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does your dog drink responsibly?

Cici is not a big fan of peanut butter. So it should not have surprised me that she spit out the peanut butter packed pretzel treats, I ate them 🙂  she drank the Bowser Beer with her kibble and seemed to enjoy it. She looked at me at first like what the heck is this? There is a chicken and duck one and a beefy hearty blend of this no hops beer for dogs. When I first heard about beer for dogs, I thought, what root beer for dogs. But the company seems to be responsible and the beer is different, fun and refreshing. Or so Cici told me.

She’s not a big fan of water so to have another liquid for her kibble is a plus. And since it is flavored with meat, hey, it’s a winning combo.

Am not a big beer drinker myself, or a drinker period. The most I ever drank was in Germany, you have to drink beer there at the English Gardens in Munich. Mandatory with those big gigantic pretzels and/or weiner snitzel. Never ate weiner snitzel but did eat those pretzels. And a lot of cheese, too. The Germans seem to eat twelve times a day and are very much into health and nutrition. But I digress.

What’s in the beer:

USDA beef or chicken.
Malt barley (full of B-vitamins) – just like in your beer.
Glucosamine for joint health.

What’s NOT in Bowser Beer:
Alcohol or carbonation.
Hops, which can be toxic to dogs.
Commercial broth, which contains loads of salt, fat, MSG, onions and meat of unknown origin.

Serving Suggestions:
Straight out of the bottle
Pour it over dry kibble
Flavor the water bowl
Pour over crushed ice for a cold, crunchy treat

Am thinking that whenever Cici and I have a pawty or event for dogs, we will definitely serve up some bowser beer for the pooches.  Just don’t let the mutts drive home.


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hide and seek

Cici thought it would be fun to sleep in a new way this morning. I think she is bored. And it started raining again.  Good thing we’re probably going to the Bay Area Pet Expo tomorrow, leaving today just for the heck of it.  Can you tell where she is?

oh, there she is, peekaboo, hiding underneath her dog bed on the chair !  🙂

now she is massacre-ing the chair pillow, maybe she suddenly hates beds and pillows, won’t take her to bed, bath and beyond anymore 🙂

don’t have to be concerned with her sleeping with me anymore, she has revolted and been sleeping alone in her chair, is my dog mad at me?  Maybe Cici doesn’t love me anymore 😦  she hasn’t been very cuddly either. Maybe it’s that time of the year for her to go kwackers.  It is supposed to rain like a flood and/or snow today and tomorrow.

Help !


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and they called it puppy love

They are in puppy love, Cici and Pablo. It is the talk of the neighborhood, true love between the fences. Every morning, Cici sits by the door wagging her tail in anticipation of going to the little park a block from our house so that she can catch a glimpse, perhaps even a run with her favorite boyfriend, Pablo. If he’s there, she wags her tails, runs up to the fence to greet him. He pees his hello’s. They run the length of the fence and back. And Cici looks for a way to get inside his yard. Alas, unless it is normal time of day and the neighbors are home, often times she cannot play with Pablo in his yard. She will go sit on his doorstep wagging her tail, hoping that Carol or Steve will come out and release Pablo to her. She can chase him and wrestle with him in the grass ! OH JOY !

Pablo is a bit older than she is, 5 years old to her 4. He is much bigger in size, too. A big hunk of an Aussie German Shepherd canine with hairy chest and paws. All black and brown fur to her polka dot white Dalmation American Pit Bull fur. They make a very handsome pair indeed.

Steve confided that he wants to get a Great Dane pal for Pablo to play with but they are rare to find. Meanwhile, Pablo sits in his yard and waits for Cici to arrive and brighten his day. Woof !


Well, it’s been sunny and cold but the rain is starting again and it is even supposed to get so cold that it will snow. So much for an early spring.


this video is adorable to the tune of Paul Anka…


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kiss-a-bull today

this pibble looks so much like Cici, without the polka dot markings though. And acts like her, too. Except, Cici’d still be kissing and kissing and kissing… athough she’s been very naughty the last few days, rambunctious, uncooperative, got out of her harness, cabin fever from the days of rain last week…

enjoy, cannot stop singing this song since I heard it the other day…

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a charmed raffle

We are happy to announce our first ever raffle. The raffle is to raise awareness for pit bull adoptions and to donate to pit bull rescue organizations including BadRap, Our Pack and Jasmine’s House so please be generous.  We will also donate to Dogs Deserve Better who want to turn the old Bad Newz Kennels into Good Newz.

