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How many dogs does it take to change a lightbulb?

 well, this does not mention Dalmatians nor pit bulls, but it’s still funny… 


from ‘Why Does My Dog Act That Way?’, by Dr. Stanley Coren.  “How many dogs does it take to change a lightbulb?” …  it depends upon the breed.

  •  Border Collie: Just one, but why not let me change the light fixture so that it will accept fluorescent bulbs, which are much more efficient?
  • Bulldog: Don’t bother; I’ll just lie here in the dark.
  • German Shepherd: Just one, but it will have to wait until I’ve rescued those people trapped in the dark and led them to safety, and then checked the house to make sure that no one has entered under cover of darkness to take advantage of the situation.
  • Shetland sheepdog:  I will as soon as I arrange all of the new bulbs in a tight and orderly little circle.
  • Golden retriever:  The sun is shining, we’ve got no work to do today, I’ve got this neat red ball here, and you’re inside worrying about some silly lightbulb?
  • Rottweiller: Go ahead, and see if you’re tough enough to make me!
  • Corgi: First, I’ll bark until the old bulb leaves of its own accord and then I’ll nip at the new one until it goes into the socket…
  • Labrador retriever: I can do it! Please!….Please…I can. You know I can. Please….
  • Greyhound:  It isn’t moving, so who cares?
  • Pointer:  I see it. There it is. Look, it’s right there…
  • Jack Russell terrier:  Me! I can reach it! All I have to do is to keep bouncing off the furniture and walls.
  • Poodle:  I’ll just whisper sweet nothings into the Border collie’s ear and he’ll do it.  By the time he’s finished putting in the new light fixture, my nails will be dry.


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    good news for Rolo dog, he’s going home !

    Thank you to all of you Rolo fans…the German Shepherd in

    Arvada, Colorado…

    You made a Real Difference…

    Rolo’s Going Home !!! 


    Final Decision:

    Dog At Large – Guilty

    Dangerous Dog – Guilty


   it’s kind of sad as well as great news for his owner… at last, common sense has prevailed !  May Rolo enjoy his Newfound Freedom, Happy Trails and chew toys, Rolo !!!   rolo-pg-24_small.jpg 

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    dog rides bicycle…

    here’s a Dalmatian riding a bicycle in Japan…   am going to start teaching my girl… she loves to chase bicycle riders, skateboarders and motorcyclers… hey, she can learn to ride a bike, too… she’s part dal… why not…  then maybe she can start earning her keep around here 🙂 

    and now here’s the skateboarding dog…

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    dog weddings in England… German dogs wear shoes…

    I sent the doggie wedding links and videos to a friend in England who replied, Only in America… then I was did a search about dog weddings around the world, and what do you know, I found all of these about dog weddings in Harrod’s in London, a gay dog wedding, dogs at ay wedding ceremonies and so on… hah, I told him… hah… England swings… so if you ever go to England, bring your dog !

    the thing with English people is that they have this stiff upper lip image but can be quite funny… humor makes the world go round…,,30200-1233704,00.html

    A drag queen bridesmaid, a “page dog”, and a gay men’s choir have helped to mark a wedding on the first anniversary of civil partnerships becoming law.

    and a shaggy wedding story

    and then we have these German dogs wearing shoes…



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    Fun Raising Money for your dog rescue group…

    There is a reason why I called this Fun Raising rather than FundRaising… Many people hate asking other people for money (myself included)…  And if you think of this as FUN (as opposed to asking for a handout or begging), then you might just psych yourself into another frame of mind… as if it’s fun and it just might turn out that way.  

    I remember a time years ago when a group of us were selling seminars, trying to get registrations and it was tough going. Seemed like everyone and their brother had a seminar or workshop. EST, Actualizations and other personal growth seminars were BIG… so how was ours different?  just changed my life… how do I tell that to anyone?

    One day the founder of the organization suggested that we go to the beach and have a No contest. A No contest?  The person who got the MOST No’s won the contest… We were to go up to everyone on the beach and try to sell/register them in the seminar… and off we went to the beaches.  We had a BLAST.  The pressure was OFF since all we had to get were No’s…   and the person who got the MOST No’s won. Turned the whole thing upside down, inside out and made it really crazy FUN… 

    So, now, you got a non-profit status with the IRS 501c3 status?  Now what… wanna have fun and raise money, to boot?

    Check out Best Friends Animal Society’s web page…

    What can you learn from the nation’s largest no-kill shelter ?  They started out a group of best friends who were rescuing animals.  And now 30+ years later, they have grown into a well-known organization with a huge network, with a show on the National Geographic and articles in the New York Times, plus a book. How did they do all of that? They’ve got lots of stories about the animals and photos galore on their website and in all of their promotional materials.

