V dogs

Wallace and Hector


RIP Lucas


Interviews with the Vick dogs 



Jonny J


Please pray for Hector


from Little Red’s mom… “For five years, Vick and his people tried to make her mean. They were not successful. She stayed true to her kind and gentle nature even in the face of the most brutal and abhorrent treatment.”


Richard Hunter speaks to Nevada Legislation about Mel a former Vick dog

Handsome Dan


Vicktory dogs reunion at Best Friends… Cherry Garcia 



home for the holidays, little red vicktory dog, http://celiasue.com/2012/12/14/home-for-the-holidays/

Seven happy and healthy Michael Vick dogs have reunited, five years later. http://abcnews.go.com/blogs/headlines/2012/11/five-years-rescued-vick-dogs-reunite/


RIP Ellen

We have some news. Our beautiful Ellen passed away peacefully over the weekend. Ellen was the oldest of the dogs rescued from Michael Vick’s dogfighting operation. She thrived under the love and care she received at Best Friends, and became a charming ambassador for pit-bull-type dogs everywhere.

While we will miss her terribly, all of us at Best Friends feel blessed to have known her. And we are so grateful to all of you who loved her, too. Farewell, Ellen Belly. We hope you enjoy this video and story about her life with us:http://bit.ly/MrWeZR -jessie

Good news about the V dogs at Best Friends

Squeaker/Squeaky Jean is in her foster home


A lovely tribute to the dogs and their peoples


My blog posts about the V dogs









we must never forget that this is what Michael Vick did to sweet, innocent and loving dogs like Cherry Garcia, Little Red, Handsome Dan, Mel, Ginger Girl, Hector, Jhumpa Jones, Stella, Squeaker, Sweet Jasmine, Leo, Jonny Justice and all of the others including the little red dog paid tribute to in The Lost Dogs book by Jim Gorant… and that Vick still has NEVER apologized nor could care less about these dogs…  He could learn A LOT from them… we all can… if Vick was 1/99th the dog any of them are, he’d be on his way to becoming human…

Cherry was featured in one of episodes of DogTown — the Vicktory Dogs. He was so frightened and shut down that he was unable to walk. His story of recovery is remarkable and the pictures will thrill you if you haven’t seen Cherry before. He is incredibly beautiful. His Dad talks about Cherry’s initial fears living in a home — he slept with his eyes open and was unable to lower his head to eat because of the fear instilled in him from his previous life. The story will make you cry and rejoice at the same time. The redemptive power of love has made Cherry whole. http://stubbydog.org/2012/01/victory-for-cherry/

Take Lucas, considered one of the most vicious of all of the former Vick dogs. He’s got to spend his life at Best Friends because he was considered dangerous. He is well loved in Kanab and has never been the slightest bit aggressive to dogs nor humans. He spends time twice a week in the admin. office.


yay hector the inspector, former v-dogs



Badrap Videos

Saving Audie


New York Times bestselling book

Audiobook — listen to sample

give pit bulls a chance on pbs

Vicktory dogs on PBS Need to Know

little red cover girl

Sanctuary Stories | From victims to Vicktory | Best Friends News & Top Stories

Vicktory Dogs

Cherry Comeback Story


Handsome Dan


Jasmine’s House

Jonny J





Leo, a former vick dog is also a therapy dog…


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