lucas wore the Michael Vick dog fighting scars of his past on his face, but his heart and soul exuded nothing but happiness, excitement, love, and forgiveness up to the end. -jessie


In Memory of Lucas 

“Garcia doesn’t seem to mind the interruption, and we’re ushered through the door. The first dog we see is a large, dirty blond Pit Bull with a huge head and knowing, resigned eyes. His face, torso, and legs bear the unmistakable scars of fierce battle. Clearly, this dog hasn’t been in just a scrape or two, he’s had to fight for his life. Yet, as we step closer, his whole body wiggles and wags.

“This is Lucas,” says Garcia. “He’s a grand champion. He’s probably been fought more than 25 times.”

Lucas nuzzles his head into the crook of my elbow. He darts over to greet my husband, all kisses and play bows. It’s hard to imagine a dog being any friendlier, and we fall all over him in return. He’s irresistible.”

“To Judah Battista, Lucas is Exhibit A in the argument that all dogs are good dogs if they’re treated well.”

“Of all the pit bulls in Michael Vick’s Bad Newz Kennels, Lucas was the baddest of them all — Mike Tyson, Hulk Hogan and a little Ray Lewis rolled into one, the grand champion, the most vicious of the vicious Vick dogs.

“When his dog-fighting operation was busted, Vick was sent to prison and so, in a sense, was Lucas. The court shipped him and 21 of his fighting mates from Virginia to this sprawling, 3,800-acre animal sanctuary outside Kanab, with the stipulation that Lucas spend the rest of his days here. It was your basic life sentence.

“That was in January 2008.

“Nearly four years later, or 28 by his reckoning, Lucas is running the place.

“Open the door to the executive offices, and there he is, a smile on his face, a lick on his lips, and eager anticipation of either a pet or a treat written all over his eyes.

“Only the fading scars on his neck and face suggest that he was once the toughest, scariest and most-abused dog in Virginia.

“…we knew that meanness wasn’t the summary of their nature,” he continues. “Using stereotypes doesn’t help anyone. They can all be rehabilitated. It just takes time and affection and attention.

“What we needed to prove was that man could be dog’s best friend as much as dogs could be man’s best friend.”

“After that speech, Judah gave Lucas a treat.

“And Lucas? He jumped in Judah’s lap and gobbled it down.”


“When some visitors come
into the office and sit down,
he welcomes them by
jumping onto their laps and
lavishing kisses on them,”
Brenda says. “That tells
me that he’s not the menacing,
dangerous dog that far too
many people feel his breed
might be. He only wants to
be loved. We all are better
people for having had the
experience of having him in our lives.”

“For Dr. Patti, his easy nature is also what has
touched her: “The thing that stands out most
to me about Lucas is his overflowing love of
people. He is so kind and gentle despite what
humans in the past have put him through. It
really teaches a lesson in forgiveness and
understanding that we humans should strive to equal.”

“Michelle agrees: “We can learn a lot from him.
He has been a very happy dog despite his
background and despite all of the ups and
downs he has had medically.”

“…The gentle side of Lucas, despite his past, continues
to inspire those who know and love him. “His joy
for life and a can-do attitude are something we
can all strive for,” says John. “Lucas really
does symbolize the American dog Despite a
very difficult past, he is affectionate and forgiving.
We are all pulling for him to get better.”


May ALL dogs experience the love, understanding, a home of their own, lots of food and treats and belly rubs that Lucas did… may he run free over the Rainbow Bridge… RIP …

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Pit Bull Awareness month

October is National Pit Bull Awareness Month  

10 Ways to Raise Awareness and Celebrate Pit Bulls

10. Use social media such as facebook/twitter and blogs to show off positive images of Pit Bulls. Post a photo of your Pit Bull in an unlikely pose, playing with a chilld, cat, cute critter or other dog, or being just plain silly.

Educate the media and others…

Kelly Ripa (from LIVE with Kelly and Michael) said on her show yesterday that she is educated on the subject and that ALL pit bulls are dangerous and…”only gang bangers & thugs own them.” Their FB page needs more comments. Go add yours please and show Kelly and Michael some education politely.


what I wrote:

Kelly, your pit bull comment was completely incorrect. Negative sensationalized stories and comments about PIT Bulls leads to abuse and death of many loving animals. …for over half a century in between, 1920 to 1970, millions of Bulldogs, Bull Terriers, American Pit Bull Terriers,  American Staffordshire Terriers and all their mixed breed cousins served Americans well in every possible capacity and circumstance.”    The Pit Bull Placebo by Karen Delise.
from dog trainer Victoria Stilwell, Its Me or the Dog show
“Pit bulls can make great family pets in the hands of a responsible owner. Which breed of dog was named ‘most aggressive’ in recent scientific studies?  The family Dachshund.”
There are known factors that contribute to dogs of all breeds biting. If the dog is male, not neutered, kept chained or roams loose in a pack, etc.
 ‘The Little Rascals’  Petey was a pit bull.