    They’ve got members who subscribe to the magazine and give healthy donations. Best Friends have gotten celebrities involved in their cause.

    I remember back years ago (12 + years ago) when I first met the people Best Friends. I was living in Las Vegas and every time I went to Whole Foods market, there were a couple of folks outside behind a table telling me about these animals they were helping. Asking for donations. They were a constant presence, every time I went shopping, almost every time. 

    Same with Animal Friends Rescue in Pacific Grove, California. They were always outside Trader Joe’s.  Now after 10 years, Animal Friends has a storefront.

    Both of these rescue groups started small, and were/are visible in their community and talking to people about the animals, participating with Pet stores for adoptions, and asking for donations. 

    These organizations started out just like you. People who care about animals. And you can learn from their successes. They are both non-profits because people who give big money donations to dog rescue groups, including big foundations who award grants, want to deduct their donation for tax purposes. If you don’t have non-profit status, they probably won’t give you the Big Bucks.

    It’s also essential to have a newsletter, website  (include a donate button, media press room and press kit), magazine or ezine to tell people about the animals on a regular basis.  Through these publications you can appeal for new donations to folks, new and past supporters, members, funders and people who have adopted from your organization.  

    Sending out newsworthy press releases on a regular basis to alert the media about your good works is also important.  The media love a good heartwarming tale and/or sad shaggy dog story. 

    If you need to find a professional writer to help you with the above, I offer a discounted rate to all animal rescues.

    Meanwhile, if you want to write funraising letters yourself, keep these tips in mind…

    Tell a story… make it personal… give people one particular animal to care about. Reel them into a compelling story and make it light-hearted. People like to give partly because they want to help homeless and abandoned animals, it makes them feel good to contribute. It would be nice if they felt the same way about people, but I digress. Maybe the person did an animal wrong at some time and still feel guilty and want to right the wrong, were abused as kids, were not able to have a pet or want to teach their kids to have a heart and to give. Many times, they want to feel part of something larger than themselves, a good and worthy cause, and sometimes just because you asked, and they have the means, they will reach into their wallet, checkbook, or credit card and pull out $1000 or more, you never know.

    Your letter has to convey to the reader that giving to your organization will satisfy the reasons people want to give. Give them what they want. Make them happy.

    It is also important to convey specifically where their money will go and who and how it will help.  Start your letter off with the story of a pit bull (Best Friends Vicktory dogs) who were rescued from Michael Vicks dog fighters, a dangerous and abusive situation and how now, that very same pit bull is being cared for in a loving home. Just an example. Or how about the cats who were living in a dumpster. Show them that their money matters. Remind them about all of the well-behaved, loving dogs who deserve forever homes.

    Show potential donors that you can help them help the dogs. All they have to do is give. 

    If you write the letter keeping the donor’s needs in mind, you will get better results. Also, make it easy for them to give. Accept credit card payments, paypal, and checks. Put the info on your website so all they have to do is click.

    Consider your typical donor. Who is that person? Can you write a letter as if you’re writing directly to her (or him)?  What would you say to them? How would you tell them your story?  Don’t censor as you write. Write as if you were speaking directly to the person, and  don’t forget to ask for the donation.

    Maybe you feel as though you are begging and have a hard time asking for money, but if you try to avoid the topic, then you will never get the donation. Ask and you shall receive. Don’t ask and you won’t. 

    After you are done writing the letter, put it aside for the evening. Let it percolate overnight.  In the morning, read the letter again and go over the letter with a red pen, editing along the way. But don’t edit it too much. You don’t want the letter to be so boring, perfect, prim and proper that no one will want to read it. 

    If you hate writing and many people do, please email me or visit me at 

    I’ll be glad to help spruce up the letter you’ve written. Or, I can write the letter for you.


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    got a shaggy dog story?

    somehow this video did not get posted…. it’s hilarious…

    If you love dogs and love to write, this is your chance to tell us your best dog story. from (1888PressRelease)

    SANDPOINT, Idaho – Whether they want to create a “shaggy dog story” or just a heartwarming tale, <a href=”; writers have a new opportunity to tell the world about their favorite dogs, thanks to a new writing contest from Logical Expressions, Inc. Dogs can be silly, inspiring, goofy, loyal, heartwarming, and fun, and almost all dog lovers have a story to tell about their favorite canine.The contest is being held in honor of Freelance Writers week, but it is open to professional and amateur writers, freelance or not.

    Essays can be about “bad” dogs like Marley (of “Marley and Me” fame), heroic like Lassie, or just a great “best friend” story. Entrants are eligible to win free writing software and the opportunity to be published in a book.Book authors and publishers Susan Daffron and James Byrd of Logical Expressions, Inc. will select approximately 20 winners from the entries received. Authors of the selected stories receive a free license for Logical Expressions IdeaWeaver writing software (a $50 value) and a free copy of the book of dog stories when it is published.

