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inside vs. outside dogs…

is your dog an inside dog or an outside dog?  I tend to agree with the blogger below about outside dogs… it is cruel and inhumane to leave a dog outside 24/7 especially chaining it outside… with no human contact, no social interaction…. this neighborhood where we are right now is a great example… whenever I take cici outside for a walk, she is bored and lonely in the yard, about 10 dogs start yapping away, they are confined to their yards and have nothing better to do but bark, sad… terrible… call the ASPCA, except I guess in this neighborhood, this is normal… too bad for the dogs.

one thing that cici does like is eating the grass in the yard and she likes to dig holes which does not go over well… she also likes to zoom around and take sun baths…

for now, I have no choice but to keep Cici outside, for a VERY temporary situation, but I take her for walks, take her with me wherever I go in the car, sleep with her outside in the tent, and we are supposed to be in the RV, but she didn’t like it, seemed afraid of climbing the stairs to it, and play with her in the yard… she’s very good and mostly does not bark, mostly she sits by the door and hopes to come in one of these times… wags her tail at whoever comes by the door, I feel bad… and cannot wait until the situation changes… cannot wait for me and my happy dog to be together INSIDE the house again…

just for fun… you know that you are a dog person when you sleep outside in a tent in the rain with your dog.. 🙂

a dog by any other name is still a dog…  now this is one spoiled inside pooch!!!  🙂


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camping out in November… raining cats and dogs…

Cici and I are camping out again… it rained last night but here in the desert, near Palm Springs, in a back yard, it is still pretty warm…  Cici has to stay outside in the yard, so I set up our camping gear, a tent with air bed, blankets, her special pillow, for her to sleep and rest inside… and I slept there last night with her just to get her used to the idea that for a little while, she cannot come inside the house (people are allergic)…

found out about Borrego Springs, about an hour from here, we may go visit there and Julian and the beach soon, depending…

but it occurs that with winter and rainy nights… that there are also rainy days, so what do you do with your dog when it is raining cats and dogs outside, hee hee?  here are 11 suggestions…

Take your dog to the beach anyway, who cares, let it rain, let it pour, the water in the ocean is wet and splish splash…

give your dog a treat and watch a doggy movie together like Lassie, Big Yeller, or 101 Dalmatians… woof woof woof…chestnuts roasting by the fire, cuddle up by the fireplace, if you have one and enjoy popcorn and doggie treats…

Visit the pet store, outlet mall or indoor mall where you can roam around with your pooch… Cici loves to visit folks so this has been a big hit when it has been too hot outside to breathe, but can also work on rainy days

Play fetch, tug of war or whatever your dog’s favorite game is inside, if you have the room/space…  when we were cooped up last winter, we still played games in the house… it was fun and Cici could zoom around the living room, now she zooms around the yard for exercise

Train your dog, catch up on teaching Fido new tricks, or just the basics, depending upon your dog’s ability level… Cici knows some things and can still learn… dogs are always up for anything that gets them some treats and attention

Take photos of your pooch, and post them online at your blog, or website, ot make a t-shirt, calendar, or screensaver out of the photos… or video your pooch and post the fun ones on youtube… be creative !

paint with your dog, get some watercolor paints and put pooches paws in the paint and onto some paper, like you would with a 2-3 year old and make some masterpieces… sell them for charity or show them off to friends… hang on the kitchen fridge… awwwwww….

have a spa day, give your pooch a bubble bath, clip her toenails, doggie massage, doggie yoga, and…

Bake a cookie, treat day, make some homemade doggie food, dog treats, and your dog will enjoy being chief sampler and tasting assistant…

catch up on your zzz’s, take a nap, snooze away, dreaming of a sunny day at the beach ….  zzzzzzz

dance with your dog, put the music on and dance and sway to the beat of the music… aloha…


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a day in a dog’s life…

cute cartoons… from my alumni newsletter, Martin Van Buren high school… Van Buren high, days of yore…

anyway, ain’t it the truth…


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happy turkey day, gobble gobble, gobble…

is your dog dreaming of turkey from the oven on Thanksgiving?  better not feed Fido any turkey bones… turkey is fine without all the trimmings.  Cici already got sick from a new food sample we tried this morning. She is fine now, she had to cuddle with me for an hour in the car and then she played in the park with some kids, licking away.