Kelly, from the history of pit bulls and bull dogs…
True fighting dogs do not show any aggression towards humans whatsoever. Human aggression was in fact considered a major fault, so if a dog showed any human aggression it would be destroyed and the line would not be bred from anymore. Handlers were in the pit with the dogs during a fight and would not be so if they thought there was any danger. and oh by the way, last time I looked, am a newspaper reporter, senior, and NOT a gangster or thug.

Kelly, you are a mom with kids and a family pet. Imagine one day, police come to your door and take away the dog. You never see the dog again. They are sent to doggie jail and ultimately killed. Why? not because of anything that the dog did but because of the way they look. If this happens to a person, we call it racism, discrimination and bigotry. When it happens to dogs, it is called Breed Specific Legislation aka Breed Discrimination Legislation. Many such bans of innocent dogs have been repealed because it is ineffective, costly and serves only to assuage people’s irrational fears. Pit bulls are not the enemy. Irresponsible owners, dog fighters, animal abusers ARE the ones who need to be fined, jailed and/or punished NOT the dogs who are innocent victims of humans mistreatment.
MD’s, fire chief, pastor, police, all pit bull owners
Gangsters, thugs and pit bulls
@KellyRipa 8 of the former Vick dogs are therapy dogs now, many live in homes with kids,dogs, cats, loving dogs, The Lost dogs book
@KellyRipa In the ’70s they blamed Dobermans, ’80s German shepherds, ’90s Rottweilers. Now they blame the pit bull.”  Cesar Millan

9. Volunteer or foster with your local pit bull rescue. Give a pit bull a second chance, walk pit bulls at the local shelter, foster, rescue, adopt.

8. Share good news articles,videos, photos and books about hero Pit Bulls like Stubby, talented Pit Bulls like Petey, extraordinary Pit bulls like Wallace, Hector and the other Vicktory dogs and shelter Pit Bulls who need homes

More about the Vicktory dogs, their five year anniversary is on Pit Bull Awareness Day, yay


7.  Write letters, make phone calls, and get involved in repealing unfair BSL bans for ALL breeds

6. Educate friends, relatives, co-workers, your local shelter and the media about pit bulls. Volunteer, foster, adopt, get dogs spayed/neutered.

5. Order your very own Limited Edition Jonny Justice Gund plush toy…. do a fundraising event, order a bunch of books and/or stuffed dogs as prizes

4. Check out the latest posts at a few of the best Pit Bull blogs and Facebook pages of our pit bull superstars.

Badrap Blog


Ginger Girl

Little Red

Squeaky Jean

Handsome Dan

Did you know that my Daddy is running for state representative? I don’t know what that really means, but everyone keeps saying we could use someone like him up at the State House. You can say hi to him @ www.facebook.com/repstoutz.


Cherry Garcia

Jhumpa Jones


3. Join or start a Pit Bull walk/hike group and participate on a regular basis

2.  Join, start and/or participate in bully events, pit bull parades, kissing booths, etc

1.  Get your dog trained in search and rescue, as a therapy dog, disc dog and/or other way to show off their star/hero potential

October 27, National Pit Bull Awareness Day  


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Wallace’s bucket list

Sweet Wallace has a bucket list… perhaps you can help make some of his dreams come true…Roo and Clara do not know how long he has to live since he was diagnosed with cancer but plan on his quality of life as their most important priority…

excerpt from book:


how to help





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Super hero dog training

Logan C. is just a regular teenager growing up in Nova Scotia, Canada. Only thing is she has a peanut allergy that is lethal. If she is near any form of peanuts, raw, cooked, butter, dust, she has allergy symptoms that escalate from difficulty breathing to shock.


The scary part about having a nut allergy is that there are many foods that contain nuts (and not just the obvious ones), causing a reaction in people who are highly allergic. Last year, lax school teachers and officials caused Logan illness and having to stay away from school because it was too dangerous for her health.

“Lo was 1 yr and a half when she was diagnosed, having a reaction to the test,” said Nikhi, her mom.