    Like other pet books from Logical Expressions (Happy Hound and Happy Tabby), the book of essays will be offered to animal shelters and humane groups at a discount for use as a fundraising tool. One story will also be selected as a Grand Prize winner. This author receives the other prizes, a $50 Grand Prize, and will be written up as a case study on the IdeaWeaver Web site with a link back to the author’s site (if available).

    Although the contest does not have an entry fee, participants must download the free trial of IdeaWeaver and follow the instructions on the contest page to enter.

    Entries must be 800-1500 words and received by March 31, 2008.”IdeaWeaver” is free to try for 30 days. A license costs $49.95. The free trial download of the software is available at: The site features a free “getting started” video, case studies, and a free e-course called “Get Unstuck! 15 Ways to Jumpstart Your Creativity, Get Organized, and Finish Your Writing Project.” Click the Writing Contest link for the Dazzling Dogs contest entry instructions and rules. For information on other products, visit:

    Rachael Ray and her pit bull Isaboo… cutey…


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    Going to the chapel and we’re gonna get married… Here comes the mutt all dressed in white …

    what the world needs now is love sweet love… from the sublime to the ridiculous… are you kidding me? 

    what started this post off is I read that Eva Longoria is supposed to have her dog be in her wedding this summer…ok I could go along with Cici being my flower girl if I ever get married again…and then I found some tips for having your dog, cat and horse involved in your wedding… neigh…

    Howly Muttrimony… Bow Wow Vows… 178 dog couples tie the bone…  here comes the mutt…  I take you Fluffy to be my lawfully wedded pooch… I now pronounce you fido and fluffy… do you fido take thee fluffy…

    wonder what the divorce rates are for dogs?  who gets the pups?  who are the  aliboney attorneys? are the toys and treats counted as assets or just the bones? who gets to keep the dog house? something old (a shoe, perhaps), something borrowed (the neighbor’s chew toy), something blue (the neighbor), and something new to chew (a bone)…here are some tips on doggie wedding dresses and tuxedos for all of you K9 fashionistas… Nicole Richie was seen purchasing wedding attire for her two little dogs…

    I guess if you’ve got a whole lotta moolah and nothing else to spend it on… this has become a huge new industry apparently…

    and here’s a whole lottta doggies getting married in a park, this is hiliarious…



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    you’ve heard of Red Bull… now here comes red butt…

    now, well… a delicate question… cici has an irritated red butt, is it always something with dogs or what?  am wondering if it could be from the raw food or dragging her butt across the carpet or ? A month or so ago, the vet tried to express her anal glands and nothing … so I put some aloe vera gel from the plant on it this morning… anyone else have an idea?  I also have Bach Flowers remedy cream and some essential oils…   

    here’s a video that teaches how to express the anal glands, while we’re on the subject… ugh…

    while we are on the subject of disgusting things that dogs do… dogs drinketh and pet parents taketh away and flush… 🙂


    it snowed a lot, very deep fluffy snow and she enjoyed playing in the white, she has never been in that kind of snow before… California dreamin…  

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    K9 snow day…

    Cici’s having a snow day…  she needs to go outside and play. In the morning, I took her romping about, she jumped up on the yard furniture, ran and chased the ball… and licked a visitor and friend’s feet… tough life for the girl… so she had to sleep it off… in between barking at me and being a pest…

    been checking out some tasty looking homemade dog treats to make at the Dog Channel… will post tomorrow…meanwhile, here is a story I found on the Dog Channel news wire…  I have been wanting people to combine foster kids, seniors, abused women and dogs/cats, forever… why not let a little sunshine into their lives… dogs need loving companions and homes, and kids, seniors and women need K9 love and kisses, so why not put them all together…  one big happy family…

    The American Humane Association (AHA) has created a program to promote on-site pet housing at women’s shelters in hopes of helping battered women who are reluctant to leave their partners because they are afraid for the safety of their pets.”AHA’s Director of Public Policy, Allie Phillips, created the Pets and Women’s Shelters (PAWS) program, and has witnessed the dilemma faced by victims who stay with abusers because they are fearful of what will happen to their pets if they leave….”

    My blog is now worth $2,500 more than it was 10 days ago…

    My blog is worth $16,371.66.How much is your blog worth?

    Now here is my girl reclining on the couch… after a hard day at work at home…  


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    Salty dogs part 2

    FYI, Thanks to Jean Fogle, author of Salty Dogs, for posting a link to my blog in her Dogaholics column for the Seattle Post Intelligencer newspaper … Jean is a columnist/photographer and here is her Jack Russell Molly reading her book…


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