A fun raiser…

Money makes the world go round… and another visit to the vet recently has prompted a request… dear readers, can you spare a few bucks to keep my dog in good food and health… as well as contribute to her dreams of raw bones, tasty treats and a few toys… and there may be, on occasion, a worthwhile rescue operation or dog situation that can use some funding… rather than asking you every time, prefer to ask now and create a jar to dip into for such occasions. My promise to you is that this jar is for only important dog-related uses.  

Many people think that travel writers have got it made. Getting paid for writing and travel. Wow. sounds glamorous. Except that the writing business can be feast or famine. Blogs like mine, are there any other blogs like mine that focus upon dogs, travel and chocolate?  If my blog is a blessing to you, perhaps we can do business together.  

I sure would like to help you succeed… so check me out at the Whole 9 where I have a portfolio and profile… and my Social Butterfly Media info, which can assist you with social networking…  I’ve redesigned my home page to make it more user friendly, too… 




This blog is a labor of love. I’ve considered running ads as a way of raising revenue, but I think readers appreciate the value of an ad-free environment. Once in a blue moon, I will do product reviews. If you have a nifty dog-related item that you would like to tell my readers about, please let me know and I will consider it. But am going to be picky and choosy. Do not want to overrun this blog with ads.

Inspired by other bloggers, I have decided to run a month long fund-raiser since February is a very short month, shortest month of the year, as short as my dog’s coat and it is the month of Love (Valentine’s Day). All I am asking that you hit the PayPal tip jar button or drop a check along to my snail-mail address:

CeliaSue Hecht
2090 Fish Springs Road
Gardnerville, NV 89410

Our snowed-in humble abode…

If I have mentioned your business and you’ve received value, I hope you can see fit to tip the jar, as a way of letting me know that I’ve been of service to you.  I know that some of you have expressed thanks and gratitude for the valuable info, publicity tips and travel info that I have shared with you. And if you have utilized my ideas and tips, it would be great if you would be willing to send some K9 cookies our way. 

A fund-raiser like this will hopefully raise some funds, maybe 20 cents an hour for the time I spend working on this blog. But if you would like to help out, me and Cici will really appreciate it.Please chip in. It is, after all, the woof woof thing to do. Here’s how, just click on the Paypal link either on the Blogroll or right here… write in an amount and send…

You can also join the Four Paws Up Press Release a Month Club… Make a Commitment …If you have a Pet related business, are an Author of books about animals, have a shelter or rescue organization, have a Pet magazine or publishing company, are an Animal Communicator, Doggie Daycare Operator, groomer, have a Pet Friendly B&B, Inn or Hotel, do Pet Physical Therapy, Chiropractic or Massage, or sell pet food and unique, organic, holistic and/or enviromentally friendly pet products, or are a holistic vet, I would love to work with you.

Check out my post with free tips for the entire year: 


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