It is best not to give your dog expired dog food either. A couple of weeks ago, I had given her some Natural Balance and she broke out, got allergic bumps all over her body and her neck was all filled up with fluids. She was fine the next day but I found out it was because the food had expired !  I took it back to Petco and they gave me a new bag, but that was a lesson to read the labels!

No chocolate or pumpkin pies for the pooches either… stuffing is probably best for humans and not for canines. You can make or get your favorite K9 some special turkey or sweet potato treats for the occasion.

Well, this week Thanksgiving, before we turn around it will be Christmas, the trees are out and so are the decorations. The American Pet Product Association estimates pet owners will spend billions of dollars on gifts for their pets this holiday season, with more than half of all dog and cat owners — about 83 million households — purchasing presents for their furry friends.  from clothes and shampoos to decadent holiday treats and stainless steel water bowls, pet owners have a lot to choose from when it comes to picking the perfect holiday gift.

Is your dog dreaming of his/her favorite pet friendly vacation?  33.2 million people will be driving this holiday season according to AAA (down from 36 million last year)… gas is only $2 or less in some areas in California, amazing, half of what it was a few short months ago.

Have a safe happy holiday with your pooches!

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tuscany manor resort…

The Tuscany Manor offers 1 and 2 bedroom suites with kitchens, and all the modern amenities including wireless Internet. Each suite is appointed with southwestern decor and cable television.

All of the suites are located around the courtyard which offers views of the heated pool and spa plus BBQ.  Enjoy the fragrant flowers, or take a dip in the hot tub after a day of golf or shopping.

This is a nice place for an affordable home away from home family vacation or business retreat, family reunion, girlfriends getaway, mancation and more. Located a few minutes away from the busy downtown area, the peace and quiet is very relaxing and your dog will enjoy the grassy lawns inside and outside the gate. A safe place to walk your pooch.



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puppy playtime…

oh yeah, yesterday was my birthday… had breakfast and went to see a movie, got some Ben & Jerry’s Cherry Garcia… the movie was The Boy in the Striped Pajamas, kind of sad, but did not see anything else I wanted to watch… not as heartwarming nor uplifting as I hoped… very sad actually…  met a young guy at the Palm Springs Home Show and it was his birthday, too, 20 years old… geez… we were going to get ice creams together but he was busy… I did get a foot detox bath there, and tried out some beds, smoothies and samples of dog food, which did not agree with Cici, so we will not be getting any…  it maybe because it had liver in it and she has never had liver before…

we finally did it.. went to the Palm Springs dog park this morning… and were overwhelmed with the sheer number of dogs… Cici has been needing puppy playtime for awhile now (couple of weeks), so I broke down and took her… there is a place for little dogs… as we walked by them, they greeted Cici with barks and woofs… and for large dogs… I took her to the big dogs place since she is medium size…a couple of dogs came running over to greet her, and she ran and chased and played with about 30-40 dogs… there were mutts and pretty dogs and all sizes and shapes… I think Cici was overwhelmed at first, too, but then she fit right in…  got in some good play and run time… the owners were pretty welcoming, which was nice, too.