“A school outing last year to Subway almost cost her her life, and she spent 11 days at the IWK in Halifax fighting for her life. We had to be ambulanced there, because our hospital was not equipped to handle her case. She also had an outbreak of rash and breathing issues, and a subsequent trip to the hospital after a class outing. One bully was tossing garbage into Lo’s bag. This is also the same child who thought it was funny to run her hands down Lo’s back, after sneaking/running up behind her, and saying she had just had peanuts.

“The oils left behind, the residue, are extremely scary, because they can appear as sweat would…so NO way of knowing.

*I went repeatedly to the school about one of Logan’s teachers having peanut butter and peanut products in the classroom. It took three phone calls and one requested meeting to find out she had another hidden jar. Her reason for having this deadly food near my daughter? It cost 1.99 on sale.

“There were many days where there was not soap in the bathrooms, so how would the kids eating peanut butter wash their hands thoroughly.

*While discussing issues we were having, the tables were turned so that whatever Lo MAY have done wrong became the highlight of conversation.

*I have tried to climb the ladder with the school board, and no calls were returned.

*Each exposure Lo has had…not ONE person called to see how she was doing, from the school. When we were at the hospital, the principal called my my mother and wanted to make sure “my nose was not bent out of shape”,” she shared.

Nikhi and Logan were devastated by the response from the school.

A couple of months ago, Nikhi decided that enough was enough and determined to find a peanut detector dog for Logan. A dog that could save her daughter’s life. And that is when Declan, the Super Hero Dog in the Making appeared. Declan is in the process of being trained as a peanut detection dog by Tecla’s K9 Academy, LLC.

“Dogs in shelters are there for a MULTITUDE of reasons, and you CAN find a good dog, like Declan. As far back as we know his history- he went to BARCS Animal Shelter after being found injured. He may have been hit by a car, and BARCS fixed his leg, and he went to stay with foster Mama Michelle, while he healed. Some reasons dogs are given up; too old, too playful (puppies), their people are moving, no time, parents have passed, going on vacation, it is the Christmas holidays and so on.” Nikhi said.

“I made a concise list of what I needed the dog to be, as well as what I wanted the dog to be- I found it very useful, especially when I need to consider my own allergies, as well as time and money for grooming. Allergies and time for grooming were at the top of my list, as whoever the dog is needs to be well cared for and clean. My preferences were simple: short-hair, preferably male, young, and a Pit Bull type dog, with a desire to work, and friendly with people of all ages, as well as other dogs. The ears and handsomeness were an added bonus!”

A Peanut Detector Dog is a valuable tool for a person with an allergy to peanuts. Since a dog’s sense of smell far surpasses that of humans, detection of odors is a perfect job for these dogs. Our Peanut Dogs, undergo extensive training, are easily able to detect minute quantities of peanuts in any form

The cost of training a peanut detection dog, like a bomb sniffing dog or any service dog, is difficult to manage on a tight budget.

So Nikhi reached out to her friends who are holding an online auction to raise funds for the training. The auction will be held from August 13th at midnight and run until August 19th at 4pm EST. if you would like to donate an item or services, please email  junopup1972@gmail.com.

To follow Declan’s Journey please go to his page https://www.facebook.com/DeclansDiary.  Here is a Direct Link to his Fundraise link for anyone who would just like to donate that way


Auction to Help with Declan’s service Super Hero Dog Training will Open August 13th at midnight and run until August 19th at 4pm EST if you would like to donate please email me at suemagic5@yahoo.com and junopup1972@gmail.com
Thank you!!
Please check out From Underdog to Hero: Declan’s Diary (Journey of a Shelter dog)‘ Page to follow his Journey!
please go to his page https://www.facebook.com/DeclansDiaryHere is a Direct Link to his Fundraise link for anyone who would just like to donate that way
Blog Hop time…  thanks to Life with DogsTwo Little Cavaliers and Confessions of the Plume…  grab the blog hop code


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Olympic dogs

Does your dog deserve an Olympic gold medal? for couch surfing? counter feeding? swimming? dancing? beach volleyball?  send us photos.

Do you think your dog has what it takes to be an Olympic athlete? You can test your dog’s abilities in PawsAbilities’ Dog Olympics!

There are over 20 Olympic Games to choose from! These games will test your dog’s speed, agility and obedience. Dogs of all skill levels can play!


Dogs are athletes, too

Wallace is famous in his own right…he also has a famous fur brother. Two famous dogs underneath one roof…




Olympic heart


first Olympic dog





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