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Media coverage I’ve obtained for clients

Thanks to Rebecca Corry/Stand Up to Pits for this link to our blog post about the Pibble March

Thanks to Dog Jaunt for calling us out:

Return to the West Coast to check out Have Dog Blog Will Travel‘s recommendations for a dog-friendly visit to California‘s San Luis Obispo County (three counties north of Los Angeles, and the home, among other things, of some seriously good wineries)


the infamous polka dot princess interview at Coffee with Canine

a blogger wrote good things about us, and mixed up our names…(she called cici my name and vice versa), silly, huh… cici thought so…——check-it-out.aspx

my radio interview with Coach Marla

page 76, travel with fido article, American dog Magazine

have pit bull will travel

Freshly Pressed on WordPress

super cool

cici is on page 56,

4th of July pit bull parade around the USA


Cici is well known for her polka dot princess good looks, come on now, admit it, she’s adorable…

me & Cici, thx to HARO, if you don’t know what HARO is, it’s one way we get puplicity, ask me how you can, too via email

and she has been known to show up in high readership publications and online websites of best-selling authors such as Janet Evanovich, American Dog Magazine…

The good folks at Rachael Ray magazine retweeted two photos of Cici today to their followers,!/RachaelRaymag

@RachaelRaymag, here’s my silly polka dot princess cici showing off her belly,

Love the links in your Media Rooms and on blogs and websites… thank you, thank you, thank you !

my guest blog at Nature’s Logic

cici and me, last paragraph

cici’s photo with santa at author janet evanovich’s page

Another good example that I’ve just come across this week, is Travel, She Wrote, a travel blog by CeliaSue Hecht, about traveling with her dog CiCi. It’s a great site full of lots of interesting articles about her adventures with CiCi as well as reviews of pet-friendly venues and events. Now that’s a great travel niche! So if someone is looking for to plan a road-trip with their dog, and needs to know a few pet-friendly places to stay along the way, they wouldn’t waste time perusing a typical travel blog, they’d check with CeliaSue – she’s an expert on that. The only advice I would give to CeliaSue would be to use her Tagline as her Blog name (”Have Dog Blog, Will Travel”) and to put a picture of CiCi right in her header image, so that it’s clear, from the moment someone lands on the site, what it’s about.

Travel, She Wrote: Great dog travel blog

I realized only recently that I’ve listed Travel, She Wrote as a favorite blog in Dog Jaunt’s sidebar almost since Day 1, but I’ve never explained why. There are plenty of useful dog travel sites on the web, but it’s rare to find a dog travel blog like Sue’s, with stories and reports about her travels (mostly in California) with her dog Cici, a sweet-tempered and goofy Dalmatian-American Staffordshire terrier mix. Her posts have a comfortable, narrative style that gives you a real feel for the places she and Cici visit, as well as an enjoyable insight into Sue’s and Cici’s personalities and interests. Check them out!


Spring 2011 Canine Coastal Magazine, Hiking with Your Dog in PG

In the April 2009 issue of Bay Area Woof, there is an article that I wrote about Inns with Dogitude


Reno Gazette Journal

Mostly Dogs columnist Mark Robison has told his readers about my doggie blog…

More to come, stay tuned!

Readers comments:

I LOVE your website. It’s wonderful! So creative and interesting. I read every word–absorbed it from the moment I logged on to it until there were no words left to read—intrigued the entire time. Congratulations on such a beautiful and informative website.

Thank you for all you do.


my writing credits


Click here to contact CeliaSue and Cici … or call us at: 702-225-8206



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