Location: Behind City Hall
3200 E. Tahquitz Canyon Way

The Palm Springs Dog Park consists of 1.6 acres of fenced-in rolling grass with fire hydrants, dual purpose canine/human drinking fountains, picnic tables and benches made from recycled materials, solar lighting and shade structures. Dogs run and play leash-free; park never closes. Separate play area for small dogs. Beautiful fence designed and built by artist Phill Evans; double-gated for safety.

unlike at the Palm Springs Convention Center, we were there for a home show and the first night Cici was the hit of the party, everyone loved her, but security kept coming over and telling me she could not be there, we finally left, they said it was because they served food there… ok, but yesterday we went back during the day and they told me she had to leave because no dogs were allowed in the building… people do not understand that when you are traveling with a dog, there is no place to leave them, especially when it is hot hot hot temperature wise, you cannot leave the dog in the car or in the motel/hotel/inn room… so you have to bring them with you wherever you go…

don’t know what we would do without Office Depot and Pet Smart, two places that allow doggies… and have a/c… there are malls, but they are iffy…

anyone have tips about traveling with your pooch in hot weather?  (I realize the rest of the world is experiencing cooler fall weather but Palm Springs has been in the 90’s)…

we were at a rest area and she played for a few minutes with a long hair chi, little cute boy, first he was a  bit reluctant until cici won his heart over and then he was wagging his tail and they ran around a bit.

Dog Park Etiquette

New to the dog park scene? Here are some guidelines:

  • Only friendly, well-trained dogs are welcome at public dog parks. If you can’t control your dog off-leash, exercise him elsewhere.
  • Supervise your dog at all times in case play gets rough. Just like children, dogs sometimes get over-excited and that’s when accidents and injuries occur.
  • Wait until your pup is fully immunized (usually by 4 months) before introducing her to a play group. Until she gets bigger, play dates are best with dogs of a similar size.
  • Take a young or timid dog to a play group when there are just a few easygoing dogs, not when it’s a free for all. Peak hours on weekdays are usually just before and after work: 7-9 a.m. and 5-7 p.m.
  • If your dog behaves aggressively or starts a fight, remove him from the park at once.
  • Keep your dog leashed until you are within the park limits. Also check for leash laws within the park; some don’t allow dogs to run free.
  • Spayed and neutered pets are less aggressive than non-neutered dogs. Leave dogs in heat at home.
  • Is water fresh?
  • Pick up after your dog. Many dog parks provide “poop bags.” If yours doesn’t, bring one from home.
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    choosing the first dog…

    Time has a pictorial of dawgs in the white house from George Washington’s fox hound to the current occupant’s Scottish Terrier Barney, who recently bit someone…,29307,1830236_1746240,00.html

    Thank you, Barack Obama and family for saying that you will be getting a rescue puppy… a lot of people have been weighing in on what kind of puppy the first family should get… and Cici and I think they should get a Dalmatian/pit bull mix, for obvious reasons… a pit bull mix would be great to show the world that pit bulls can be GREAT sweet loving gentle dogs not the monsters some in the media have turned them into… here is what the LA Times, NY Times, Washington Post, and others have to say about the First Puppy….,0,1817929.story

    Wanted: Presidential First Puppy. Should be less than a year old. Only hypoallergenic dogs need apply. Poodles and doodles especially welcome. Yorkies, bichon frises, Cairn terriers, Westies, cockapoos and wheaten terriers also encouraged. Must be doing time in a city or county shelter, foster home or private rescue facility. Will be vetted by incoming first daughters, Sasha,7, and Malia, 10. Position is highly competitive.

    Mr. Obama and his wife, Michelle, have been talking about a dog for a while.

    A goldendoodle (Photo: Rob Bennett for The New York Times)

    He had said a year ago, while campaigning in Iowa, that his older daughter, Malia, now 10, had been investigating breeds and decided that because of her allergies, she wanted a goldendoodle, which is a cross between a golden retriever and poodle.

    He said his daughter thought the goldendoodle “the optimal dog.”…

    …In June, during an interview on Good Morning America, Mrs. Obama said they would get a dog next spring because by then they would be settled, no matter how the election turned out.

    …“The deal on dog is a year from now, because what we know about raising a dog is that you have to be pretty stable, so you don’t drive your dog crazy,” she said.

    the cutest puppies…

    …What kind of dog do you think the Obamas should get?

    here’s a word from the blogosphere..

    Name that puppy,,,  Hope?

    A Jack Russell?

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