PRIZES — TEN+ Lucky Winners !

Dawn makes these wonderful glass tile charms…!/pages/Sunz-Jewelz/168918956484935

She is offering one winner of our raffle a custom made charm or scrabble tile charm of their choice with a very special chain for a necklace or bracelet, key chain, bookmark, earrings, pins, magnets, cell phone cord and wrist straps, bobby pins, ceiling fan pulls and cuff links.

can be one of these or a photo of your choice, your dog or ?  You may also select a Gift Certificate for that special someone’s birthday or holiday gift.

There will be a total of TEN+ lucky winners. Other prizes include a canine music CD, dog treats, a dog travel harness, a dog collar or leash, tee shirts, pet grooming products and more.

Lisa Spector from is generously offering a Calm your Canine Vol. 3 for the raffle.

Our friend Karen Friesecke at makes doggie collars and leashes.  Life Is Too Short To Wear A Boring Dog Collar, so check out the collar you’d like to win today.

We will also be giving away prizes to people who tell a lot of people and who meet other special criteria.

A Bergan travel harness, medium size, for dogs 25 to 50 pounds so you can drive safely with your dog.

LovingPets dog bowl and treats.

All you gotta do is paypal a minimum love donation of $11 (one ticket) and you will be entered into the raffle. You can enter as many times as you want and you can buy several tickets for a discount price.
Ticket prices are as follows:
1 ticket: $11
3 tickets: $22 (normally: $33)
5 tickets: $44  (normally $55)
10 tickets: $88 (normally $111)
15 tickets: $122 (normally $165)

If you enter the raffle and SHARE about the raffle (blog, facebook, twitter, etc), you will be given an additional entry into the raffle and may be given a special gift or two.

Please leave a comment at this post where you shared the raffle or email me the link.

The raffle is to raise money for pit bull rescue organizations including BadRap, Our Pack and Jasmine’s House so please be generous.  We will also donate to Dogs Do Better who want to turn the old Bad Newz Kennels into Good Newz.  We would like to raise $5,000+ so the more people who enter the raffle, the more chances to win a prize and to help pit bulls.

See the USA

Cici and I may travel the USA to promote adopting a pit bull this spring/summer.  An innkeeper told me recently that she was holding a charity event and charging a $50 cover charge. If you wish to fundraise or sponsor, please let us know.

We plan to promote the trip/cause along the way, write a book and blog about our adventures, too.  If you wish to donate prepaid visa or gas cards, gift cards for food, B&B, inn, hotel or motel stays overnight, a vehicle that needs publicity, we will promote you also. And if you’d like us to visit your pit bull rescue/sanctuary, please let us know.

Cities and states we’re considering visiting include Oregon, Washington, Montana, Wyoming, Chicago, Minneapolis, South Carolina, North Carolina, Vermont, Pennsylvania, New York, Wisconsin, Idaho, Utah
New Hampshire, Maine, Boston, Rhode Island, New Jersey, Connecticut, Tennessee, Kentucky, Iowa, Nebraska, Indiana, Arkansas, Oklahoma, Colorado, not Denver due to pit bulls being banned there… About 30 states.


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dear bonnie blue butler

I friended her on Facebook. That is how I found out that Cammie had passed on. Instead of getting a message from her, my friend request was accepted by Cammie King Conlon Remembered… I was shocked and dismayed. She was so full of life and mischief, she could have played the feisty grandma in Janet Evanovich’s Stephanie Plum novels. A character, a real pistol.

The last email I received from Cammie in June 2009 was about her memoir “Bonnie Blue Butler — a Gone with the Wind Memoir.” She wrote that some So and So was selling it on Ebay. Cammie died of lung cancer on a Wednesday morning, September 1 2010 at her home in Fort Bragg. She was 76 years old.

Cammie Conlon played Bonnie Blue Butler, the doomed only child of Rhett Butler and Scarlett O’Hara, in the 1939 classic movie Gone With the Wind when she was just 4 years old. She remembered that she loved the pony and said that Clark Gable was very kind to her. She only had two scenes with Vivien Leigh and one of them was cut. Her mother helped her learn her lines but she forgot sometimes. Until the day that the director told her that his children and other people’s children were depending upon her to be properly prepared for each scene.

In May 2008, Cammie and I had a delicious breakfast together at the pet friendly, romantic with gorgeous ocean views, Little River Inn where she worked. She kept me laughing with funny tidbits about her showbiz career that ended at the ripe old age of five. Instantly, her charming manner put me at ease. She did not want to talk about herself except to say that there are four museums dedicated to the movie and she attended teas and memorabilia shows every year.

It was her first and only movie. She got the role when her older sister, Diane, got sick just before filming.  The 74-page memoir has cast and family photos, describes life growing up in the 30’s and 40’s in Los Angeles. Cammie also discusses the huge bash billionaire Ted Turner (CNN and Turner Movie Company and owner of Gone With The Wind) staged on the movie’s 50th anniversary in 1989.

She created a blog for the memoir book at




Well, Ms Cammie aka Bonnie Blue Butler, we’ll be thinking about you tomorrow.  Fiddle dee dee. RIP.





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Dear Oprah

Updates: It seems God/Goddess heard our cries and O/Vick heard our comments, because Vick canceled the interview.

It seems Piers Morgan may be doing it, so if you want send him Lost Dogs books, and/or a link to the O comments… scroll down to bottom, pages and pages. yay !!! yipppeee!!!

this should cover all the icko sickos excuses, ok.

Since I do have a Dogtime account but cannot figure out how to login to it and have had no assistance from their support team, this is the comment I was going to make on Leslie Smith’s blog post. My own Dear Oprah letter.

Dear Oprah,

Since you were supposed to have BadRap on your show a little while ago with the dogs and flaked on that, I highly doubt and am very skeptical that you will ask Michael Vick anything but softball b.s. PR crapola.

I am personally sick, disgusted and fed up with hearing about Vick, from HSUS, Oprah and Obama. Am ill almost every day, crying all of the time.

If you are reading this and want to make a difference, please sign the petition on facebook and send it along to all of your friends and relatives.  Also, read others remarks to Oprah here.  You are NOT alone.

You can also write to Oprah’s Executive Producer Sheri Salata on Twitter, @SheriSalata and @Oprah and @OprahWinfreyNetwork and @PiersMorgan and @CNN and @Cnnbrk and @andersoncooper  with the hashtag #Vick

Look at my 4PawsUp page at all of the Victory dogs, and you tell me what kind of a person could torture and kill those dogs FOR SIX YEARS.  NO EXCUSES, Oprah.

I have a pit bull mix that I rescued from out of the hands of a homicidal maniac. Vick is a psychopath and should be in jail and / or a psych hospital.

If you saw the Richard Hunter video from Dallas, Vick showed NO REMORSE and his bodyguard said they don’t care about the dogs.  Video below and for context, this was not the Mayor, but the Mayor Pro Tem Caraway who had no authorization to give the keys to Vick and who has been laughed at and was supposed to get the keys back according to the real Mayor Leppert.

Vick has had THREE+ chances to meet the dog rescuers who’ve lovingly cared for the dogs and has refused.

What is it going to take for America to wake up???  Does Vick have to abuse, kill and maim children / people????  Law enforcement and ASPCA says there is a well documented correlation between people who do horrific things to dogs and then to people.

No one in their right mind could have done the things that Vick did, enjoyed doing, and got a thrill out of doing.

As Hunter said in the interview he did, Vick is MENTALLY ILL. And if he had ANY REMORSE he would give up the names of the dog fighters not just do what he has been mandated to do. There is MUCH he could do but what is he doing but playing football for MILLIONS OF DOLLARS???

It’s all a big show for greedy people.

No, I am DONE with you Oprah. I used to be a BIG FAN of yours, but I AM DONE.  I WILL NOT WATCH OPRAH ANYMORE until you have BEST FRIENDS, BADRAP, Jim Gorant, author of The Lost Dogs and a few of the dogs on your show.  If you do not do that, you are a BIG FAKE.

The audience should have a copy of The Lost Dogs at the very minimum and Oprah, you should read from the book to Vick.  If you let him off the hook, YOU ARE NOT WHO YOU SAY YOU ARE and DEFINITELY NOT NOT NOT NOT NOT LIVING YOUR BEST LIFE !!!!!

I hope I am wrong about you and am praying for a miracle.

CeliaSue Hecht & my beloved Cici

a former fan




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